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KETER Rockwood Deck Box - Holds 150 Gallons

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We take a look at the KETER Deck Box. This is a good solution for all your outdoor equipment - Read more about this box at http://www.keter.com/products/rockwood -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Watch our latest video: "Ridgid 18V LED Light Cannon, Panel Light, Flood Light and Tripod" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VmsbiliGKXw -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Text Comments (52)
jose juarez (5 days ago)
I saw these at sams club I kinda want to buy one to put my clothes shoes and other stuff that I share a closet with
WWEE Network-Wellness (11 months ago)
QUESTIO...HOW MUCH WEIGHT CAN IT HANDLE? I need to ship this to my beach house in Jamaica. can it hold 2 tools demo jack hammers that weighs 50 lbs each? Shipper plan to wrap it in shipping cardboard and shrink wrap. i have shipped in rubbermaid 50 gallon containers often but never deck box.
Kat's Adventures (1 year ago)
I think I would put a tarp over it for extra protection
Kat's Adventures (1 year ago)
I am planning on picking one of these up today. $199. bucks here in Canada
Tommy Law (1 year ago)
Thanks for doing a short vid about this. Im in the market for a good deck box, I was going to get the Rubbermaid one, but shoot for the same price, this box looks way more worth it and looks sturdier. those pistons... icing on the cake.
Jody (2 years ago)
I've had one of these for the last six years. No water has ever got into it. It is now time to replace it however because the piston hinges have come out of the lid and box with the plastic breaking...no way to fix it. It is well worth the price. It will hold about 8 5-gallon gas cans, which is what we use it for.
labrat7357 (3 years ago)
I've just taken delivery of this box and will try assembling it with a silicon caulking on the joints and I have some 1/16" x 1/2" adhesive backed seal for the lid. We get lots of driving rain in this area.
RicWorks247 (4 years ago)
I have the next size down that doesnt have the hinges and its alot more flimsy then this box. fyi
Alejandro Torres (4 years ago)
Review craftsman mach series t handle
kattach0 (4 years ago)
the brand's name is keter with the E making an eh sound not eee sound keter in hebrew means crown and it's an israeli company
tluigs (4 years ago)
I like that you guys review just about everything you get your hands on. Keep it up.
Tools In Action (4 years ago)
+tluigs Thanks
alexaescht (4 years ago)
I only just realised your spanner logo has a screw driver in the middle of it.
Tools In Action (4 years ago)
+alexaescht lol
ThacMan (4 years ago)
Use your Sawzall and it would easily hold 4 bodies.
B [email protected] (4 years ago)
I could use one of those. Very nice.
Jordan Booth (4 years ago)
Looks very sturdy. Good review TIA!
NeoMindfreak007 (4 years ago)
That's a nice box, keter products are actually pretty good
Brien (4 years ago)
I like the eyelets to lock it up too. Keeps those prying eyes out. 
awesome box I could use one of those TIA
Mike L. (4 years ago)
Nice storage box.  Curious to see how well it holds up after a couple of years of use and sitting out in the Midwest weather.  Can never have enough storage boxes on my deck.  Great review guys.
coon88 (4 years ago)
Very nice box for outdoor items, wonder if the sun will dye the plastic in a few years or not... I like the bigger ones for trash cans and they also have a plastic shed at Costco not sure of the brands.
regopit44 (4 years ago)
Great review. I have had a Keter box on my pool deck now for 3 summers and going into my 3rd winter, The box has held up great.
county582 (4 years ago)
It'd be handy for turf & coal outside the back door
Justin Prewitt (4 years ago)
I bet you can do 3 if you work at it.
Brother Tech (4 years ago)
look if there something a like a lot is tool boxes and patio furniture and this one looks pretty steady and the aspect of the plastic wood style is really close to real wood! nice one guys and ViVa Tools in Action! TIA TOOL BAG GIVEAWAY 5! 
RC Ward (4 years ago)
I've seen this box at Costco. Would be good for putting patio furniture cushions in during the winter, such as it is here in Northern California. Wind always blows them off. Anyway, it is a nice box. 
Craig H (4 years ago)
Eric's favourite word is exactly !!
Scooter 35 (4 years ago)
Nice deck box. I have a cheaper one and the front bulges out so the lid doesn't close right all the time. I'll have to put a brace across the front.
Russell Gary (4 years ago)
Like Russ Webster said; It would be great for cushions and other patio stuff. Later
Czr S (4 years ago)
My birthday is coming.
duck etto (4 years ago)
Haha fits two bodies!! And stores them well. 150 gallons no liquid haha lol
Russ Webster (4 years ago)
This would work great for my deck to keep the outdoor furniture cushions in.  Sam's had the work table last year and when I decided to buy it and went back to the store they were sold out.  Just my luck.
Love2boat92 (4 years ago)
I like the thumbnail for this video. Hahaha.
Mike Z (4 years ago)
Nice deck box guys let's see how it holds up during the next few months what's the price look like? Thanks Dan and Eric!! T.I.A!!!
Ricky Mcgrath (4 years ago)
Not much ice/snow. This video must have been lost in the archives. Lol.
Randy Slodysko (4 years ago)
Why didn't Dan try to stand on it?
Alex Egerton (4 years ago)
Great video guys
Emin HVAC (4 years ago)
You can definitely fit 2 bodies in there lol
Chris K (4 years ago)
There's a skeeter on my keter whack it off....theses a skeeter on my.... ;)
Matthew Fant (4 years ago)
Not a bad box. I'll be interested in seeing how it holds up over the long haul. Sometimes they last, sometimes they give up after one crazy winter, lol.
Matthew Wiswell (4 years ago)
Nice box! Great hinges. Looks very sturdy. I'd be really curious to see how it holds up to the UV.
Jody (2 years ago)
I've had mine for six years outside in the sun and it has not changed colors at all.
RC Ward (4 years ago)
Yeah it's the sun that kills plastic
Djthunder PSN (4 years ago)
I have a box like this and all that snow we had destroyed that sucker gonna have to get that if it holds up
Eric DuPlantier (4 years ago)
The in laws have a Similar box that used for a hose and pool Equipment and had it for years And the work great and hold up over time.
frain20 (4 years ago)
Pretty sure I've seen these in Costco a good few month back..They look ideal for gardening tools or maybe the cushions off the deckchairs..But one needs to purchase a house first haha
Matthew Fant (4 years ago)
That always helps yes, lol.
Cody Robertson (4 years ago)
That deck box looks really nice! I need to get me one.
CHAD LANTHIER (4 years ago)
I thought of buying one of these wondered how they would hold up outside. Will have to wait till u guys revisist.
DarkRaptor99 (4 years ago)
A deck box is always nice to have around, and IT looks like the KETER can take some abuse. I personally would be more interested in the Keter's compost boxes. I like to have my own vegetable gardens, but I don't really make my own compost I end up buying it from the big box stores and you have no idea what is in that compost.
TheBearuk1 (4 years ago)
cool...been looking for something like this to keep the grandsons garden toys and stuff in

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