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India Rameshwaram Dhanuskodi Sea Confluence Bay of Bengal and Indian Ocean *HD*

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Dhanuskodi, Rameshwaram, Tamil Nadu, India: Video shows confluence of two seas-Bay of Bengal and Indian Ocean in the Gulf of Mannar near Dhanuskodi, Rameshwaram. Two seas with extreme opposite characteristics- Bay of Bengal (Male ) is silent like a river while Indian Ocean(Female) is aggressive . The beach at the confluence is long and wide, pristine, devoid of crowd and really breathtaking, still virgin to non religious travelers. Only noise are from the crashing waves of Bay of Bengal, one can spend hours and hours here. Dhanushkodi is 18kms from Rameshwaram town. A full fledged town used to exist here, was completely destroyed in 1964 cyclone, since then its been declared as Ghost Town. A very serene, mystic, religious, pristine and beautiful place. A must visit. 1964 Cyclone: On that night (December 22) at 23.55 hours while entering Dhanushkodi railway station, the train No.653, Pamban-Dhanushkodi Passenger, a daily regular service which left Pamban with 110 passengers and 5 railway staff, was only few hundred yards before Dhanushkodi Railway station when it was hit by a massive tidal wave. The whole train was washed away killing all 115 on board.All together over 1800 people died in the cyclonic storm. All dwelling houses and other structures in Dhanushkodi were marooned in the storm . The high tidal waves moved deep onto this island and ruined the entire town. In terms of wind velocity which touched 150 knots (277km per hour) at Vavunia in Northern Sri Lanka on the evening of 22 Dec 1964[5] , the Rameshwaram cyclone is regarded as one of Asia's fiercest cyclone of 20th century. Dhanushkodi or Danushkodi (Tamil: தனுஷ்கோடி) is a town/village at the southern tip of the Rameswaram island, at the eastern coast of the Tamil Nadu state of India. Dhanushkodi is situated in the South-East of Pamban. Danushkodi is about 18 miles (29 km) West of Talaimannar in Sri Lanka. The Dhanushkodi railway line running from Pamban Station was destroyed in the 1964 cyclone and a passenger train with over 100 passengers drowned in the sea. Hindu scriptures says that at the request of Vibeeshana, brother of Ravan and ally of Ram, Rama broke the Sethu with one end of his bow and hence the name Dhanushkodi, Dhanush meaning Bow and Kodi meaning end. It is also said that Rama marked this spot for Setu with one end of his famous bow. Bath in holy Sethu at the junction of the two seas normally precedes the pilgrimage to Rameswaram. A series of rocks and islets found in a line are shown as remnants of the ancient Setu also called as Rama's Bridge. It is said that Pilgrimage to Kashi will be completed only after the worship at Rameswaram besides a holy bath in Dhanushkodi at the Confluence of Mahodadhi (Bay of Bengal) and Ratnakara (Indian Ocean).
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Isha Hart (2 years ago)
Hey, is it safe to go there alone as nobody lives there?
daintellekt (2 years ago)
Yes safe, jeep will take you there, not completely devoid of people.
G R (2 years ago)
The sounds of waves, very peaceful sound. I love the video. Thank you for sharing.
daintellekt (2 years ago)
+Griselle Rodríguez Thanks for watching !
Lalita Pradeep (3 years ago)
silent is Bay of Bengal....Arabian Sea is aggressive..one can witness highest sprinklers....blue pristine white sand beach.....a sight never to be forgotten...!!
VRAMAN (3 years ago)
Silent one is the Bay of Bengal. Indian Ocean is the aggressive.
daintellekt (3 years ago)
+VRAMAN Correct, the caption in the video is wrong.
dhamodaran v (3 years ago)
lovely video it is nature to walk in beach
karimulla sk (7 months ago)
dhamodaran v
vikram r (5 years ago)
I am not sure if the agressive one is the bay of bengal.. its the silent one.. where as the Indian ocean is the more Agressive one.. because, the coast line on your left is of Bay of Bengal...
Jag Bot (5 years ago)
lovely video. is it possible to walk from the road to the tip of the beach? thanks.
Deepa Krishnan (6 years ago)
Very beautiful clear waters..........what a relaxing pleasurable video with the sound of the waves. Thank you for showing me the beauty of the confluence.
praveen s (1 year ago)
Deepa Krishnan . ..

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