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Cadbury's Brand Story

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You remember the gorilla impersonating Phil Collins and playing drums? Well, one Cadbury characteristic is that when it sinks its teeth into a good advertising concept, it will milk it dry. That's always been the case. Not so much in the nineteenth century, when the brand was founded at Bourneville in England by a Quaker. But since the 1930s, when it found its chocolate-and-milk-based slogan, and especially from the 1950s, when the brand really began advertising. Here is the Cadbury saga. WeWantAds shows you the most funny, creative and sexy ads all around the world, subscribe to get the best of it : http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=wewantads
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5:19 wtf
1:58 WTF i just watched!?
jaec45 (6 years ago)
Blimey, English chocolates!

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