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Official music video for “NO NAME” by NF. Get the song here: http://nfmusic.me/noname?IQid=vevo NF | Perception World Tour View tour dates and get tickets at http://nfmusic.me/worldtour Subscribe to NFVEVO: http://smarturl.it/NFVEVOSubscribe Stream ‘Perception’ Spotify: http://nfmusic.me/perception.sp?IQid=vevo Apple: http://nfmusic.me/perception.ap?IQid=vevo SoundCloud: http://nfmusic.me/perception.sc?IQid=vevo Download ‘Perception’ iTunes: http://nfmusic.me/perception.it?IQid=vevo Amazon: http://nfmusic.me/perception.az?IQid=vevo Get ‘Perception’ on CD Best Buy: http://nfmusic.me/perception.bb?IQid=vevo Amazon: http://nfmusic.me/perception.azp?IQid=vevo Follow NF Instagram: https://instagram.com/nfrealmusic/ Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/nfrealmusic Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/nfrealmusic Spotify: http://smarturl.it/NFSpotify Website: http://www.nfrealmusic.com/ Email: http://smarturl.it/nfemail Producer: Nathan Feuerstein & Patrick Tohill Director: Patrick Tohill & Nathan Feuerstein Music video by NF performing NO NAME. (C) 2018 NF Real Music, LLC http://vevo.ly/g5YXI2
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Text Comments (39316)
Mollie Hoover (2 hours ago)
Okay I cannot stress enough on how much I love your music it makes my days so much better
Anthony Zeebra (4 hours ago)
**32 million views**
jeyachristy selvam (5 hours ago)
the song which will change all the situations
Jdbdbdb Nxnxn (5 hours ago)
Noluthando Gqokoma (5 hours ago)
Best song ever !!
Sean Carter (5 hours ago)
2 enimem
Jmw312 (6 hours ago)
Hard flow 🔥🔥
Liam Green (7 hours ago)
I love NF hit like if you agree
BALU Nii (7 hours ago)
Loucad3refri (16 hours ago)
3:03 😑💔😢
Dean Taylor (18 hours ago)
Had to run it back to 1:40
Ashley Tolliver (19 hours ago)
i went to a NF concert the other day and he is even better in person. I love him so much ! like if you love NF
Smurfy Goodtimes (20 hours ago)
N. F. Nation
Stephie Yost (21 hours ago)
one of the greatest rapper!
LaffNow NvrCryLater (1 day ago)
Fame called
Jardiel Santos (1 day ago)
Today is my birthday :(
Logan Page (1 day ago)
I’m going to jail for raping the replay button
Juan Pablo Giraud (1 day ago)
sounds like eminem...nice, cool
Martin Flores (1 day ago)
I love you
Martin Flores (1 day ago)
Janeane Bleyl (1 day ago)
Better than Eminem post Malone lil Wayne his words just speak to u in a way
Antonio Haynes (1 day ago)
Screw every other rapper.. Straight up I'd rather be able to say I know and hangout with NF than any other rapper.. This man is reaching so many kids that do have shit lives and he's making an impact. His music is truly inspirational once again proving you can turn a terrible life into an amazing experience with hard work.. I do know he's kinda blowing up in Michigan quite a bit which is always good to have home turf on your side.. Keep it up man Absolute respect
Captain Levi (2 days ago)
You are amazing!
Drupad Das (2 days ago)
anyone waiting for album 4?
Eli Bliss (2 days ago)
He's the best cause every other rapper thinks they are good cuz of money,cars,hoes,and other stuff like that be he has a meaning he is in a sad depressing life.
Caesarizzle (2 days ago)
what shoes does he wear ????
Jasperleo (1 day ago)
Caesarizzle timberlands
OzonC (2 days ago)
Geilo Kiefer. :)
Owen Livengood (2 days ago)
It's like logic and Eminem had a baby
Raiden YT (2 days ago)
We are not alike us
Nick Kuz (2 days ago)
Been listening to nf when he went just by his name... 4 albums b4 he was nf.. some solid stuff real early, impressive
Richard Carcamo (2 days ago)
1:58 i love that part
Himanshu Raj (2 days ago)
Great one.
NaTsu Anime (2 days ago)
what is my purpose? ooooooh
Alasa Stoinich (2 days ago)
I love him
blue fire wolf (2 days ago)
I love u i lo v e u i love u i love ur music i have a NF cd in my dads car my dad also loves u and u music YOU ARE JUST THE BEST
fischer971 (2 days ago)
Such a good rapper
Sarah Crane (2 days ago)
Nf is the first Nf He ain't never gonna be a copycat to anyone
Quadzilla (2 days ago)
I mean Eminem literally said I need to speak cuss words for people to listen to my songs in one of the songs
Quadzilla (2 days ago)
He doesn't have to spit cuss words to make people listen to his music Eminem does
Suck my nick (3 days ago)
Finally some fine shit in my recommended section
İbrahim Kavak (3 days ago)
Cameron Nokes (3 days ago)
This is my FAVORITE NF song!
imagergen (3 days ago)
Little Eminem
PranavHD (3 days ago)
Get This To A Billion..GOD!! This Is PURE TALENT
Osvaldo Sanchez (3 days ago)
Gibby Gaming (3 days ago)
nf no name no game hopefully no fame he is at bottom the game he his super lame I just riming lol
XCORVUS ASSAULT (3 days ago)
You gave me my name because at the beginning kinda sounds like Excorvus if you know what I mean
xyZee03 XD (3 days ago)
I love NF but he straight up look like a toddler with that hat 0:05
YaBoiWaffles (3 days ago)
You are the new rap god Eminem can't compete
Francisco Patino (3 days ago)
Can't stop listening to this song, anyone here at October 18th 2018?!!!
shik (3 days ago)
I thought in Eminem for a moment
Aydin Prindle (4 days ago)
i wish a could afford a ticket 😢👌
Hunter Glenn (4 days ago)
this is the best song, let's try to get him 500,000 likes
Ariel Arevalo (4 days ago)
I have four words for all NF music..... *This Is Real Music*
Kyle Hale (4 days ago)
That is some impressive green screen work.
Kristen Smith (4 days ago)
Will the real slim shady please stand up?!
Jessica Houser (4 days ago)
I love NF song because mean no one is different if you have hard time in your life! Because I can feel his song I had hard time in my life! I don't have friends am lot different! Have anger and more self to me! I wish I can meet in person! To tell me about my self!
Amanda Underwood (4 days ago)
shameer cheema (4 days ago)
what a legend
Adinda Utamie (4 days ago)
I love this guy
Natalia Cervantes (4 days ago)
I'm still trying to find someone like you
ғaғa тe qυιere (4 days ago)
Holly Medlin (4 days ago)
no name = NF and Jake Webber
Enimem dissed NF!!! NF you need to get him back
Amy Sowers (4 days ago)
Powerful song
JMG VLOGS (4 days ago)
BTW Eminem dissed u and said that u r just like everyone else in the industry. But don't listen than crazy talk..... right.
Robert Harwood (5 days ago)
Watch all the ads, support the artist.
April G (5 days ago)
Sick lyrics 😩🙌🏾🔥
PlanIt ReSet (5 days ago)
Great Lyrics - Poof No Name ✔
NF Is NOT the NEXT EMINEM!! NF is NF people when will you all realize that?? I like NF the way he is!!
lady jayjay (5 days ago)
And this is what talent is
Xavier Merchant (5 days ago)
love this song
r.i.p X (5 days ago)
Player Gamer (5 days ago)
eminen as nothing on nf.
Benton Ivey (5 days ago)
Why do you have to disrespect God?
Harley Quinn (4 days ago)
he doesn't disrespect god. He is a Christian
Joshua Gordon (5 days ago)
I love “you don’t compare to my level of thinking so why do you think you compare to my level of energy!?!?
tatianna mason (5 days ago)
Look, people ask me what the future is All I know is I'll be doin' this All I know is things are moving quick That's convenient for me 'cause that’s how I live Now they see me out here movin' up You don't like me, that makes two of us Time change, yeah, I can't adjust Yo, it’s who you are not who you was, oh my Yeah, just went to Europe, they said the single is working I think I'm learning, I am way more than people might think when they look on the surface What is my purpose? Yeah That is a question that I have been asking myself and it hurts 'Cause it's prolly something I should already know but I don’t know it yet I'm tryna grow as a person, woo! I'm sick of people tellin' people I'm here 'cause of marketing dollars, oh You think that everything is gonna blow just 'cause you market it harder? No I got my hands in everything, now they out here tryna get to me Stop tryna lecture me You don't compare to my level of thinking, so why do you think you compare to my energy, huh? Small circle, but the number's growin' Fame called me, I'm like, "How you doin'?" Hung up on him, I ain't ready for it I'll get back to that when I make album four Less talking, I've been workin' more Better me is what I'm workin' towards Y'all judgin', but we not in court, no, we not in court, oh Lord! Last couple years, let's recap I make a livin' off of writin' out my regrets I'm doin' me, I don't care where the scene's at Try to give me feedback, I don't really need that I used to walk on stage in a V-neck I used to wear a lil' tie with a black vest I came a long way, why you lookin' upset? I'm tryna paint a picture, get the vision, you ain't hear it yet, woo! Look, hold up, hold up, wait a minute, please Flow's switchin', I got ADD Brain scatters when you play the beat It don't matter what you say to me I'll be doin' this at 83 I've been doin' this since ABC's In the major leagues doin' major things, don't play with me, woo! I'm livin' life in the fast lane Wake up every morning thinkin' I'ma have a bad day Drive my own car, I don't like the valet Parked, then I go into my mind with an AK Shoot every thought in my head then it rotates Losin' it all, but I think that I'm okay Who is involved? I don't know, but I'm insane Poof! And I'm gone, wanna call me a no name, what!? I'm prolly not what you thought I'm prolly not what you thought I used to judge everybody that wasn't like me 'til I learned it was wrong Girl told me I should get it together and get out the dark I'm tryna give her my heart That's when I sit in my car, writin' for hours until I can barely talk I mean, where do I start? Feels like I'm fallin' apart Act like my image is hard I always put up my guard Even when talkin' to God Sit in my room and I plot Everything that I'm not Comes out in the music I jot I give it all that I got I give it all that I got! I'm tryna think out the box, no! Yeah, I got people standing outside a bus screaming my name I don't come out and take pictures, they tell me I changed I don’t smile in VIPs, you get mad like, "You know what I paid?" Guess I don't know what to say Guess I don't know what to say I leave it all on the stage I leave it all on the stage
Floris Beirke (6 days ago)
Y'all have a good taste of music
Honey Bunny (6 days ago)
Is it jusT me who feels like *RAP DEVIL* was inspired by this song😂😂
İbrahim Kavak (6 days ago)
Zye Young (6 days ago)
Real Music. Real Video. https://youtu.be/2ZAvee8Yx_Y
ItsMudi _ (6 days ago)
"Im living life in the fast lane woo wake up every mornin thinking im bout to have a bad day drive my own car i dont like the valet parked then going to mind with an AK shoot every thought in my head then it rotates losing it all but i think that im okay who was involved i dont know but im insane poof when they call me a no name WHAT! pls like (:
Joseph H (6 days ago)
Fuuck I love this shit bro relate to almost all ur songs sheeeit this dude is fire!!💯💯💯
Pellegrino Aqua (6 days ago)
I'm not even a fan of rap and I like this
Just Chill (6 days ago)
Collab with Capital Kings
Urbvn Cloud Music (6 days ago)
if the rest of the next album sound like this, imma die
Knust Lokao (6 days ago)
Novo Eminen
idonteven18 (6 days ago)
Been listening to NF for over a year and only just subed, SMH wtf
amber occhinero (6 days ago)
I want to see NF rap battle against Eminem. NEXT now that would be something
Aelyne Chevez (6 days ago)
I hate when people say nf is eminems son
CreeperKid 237 (6 days ago)
Teachers be like... 1:08
CreeperKid 237 (6 days ago)
0:45 0:45 0:45 0:45 0:45 0:45 0:45 0:45 0:45 0:45 0:45 There you go! 🤣
Donovan Brown (6 days ago)
the best song ever
Drew Walthers (6 days ago)
10k dislikes?
Senia T (7 days ago)
NF, congratulations about your wedding! Also I love your music and I know so may people who do too. I was introduced t you about 2 years ago and the first song I ever head you in was how could you leave us. (other than till the day I die with tobymac) your music is awesome and I have 3 of your albums on my ipod and can't wait to get more. keep grindin!
Tony Watts (7 days ago)
fame called I hung up on em.
Alexander pentz (7 days ago)
Ya boy

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