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Bouncer Throws 3 Women To The Ground Who Were Attacking Him

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More at http://www.VideoBreach.com Police are investigating an incident where three women were shoved onto the pavement by a bouncer outside a busy nightspot in Belfast. One of the women was said to have been kicking the bouncer before he grabbed her and shoved her onto the footpath, stunning onlookers. When the woman's two friends intervened, they were also knocked to the ground. The video of the incident was circulated widely on Facebook and shows the women in a nasty violent brawl with the doormen. It is not clear how the altercation started but in the longer footage circulating on facebook, the three women can be seen repeatedly attacking the bouncers after being shoved and even at some points slapped by the men who were on the door of the nightspot. At one point one of the bouncers grabs the woman in yellow and shoves her so hard that she lands with force on the pavement. We then see the woman's two friends try to retaliate but he effortlessly pushes them to the ground. They could be heard in the footage yelling 'You're a f****** bully', as they fell to the ground. Onlookers try to pull the women away from the door as they repeatedly try to retaliate. The footage was taken by a horrified spectator who watched the scene unfold outside outside Kelly's Cellar bar in Belfast city centre. A video was posted online shortly after a shocked onlooker who filmed the vicious brawl. A police spokesman said officers were called shortly before 10pm on Saturday evening after reports of three women being involved in an row with bouncers outside the establishment. The three women were arrested on suspicion of assault and other public disorder offences. Police said the women were released on police bail pending further investigation. Kelly's Cellar bar is a busy nightspot in the heart of Belfast City Centre. It has been reported that the cast members of Game of Thrones, including Kit Harrington and Emelia Fox have visited after filming. Most bouncers are trained to resolve tense situations through verbal communication instead of physical force, according to Legal Match. They are not allowed to push or physically throw a person out of the establishment. Bouncer Throws 3 Women To The Ground Who Were Attacking Him
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Text Comments (2091)
Video Breach (1 year ago)
Ancient Mariner (19 hours ago)
Alan Price (1 day ago)
The old guy in the flat cap, cool as fuck making a roll up
Kgotatso Petlele (5 days ago)
@Christian Meek couldn't agree more.. 👏👏
Christian Meek (5 days ago)
Equal rights, equal fights
Kgotatso Petlele (8 days ago)
Equal rights...
Art Mercines (13 hours ago)
The best video I have ever seen in a while!😁😆😁😆😁😆
I would have shot them
Leddad Mohamed (1 day ago)
That was so funny watching the guy pushing the three womens
Muhammad Arslan (2 days ago)
Real MMA
Stef (2 days ago)
When middle-aged women are not asked to show ID and they get their feelings hurt #triggered
James Payne (2 days ago)
Thats what the hell all them ladies deserved bahaha
milesmouse72 (3 days ago)
women can be way more vicious than guys can...women dont back down...they'll fight until they're a bloody mess, broken bones, severe injuries...everything... I've seen a bar fight where a woman was bleeding to death and still fighting, grasping and frothing in absolute fury against some guy who she was pissed at....
EXTR3M3M00D (3 days ago)
Patricia, Samantha, and Courtney you do realize you can’t fight off a full grown man right?
Hans Stam (3 days ago)
Well... It's pretty clear the women chose violence by repeatedly trying to kick and hit the bouncers. That just is not a smart thing to do. They had every possibility to escape the situation but decided to attack men at their job who have to keep aggressive people out for the rest of the public. But they just kept coming back so they made their choice and now are victims? Yeah right, Choose violence, you'll get a reaction. Time is up for mentally ill princesses, parents should teach their kids not to attack anyone, not to get away with everything they want. I think the club should press charges against these women and they should be ashamed for behaving like this in public.
Kamlesh Patel (3 days ago)
Atomic kitten 😂
Women talk shi about wanting to be treated equally so if you gonna hit a man he gonna hit back how you like equality bitch.
B (4 days ago)
Love this guy lol
El Kid (4 days ago)
Bitches should have stayed at home washing the dishes...........serves them right, hope there was some blood
Amsooda Adam (4 days ago)
those budrats deserved it GET REKT lol 😎😎👊👊👊👊👊👊🕵🕵
Robert McCallum (4 days ago)
Scenery to my eyes
Cordero Galan (5 days ago)
Equality is so nice🤣
Janelle Roulhac (5 days ago)
When is womens going to know that Mens are stoger
AlexanderThePup (5 days ago)
Their screaming was nice to hear. All that impotent rage hahaha can't handle it don't dish. It out
kPEACEBRINGER (5 days ago)
God they are so ugly. :D
George Nata (5 days ago)
Really, how stupid are these so called "women".??
Aayush Singh (5 days ago)
Man is a hero.
Carpet Climber (5 days ago)
"The more times we assault the bouncer, eventually he'll get tired of us and let us in." Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. It never gets old. Extra credits for shattering a glass, so the next time they get grounded, it's covered with shards.
deggar25 (5 days ago)
Lol the girl in the yellow kept getting knocked down and pretending she was knocked out, just to stand up and attack again
Women in video:kicks Bodyguard:nothing Women:HoW dArE YoU!!
Ron Bish (6 days ago)
Throw them down again, some people have to learn the hard way.
Panthera Stark (6 days ago)
If a fox Try to attack a Tiger, you know what? The Tiger Will fight back... learn from nature 🐯.
The Reece Show (6 days ago)
One thing I don’t get about girls is when they start swinging at a man then act all surprised when they get hit back lmfsooo
Andouille (7 days ago)
He laid all three of those tricks out for public viewing..
Shadow Playz (7 days ago)
Women: Slaps man Man: Slams woman onto the ground Woman: *Surprised pikachu face*
Gene Daoust (7 days ago)
I am woman hear me roar look at me falling on the floor.
Boost Baron (7 days ago)
Guess pigs do fly...
Lykourgos Fylaktakis (7 days ago)
The bouncer was paid to protect the bar he was working in..no matter if a woman or a man is confronting him it is his duty to throw them out of the bar
Father Bernard (8 days ago)
1:38 old man in his head: *where did we go wrong....*
Those are not women they are animals
Charlie Rothwill (8 days ago)
Should have punched all of them
No Name (9 days ago)
Love this.
Warthog1976 (9 days ago)
Well deserved beatdown
Lisa Conn (9 days ago)
If I was there I would of bitch slapped all 3 its pathetic they think just cos hes a guy they can get away with it ...then when they dont hes made out to be the bad guy.
Surf Soc (9 days ago)
Annoying ass harpies
Scott Skadsheim (9 days ago)
Everytime women gets pushed. They stay down for lien 15 mins looking dead. Why the fuck?
Shanika King (9 days ago)
Irish women dont know how to stop. damn!
Edmund Nunan (9 days ago)
He should have taken each one of them and beat them so bad that they wouldn't think twice of coming back for more
Your Name (9 days ago)
The patience, the well balanced response - guy is a role model. Even if these hoes deserved alot worse. Unpopular fact; statistically women perpetrate much more physical violence than most both men and women imagine, not to mention the violence-by-proxy-of-other-men, and emotional variants and manipulation most men know very well... Obvious? --> Products of 'feminism', and it's all by design to subvert Western Civilization. In fact, it's calculated genocide in slow motion. Follow the money, ideas and people behind tailormade subversive ideologies like cultural marxism, feminism, communism, post modernism, etc. What's the lowest common denominator!? Not to mention Weaponized Mass Migration, Machiavellian covert war by proxy - waged at all Western nations.
SpeeD JunkieS (9 days ago)
Niftyjojoo (9 days ago)
Lol 1% Bouncer
forbiddencrisis (10 days ago)
Belfast paramilitary basic training: These 3 women graduate top of their class
Kenny Nelson (10 days ago)
It funny how women act tough but they arnt god for any thing but cleaning they should not have the right to vote
Meelimoshe (10 days ago)
Smells like equality
Bessie (11 days ago)
I was kinda hoping the bouncer would give a good solid punch to each of their faces and knock them out for good
Michael Wirth (11 days ago)
The least intelligent women in the world??
Guy Sky (11 days ago)
I LOVE this video I absolutely LOVE it. And to think it’s up on the internet for everyone to see forever. I’d fuck the shitoutta that white girl too lmaf
Adrienne Wrn (11 days ago)
These are not 'women', and they're certainly not Ladies. You are a full grown up Woman when you can behave yourself appropriately in public. You're a Lady if you handle disappointments with Grace. You're a 'female' when you think that being denied something you want (and NOT entitled to) means that you can have a temper tantrum over it. You lose all access to being treated as a Grown Woman, or a Lady, the minute you start behaving like a lowlife, and people have every right to answer your violence with equal violence. //endSoapbox
Cyril Goulding (11 days ago)
Total respect to the bouncer. He could have easily shown them a bright light but he chose to let them know what a real man is and kept them at bay. That's the only way to deal with psycho bitches and by the way, that was so satisfying to watch.
Ebolacrash (11 days ago)
1:15 look how she is faking being knocked out . Vile cunts
Jed Morris (11 days ago)
The woman kept pushing
yep Absolutely (12 days ago)
Drunk bitches..
Viking102938 (12 days ago)
Every time he knocks them out, they just scream louder and get more aggressive. What a bunch of cunts
Viking102938 (12 days ago)
Two punches, three women Not bad
Pieter Krajicek (12 days ago)
That “Entertainment” sign is effin Perfect :-D
nelon staw (12 days ago)
It is good
Yellow Fin Aquariums (13 days ago)
I bet the women are wtching this and reading these comments hoping to get praised by others, BACK FIRED lol
Loca devil (12 days ago)
No... 👎🙅I'm actually reading to see the ones I can agree on like the ones that day best video or I could watch this all day cause honestly I could
Yellow Fin Aquariums (13 days ago)
Love how the 3 women keeps going back to the same door only to get knockout over and over, its almost like they enjoy the knockouts in every round, it must be like 50 shades of grey for them. HIT ME, HIT ME. Lol
Nite Hunter (13 days ago)
Warden Cobb (14 days ago)
When feminism psychos meet the real world
Max (14 days ago)
Thank God I'm not God cause I'd go all Thanos on people (men and women) like that!
Andy Allen (14 days ago)
stay away from women; there not here to improve your life. go mgtow lads
Loca devil (11 days ago)
@Andy Allen oh damn
Andy Allen (11 days ago)
Loca devil the laws of nature dictate that women have to harm you .that's the scary thing about life
Loca devil (11 days ago)
@Andy Allen but you see I only do harm to people who harm me so like...
Andy Allen (12 days ago)
Loca devil all of them will eventually do you harm
Loca devil (12 days ago)
Wai-all women or just women like those girls... Cause if all them what the hell did I do... No wait... Do I make sense?
CYBER CHI (14 days ago)
Equality at its finest ❗
Sam P (15 days ago)
sicboi (15 days ago)
Guitar lady a beast 😂
Max Ride (15 days ago)
Props for chick with the guitar. Crazy broads my gosh.
Cool Dude (15 days ago)
Women should’ve gotten hit in the mouth real hard after that one there should be no 3 chances before men hit back one is enough
Plushies Zerozero (16 days ago)
So small and yet so brave(STUPID)
Olav Langli (16 days ago)
The even act like they are knocked out , LIKE THE FAKE IDIOTS THEY ARE.. poor me buhu
Olav Langli (16 days ago)
Its sad that women have turned into the entitled assholes they are today.. The bouncer SHOULD HAVE KNOCKED THEM OUT, instead of being nice.. My claim is that women lack self insight, they even have the audacity to act like the victims when they are the aggressor
Street Light (16 days ago)
I thought women were now equal to Men? Women are just so pathetic now, how embarrassing for the Feminist movement.
Yuuki Chan (16 days ago)
Woman: *slaps and hits the bouncer* Bouncer: who tf threw a piece of paper on me?
alex neil (16 days ago)
so pathetic no body stops the little whores' while they are trying to kick the guys but finally damn he throws them to the ground and then that is when others try and stop it. main problem here is alcohol.
Nelson Escalona Flores (17 days ago)
Give that men a medal
_IamAsh10n _ (17 days ago)
Women causing a scene because they don’t get attention from men at home 😬 reach or nah?
poetasepoemas (17 days ago)
happens with too much drink and lack of turkey in the ass
Christopher Griffin (17 days ago)
Man or woman, the bouncers job is to watch the door
Kazi Aftab (18 days ago)
Omg this video just made my day.
The Casas (18 days ago)
All those pushes were wasted when he should have just knocked them out, would have been awesome if he knocked them out all in one swing like The Three Stooges
Icecreamforcrowtoo (18 days ago)
Like a bunch feral she-beasts. Bouncer was lenient, imo.
Icecreamforcrowtoo (18 days ago)
Just how in the fuck were those bouncers going to resolve the situation "verbally"? Fucking bitches deserved worse.
issac boykin (18 days ago)
mrcactus666 (18 days ago)
2:46 very great.
Andy Mo (18 days ago)
Those dumb whores got off easy.
Rahul Naik (18 days ago)
One punch all pink ass gone to jail
bing bingbung (18 days ago)
men are stronger naturally than any woman
B0Y S0l0 (18 days ago)
They deserve it!
Perpetua Piatek Zzz (19 days ago)
Stop trying to fight the bouncer you just got dropped
Alre Lark (19 days ago)
Hey trio bitches keep falling on the ground like leaves .. will you please?
Alex M (19 days ago)
They got bounced. LOL Fucking scum.
Ise Zac (19 days ago)
Lmao 2:47
calm tree`s (19 days ago)
drunk people from male / female are silly and need to go cheer them self up then be life wasters and drama queens/kings on the streets
Nathaniel (20 days ago)
I personally think he should have escalated to open hand slaps for all. That pushing just wasn’t quite enough
Killuminati S4M (20 days ago)
This is the result of too much freedom and Alcohol given to women, Hence why the western societies are going down the shits!
Kostas Perivolis (20 days ago)

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