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Chris Malinchak - At Night

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I couldn't resist to upload this wonderful track, hope you like it too.. And if you want, you can buy the EP: http://www.beatport.com/release/hollywood-ep/863405 And like my page :) https://www.facebook.com/pages/Alexdaftpunk91-Youtube/158067860899464
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Text Comments (77)
Ademaro Garcia (20 days ago)
Buenísima rola
Crydamoure 07 (1 month ago)
So 80s
Vince Fabre (2 months ago)
What a fantastic song!
dj Misbau (4 months ago)
Mad tune
dj Misbau (4 months ago)
Tony montana
CON DE MIME (7 months ago)
x1.25 speed is not that bad !
Sam Horan (7 months ago)
This song has gotten me through some of the darkest moments of my life; Something about the rhythm, notes, and the vocals is always able to help me find my center. I eagerly wait his next album!
Spezialteile Sauer (11 months ago)
High End  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This song is classic just in time ..... Great !!!!
Eugen Stukov (1 year ago)
wow, this is so awesome :)))
Tavis Vaughn (1 year ago)
Vouging in my heels
Bailee B9 (1 year ago)
Love it ! Takes me far away.
DoctorLo MTB (1 year ago)
This track will never die
Robert Schildmeyer (1 year ago)
"Cause when i touch you, im gonna get you" makes me want to touch things im gonna get them.
J. O'Brien (1 year ago)
is that Al Pacino in the picture associated with is track?
mustapha alahmady (1 year ago)
J. O'Brien oh yes, al pacino from Scarface movie
Jonathan Bissoo (2 years ago)
My name is eh Tony Montaaaana
Gasparuccio X (2 years ago)
is it taken from sample of some old track?
Gasparuccio X (2 years ago)
man! i love this
Simplemente....muy buena!!
CHEUCHEU Manu (2 years ago)
♫♪♫◄█ ▓▒░░*I Love It*░░▒▓ █►♫♪♫
Desaint (3 years ago)
HOLY SHIT... 1,930 DISLIKES!!! CONSPIRACY!!! It jumped like 1,800 in the past day!!!
piece master oh my god!!!
Monty Burns (3 years ago)
should have been as popular as eric prydz' call on me
edimilson lennon (2 years ago)
drsc (3 years ago)
The picture of Scarface really fits the 80s vibe in this song. It's like I'm Tony Montana in a nightclub in Miami. Killers and gansters are all around me, puffing Cuban cigars, and I'm with the baddest bitch on the dance floor.
Gasparuccio X (2 years ago)
yea the filtered disco stuff
TECHer (3 years ago)
90's vibe tho
ItsTorq (3 years ago)
Damn, this is cool. Thanks Kaytranada :D
Lachlan (3 years ago)
+Ignacio Gomez his bromance mix iirc
Ignacio Gomez (3 years ago)
Kaytranada put this? Where!?
Sim Gretina (3 years ago)
Marcel P. (3 years ago)
mega nice
Bachiakh (4 years ago)
The voices in the back reminds me to another song...the weekend, yes, it's a classic I luv you vice city
DoctorLo MTB (1 year ago)
Bachiakh yep Class Action (Larry Levan) - Weekend. Sweet tracks
MidaKasalis (3 years ago)
+Kunt Queen I think the meant the band, not the rapper..
Tavis Vaughn (3 years ago)
Fuck weekend he's dry! -__-
Bachiakh (4 years ago)
Duchard Joseph (4 years ago)
Sounds like the theme song from "Oz" which starred MJJ and Diana Ross
Martin Rhodes (4 years ago)
Back to 2000's! Great!!
CallMeLum (4 years ago)
Holy shit! I love this!
rotesan (4 years ago)
Brian Fantana (4 years ago)
French House style represent!
gorskijakub (4 years ago)
Similar to MJ "human Nature" ,but i like it!
Kasia M (4 years ago)
Super muza
Cloud (5 years ago)
Authentic Aesthetics (5 years ago)
The tune used is an early 90s tune kim syms - too blind to see it.
Antonio Banks (1 year ago)
No actually it's Weekend by Class Action
Akaimayn (3 years ago)
+Kyle Paterson Yeah, same chord progressions i think!
Rafael Ernesto Valdez (4 years ago)
@Sansz Let you're right! 
Mick Jackson (5 years ago)
V Noble (5 years ago)
So fucking good
deejeeBPM Be (5 years ago)
Dwight Morph Johnson (5 years ago)
This has completely made my day!
dontbuyanissan (5 years ago)
You would, Mr. Malinchak, you would...
Fernandes 10 (5 years ago)
yeah,mine too
luiscarne (5 years ago)
nice work
BikendiOfficial (5 years ago)
Sweet track : )
FLUCTUS (6 years ago)
Alex you never fails !!
Joshua Mayo (6 years ago)
deal em original is my fav!
holyshitdude167 (6 years ago)
This is such an awesome summer tune to blast out when you're in the car.
Teledysk (6 years ago)
Aiko Himitsu (6 years ago)
Awesome song, I didn't know it!! Thanks Alex! <3
Eric McRae (6 years ago)
pretty much the happiest guy in the world right now........THANKS ALEX!!!
Funkroza (6 years ago)
Why wasn't this in my Favorites?
noefi hud (6 years ago)
I heard this track's sample on gta vice city, I was like I KNOW THAT GODDAMN LOOP
Simon Veith (6 years ago)
Jean louis Faby (6 years ago)
hot titts
SENZAYY ZONE (6 years ago)
Alex is the man greetings dude !!
vanzilescott (6 years ago)
Sickk, this is so groovy It can't be human, thanks Alex !
TwoFourFixate (7 years ago)
It sounds like there might be a small sample from the great “Weekend” by Class Action. ¿Anyone else hear it? I thank Thee. Eddie G
Raphael Batista (7 years ago)
What can I say? Alex never fails!
munkeytrumpets (7 years ago)
well, I'm glad i started subscribing. kudos, alexa.
Bizazah (7 years ago)
I'm back in my 80's retro beat phase again... u_u
alexdaftpunk91 (7 years ago)
@bmd103 mine too :)
bmd103 (7 years ago)
chris malinchak is great, check out his song "cant stop loving you" thats a personal favorite of mine
tical2222 (7 years ago)
its 'Sunday ..that sound makes my day :)
shrapn0 (7 years ago)

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