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WEBINAR: Building A Service Portal Widget from Scratch

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Presentation Slides: http://www.cernasolutions.com/images/webinar/Building_a_Service_Portal_Widget_from_Scratch.pdf ServiceNow's Service Portal is changing the way organizations interact with both employees and customers, making service management automation easier and more accessible. However, in order to customize Service Portal to fit the needs of your unique organization, there are a few things you will need to know first. Watch our webinar, presented by the Portal Guru himself, Jeff Pierce (portalguru.cernasolutions.com), as we take a highly technical look at building a basic widget from scratch, and how to get started on creating a custom experience for your users and your organization. This is a crash course in basic widget development, therefore a basic understanding of HTML, JavaScript, and the ServiceNow platform is recommended. Company Website: www.cernasolutions.com Phone: 844-804-6111 email: [email protected] Services and Product Info: Service Portal Consulting - www.cernasolutions.com/service-portal/ Service Portal Blog - portalguru.cernasolutions.com
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Text Comments (19)
Naresh Kumar (4 months ago)
I am unabbke to hide the Adop Button ....
Meryem Kaibous (8 months ago)
Thank you
Mohan Rengaiyan (10 months ago)
hey there Delilah xD awesome tutorial man
Mundere Léandre (11 months ago)
A very nice tutorial
abakas sahoo (1 year ago)
Thanks a lot for the wonderful webinar !! It indeed helped me to start scratching Service Portal
Johnathan Smock (1 year ago)
ng just stands for angular. You can use other names for custom directives if you want
Dave Jookhuu (1 year ago)
Very nice tutorial. Looking forward to the next one.. Thanks guys!
Surendra Raika (1 year ago)
Best SP tutorial till date.
Jeff Pierce (1 year ago)
Thanks Surendra!
Fujtajblus (1 year ago)
Hello, Jeff. I wanted to ask about the pet-house.pngx, where in ServiceNow is that stored? You only referenced it in the <img> tag but I have no idea where to put images that I would like to use in widgets. I only assume it has something to do with the "class=pet-house"
Fujtajblus (1 year ago)
Thank you very much, that is what I was looking for!
Sandeep Bharate (1 year ago)
Images are saved in the Images [db_image] table under System UI app.
Wabi-Sabi Ukulele (1 year ago)
The scripts are located in this blog post. https://www.cernasolutions.com/portal-pet-adoption-thoughts-modals/
Nandini saroha (1 year ago)
the link in the description redirects to slides but they do not contain the scripts for this webinar
apoorva upadhyay (4 months ago)
+Wabi-Sabi Ukulele Even this also does'nt contains all the codes which you are using in this tutorial,Can you please share the updated codes,that will me really helpful.
Wabi-Sabi Ukulele (1 year ago)
Here are the scripts. https://www.cernasolutions.com/portal-pet-adoption-thoughts-modals/
Tim Molloy (1 year ago)
Thanks for this. Can you please post a link to the PDF and/or Git repo which contains the scripts for this webinar?
Jeff Pierce (1 year ago)
you can find all the scripts/images here: https://www.cernasolutions.com/portal-pet-adoption-thoughts-modals/
Cerna Solutions (1 year ago)
Thanks for the feedback. The presentation slides are available in the description of the video. Thanks!

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