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BUDGET Eye Products That Work - Nadine Baggott

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Last week I covered my favourite in clinic eye products, this week here are my favourite budget high street eye products. They are all reasonable value for money and they all offer something above and beyond an ordinary face serum. They are * The Ordinary Caffeine 5% Solution - still available here https://www.victoriahealth.com/product/Caffeine-Solution-5-EGCG/12237 whilst stocks last and on wait list here * The Ordinary Caffeine Solution - http://tidd.ly/1973061b * Niod Fractionate Eye Contour still available here -https://www.victoriahealth.com/product/Fractionated-Eye-Contour-Concentrate/11759 * Niod Fractionated Eye Contour on wait list here -http://tidd.ly/ebc9e5d2 For those of you asking the solvent under moratorium within the Eu it is safe in lower concentrations but can be irritating at higher percentages and so Deciem are formulating a replacement for both of the above products. They are still available from retail sites outside of the EU, and within the EU until stocks of the old formulation last, and again soon when the new formulations arrive. * The Body Shop Eye Revive Duo - http://tidd.ly/f628db8c * Olay Ultimate Eye Cream - http://tidd.ly/d6e74167 * Heal Gel Eye - https://www.healgel.co.uk/product/eye/ Please note that I have asked Deciem for an official statement on the DEGEE/ethoxydiglycol state of play and will post it here if I get one. We all know that brandon is super transparent, so watch this space. Follow Me: * Twitter * https://twitter.com/nadinebaggott * Instagram * https://www.instagram.com/nadinebaggott/ * Facebook * https://www.facebook.com/NadineBaggot... AND don't forget I try to answer every question personally. Website: http://www.nadinebaggott.com
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Text Comments (254)
Brydie Lund (8 days ago)
Can you use the eye heal gel on eczema eyelids?
GidzBox Box (1 month ago)
Why should I not use vitamin c around the eyes?
Shireen Niloofar (3 months ago)
Hey Nadine! I’m a 23 year old still suffering some eczema dark skinned girl 😭 some flare ups fade away but I end up with drier skin on areas like around my lips above my forehead and under my eye. (I’m sorry if you’ve seen this message before I’ve written couple times in hopes of you replying💙) I don’t know what to apply under my eye and it gets itchy if it’s dry for too long. I currently use cetaphil for dry skin on my face and body... will the Hyaluronic from the ordinary work? (I’m also trying the alpha arbutin for hyper pigmentation) kindly help.
Margaret Murphy (6 months ago)
Can I buy the ordinary in Ireland.
Damien Gardner (7 months ago)
Nice cat.
Liz Torres (8 months ago)
Do you have a vlog on makeup wipes? I'm running out on the Aveeno ones I use, which honestly are not very good.
Hind Shahin (8 months ago)
Nadine, I am interested in your opinion on Filorga, particularly their eye cream and sunblock, the whole brand in general.
Louise Booth (8 months ago)
Hi Nadine I have a reacquiring eye problem no matter what I use I get a tiny eczema patch under my eye , so my makeup looks terrible with my concealer, I’ve got the ordinary caffeine solution and there hylaronic acid but haven’t been taking it up to my eye . The only way I can get rid of it is using steroid cream from the doctor but I know how bad that is for my skin . I watch all you videos for hints and tips so should I try Hylaronic acid then caffeine ? Sorry I went on a little bit lol xx
Ganna K (8 months ago)
i clicked for the ca and forwarded to the cat part but imma watch the rest of it too
Jenny L (8 months ago)
The thing with eye creams are that they're basically normal skincare products that are just diluted to fit the area around the eyes that is thinner. So you waste a lot of money in reality.
Isabel Robinson (8 months ago)
Nadine, have you tried Olay's new Pro-Retinol Eye Cream? And if so, do you have any thoughts? TIA!
Nadine Baggott (8 months ago)
`i really like it XXX and it's on offer at the moment in the Uk across Boots
Beth Parks (8 months ago)
Love that you really tell the truth about products and that you address what mature women really need to make the best of their skin issues. Thank you!
Kelly Trick (8 months ago)
Aw your cat is so gorgeous! Thank you for this great video, I am in my late twenties and have been trying to find a light eye cream that's not too heavy.
Joi Harris (8 months ago)
Sorry nadine just seen healgel xxx
Joi Harris (8 months ago)
Dark circles please nadine on waiting list the ordinary wat else please x
SammyG (9 months ago)
I bought the Olay product last week and it just didn’t sit under my makeup at all!, it was rolling off and pilling so much that I simply had to remove it.... such a disappointment I’m going to try to get my money back 👎🏼
Silvia Figueirido (9 months ago)
Can you recommend a good brand of fake eyelashes?
Nadine Baggott (9 months ago)
YES always Eyelure - the Demi Whispies are the best XXX
Deana Hendrickson (9 months ago)
What moisturizer do U use in am before makeup?
J P Williams (9 months ago)
Hello, do you have a favorite product or treatment to cancel out fine lines (mild crows feet) around eyes?
Nadine Baggott (9 months ago)
You're going to love my next video - it's an ad but that product really works X
Marjane Moghimi (9 months ago)
Ladies, the Olay cream is on offer at Boots - price 17pounds
Kathryn Grubb (10 months ago)
Another great video! I have super oily skin, but am very dry around the eyes. I have tried high end and lower end eye creams/gels religiously, but have never found anything that has made a significant difference( I may never !), but nevertheless, I was wondering if you have any suggestions? Thank you and keep up the good work 😘
Ms_MJL (10 months ago)
Finally someone talking about Healgel and especially Healgel Eyes, yay!!! This is the only product i can use around my eyes that will not irritate my eyes or make me cry. I’m on my third bottle, and i will forever repurchase it.
Jessica Renaud (10 months ago)
Nadine - Would you recommend using a retinol product for under eye circles? If not, which ingredient would be the best to look for to target dark under eye circles?
Nadine Baggott (10 months ago)
Jessica Renaud I was filming with a doctor yesterday asking this exact question but still the answer is that nothing in skincare can tackle dark circles sadly even Retinol x so it’s Concealer I’m afraid 😧
hipsmelissa (10 months ago)
Hi :) I’ve just turned 39 and although I’ve always washed my face and moisturised, I’m really taking an interest in a proper targeting skincare regime. I don’t have a huge monthly budget to keep spending and wondered if you know anything about the skincare line by Superdrug - B. Skincare? Specifically wonder what your thoughts might be on the B. Radiant Eye Cream? Thank you
laura betancur (10 months ago)
Hi! Thank you for this video! I wanted to ask you if you put a special spf product for the eye area or just the one that you use in your face. Thank you!
Naima Khanam (10 months ago)
Love this selection Nadine!! EFSA please approve the caffeine eye serum 👀👀👀👀👀
Marion S. (10 months ago)
great picture of you and your cat ! love it
Marion S. (10 months ago)
..and of course very interesting video - as always, thank you
Genie G (10 months ago)
Olay Eyes Ultimate Eye Cream currently £14.99 At Gordon's Direct.
PEACEATLAST (10 months ago)
I've tried quite a few but my total favourite is Lulu's time bomb eye cream......amazing results so comforting and doesn't irritate my ultra reactive skin......enjoyed the video!x
Ann Littler (10 months ago)
Oh your cat is the double of my sons cat, she is called ‘You’ lol, she adopted my son, and is so loving, I have four dogs two of them, the westies, hate cats, so I can’t take the dogs to visit lol, the two retrievers are fine. Now onto the eye serums/cream, the Olay (almost said Ulay!) looks good to me, I’ll be 60 this year and my eyes aren’t too bad, but at my age it all starts going south lol. Thank you for showing this, look forward to watching the lip one, I had the middle third of my top lip removed and have a scar running from nose through lip, I had carcinoma in my lip, so it had to be done as it was full thickness. Do you have any videos on ‘budget friendly’ concealer that stays put? My lips are very lined because of it as well, so now I’ve just stopped wearing make up as it looks awful trying to cover bits. Thanks again xxxAnnxxx
Tracy (10 months ago)
Heal gel ships to US. I might look into this.
rajvisingh111 (10 months ago)
Thanks for this lovely video Nadine. I have developed few white spots under my eyes (I think it’s Milia). Could you please advice how can we get rid of it and also how to prevent this from reoccurring?
Charlotte Victoria (10 months ago)
I hope Brexit can get us away from those pesky regulations stopping these products from being available here.
Brenda Olsen (10 months ago)
I love your informative content! Super glad to have found your channel.
cinzia piat (10 months ago)
Even if I'm italian and I live in Roma, I'm a fan of your blog and your videos. Unfortunately, I can't get a lot of products you introduce. But something is available, now I can buy The ordinary on line, and I'll finally test those serums on my old skin (I'm 63...). Thank you for the tips and tricks you reveal: you have an approach to make-up and skincare wich I like very much. Excuse me for my poor english, and -please -  could you give a big kiss from me and also from Martin (my cream British shorthair) to your purrfect, adorable cat?  cinzia piat
Lauren M86 (10 months ago)
Love all your videos, makes me feel like I know what I'm looking for when buying these products now! Also where is your bracelet from it's beautiful!
Megan Lisha Goddard (10 months ago)
Nadine could you do a video on a whole skin care routine for the 4 main skin types dry, oily, problem skin and normal! I know it would help a lot of people you could do a budget and high end but to! Please please please I need a lift of products I can just go and buy!
Gaye Williams (10 months ago)
I got caffine last week on amazon from the ordinary no wait and available fine.
Sophie Hargreaves (10 months ago)
This is exactly the kind of info I needed! Been on the hunt for an eye product that works and won’t break the bank!
Sabreen Dhaliwal (10 months ago)
You're so cute Nadine ! Can you do videos on what things mix well together and what not to mix. For example retinols and aha/bha. Thanks!
Margaret Holden (10 months ago)
Hi Nadine, love your knowledge of beauty products. You are a joy to watch. Thankyou for sharing. Lots of love to you xo
Glossy Flossy (10 months ago)
Nadine what are your thoughts on remescal?
Nadine Baggott (10 months ago)
Glossy Flossy ok I realise the product now and it’s a great soft focus hydrater but I don’t think it will do anything in the long term for dark circles as its main effect is cosmetic x also it appears to be in the process of disappearing from shops and online
Glossy Flossy (10 months ago)
Nadine Baggott ooh thank you for replying.. no it is remescar eye bags and dark circles.It is available onBoots website but it has mixed reviews. Just wondered if you had tried it?
Nadine Baggott (10 months ago)
Glossy Flossy do you mean Remescar the silicone stretch mark cream? I think it helps heal new new marks but won’t work on old fine silver ones x
Maria Portokalla (10 months ago)
Hello! I'm 31 and in the past 6 months I got lines between my brows and around my mouth and some under my eyes, all due to dryness from my acne treatment. Is there any chance I can make them appear any less with creams/acids? Specially those eye ones bug me.. Love from Greece!
Maria Portokalla (10 months ago)
Nadine Baggott Thank you so much! Your cat is gorgeous! My kitty licks off my skincare from my face every single morning when we wake up.. What a peeling I get there, right? Xxxx's
Nadine Baggott (10 months ago)
Maria Portokalla yes absolutely get layering on Hyaluronic Acid and a lovely hydrating eye cream to soothe the skin - choose an unscented one like the Olay one x
Dee Morrison (10 months ago)
You love cats—oh that seals the deal! Love your channel!
Debi Basile (10 months ago)
Hi Nadine! I love the Ordinary caffeine. I use it and then add the Hylauronic Acid and my eye cream for makeup prep. Now I think I will put the caffeine on first thing. It sounds wonderful for my morning puffy eyes. I just love your videos, you are so appreciated. Thanks!
Becky Allen (10 months ago)
Love your videos and the blooming honest reviews. Did a small shop. Oops.
ChasingUrStarlight (10 months ago)
Hi Nadine, I’m 28 this year and want to start taking a bit better care of my skin. I get quite dry bumpy skin on my forehead, apart from that I have a few tiny lines appearing at my eyes but nothing that worries me too much. I currently use beauty pie’s charcoal mask every other day and cleanse every night with nip fab glycolic cleanser, then alternate between The Ordinary Retinoid 2% and Hyaluronic Acid 2% at night before using nip fab post glycolic moisturiser. Can you recommend anything which I should be using? I’m sure the nipfab moisturiser is more for day time wear but I can’t decide what night cream would be best, I’m willing to spend a decent amount but not quite the budget of Charlotte’s magic cream sadly. Also, would an eye cream be advantageous at my age? Thanks :)
Stefanie Blanche (10 months ago)
Where do you apply the Niod Eye Serum on the upper eye area? On the top or all around?
Lis Anguera (10 months ago)
The kitty is gorg!!❤️❤️❤️
I must be one of the lucky ones...I bought mine late last year from Victoria Health :)
Miss p (10 months ago)
how about Bobbi Brown Eye cream ?
Nancy T (10 months ago)
My cat Sora has the same mask and markings! Luv Tabby’s! Best kitties
danielle king (10 months ago)
Watching your videos has saved my skin. Alittle more then a year ago, I was looking haggard, old, tired. My skin was sagging, with age spots, and malasma. I had horrible tear troughs and crows feet, expression lines on my forehead, around my mouth and eyes. I started watching you, wrote to ask some questions, and started using the active ingredients you talk about. Vitamin a,b,and c, peptides, cerimides, niacinamide, hyaluronic acids, glycolic acid...I started with small amounts of actives, as I have skin that can be finicky, I have sun allergy and Mt skin is turning sensitive at times. I went through the uglies, where I looked older, dry and flaky. I almost gave up, but watching you kept me trying, and I'm finally seeing results. I don't need thick concealers to cover my dark patches, regular medium coverage foundation does the job. My under eyes look smoother, tighter, the troughs are not as deep. My lines are softening, and look less noticeable. My skin is smoother, softer, and makeup sits better on it. I look younger. And I can't thank you enough. Your advice is so useful. You are a gem. I can't afford the higher end products, so I listen to what actives you are talking about. And I look for the best I can afford with those ingredients. I'm slowly working up to stronger strengths. I can't wait to see what stronger strengths do.
Genie G (10 months ago)
danielle king this gives me hope. I have all of the above too. Agree Nadine is fantastic :)
Glynis R (10 months ago)
I bought the Olay product yesterday. You only need such a little...because I used too much when I tried it out.
Marjane Moghimi (10 months ago)
love love your cat!!!
Lavinia Negru (10 months ago)
I like all your videos and recommendations but I Loooove your cat...is gorgeous.
Lily Shop (10 months ago)
currently binge watching your videos... you're officially my favourite British youtuber to watch on skincare!  Thank you!!
PonytailRuth (10 months ago)
I absolutely love all your informative videos and appreciate all that you do to try and help us. Nadine, do you know anything about this new product from Marks & Spencer please? http://www.marksandspencer.com/absolute-time-capsules/p/p22509955?extid=em_ccs_180123_be1&ep_mid=7314186&ep_rid=677029067&cvosrc=email.180123.7314186&cvo_campaign=ccs&pdpredirect
Jules C (10 months ago)
Olay is bogof in Superdrug right now x
Ava B (10 months ago)
Nadine, was this the same little cat that had run away before?
Maren Lauder (10 months ago)
Nookie as in Nookie Bear? I’m American in the US, but I met Roger de Courcey years ago when I lived in the UK. My husband loved Nookie Bear when he was a lad.
Lisa Prowse (10 months ago)
I love going out and buying your recommendations! xx
Sara el (10 months ago)
I would love to hear what you think of snail mucin products. Do you think they work/how to add them to your skin care routine etc. Korean skin care got so popular so fast and since it's really affordable, I'd love to hear what you think of the most popular ingredients :)
Jean Moore (10 months ago)
Nadine i've got a bottle of Ordinary caffine solution i bought it in the UK, i bought it from Vicroria health.
Jo Stead-Burgess (10 months ago)
Hi Nadine, where is your lovely handchain from p!ease?
Nadine Baggott (10 months ago)
Jo Stead-Burgess thank you it’s from a US company called Jacquie Aiche x
lizzclare (10 months ago)
Hi Nadine What would you recommend for crepey eye lids and a little puffy ness underneath . In my 40s and pregnant don’t know what to avoid in terms of skincare. Thanks so much really learning a lot with your videos. Very appreciative xx
Marie Murphy (10 months ago)
Love your video's! So informative...can't wait for the lip dupes! thanks Nadine! x
Lisa Rose (10 months ago)
What is that mouse behind you?
Deborah Rosen (10 months ago)
I’ve been using the Niod serum for a few weeks now after ordering on Beautylish. I absolutely love 💗 it! Having mature skin I do top it off with a thin layer of eye cream. Will always keep this in my routine 👍. Love that it can be used on top of eyelids for smoothing.
Hau Voon Foo (10 months ago)
loved the cameo appearance of your cat! he's the highlight of the vid. pls feature him more!
drawnbyschiele (10 months ago)
I adore you!
Mary Armstrong (10 months ago)
Love you Nadine. And now, your cat too.
Joi Harris (10 months ago)
Nadine please help me understand.I thought that all creams etc are topical they cannot go down below the epidermis .I don’t know I’m asking you for help can the ordinary serums etc go below the epidermis thanks
Margy Slater (10 months ago)
Fantastic information Nadine! Have The Ordinary Caffeine but didn’t know about the NIOD Niacinamide Eye Contour. Live in Canada and just ordered it from their website-yippee❤️😀👍🇨🇦💋
Rena Dempsey (10 months ago)
Great video!! I used NIOD....was okay. Made my eyes a bit irritated. Lasers work well in eye area for me. Mostly I love eye cream for underneath concealer.
France Tremblay-Goban (10 months ago)
Your cat is so gorgeous!!!!
tracy fermino (10 months ago)
would you use this for very dry under eyes?
Shelia Dennis (10 months ago)
Great video
Hayley Smith (10 months ago)
You are a cat lady like me 😻😻😻😃 Your cat is a tiger so fluffy and beautiful Hugs from me to you and your puppy Enjoyed as always your detailed video ,god bless you
allaboutdaniel (10 months ago)
i thought she had cream residue on the back of her hand... it was her bracelet oops *_*
Tian Does (10 months ago)
Hi Nadine!! I absolutely love your videos, I'm always learning something new! Should I be using retinol now? I'm 23
MissTickle East (10 months ago)
Ha....Yogi playing hard to get 😂
Julie Barbour (10 months ago)
Hey nadine. If you have a moment to reply I am 34 and feel at my wits end with my under eyes. I need something for dark circles and looking old and tired. What can you suggest for me
Tricia Hon (10 months ago)
I love TO Caffeine solution. Using it for over 6 months for my darkness, not puffiness. One drop does both my eyes.
Claire Martin (10 months ago)
Loved it. Love the top 5 and dupe series x
Sunfish OutOfWater (10 months ago)
Thx so much for the introduction to the HealGel range! I’m on a - seemingly endless - search to find something to help chronically painfully irritated abdominal skin from near-continual chemical burn (from GI acid leakage b/c of a medically needed intestinal tube) so am eager to look into their other offerings. Thus far the only thing that ever helps is Rx steroid cream (desonide) & while I’m not opposed to its use I’d love to be able to reduce it, as I can’t imagine the potential skin thinning will help the situation in the long haul. The shipping to the US from their site is quite ridiculous but I’ve found several other online stockists so just deciding which of their items to try. Fingers crossed!
Jennifer Harvey (10 months ago)
I really want to try the Olay eyecream. I do love my make up so can I use this product if so before or after foundation and concealer? Thanks, great video as always x
Amber Brock (10 months ago)
Hi! :) Any suggestion for a gentle eye product while I’m battling dermatitis under my eye? Thank you! Amber
Lisa's Beauty Break (10 months ago)
Hi Nadine, great video! I'm almost 40 with normal skin ... would I need an eye cream on top of the Niod serum? Thanks 😘
Lisa DePaolis (10 months ago)
Thank you for a wonderful video as always Nadine. This video was extra special because of your special guest, your precious kitty.
Jess S (10 months ago)
Have you ever tried Nia24? Wanted to know what you’ve thought of their products.
Donna O'Kane (10 months ago)
What a handsome kitttttyyyy
danzbutrfly (10 months ago)
what a beautiful cat!!
Marie Josee Pitre (10 months ago)
Garnier and Climique have roller ball products containing caffeine very similar to the Bodyshop one that are pretty affordable, at least here in Canada, don't know if they are available i the UK. I keep my Clinique roller ball in the fridge, along with the Ordinary caffeine serum, and it is brillant ! Garnier also has a tinted one that is very good!
Natalie Zampella (10 months ago)
I LOVE YOUR CAT!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Lisa Locke (10 months ago)
You mentioned you used magnetic eyelashes over the holidays. Can you tell me the brand? I keep eyeing them but the reviews are so polarizing. I’m awful with traditional lashes and these sound like my perfect solution.
Lu CG (10 months ago)
Can you put a Vit A or retinol SERUM up past the orbital bone? Why or why not? Thanks love your vids!
Anita C (10 months ago)
What a beautiful kitty. Love the disinterest.Typical cat :)
Kaluna3 (10 months ago)
So not sure if this is a silly question and maybe i’m doing myself some damage... but i apply Retin-A around the crows feet area. Is it really that bad? What is the damage if you use Retin-a around the eye didnt quite understand what she said. Its a shame if you shouldnt bc would love to work on the wrinkles around my eyes 😭
Lisa Locke (10 months ago)
Kaluna3 I think the danger is it is so drying. But if your skin tolerates it, then I don’t think it’s an issue. I’d ask your dermatologist. I take mine up close to my eyes and then when I put moisturizer on some travels up with it around my eyes and I don’t rub it in fully and then put my moisturizer on right away. I haven’t had any irritation or dryness but I also slowly acclimated my skin to it.
Lisa Harker (10 months ago)
Yogi is adorable! I need to try the eye treatments.

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