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Dragon nest M : Sea Dragon stage6 NO TANK! NO DEAD!

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Text Comments (35)
C YS (1 month ago)
gila healnya deres juga
Do mo (8 months ago)
fc เลยพาลงหน่อยสิครับ5555
FallenlOne (9 months ago)
เลือดลด เร็วมากกกกก
GriF Fon (9 months ago)
Thinky Tech (9 months ago)
Mt Valk 😣 Can U carry me I saw your name in Lobby but it has a password pls reply huhu 510k BP From S2 :(
kevin limbaring (9 months ago)
what skill/fairy that gives 11260 heal?
Phil Parki Grey Quinto (9 months ago)
song title please
God Valk (9 months ago)
Phil Parki Grey Quinto https://youtu.be/diVNp83vhbo
JC Garcia (9 months ago)
Just want to ask, is swordmaster/moonlord magic attk?
Budi Khang (9 months ago)
nope, still phy atk'
Rizki Torik (9 months ago)
Sultan noob ,no top up no clear
Rizki Torik (9 months ago)
Kunweera Sawajankhajorn kaga ngerti gua bahasa lu
iMMaii iMMaii (9 months ago)
Sorry for the huge amont of money we spent to the developper for you to play the better version of this game every week ~~ oops!
Ron Abarintos (9 months ago)
Can u carry me Bro? I subscribe and like. I know ur from s3 pls just venom hell only
BOJONG GAMING (9 months ago)
server 1-5sea? The boss soul decreased ,every team clear this in your server. its possible now hahaha even it 4man
BOJONG GAMING (9 months ago)
Mr.FuuTv yeah i know ,but the stage been cleared many times. so, power of the dragon has reduced. u cant clear this without tank at new server even ur BP 600K+ cause HP&ATK boss still 100% (not possible, but Hard)
Mr.FuuTv (9 months ago)
They are top guild server 3 have bp 650-770k
Udomlertvanasin Chailert (9 months ago)
Sorry but the dragon is still 100% - -
BOJONG GAMING (9 months ago)
Ptolomaea Sy yeaahh thats why the dragon has weak.
Ptolomaea Sy (9 months ago)
We are Server 3, btw.
Kenneth Italio (9 months ago)
Whats ur bp?
dOGRED .45 (9 months ago)
Kenneth Italio bp550,000-750,000
Ghostring panzer (9 months ago)
Carry me pls, have a event
meeko elijah ramos (9 months ago)
Average bp pls?
Bo Young Young (9 months ago)
meeko elijah ramos they r 600 to 700k plus bp
Nutty Nursezing (9 months ago)
อยากผ่านบ้างจังเลยคะ แต่ BP ไม่พอ รับแบกมั้ยคะ
Spri Splamz (9 months ago)
BP เยอะไม่พอ ต่อสกิล ลดเกราะ บูสดาเมจกันเยอะมากๆ กระจก บอลพิษ ฟินิกเพลิง เอเลสแช่ ถ้ามี Soul Eater เพิ่มอีกนี่ จะบูสดาเมจได้เยอะขนาดไหน ไม่อยากจะคิด 555
Ptolomaea Sy (9 months ago)
So pro!
Lore (9 months ago)
nice gameplay
Kiki Lie (9 months ago)
Anthony Stephen 😏😏😏😏
Mint Nnp (9 months ago)
Mint Nnp (9 months ago)
yes Mint s 11
Naim Luvers (9 months ago)
Are u mint from s11? O. O

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