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New 2017 David Attenborough Documentary - Deep In The Sea Part 2of2 - HD.

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David Attenborough Documentary Deep Ocean Series 2of2 Lights In The Abyss HD
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Text Comments (68)
Peter Motta (5 days ago)
Wowza absolutely amazing video! Thanks for sharing 😀 👍
JustMoveAlongGuy 11 (11 days ago)
They ever thought about night vision goggles?
Charmaine Lugay (13 days ago)
How interesting... Really want to be there but cant...
drewdoogdrew (15 days ago)
Tyler Fulk (17 days ago)
When I see the shit at the bottom of the ocean, it makes me believe in aliens....
hyperionjupiter (21 days ago)
when the western powers force the world to uphold their dear animals protection, but for science they can allow exceptions ... how sarcastic ... double standards ...
Gameless Player (24 days ago)
This does help me with biology
bookworm07031 (27 days ago)
Barrel eye low key most terrifying thing ever
royism (1 month ago)
great music
Alaskan Dude (1 month ago)
Nice....Im not the only one baked watching this xD
Lori Liang (1 month ago)
Amazing! Thanks for uploading it. Just one question though: if the lighting substance is passed on by the food chain, which means it is a byproduct of their food, then how come the animals “know” about it and know how to utilise this for different purposes, to frighten or to attract?
A C (29 days ago)
Instincts...if you believe in evolution you'll notice that organisms tend to adapt from generation to generation. The organisms base their body plan for the most effective and advantageous means. The use of the "light juice" is probably just a genetic trait passed on. Instincts determine when and how it's used.
AJANTA CLASH (1 month ago)
Now this show, is what I call entertaining.
netweed09 (1 month ago)
this part plays out like a russain war movie for a short while
karolina andreasova (1 month ago)
I'm 8 years old but I love this more than ever
sahrajevo (3 days ago)
+karolina andreasova wtf = world this future
First Last (6 days ago)
by saying wtf i simply meant why an 8 year old would be able to go on the internet and comment on youtube lol scary place filled with creepy fucked up old men, but surely you know this checkout vsauce they got some great videos on there also im namibian and my native language is afrikaans in my language wtf means wat te flip not what the fuck teach him that wtf means what the flip! approved by my local african priest too!
Riderbuttmunch (9 days ago)
karolina andreasova that's good. Tell him to keep it up. Documentaries are honestly better than cartoons. I'm 20 in college and biology has always been easy for me. I always watched big cat diary and meerkat manner when I was 8. Been watching documentaries ever since
karolina andreasova (16 days ago)
+julz smith thank you I shall forward your lovely message onto my son. He'd be happy. Cheers, blessings going your way too.
julz smith (16 days ago)
xox Kia Ora 2that from Aotearoa/New Zealand!!! Way awesome bub.Im 30+ &still luv&enjoy watching stuff like this.Thumbs up 2u buddy,our future leaders of 2moro.God is great Bless ya
nelson 100 (1 month ago)
The yacht they used is called the 'Alucia' and it is currently on the market for sale at the bargin price of $19,750,000
ghali sooki (2 months ago)
Background music bit high volume. There was no need for the back ground music at all. There should never ever be any kind of background music films and video documentaries.
dave slawinski (2 months ago)
Did anyone notice the window frame leaking on the submersible at 46 03.
Bea The Cat (2 months ago)
Wow, I'm gonna cry. What a beautiful collection of footage! I watched the deep sea episode of Blue Planet I when I was a kid, and this is just so amazing to see how far we've come in only 13 years.
Bea The Cat (1 month ago)
LongTall Texan (2 months ago)
otters have special rocks on their stomachs that they pick out...
LongTall Texan (2 months ago)
AND they carry the rocks with them EVERYWHERE...
SkepticalAtheist (2 months ago)
Where's Part 1???????????
Azartt (1 month ago)
dollezwaan nuts (2 months ago)
15.02 Dying fish in distress.
ex0duzz (2 months ago)
Love how half the comments are about weed haha. Blaze on ma homies!
First Last (20 days ago)
if you listen to david youre either a phd or a stoner xD
Mohit Kalotia (2 months ago)
Snoop Sea Lion
Melanie P. (2 months ago)
ex0duzz right lol they blaze but they're some smart ass people have an amazing day!
Kevin Hoogenboom (2 months ago)
David + weed + food = happiness.
tom cheekscracajack (2 months ago)
6.55... Sea salp? Never heard of it before but it is a dam weird looking creature well should I say creature's...😁... 9.15 Barrel eye head fish lol my lord what weird looking fish they are with their see through head,😂😂
tom cheekscracajack (2 months ago)
I'm bemused by this after having a blast... Anyone got a light I can't sea"! LoL,🐙
cardinia1 (2 months ago)
i watch after eating cake and it still looked a good movie
CapnPicard (2 months ago)
I wish I could smoke weed with David Attenborough.
Vincent Gamilla (3 months ago)
Where toothless's new power came from😂
ResidentEvil302 rican215 (3 months ago)
I love all animals and learning bout Earth and space
lucau fer (3 months ago)
anyone know the music at the beginning?
Jeri Atrix (22 days ago)
Sounds like Steve Reich but if so, one I've never heard before.
Janela Lorenzo (3 months ago)
I watched this after smoking weed and I legit thought that it’s animated 😂
Prashant Sabale (15 days ago)
Weed 😄
sibsbubbles (29 days ago)
I too was hitting the hashpipe and became convinced that James Coburn had somehow come back from the dead to become an oceanographer lol
Janek j (1 month ago)
heh, same here, looked into the comments to find out whether it was, or it wasn't :)
markers in a container (3 months ago)
Maria Vouros (4 months ago)
Wow, learning new things evey day ( from documentarys )
A C (29 days ago)
+Maria Vouros you spelt documentaries wrong
Maria Vouros (3 months ago)
YeetMeister 13 (3 months ago)
Maia Nelson this is a trap fool
RORO THE ROHAMBURGER ! (4 months ago)
TheGrunty43 (4 months ago)
Very noice
alex harvey (4 months ago)
8:09 8:15 23:27 38:05
A C (29 days ago)
Doing God's work
turtle lover 2000 (3 months ago)
alex harvey lol
Maria Vouros (4 months ago)
sabrina felber (4 months ago)
Underwater fireworks! Even make scientists ohh and awww! Thanks for all you do!
Oliver S (4 months ago)
Wow! Thank you
Moe Gormley (4 months ago)
assume guys cheers
Mohit Kalotia (2 months ago)
Tradcon Cutie (4 months ago)
Moe Gormley assume what
anil kumar (4 months ago)
@33.14 , the jelly fish is communicating through the modes of light, which occur on circular symmetrical structure like a circular antenna array. Very interesting the way sea creatures communicate. True beauty.
PROTTUSH PURNO (4 months ago)
anil kumar indeed This is the first time I am seeing all this

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