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Pastor Robert Morris - Bridling The Tongue

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Pastor Robert Morris - Words Life or Death - Bridling The Tongue Full sermon at: http://gatewaypeople.com/sermons/144238 or www.gatewaypeople.com/sermons Search for: Pastor Robert Morris - 5/05/12 Sermon Series: Words Life or Death Sermon Title: Bridling The Tongue If you would like to contact us for prayer. Please go to: http://freshstart.gatewaypeople.com
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Cynthia Lucas Moore (16 days ago)
I'm so happy that I have gotten to know you Pastor Robert, by all your Blessed Sermons. I thank God for you . God bless you always. AMEN 💗🀄 🙏🏼
C Garcia (1 month ago)
The root rejection part is clear in some of my relationships. Trauma can cause people to be ugly if they don't heal.
Beautiful_N Flawless (1 month ago)
Beautiful message
Ru Ba (1 month ago)
I am enjoying the way he preaches very much! Praise the Lord!!!
Diana Gentry (1 month ago)
I surrender myself a few days because I was still comfortable with sin but now I repent.
James Owens (5 months ago)
Very touching in places . The one thing I would suggest looking at and digging deeper is the word “us” in Isaiah does not refer to 3 divine co equal God beings I.e. the trinity
Jay&Jamie Kersey (5 months ago)
I didnt even click on this and as it started playing. Gods is speaking !
Leora Davenport (6 months ago)
Thank you for this teaching!
Kelly Modica (9 months ago)
I LOVE Pastor Robert!!!! He's SO anointed!!!!💗
Bobbie Jackson (9 months ago)
Thank u Lord
Bobbie Jackson (9 months ago)
I will just say Lord please help me with my tongue please Lord because i am not a corner cutter Amen thank u Loved
V Mel (9 months ago)
this is why i love this pastor so much i can relate to him. but i still have not been able to lay down all my insecurities and everything else on the cross. but the Lord will help me to complete do it one day
Mariana Whitaker (1 year ago)
I give you everything Lord. I need you. I give my life to God today. whatever causing me from receiving freedom from sin.please Jesus help me. I don't want to continue being a slave to sin. I need your help.
Mariana Whitaker (1 year ago)
Its like a curse to have the gift to gab. I literally hated myself for being talkative. Jesus please take this curse off of me. I fast pray fast pray and still struggle in this area alone with over eatting. So much want to be made whole completely free. This all became about as I struggle from my childhood abuse. no body listen back then and now its challenging breaking bad habits. one day at a time is what I can do. thank God the talking is not gossip or slander or cursing, yet it still a sin to talk to much. Repenting every day for lack of self control in this area. sin is sin.
Stacy Stalstone (1 year ago)
I gave everything to God today
Leora Davenport (6 months ago)
Stacy Stalstone welcome to the family ! Luke18:27
praisehauler (1 year ago)
I feel the desire to share that I have created a playlist called Robert Morris (and others) and play it (them) as I sleep or in the background while on the computer. I watch sermons like some watch tv. Over and over, over and over. For years and years, I have done this. At work, home, the car, or headphones while on the move, worship music in between. Not 'Christian music' because many of the lyrics are not in faith, but praise and worship music. This is the oil mentioned in the Parable of the Ten Virgins. It keeps my lamp full and when my mouth opens it comes out. I do not memorize chapter and verse. The Word wasn't written that way nor was it meant to be separated from itself in conversations. It should be such a part of you that it becomes much of your character and speech and thoughts.
praisehauler (1 year ago)
There's a fifth type. Someone who's heart is right and gives answers they need not regret. It flows up like a river having been properly trained and filled. 'Let this mind be in you' aren't just words on paper.
Chuck Dory (1 year ago)
Pastor Robert Morris is a great Bible teacher! l have learned so much listening to his sermons. His illustrations are simple and easy to understand and he has the gift of humor. l love that he is humble enough to be honest to share his faults and failures with us to help us better understand God's word. May God continue to bless him and his abilities...Amen!
nina flora (1 year ago)
my big problem==talk too much..help me God
Norman Andrews (1 year ago)
nina flora continue your 'too much talk' but let that be to our Heavenly Father. God bless you
Deb Hamerlinck (1 year ago)
Great, practical advice. Love to learn from his sermon.
capitalismforme (3 years ago)
Great Sermon.
Linda Gulley (3 years ago)
Pastor Morris is my lifeline to God the Father, and His Son, Jesus Christ. I have shared the Power of his Word to my family and praying that the Lord open their minds to get to know Him
moonlightontheriver (9 days ago)
lifeline to the Most High should be through His Son Immanuel !
nina flora (1 year ago)
me too
alittlestrength (3 years ago)
God help me to see You high and lifted up every day and to receive cleansing of my unclean lips, so that I can be Your faithful witness, speaking Your words to a people of unclean lips..
Rodrigo Martinez (4 years ago)
Robert Morris is one of the best pastors ever
nina flora (1 year ago)

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