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The Best Budget Hair Clay For Men

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Testing and reviewing four different chemist/pharmacy hair clays to find out which is the best one on a budget. All the clays are less than £5/$7 and are available via the links below. _______________________ FEATURED CLAYS: - got2b iStylers Texture Clay: http://amzn.to/1V49wPH / http://tidd.ly/5a0785bf (4th) - VO5 Extreme Style Matt Clay: http://amzn.to/1V49szn / http://tidd.ly/ce907e83 (2nd) - Shockwaves Messy - Matt Clay: http://amzn.to/1MgaTnl / http://tidd.ly/a9caf2af (3rd) - Lynx Natural Look Styling Clay: http://amzn.to/1V49J5E / http://tidd.ly/2ab20ee2 (WINNER) ________________________ FOLLOW ME! Come and follow me on... Facebook: /ManForHimself Twitter: @ManForHimself Instagram: @ManForHimself Snapchat: @ManForHimself Check out my blog too: http://www.ManForHimself.com ________________________ SUBSCRIBE My YouTube channel is a destination for men's style, lifestyle and grooming. I make videos showing how to achieve different hairstyles and haircuts; exploring grooming products; and showcasing men's seasonal and trend led style and fashion. ________________________ MUSIC: Music by: soundcloud.com/jeff-kaale Track: Pray For Paris Instagram: www.instagram.com/jeffkaale Breaktime - Silent Film Light by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/...) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-... Artist: http://incompetech.com/ ________________________ This video is not sponsored.
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Text Comments (439)
taifu13781 (5 days ago)
In the use, the black container with all green is called "axe natural look understated cream". Is this the same product? I haven't bought it to test it out, but everytime I open it the product looks very watery and shiny, almost melting? Very different from what your video shows
taifu13781 (5 days ago)
Sorry. After some looking online, it looks like they are w two different products, same color container. I dont think the axe line in stores in the US has the clay. I'll have to physically check
Ruari MacCormack (1 month ago)
There is no axe clay, only lynx clay. They are branded differently as different products, which does not help me at all. For all I know the lynx clay could be called axe cream or paste in the Canadian market. :(
Jani Soriano (1 month ago)
Try Bench/ Claydoh 360. A popular brand in the Philippines
Yay Yo (1 month ago)
Jesus his ears so red, I'm really curious on why some people have ears like him?
Joshua Loh (2 months ago)
Mmmmm wonder where they got that packaging from totally not from gastsby
Lima Juliett (2 months ago)
I have always used either got2b beach matte or texture clay. In the last fee months I have tried hdf claymation, reuzel matte clay and many more top tier products. Because they all looked and felt greasy in my blonde hair, I have always come back to got2b. What I have been doing lately is mixing a full pot of texture clay with a full pot of beach matte and putting it back in the packaging. I feel like this is the perfect hair product for my head
James Washington (2 months ago)
the shockwaves one looks amazing in your hair though...
Gian Volante (3 months ago)
numskullz1000 (5 months ago)
ive been getting got2be one for ages and my hair always looks shite thought it was just me being retarded and putting wrong amount on
Kemal Abaz (5 months ago)
your ears was sooo red
Yay Yo (6 months ago)
Why is his ears r so red
XoutGames (6 months ago)
All got2b products are trash
Bear Grylls (6 months ago)
Got2b is good
Nathan Guerrero (6 months ago)
Lmaooo that product was approximately 268 times better than the other
Dusan Abaz (7 months ago)
Your ears was super red
This dude (7 months ago)
thanks for the video
Is lynx axe
LA Zack (8 months ago)
When the first product is the one you use daily..
isao entarasu (8 months ago)
i found you very informative can you do a brand battle with the barbers mind black ink and the red one pretty pls?
Khizar Shahid (8 months ago)
lol you should really replace your ears with strawberries
George Burnett (9 months ago)
I occasionally use the got2b product but generally stick to original by blumaan. The got2b is a great product. You just need to do a nice volumized pre style and add a tiny amount of got2b at the time.
Ben Martinez (9 months ago)
Why are your ears so red
McWeezysCastle (9 months ago)
Why ears so red
THE PRxxINxxCEzz (9 months ago)
Look at his ear
Devendra Dass (10 months ago)
the hell is wromg with your ears??😂😂
TheChosenOne (10 months ago)
Can you do TIGI Bed Head and Smooth Viking Styling Clay? They're two of the top sellers on Amazon right now.
The Autistic Hick (10 months ago)
Can you do a video on dear barber mattifier? I would like to know your thoughts on It :-)
Keskaric Heron (10 months ago)
Why are your ears so red?
Jake Parker (10 months ago)
It’s jacksepticeye
Mohammed Rizwan (11 months ago)
is your hair thin?
MrZimma frame (1 year ago)
I use the V05 matt clay and it's great not only because it holds your hair all day but also because it has a mild scent it doesn't clash with aftershaves unlike the Lynx
Doritos ??? (1 year ago)
Why did his ear get so red
Donald Trump (1 year ago)
Are you Jacksepticeye
Joseph Cullen (1 year ago)
ShuffleIOS (1 year ago)
Review the Red One products The green Red One is matt
those ears though
Zach Memmott (1 year ago)
That Lynx product tin looks exactly the same as the axe tin 😂
Scotty Haines (8 months ago)
Zach Memmott he did say it was called axe in the US...
Jojo Arpan (1 year ago)
bro Can u do a review on kocaine klay?
Elijah Tan (1 year ago)
can you review bench hair clay?
Pow3r Pran (1 year ago)
It helped me to chose which 1 to get
화랑 (1 year ago)
That got2b looks like Gatsby Moulding Rubber series...cuz i looked at that was like gatsby 7 USD lol then it was not
Zariyan Khalid (1 year ago)
Much Red ears bro...why?
Time_Lord01 (1 year ago)
Axe products smell awful.
Nishant Dutt (1 year ago)
You're the worst YouTuber.
Nishant Dutt (1 year ago)
You're the Ujl🔚🔚🙏
Exfib0 (1 year ago)
The axe one is a paste not a Clay
I live in the states so I can't find the VO5 clay in stores ;(
Henry Pham (1 year ago)
your ears are so red on 3:50
bayangan mantan (1 year ago)
why your ears are red?
LOOPS (1 year ago)
I just bought new wave
quan nguyen (1 year ago)
what is your hairstyle called?
Add me On Snapchat? (1 year ago)
I use that axe clay
Oakley Slate (1 year ago)
Bro, why your ears so red?!?
LUKAŠ ŠTADÁNI (1 year ago)
Red ears
Juamee _30 (1 year ago)
Ur so good
Nicholas Tan (1 year ago)
+robin james can you do a giveaway?
Hadi (1 year ago)
He said masculine in a very feminine way.
VeX Promotheus (1 year ago)
why is your ears very red?
Hustarn (1 year ago)
do you think it's worth buying the more expensive clays?
Febrian OFFICIAL (1 year ago)
red ears
qasimsfl14 (1 year ago)
got2be iStyler work well with my hair
Marcos Cavenaghi (1 year ago)
Cheers for the video Robin! I would like to ask you if you ever came across the Trevor & Sorbie Clay and your thoughts. I've been using it for years and it's the only hair product that really works for me. The problem is that I live in Italy and it's impossible to get it even through online shopping without spending like €100... so I'm looking for an alternative. Any your suggestion will be greatly appreciated! Cheers!
deathstroke madafaka (1 year ago)
his ears r so red
LethalPhatGuy (1 year ago)
drives me nuts he has perfect hair in 10 seconds i try for a hour cant get my hair to look like that
Muhd Farhat (1 year ago)
guys,please watch my latest video on my channel.its a pompadour styling video.give it a like 👍.thanks
A X (1 year ago)
When you mean oil based - does it mean "plant based" oil or "petroleum derived" oil? Also, it'd be good to have a Wirecutter style article to integrate your videos as well as a comparison chart/ matrix with pros, cons, ingredients and "chemicals vs natural/ organic" components. I'd prefer less chemicals etc.
Jordan Blue (1 year ago)
Why are your ears so red?
Ravindranath Daruvuri (1 year ago)
What about matrix beach clay?
Bara Vlad (1 year ago)
I've tried got2b and shockwaves messy, I agree 100% with this guy. They are shit. They are not even clays
Alejandro flores (1 year ago)
is axe healthy for your hair ??
Wine Connoisseur (1 year ago)
Göt2b definitely has to be the worst brand of products out there, thank god I switched to Gatsby after I used Göt2b for like 1 day
Emma W (1 year ago)
I miss this back ground robin!
paraunasahb (1 year ago)
were your hair totally dry when you put these products in or were they a little damp??
Brian Outhwaite (1 year ago)
anyone else notice that his ears get redder as the video goes on
Sreepriya Pradeep (1 year ago)
ur ears are toooo red😂😂😂
Kabs Log (1 year ago)
I was so close to purchase got2b today, luckily I bought some tesco brand matte clay which is not bad.
brutalbeetle (1 year ago)
If you ever stumble on L'Oreal Studio brand, it's about $10 USD and it's been my go-to over the more expensive stylers I've tried. I haven't tried any of these. Garnier also has a decent one but it's very very low hold, I use it because it comes in a huge container and if you already have a pre-styler it's enough ( I used a heat protectant mousse and powder play with it so it gets the job done)
joe smith (1 year ago)
Is there an axe version of the lynx natural look hair clay? I do not see one on their website. Only natural look hair creams. Is the axe natural look understated cream the US version of this?
Nicholas Gaming (1 year ago)
your ears are so red
Robin James (1 year ago)
... and my heart is so black.
Jeofrey Pereira (1 year ago)
I went even cheaper than these and bought 2 different Gatsby hair waxes.. Mat & Hard for the matte finish and Tough & Shine for shiny look but not overly so. Great value for money and works with my straight short hair. Both of those have good hold and a re-mouldable in hair. One is creamier than the other. Thanks for your review... if i find these products here, will give them a try. Ps. is my phone or are your ears really that red? Cheers!
xiaxuan leong (1 year ago)
y is your ear red
golfoholic87 (1 year ago)
xiaxuan leong it's probably because the water he was washing is hair out with between testing was hot
Nathan Castañeda (1 year ago)
which one was harder in the container?? vo5? or the Axe?? please respond if u read this!!!!🙏
Orbbbital (1 year ago)
Robin actually looked pretty happy in this video
Robin James (1 year ago)
I was! AND I am!
Raquel Garza (1 year ago)
1:on the got2b you used twice the amount than the second one 2: the second one looks like you had more product in your hair than the got2b
These Biscuits (2 years ago)
Out of all numbers says 268 times better.
Emmanuel Ayala (2 years ago)
i have straight hair what would work for me please answer?
Bradie Donaghey (2 years ago)
Stick with me😂😂😂
Synergy (2 years ago)
why do your ears looks so red later in the vid?
DHS84HTR (1 year ago)
He’s an alien.
Alejandro (1 year ago)
Synergy i noticed that too. Probably cause he kept taking showers and rubbing his head to get the product out.
Bozhidar Hristov (2 years ago)
Robin, check out Johny's Chop shop Tiger Clay, it's only £7 and in my opinion is better than claymation
tanyon derrick (2 years ago)
thank you for telling the amount in dollars as well I appreciate it
Gerald Tym (2 years ago)
Do a review on blacklabel it's made from your country!!!
Nah. (2 years ago)
I was in Boots today and was going to buy a clay but couldn't remember which one you rated as the best one so I casually started watching this video in the middle of the store lol
Wanu (2 years ago)
Thank you for this video
ALiCKZ (2 years ago)
You should do a. Review on the old spice hair products
Aidan Kurin (11 months ago)
Alex sucks at gaming I'll try to help a little they have low to medium hold the hold after like an hour or and hour and a half the hold is pretty much gone but it's okay for texture for a littlw
AdamEU (2 years ago)
I use the first orange one
Jon Hopkyns (2 years ago)
Shea Norwood (2 years ago)
Robin James savage 😂😂😂😂
Robin James (2 years ago)
Sorry, I didn't hear that.
Alfie Merrett (2 years ago)
I use matt Clay from VO5 everyday and I have to use a dot otherwise it makes my hair greasy and heavy, also the more you use to product it melts and is crap, Use SuperDrug on brand Clay, its unreal and is £3
Robin James (2 years ago)
Never tried it but will look out for it.
suprabhat Paul (2 years ago)
wht about bed head manipulater is it good..
Ōsmān MS (2 years ago)
Which type of clay is good for thin hair? Whenever I use regular gel my hair gets wet and just stays flat on my head. I need something that will add volume and will make my hair stay firm. Also, whats the best shampoo for my hair type? Thanks a lot
DanceRepublicHD (2 years ago)
I just bought the got2b one today and I'm so mad I did it :D Thank god it's so cheap, I'll give it a try but if it sucks as it sucked in this video I'm throwing it away
David Gorup (2 years ago)
Im using got2b for 2 months now and its not that bad. But a quick tip: dont put a lot (start with rly small amount and add more if you think you need), use it when your hair is like 10% wet, spread it with your fingers an not the whole hands, then spread it in your hair. Btw it would be great if you also use prestyler (i use silicon) cause your hair will feel really dry with only this clay. (But yeah, im not buying same one anymore either)

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