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Lob haircut on thick, heavy hair. Total makeover by KARG

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Lots of people have very thick, dense hair and this is how you make it appear less thick and manageable for your clients. Check out this Lob hair cut on thick, heavy hair - a total makeover. Salon adaptable techniques for everyone with too much hair!! The following KARG Shears where used: K-Long Couture, K-TSlide + K-BSlide Roayle. Thanks for watching!
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Text Comments (19)
Mike Karg (1 day ago)
KARG PERFECT Styling Wax was used for the final touches... go to www.mikekarg.com to order
Yolii iii (3 days ago)
Yalitza Aparizio would look nice with this haircut style💇‍♀️
Yolii iii (1 day ago)
+Mike Karg my pleasure. Thank you.
Mike Karg (1 day ago)
I am sure she would... thanks for watching!! KARG
Sam S (2 months ago)
What was the product you used in her hair afterwards?
Linda Clarke (4 days ago)
I'd also like to know!
lepeicious (2 months ago)
so true my hair is thick not straight but not super wavy it has so much body when I actually get a stylist who knows how to layer convex and take weight out, i love that you have brought attention to this and such a beautiful cut!!!! LOVE IT you are so talented!!!
Helen Berberich (3 months ago)
Beautiful Mike
Mike Karg (3 months ago)
thank you so very much Helen B. and thanks for watching... KARG
lac92576 (5 months ago)
I want this guy to cut MY hair! <3
Mike Karg (1 day ago)
i work in 6 salons across the US and 3 Salons in Switzerland. check my website: www.mikekarg.com thanks for watching!! KARG
Mike Karg (5 months ago)
I work in 6 salons across the US. Email me via my site www.mikekarg.com and thanks for watching.... KARG
SanjeedaLush12 (7 months ago)
Can you do this with normal cutting scissors?
Mike Karg (7 months ago)
not quite........the shears in the clip have sliding technologies a spezial cutting blade finish!! Go to www.mikekarg.com Thanks for watching!! KARG
Imar (8 months ago)
I love this haircut i have lots of hair and i cant have my hair free because of that... i have afraid to the thinner scissors...
Mike Karg (1 day ago)
+catherine2441 sorry to hear... pictures are great this why the stylists knows OR should know. Eliminating hair weight is not that easy and lots of hairdressers are scared doing it. I work in 6 salons nationwide go to www.mikekarg.com to find out FYI; I work in NYC
catherine2441 (5 months ago)
+Mike Karg i had no idea thinning shears and texturizing shears were different. (And I even did a couple months at a cosmetology school) i have regular shears and a 2nd pair which i thought were thinning shears, but now im wondering if what i have is thinning or texturizing shears. This cut was amazing, and quick!!! I have such heavy thick long hair. Ive been dying for a haircut for so long, but my last cut was awful, i left in tears! I brought the person at the salon a picture of what i wanted and they did not even come close. The sad part is, the picture i brought was of MYSELF!! From about 2 years prior. Its not like i took a fancy pucture out of a magazine, no, i was very realistic and brought a picture of myself. I just wish the stylist was honest if they arent familiar with thinning hair and cutting thick hair and texturizing. I live in Connecticut, i doubt you do any work here(?)
Mike Karg (5 months ago)
There’s a different between a Thinner/ Blending shear and a texturizing shear. Have your hair person use a texture shear and you’ll be golden and NEVER use such shears at the roots!! thanks for watching.... KARG
Mike Karg (8 months ago)
There’s a different between a Thinner/ Blending shear and Texturizing shear. In the clip I mainly use a Texturizing shear (larger gaps between the teeth) to remove bulk. This lady had so much hair and that is why I posted this clip. Also when overusing a Thinner/ Blending Shear on such a hair texture that can be terrible. Again; ask your hairdresser to use a Texturizing shear on vertical section to eliminate the bulk this way there won't be cutting lines. Thanks for watching…

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