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Artist Makes Realistic And Detailed Drawings Of Cartoon Characters

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Artist Makes Realistic And Detailed Drawings Of Pop Culture Characters Amy Sherrier is a talented illustrator who works as a character designer for Floyd County Productions and says doing silly things in her free time. We totally disagree because this series of it is not silly at all! She redraws characters from pop culture making them more realistic adding incredible detail. Amy Sherrier is a talented illustrator who works as a character designer for Floyd County Productions and says doing silly things in her free time. We totally disagree because this series of it is not silly at all! She redraws characters from pop culture making them more realistic adding incredible detail. Source: https://www.behance.net/AmySherrier ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Music: ocremix.org ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SUBSCRIBE: http://www.youtube.com/c/DailyFunFacts Note ▶ ✅ I do not own the image or the music in my video. If you have an issue with me posting this song or picture please contact me through email "[email protected]" .Once I have received your message and determined you are the proper owner of this content I will have it removed! © ALL THE IMAGES, FONTS, TRACKS USED IN THE MAKING OF THIS VIDEO BELONGS TO THEIR RESPECTED OWNERS. NO INFRINGEMENT INTENDED.
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Text Comments (638)
Androx (5 days ago)
The 80's are back again guys! And that's neat!
scrillz 0312 (6 days ago)
All the anime ones were lacking detail but the regular cartoons were good
BlackRedDragon777 (8 days ago)
Oh vicky why do I think your so pretty "whisper: Its the red haaaaiiirrrr"
ϻĦVҜ βЖ (13 days ago)
Why did they "detailed" out anime?
benjamin sang (17 days ago)
These look amazing! Great work.
Resold Baby (18 days ago)
Miguel Burgos (18 days ago)
It's not "Ele", it's "EL" or HIM.
micky2toes (19 days ago)
I wouldn't call it realistic nor more detailed. More along the lines of done in a different style.
What about mh
spinnenfreund69 (24 days ago)
Ich wuerde mir gerne einige der cartoons ansehen wenn sie so gezeichnet waeren wie sie hier nachgezeichnet wurden. I like the new style from anyone of the cartoon characters.
steven harris (27 days ago)
Originals look better
Denizhan Güney (27 days ago)
The men drawing anime characters should be beaten
spidermonkey2289 (27 days ago)
2:33 pedo alert 😂😂😂😂😂
DBZ!!!!! Yeaahhhh!!!!
Kathrine Jackson (29 days ago)
I love jessie and james
Fluffy Jackie (29 days ago)
Now Let's see who's hot: - Marceline - Vicky
Cartoon to anime lol but nice
I'm a faggot but, (29 days ago)
That artist is Great!!
Sebas (30 days ago)
Menudo truño el team rocket
Royal Violetta ! (30 days ago)
These are likes my drawings put next to my friends drawings xD
andy pete (30 days ago)
Johnny looks so damn alpha no homo.
Nika Fajs (30 days ago)
Hugo G (30 days ago)
Los 3 de animes fueron una mierda...
Solarchos (30 days ago)
Marceline kinda looks nice.
MannyXj1 (30 days ago)
All her anime characters look less detailed than the originals. Her other interpretations are awesome though
DiscoZula (1 month ago)
Ahem. Ackhually Jessie, James, Usage and Vegeta are not cartoon characters, for they are anime characters.
Roberto Spitaleri (1 month ago)
Vegeta..." Realistic and detailed"!!
JUSTICE UCHE (1 month ago)
You failed in all anime they are already realistic
Deedee looks ugly detailed no offense it was still good Vegetal was already detailed/realistic! Jessie And James look basics the same kinda worse You made samuri jack way better nioce
thecrazyrachel101 (1 month ago)
[ insert comment about title here ] There hundreds of likes
T. A. Brunner (1 month ago)
Jexorz86 (1 month ago)
Vegeta is the only one who loses muscle mass, the fuck?
Connor Kenyon (1 month ago)
The cartoon ones were great, especially Johnny Bravo. The Anime ones were weird to say the least.
Mister three (1 month ago)
Respect the artist thumbs up
Bryan McLendon Jr (1 month ago)
Most of these so called “realistic” versions look almost exactly like the original.
Mike Rodriguez (1 month ago)
Animes look better, as animes haha
Jhon Bernard Mallari (1 month ago)
Aileen Cruz (1 month ago)
team is already realistic
Fito Catso (1 month ago)
I like it, different styles always seem to be interesting to look at. Although vageta seems more cartoony in his redraw, oh well, still enjoyable none the less.
GLV Die In Bane (1 month ago)
All I can say is FAIRY GOD PARENTS!!
FunkyMonkey19 (1 month ago)
Johnny Bravo looks like a relative of Present Mic from My hero academia.
Eszter Nagy (1 month ago)
I don't like how Dee Dee was reimagined
Ridzuan Rosman (1 month ago)
Just dont change anime character, its getting worst..
Andika Prabowo H (1 month ago)
1:40 stan looks like the old man from that movie "UP"
Honhoa Ong (1 month ago)
Anime characters look a lot worst Western Cartoons look better BUT definitely not realistic
Tsuchineko (1 month ago)
"artist makes fanart"
Smot Butterman (1 month ago)
Where's Dexter's mom though?
JL (1 month ago)
U made the vegeta one worse
Golden Inkling (1 month ago)
*Sees vegeta* HELL NAW NOT U *sees team rocket* NOOOOOOO
kal El (1 month ago)
These aren't realistic. They're just drawn in a weird normie style.
Tsunni-chan (1 month ago)
"realistic" while it's just a different artstyle which is closer to human bodies.
Pushkar Yadav (1 month ago)
First vegeta was more detailed
YOURBOIBOTCHY (1 month ago)
I think he should have left the anime characters alone
Eduardo Bráulio (1 month ago)
his art style is awesome.
Jin Kazama (1 month ago)
Don't want to be a harsh critic but you dropped the ball on the anime characters.
I am a artwork (1 month ago)
Pokemon is Not a cartoon
tarik ch (1 month ago)
he needs to keep doing catoons stay away from anime cuz they look more realistic
Chubbynita (1 month ago)
Aside from Sailormoon, Vegeta and Team Rocket Jessie and James all are awesome!
YaguPL (1 month ago)
Jack looks so good
Leonardo Vallejo (1 month ago)
Joel Corriveau (1 month ago)
False advertising, they said "realistic and detailed" not turn this cartoon into shitty anime.
ele is gay, is he?
James Lewis (1 month ago)
I think Nickelodeon should bring on a realistic cartoon
40088922 (1 month ago)
Him looks like something you'd see in JJBA
Alexander Howard (1 month ago)
dee,dee, sailor moon and vegets illustrations were terrible
kirby superstar (1 month ago)
All of these look awesome
Aron Guy (1 month ago)
This looks like a cartoon crossover.😲😲😲
Vherstinae (1 month ago)
Wow, he shouldn't do anime comparisons. His Jessie and James looked pitiful side-by-side with the originals.
That Guy (1 month ago)
Whoop tee fkn Doo
Just call me Jay (1 month ago)
Everything looked great except the anime characters.
Hayden Ealy (1 month ago)
That last one is a downgrade tho...
caesar bahlaq (1 month ago)
jessie and james , Sailor Moon and vegeta , the originals look more Realistic to me
Simon The Digger (1 month ago)
The original Vegeta is more detailed and "realistic" though.
Drew Jacob (1 month ago)
Not bad. I don't know about the rendition of Jessie and James. Seems like girl character's faces are horribly disturbed. With the exception of Marceline.
Umbra (1 month ago)
The Vegeta one lol
_ Drake (1 month ago)
The anime ones were fucking terrible, the rest was fun though.
Groot * (1 month ago)
I came here for fap material but I was disappointed
Jay L (1 month ago)
Anime vegeta looks better
Anthony Soto (1 month ago)
I liked all of them! except the anime ones he did lol
Michael Voigt (1 month ago)
Vegeta is as Anime detailed more than the supposed realistic draw
John Geo (1 month ago)
more realistic than kim kardashians butt
Braddon Schulze (1 month ago)
Awesome artwork !
La cagaron con vegeta
Arif Qureshi (1 month ago)
Vegeta got realistic to Unrealistic. I mean how else you can imagine vegeta.
Chris Bolting (1 month ago)
I mean there good you just did vageta wrong tho
Durahl (1 month ago)
_Realistic_ - You keep using that word, I don't think it means what you think it means. Pretty sure those are just the artist's interpretation of the characters in HIS/HER style.
Vees (1 month ago)
2:18 Fuck go back.
Totor_ (1 month ago)
"realistic" this is same shit ... for vegeta the original is beter than the "REALISTIC" draw
Бедная сейлормун, за что они этак.
Jesse James for anime!! Pokémon
Marshall ;v (1 month ago)
Marceline 😍💕💕
yamoshi 2018 (1 month ago)
Where's Goku uh!
Lazy Senpai (1 month ago)
I wonder how Ed put his shirt on
Majestic Highlighter (1 month ago)
This is no we’re near realistic but they look better than the originals
Kpop Room (1 month ago)
I like how they changed them from human to human.
But anime is detailed
Sadboi Unknown (1 month ago)
These look of anime
Voltov (1 month ago)
Define "realistic"
Ernestine Rowland (1 month ago)
*Shows Ed, but doesn't show Edd and Eddy straight afterwards* WHAT KIND OF EVIL IS THIS!?
sweet life acapella (1 month ago)
The original jessei and James are much better

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