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Bouncer Throws 3 Women To The Ground Who Were Attacking Him

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More at http://www.VideoBreach.com Police are investigating an incident where three women were shoved onto the pavement by a bouncer outside a busy nightspot in Belfast. One of the women was said to have been kicking the bouncer before he grabbed her and shoved her onto the footpath, stunning onlookers. When the woman's two friends intervened, they were also knocked to the ground. The video of the incident was circulated widely on Facebook and shows the women in a nasty violent brawl with the doormen. It is not clear how the altercation started but in the longer footage circulating on facebook, the three women can be seen repeatedly attacking the bouncers after being shoved and even at some points slapped by the men who were on the door of the nightspot. At one point one of the bouncers grabs the woman in yellow and shoves her so hard that she lands with force on the pavement. We then see the woman's two friends try to retaliate but he effortlessly pushes them to the ground. They could be heard in the footage yelling 'You're a f****** bully', as they fell to the ground. Onlookers try to pull the women away from the door as they repeatedly try to retaliate. The footage was taken by a horrified spectator who watched the scene unfold outside outside Kelly's Cellar bar in Belfast city centre. A video was posted online shortly after a shocked onlooker who filmed the vicious brawl. A police spokesman said officers were called shortly before 10pm on Saturday evening after reports of three women being involved in an row with bouncers outside the establishment. The three women were arrested on suspicion of assault and other public disorder offences. Police said the women were released on police bail pending further investigation. Kelly's Cellar bar is a busy nightspot in the heart of Belfast City Centre. It has been reported that the cast members of Game of Thrones, including Kit Harrington and Emelia Fox have visited after filming. Most bouncers are trained to resolve tense situations through verbal communication instead of physical force, according to Legal Match. They are not allowed to push or physically throw a person out of the establishment. Bouncer Throws 3 Women To The Ground Who Were Attacking Him
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Text Comments (1528)
Video Breach (10 months ago)
Blue Relotius (2 days ago)
Pretty darn hot not gonna lie.
Elder God (3 days ago)
Stannis Baratheon (7 days ago)
Doormans job is the safety of the patrons inside and himself in accordance with the venues policies these ladies violated both the venue and the doormans personal safety and were blocked accordingly and with proportionate force required. I am a licenced door supervisor myself and can tell you I have had to physically eject more women then men over the years we do not make exceptions if you are willing to throw punches or attempt to force entry you shall be met with consqequences.
Vladimir Olujic (9 days ago)
and prayers
Frankg Estrada (9 days ago)
Exactly. Just a. Tho!
oceans19711 (11 minutes ago)
Star (7 hours ago)
Honestly I think men in society are treaded just as bad as women
MrUnlimitedTorque (8 hours ago)
Gotta love the guy with the hat who just passes around with his glass.
Omar Christ (12 hours ago)
Defense!! Defense!!
Todd L (13 hours ago)
These drunk broads got exactly what they deserved. They could have walked away at any time but they continued to attack and finally the bouncer did what he had to do to stop them permanently. Kudos!!
biggunzcdb (19 hours ago)
He was holding back. I wouldnt have...
biggunzcdb (19 hours ago)
Stupid whores think their actions dont have consequences... Theyve been shielded from reality for too long.
szembekk (20 hours ago)
So many men proud of violence towards women here. Are you out of your minds? Real men DO NOT HIT WOMEN. Only men-children do and brag about it. Basics.
szembekk (20 hours ago)
Such clips make me think dark thoughts about controlling the right to procreation. Men who feel in the right to push women to the ground like rags and crippled by their high-heels drunken fish-wives are our future because life is only about fun these days.
Titu Miah (1 day ago)
They got what they deserved.
Dave Spears (1 day ago)
3 scrubbers that got what they deserved
BongToke419 (1 day ago)
Fucking gypsies!
Abrahan Ugarte (1 day ago)
Is funny to see how people help the women even if she’s acting like an animal but what about the bouncer? He’s being attack by those women 😅😅 that’s just bad. I don’t know why the bouncer didn’t punch them and knock them down 🙌🏻🚨
Flamezy (1 day ago)
I live near Belfast
Robert Gunn (1 day ago)
Those three idiots have a REAL flat learning curve. Too STUPID to recognize the fact the bouncer wasn't REALLY trying to hurt them. Anyone there that knew those three idiots should have worked harder to get them to leave. Idiots
Zofirael (1 day ago)
This is why men used to hard slap hysterical women to the face to bring them back on earth... before real harm is done by their own stupidity.
bsaez1962 (1 day ago)
Go home !!! Drunk bitches.
vwgames49 (1 day ago)
One would think they would know when to quit
tatü tata (1 day ago)
Western "Civilisation"
David Reviews (1 day ago)
Drunk Bitches don't win
sampath wathmina (1 day ago)
This is the unwanted power given by the modern day feminism to women( im nt refering to the meaning of the word feminism cuz modern feminism is nt what the word means ). If there are restriction for men to hit women there should be equal restrictions for women to hit men. For equality
Mathieu Dupont (1 day ago)
Yep fuck those women, they deserve it those bitches
Zane Richter (1 day ago)
“We’re too old and ugly to get in, so now we’re violently pissed!!”
LB Kiel (2 days ago)
I’m dying 😂😂😂
JubaSniper Tab. (2 days ago)
Fiaz Baksh (2 days ago)
They asked for it
kalle anka (2 days ago)
Equality is a bitch..I guess the kitchen seems like a pretty damn cozy and safe space right now, eh? Jokes aside. A DISCLAIMER, I do not hate women and I do not wish harm upon them. But for fuck sake, women with tendencies if you are reading this DO NOT try to run up on ANY man and engage him physically, you will get the ever living shit beaten out of you. If you are a sadomasochist, I get it, it is not right but I get it. In fact if that is the case, there are better ways to go about it. I know that the world tells you that you can do whatever it is that you want to do, that you are equal to men in every way and I know that you secretly desire to be men but your dicks are just imaginary or plastic at best, ours are real. So is bone density and muscle mass. So when you size us up for a dick-measuring contest, YOU WILL LOOSE. Just stay feminine and in your own lane, embrace it, enjoy it. Nobody is knocking you for it, except yourselves. You females have internal issues, within your circles and within yourselves. You get what you deserve, one way or another, it is a fact.
ONYX-WARRIOR16 (2 days ago)
Must've been mimosa monday
GeorgeLennon100 (2 days ago)
Jesus they REALLY want in that club...
artemis fowl (2 days ago)
this was beautiful to watch
Gf (2 days ago)
been a while since i had this much fun
Brendan Sousa (2 days ago)
I love how the man at 1:37 just calmly walks off with his drink.
Bathory JaneDoe (2 days ago)
They deserve it
Andy Allen (2 days ago)
I would rather break my ribs so I could give myself a blow job than be with a women
agwbcfjc2 (3 days ago)
@1:15, To the bouncer: well played, sir.
Tamu Malone (3 days ago)
Efficient bouncer them heffas bounced LITERALLY😂😂😂😂😂🍺🍻🍸yeah its on 📷 you having to be removed and attacking people
Tamu Malone (3 days ago)
And then fucking with other people you clearly need more alcohol🍺🍻🍸 dude was the biggest bouncer I ever seen they almost flew across the street😂😂😂😂😂
Antonio Alvarez (3 days ago)
Loud mouthed broads with no self respect. Bouncer did right.
Superdudellr (3 days ago)
sexist dislikes
Reibekah Welch (3 days ago)
That’s what they dumb asses get.
blake knight (3 days ago)
girls thinking they can act like men well fu*king take a pouch like one hoes
blake knight (3 days ago)
karma good on the man
2ndTim32 (3 days ago)
Drunken retards
Jennifer Dunne (3 days ago)
1:28 Damn, probs to the musician being able to chokehold not one, but two of those skanks.
Brian Leonard (3 days ago)
phoebe lol
Simon Phönix (3 days ago)
Besoffene Weiber zum Kotzen.
Nick New (3 days ago)
Should've punched instead of shoved.
Brandon Daniels (4 days ago)
It wasn't like the dude was hitting them with a one two combo or roundhousing their asses. Just shoved the bitches
Jeremy Pagan (4 days ago)
Stupid ass bitches, GO HOME!!!!!
William Quantrill (4 days ago)
1:50 dafuq is that fucking idiot with the hat even doing, he is holding the girl so awkwardly like wtf is he even trying to do, look at that shit, like atleast if you are trying to hold her than do it properly don't fucking attach yourself to her, it looks like he is hugging her while she is attacking the bouncer :D fucking confused desperate beta male hoping for some action
Abdusamad Faris (4 days ago)
Dont u love it when privileged woman learn there place
hanny panny (4 days ago)
Fucking maniacss
Derick Doodnauth (5 days ago)
Those 3 women needed to be punched multiple time to their faces... punch them and knock out their fucking teeth...
Jahn Kaplank (5 days ago)
this is not a man/woman thing: it's a bouncer doing his job.
Kevin Murphy (5 days ago)
1:12 this is my favorite part
Rhythm Pandey (5 days ago)
Akash Purkayastha (5 days ago)
If women want to act like men, then they should be treated my men. Drunk women are the worst. They think they can get away with anything they do
Jenne Dortmund (5 days ago)
Just by looking at them for a second you know this is the UK. My god, why do most younger women look like this over there? Is there any bloke from the UK who finds that sexy?? Wtf is wrong with their bronzer? The blonde one looks like a 45 year-old primary school teacher in her nightshirt and her husband's pants, the other two just like they are about to give you a blowjob for a tenner. Weird.
DDOTMORGAN (5 days ago)
One human (in this case three) is provoking, hitting, verbally abusing, assaulting another human... the other human defends them self, no more, no less. We should see no issue here.
Czaksoniusz (5 days ago)
And you Will tell me there is no reason to hit women.
Ariel Sagesse (5 days ago)
I watch it over and over again with the same degree of satisfaction while wishing I was in his position to carry out the execution!
Praveen Rajendran (5 days ago)
3:13 "ohhh these bitches might spill my beers, time to go..."
Michael Lucius (6 days ago)
All three of them need to be knocked out cold.
skittles mcfruity (6 days ago)
That O.G. walkin all calm with his beer is my hero. Equality at its finest.
Mr Zilla (6 days ago)
That lady with the instrument deserves some credit too. She just grabbed them and walked away like it was nothing.
Adrian Gill (6 days ago)
Women wanted equal rights they get equal rights, what’s good for men is good for women pmsl... Just don’t piss doormen off man or woman lol
Jesse Jorgensen (6 days ago)
It's so fucked up that it's even a big deal the bounser did that cuz he did the right thing
Barber of Seville (6 days ago)
Dumb bitches don't learn and keep coming back for more.
mArK Ad (6 days ago)
more females at their very best
Reefer Status (6 days ago)
About time someone does put a stop to this crazy bitches
Doc B (6 days ago)
Why tf did these thots not just leave damn... they did that shit to themselves.. smh
anuj joseph (6 days ago)
I dont see 3 women. I see 3 devils. This is what Gender equality is. No need to take shit from anyone. Women play their gender card a lot.
Männer wie uns (6 days ago)
Women of the 21st century.
Dugar (7 days ago)
old man @ 1:40 be like..fuck this joint i'm outta here
Rene Orozco (7 days ago)
In the report it states onlookers where stunned and shocked. I hope the news was referring to the unclassy woman and not the bouncers doing their jobs.
pacar hearne (7 days ago)
Goodman you women want equal rights this is what it looks like fuck around get slapped
Ash Bar Braders (7 days ago)
mouth like Chicken.
Rashid Mammadov (8 days ago)
I would piss in their mouth
JustChillAndPlay (8 days ago)
So who’s ready for the new Dragon Ball Z Series?
If anyone is wondering, this is basically what it's like to be a married man
Why weren't they shot
Brad Mcleod (8 days ago)
I'll never get tired of this
Wicky Papa (8 days ago)
I love this! Feminism gets owned! After that man put her where she should have known where her place is, he should have told her to go cook dinner!
TheGuy (8 days ago)
Why do they keep going back for more? :) The old with the hat at 1:38 makes laugh...he's like ok...I've seen enough of these crazy hens....exit stage right LOL
RosySpeaks (8 days ago)
They are so belligerent and crazy, I wouldn't have let them in either.
maria DVH (9 days ago)
Barry Metlow (9 days ago)
New Jersey?
Manish Nahal (9 days ago)
Nice they deserve
stackticz (9 days ago)
He should have punched not pushed
Domestic pigeon (9 days ago)
The woman are always like:"You fucking Scared Pussy Bitch!" But when you hit them:"AHHH THIS IS ASAULT CALL 911"
Nino (9 days ago)
◽️ Not rekt ☑️ Rekt
Alex Bordes (9 days ago)
No, the bouncer is not at fault. Trust me, if they were guys they’d get punched the f out. But women think they can hit and get away with it. Nug-uh.
The Supporter (9 days ago)
Pfff wish shee thats three bitches paraplegic after this
Lilac Milkshake (9 days ago)
Those chicks are feral. The moment the man dares defend himself against 3 attackers, the crowd "Ooooh"s like he shouldn't have. If women want to act like blokes, they should be ready for the consequences. This is what equality looks like.
mraaronhd (10 days ago)
All those guys who stood around watching the bouncer get hit, and then ran to those women’s defense when they rightfully got put into their places only helped the women because they wanted to get into their panties.
Son of Jacob (10 days ago)
Whores of babylon!
stebin babu (10 days ago)
Don't play with men's.... Stupid womens
Erik Markle (10 days ago)
They got more bruises on their knees than usual
aayush jha (10 days ago)
I feel very relaxed after watching this
Kevin Shumake (10 days ago)
Despicable behavior, those 3 crazy idiots deserve what they got!! Lmao

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