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Ram Ki Jung (Orange) 2018 NEW RELEASED Full Hindi Dubbed Movie | Ram Charan, Genelia D'Souza

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Movie :- Ram Ki Jung (Orange) Star Cast:- Ram Charan, Genelia Dsouza, Prakash Raj, Brahmanandam, Vennela Kishore Music By:- Harris Jayaraj Directed By:- Bhaskar ------------------------------------------------ Enjoy and stay connected with us!! ☛ Subscribe To Our YouTube Channel:- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjBwQ6M9QyCgO5Pp-TQRFUA?sub_confirmation=1 ☛ Like us on Facebook:- https://www.facebook.com/RKDStudios ☛ Follow us on Twitter:- https://twitter.com/RKDStudios ☛ Circle us on G+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/100969359610514370453 ☛ Visit Our Website: http://www.rkdstudios.com/ Synopsis: Set on the backdrop of Australia, the film is about an angry young guy named Ram (Ram Charan) who just broke up with his girlfriend (Genelia). Ram is a youngster who loves graffiti and doesn’t believe in everlasting love. He has gone through 9 breakups in his entire life, and thinks that love between two people eventually dies out. Jaanu (Genelia D'Souza) studies in the same college as Ram and he falls in love with her at first sight and goes onto wooing her. She eventually ends up falling for him, but wants him to promise a life-long relationship. Ram, of course, nonchalantly dismisses this and explains how he cannot love her forever. This leads to a clash of their ideologies. Will they finally end up together? ☛ Subscribe to YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=rkddigital ☛ Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RKDStudios ☛ Circle us on G+: https://plus.google.com/100969359610514370453/posts ☛ Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/rkdstudios ☛ Visit Our Website: www.rkdstudios.com ram charan movies in hindi dubbed full,ram ki jung hindi dubbed movie,orange Hindi Movie,2018 new hindi dubbed movies,2018 new hindi movies,south indian movies dubbed in hindi full movie 2018 new,ram charan new movie 2018,ram charan movies in hindi dubbed full 2018,orange movie in hindi dubbed full,genelia d'souza,prakash raj,shazahn padamsee,vennela kishore comedy scenes
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Text Comments (18564)
RK Duggal Studios (4 months ago)
Thank You for your love and support! 8 Million in just one day and counting! We love you all!
Neeraj yadav (1 month ago)
Mmm mmm yeah
Sk Mojarul (1 month ago)
RK Duggal Studios j
shahid music G music (1 month ago)
Nice to U
shahid music G music (1 month ago)
Sintu Mondal (1 month ago)
ABDUL SINGH (14 minutes ago)
चिरिन्जीवी सर आपने एक ultimate बन्दे को पैदा किया...... thanks sir 👌👌👌👌👌👌 very nice love story....... 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌 love you bro..... 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍💓💓💓💓💓💗💗💗💗💗
Vikas Yadav (20 minutes ago)
Ram Chandra is my Best Actor,,,,, From U.P
jahirul islam (43 minutes ago)
hi mega
jahirul islam (48 minutes ago)
Haren Parja (3 hours ago)
Nice love story
Dipu Singh (3 hours ago)
Nice pic
Umesh Kumar (5 hours ago)
Balchand Nagar (20 hours ago)
My best Hero
Vikash Kumar (21 hours ago)
nice movie
Imran Awan (21 hours ago)
OSM movie
RK Duggal Studios (5 hours ago)
Enjoy Watching Shatru Climax Action Scene - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OBIdod5-YEg
Ravi Raj (22 hours ago)
nice true love story
shashikala chandra (1 day ago)
Jai RC
Talha Waheed (1 day ago)
Yevadu very🤣😎🤣🦁🐶🐯🥔🍑🍊🏖️🏕️🗺️🎫🎏✨
Mriaz Mriaz (1 day ago)
Sk Sufiyan (1 day ago)
Attaullah Baloch (1 day ago)
RAM Charan my favorite hero
RK Duggal Studios (4 hours ago)
Enjoy Watching Ram Charan's Train Fight Scene From The Blockbuster Action Movie Ram Ki Jung - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bNkMY60keOU
Vikash Ahirwar (1 day ago)
Funny Videos (1 day ago)
Be kinky add delay Jan lamina
Sonu Kumar (1 day ago)
Kuldeep Kaiwartya (1 day ago)
Very nice
AMIT KUMAR (1 day ago)
I love you priti muskan.
Sayim Khan (1 day ago)
Sayim Khan (1 day ago)
I miss you كوثر (1 day ago)
Nice 👌
Abhishek Kumar (2 days ago)
Very nice
Sehar Komal (2 days ago)
great movie
shweta kumari (2 days ago)
Awesome movie 😘😘😘😘😘 4 out of 5 from my side
love movie.
love movie.
love movie.
Neraj Sah (2 days ago)
my harrt tuching love story
Bulbul Islam (2 days ago)
Monir Uzzaman (2 days ago)
any body here
Monir Uzzaman (2 days ago)
any body here
Monir Uzzaman (2 days ago)
any body here
Monir Uzzaman (2 days ago)
any body here
SHAI SHAI (2 days ago)
Ram charan is actor ram charan kis ko pasand hai wo like kare
lil fresh (2 days ago)
I m not understanding this movie. (:
gurunath jadhav (2 days ago)
Ram Charan ne Dil se acting ki hai..superb..👍👍
Pabitra Adhikari (2 days ago)
Aysha Siddiqui (2 days ago)
Nyc movie it's fact
Ragib Alvi (2 days ago)
SONU 9759621441
Ragib Alvi (2 days ago)
Shahzad Ahmad (2 days ago)
Shahzad Ahmad
AhmEd jAkAriA (2 days ago)
I'm from Bangladesh and ran Charan suppar hit 👍 👍👍
Farhan Qureshi (3 days ago)
NYC movie
Kuldeep Saroj (3 days ago)
Nice story
Roshan joshi (3 days ago)
#AlluArjun fan hit the like😍😍
Nilraj Pandey (3 days ago)
Super hai
Sambhu Yadav (3 days ago)
nice charan bhai
Saddam H7ssain (3 days ago)
Mast picture hain jo south ka number one film hain
golu chaudhary (3 days ago)
Nice movice
golu chaudhary (3 days ago)
Nice movice
Santan Paswan (3 days ago)
Nice movie
DRONE OWRAKZAI (3 days ago)
Ankit yadav Yadav (3 days ago)
I like movie
Nikita Jha (3 days ago)
Bakbass movie yrrr... Pyar ki maa behen kr diii
Sukhlal Marandi (3 days ago)
Rahulmehar Rahulmehar (3 days ago)
Supra muvis Rahul mehar
Alkaif Hakeem (3 days ago)
Nice muvie
Madhuri Singh (4 days ago)
I like this movi
Madhuri Singh (4 days ago)
I love movi
Madhuri Singh (4 days ago)
so nice looking
Neetu Verma (4 days ago)
Nice movie 😎😎😎😎
Ravi Kumar (4 days ago)
Viraj Parmar (4 days ago)
Ram is so good person that's way my fevret hiro
Partha biswas (4 days ago)
Not bad
Md nadim Shak (4 days ago)
pawan kumar (4 days ago)
Nice film
Moh Naeim (4 days ago)
ankit kumar chanwar
Mohan Kumar (4 days ago)
mohan kumar raj
Srinu Cherry (4 days ago)
Songs super 👌👌👌👌 *Songs fans like 👍 here*
Srinu Cherry (4 days ago)
*Super 👌👌👌👌 Jai Ramcharan* 💪💪
Azimuddin Razvi (4 days ago)
ek dam bakwas movie
Tohed Khan (5 days ago)
very good ram
Lalu Prasadpadhy (5 days ago)
U r the best... Good performance ramuuu
RK Duggal Studios (5 days ago)
Enjoy Watching Shatru Climax Action Scene - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OBIdod5-YEg
Khan Bhai (5 days ago)
Very nice
RK Duggal Studios (5 days ago)
Enjoy Watching Back To Back Bullet Prakash Comedy Scenes - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pVu2JNXeF-8
Samsu Den (5 days ago)
Monu King (5 days ago)
Ram Charan my best hero South Indian
Krishan pal Himanshu (5 days ago)
ramniwas malsar Bhadu (5 days ago)
Very Fantastic
Sohaib Chhipa (5 days ago)
Uma Shankr (5 days ago)
Nice movie
Ratan Singh (5 days ago)
Ajay Kumar nice film
Raj Kumar (5 days ago)
This film very good
Devesh Jeena (5 days ago)
U r the best plz bnate rahana movie
Mohd Faiz (5 days ago)
Narendra Nishad (5 days ago)
Shivam Kumar (6 days ago)
Osm movie
RK Duggal Studios (6 days ago)
Watch Best #ComedyScenes Picturised On #SadhuKokila - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jxgxa6ZbSkw
moin Uddin (6 days ago)
I love story
Md Sonu Bhatiya (6 days ago)
nice love story bro
Mk Seenu (6 days ago)
Nice movie
Shyam Kumar (6 days ago)
Hello everyone
Ajay Rana (6 days ago)
Nur Mohammad (6 days ago)
Nice to see you
my farvate south hero.ram charan nice movie

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