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Can A Cheap Mic Sound Good? - Fifine usb microphone 669b Product Review

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Fifine usb microphone 669b - https://amzn.to/2I0BHwe On Mic Pop Filter - https://amzn.to/2Ga5D8N In this video we will take a look at a pretty cheap usb mic and see if we can get a great sound from it with a little work. 💰 Purchase Beats - http://bit.ly/2r5sYA4 📧 Email: [email protected] Business Only! ➕ Subscribe: http://bit.ly/2eATbQV Website: MrDifferenttv.com Donate to my channel - http://bit.ly/2mw0PSE Join This Discord Community - https://discord.gg/BcMA9Ah ___ Social Media: Twitch: http://bit.ly/2s5l1zF Twitter : http://bit.ly/2eJhZcD Instagram : http://bit.ly/2fAg49B SoundClould : http://bit.ly/2fdlkl4 Facebook : http://bit.ly/2eJfcQS Gmail - [email protected] Beat Review - [email protected] Check below for my Gaming Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8VSG8l_OOY6q_aoM-V2Tnw ______________ My Music Studio Equipment AKG p220 Microphone - https://amzn.to/2pBNR7U Saffire Pro 24 DSP interface - https://amzn.to/2DRedHD Sennheiser HD 280 Pro - https://amzn.to/2I25MM9 Presonus Eris E8 Studio Monitors - https://amzn.to/2IR6n4o Joemeek ThreeQ Mic Pre - https://amzn.to/2INHgQ5 Arturia Keylab 49 Essential Midi Keyboard - https://amzn.to/2DQpyaT Furman M-8Dx - https://amzn.to/2HXTzrF Arturia MiniBrute 2s - https://amzn.to/2IQgjv8 _______________ PC Setup Cooler Master - MasterCase Pro 5 - https://amzn.to/2IRvvrw Intel - Core i5-6600K - https://amzn.to/2INbXVm Asus - Z170-A ATX LGA1151 Motherboard - https://amzn.to/2IQQs60 Cooler Master - MasterAir Maker 8 - https://amzn.to/2ILl2Op Corsair - Vengeance LPX 16GB - https://amzn.to/2I26uch EVGA - SuperNOVA G2 750W - https://amzn.to/2IMTqIG GeForce GTX 970 4GB - https://amzn.to/2I1Vhbq 2x Samsung - 850 EVO-Series 250GB - https://amzn.to/2G8NY10 4x Seagate - 1TB -https://amzn.to/2G2bTDl Logitech G903 - https://amzn.to/2I2Ddyb G810 Orion Spectrum RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - https://amzn.to/2DSGYn0 MrDifferentTV,Mr Different,microphone,review,audio,sound,test,demo,FiFine,K669,USB Podcast Microphone,Budget,$25,Cheap,Low Cost,microphone,best mic for youtube,cheap mic,best microphone for vocals,best microphone for youtube,best budget mic,improve,cheap,mic,budget microphone,best mic,best microphone,best recording mic
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SayeduX (4 months ago)
I have this mic, those who are saying it’s better are bugging, the mic gets very distorted if you get a little loud and it picks up an intense amount of background noise however it is very good for the price I’d say
Total_War_LEGENDARY (12 days ago)
you have been unbelievably helpful. thank you
Great review, really useful! I just got a Fifine mic myself!
Chris Ernst (1 month ago)
What do I need to to in order to process the eq, compression and gate? I.e software?
I'm getting this one it sounds good
Donte Dupree (1 month ago)
The fifine actually sounds better than the mic you were using first.
Dekkarius (1 month ago)
This review has been super helpful, thanks! I was trying to figure out what I really need to get started, and I learned about what kinds of things I can get away with from step one and still get a good sound.
Christopher Anderson (1 month ago)
"Maybe if my mom was buying my equipment..." -Me, sitting here as a grown ass man waiting for this to arrive wishing my mom bought my stuff..
camelCased (1 month ago)
That soft thingie that usually goes on mics would get rid of lots of harsh highs and this mic would sound better. But anyway, it sounds even better than Blue Snowball. Other 30$ mics are not that good, so don't go buying any for this price. For example, BM800 and BM900 cost the same but their sensitivity is much lower and so you have to amplify sound which adds lots of noise, but after you clean it, you start getting echoes or compressed sound. FiFine is one of the best for this price.
NorrdenHyper (2 months ago)
There's almost no noise in the background. Mic sounds very reasonably, but would still consider buying the snowball.
Ryusei Tateishi (2 months ago)
How do u mute the mic?
FIFINE MICROPHONE (2 months ago)
I'm afraid that you can only turn down volume dial or unplug the mic to mute it.
ICE_HecTiC (2 months ago)
Dude! You're cool! Subscribed and clicked the notification bell lmao. I am thinking of switching out my neewer nw 700 for this mic tbh... What do you guys think? Should I switch? Btw I make gaming videos and livestream on youtube, so I would use this mic for gaming commentary purposes.
FIFINE MICROPHONE (2 months ago)
The K670 could be a better option, which has lower noise level.
Mikey (2 months ago)
This is probably a great mic for gaming
Br1aNn88 YT (2 months ago)
Meelkin (2 months ago)
Sounds better unprocessed
ProficientWarrior (2 months ago)
do you have a tutorial on how to properly add an eq and a gate? i can eliminate noise when im not talking into it but once it picks up my voice the sound returns
FIFINE MICROPHONE (2 months ago)
The noise is in the same frequency range of human vocal, when you speak, software is hard to tell which frequency is noise which is not. If the noise gate setting doesn't help much, you can turn back to basic method to reduce volume level and do post-production to eliminate noise.
prodbyvxid (2 months ago)
what i did is turn it down a ton and sit right up to it
Scott Fletcha (2 months ago)
Bro if I was you I'd keep using the cheaper mic it sounds better than the first one! Wow that's crazy..
Vali (2 months ago)
I just want a pretty cheap one for gaming because I hate wearing big ass headphones so I can wear phone ones, this is not bad at all I actually really like it and the fact that it comes with a stand that's a big W for Fifine
“Feelfi mic”
TheIanTube (2 months ago)
Getting this for Christmas
Fastg (2 months ago)
Baobai Lee (2 months ago)
For that mic can u use an iPhone 7 to record and if u need an adapter do u know where I could buy one
FIFINE MICROPHONE (2 months ago)
Yes, by using a USB to lightening adapter, the mic will work with iPhone 7. You can get such adapter on App Store. But the price is almost as the same as the mic itself. Perhaps you can get such adapter on Amazon, but we can't be sure of its compatibility.
GaZe AbstraKt (2 months ago)
I use this mic for streaming come check me out to see
Shadow (2 months ago)
Chronic AbstraKt k
What is treatment called around the mic 🎙 I wanted know I record myself so that be good to know but way to stop that Noise in the back
MrDifferentTV thanks is that ball or the flat one
MrDifferentTV (3 months ago)
Its a eyeball
Muhammad Hafiz (3 months ago)
Thank you for the review. Will definitely get this. It sounded really good for an affordable mic and I will only be using it for gaming so it should be great.
Rigboi (3 months ago)
it might pick up keyboard and mouse clicks
Vaxtin (3 months ago)
Ha.. looks like you're just talking at a Sockem' Bopper glove.
ThatOneMarauder (4 months ago)
thats actually 2000 bucks here where i live but imma ask for it on christmas my voice is usually low in my videos, but this could help thanks
ROTW (4 months ago)
2:43 mic test
ROTW (2 months ago)
+אלוהים אדיר np
אלוהים אדיר (2 months ago)
ROTW (2 months ago)
+Gaming,skateboarding ,and more np
Thx bro
sham man (4 months ago)
Where are you from? I hear an accent!
miniMason (4 months ago)
YOU FLIX (4 months ago)
Your better change your microphone with the cheap one
FIFINE MICROPHONE (4 months ago)
+MrDifferentTV Sorry about that. It could be our quality control fault. We can fix it. And perhaps you can also check out the improved model http://bit.ly/fifinemicrophone-k670
MrDifferentTV (4 months ago)
I would but it broke and the drivers messed up as well oh well tho lol
Tomadias (4 months ago)
Philfine, bruh...
MrDifferentTV (4 months ago)
Yea like the doctor duh bro
Crazy prayingmantis (4 months ago)
Cheap one sounded better and sounded better unprocessed than processed.
Angelo Cruz (5 months ago)
U can hear the baby anddddddd there is a slight buzz in the backround but...BUT its still a good mic edit: i bought the mic and i frickin love it
Mr. Malach (7 days ago)
Angelo Cruz nice, do you think I should get it for my stream?
I bought one, it’s great for the price but you can’t speak super loud into it or the audio gets wonky.
the FrenchShay (5 months ago)
I can hear the noise though for streaming it shouldn't be a problem !
BoBdaBuilder Bob (5 months ago)
the cheap one sounds better LOL
Natália Tobias (6 months ago)
Can I configurate thoses things (Eq, gate, etc) on OBS for streaming? Nice video.
T D (2 months ago)
+Salomonkeys with stream labs, can the changes be used just for general use? e.g. just discord and in game mic?
Salomonkeys (2 months ago)
Natália Tobias yes on stream labs OBS u can add those effects
McFlave (6 months ago)
I'm listening to this video at high volume with headphones (ATH-M50's) - there is next to no hissing or noise on the unmodified FiFine microphone.. you might want to check your monitoring setup if you're hearing a hissing noise. That said, I DO hear it, but I have to really pay attention to pick it up - not something I would notice if someone used this microphone for youtube audio.
The Painted Fool (18 days ago)
How did you get rid of your background noise hiss?+Tomas Keech
Tomas Keech (2 months ago)
+McFlave i actually have this mic and can confirm that there is background noise hiss when using. It is easy to get rid of but its deffo there. I use mine for discord and gaming only so not too noticeable.
McFlave (6 months ago)
+MrDifferentTV hey, thanks for the quick response. That's a good point, the encoding is likely high-pass filtering the junk out to the point where you can barely hear it. Do you personally hear the difference between the YouTube video and what you hear on your computer?
MrDifferentTV (6 months ago)
Thing about YouTube is that they compress the audio and video plus it's being double rander so you might not hear it over YouTube. But I can clearly hear. It's not my monitoring setup it's YouTube and all mic like this at this price point have hiss and noise in them
xZOMBIExx (6 months ago)
what app did u use to add the effects and stuff? and can u do that live or just on recordings?
joseph li (6 months ago)
Better than the Blue Snowball?
FIFINE MICROPHONE (5 months ago)
Haha, instead of asking opinion from the us - the seller itself (cos we will definitely say it's good for the price), I think it's better for you to check out more video to hear the sound by yourself.
joseph li (6 months ago)
+FIFINE MICROPHONE I'm planning on doing voice over work is the k669 good?
FIFINE MICROPHONE (6 months ago)
The main difference is capsule. K670 is bigger so the sound source appears more engaged. A little more bass is added with less background sound picked up. And the integrated circuit is better improved, so the self noise is a bit lower. Plus the minor difference of extra headphone jack and distinctive mic stand.
joseph li (6 months ago)
+FIFINE MICROPHONE what's the difference between the k669 and k670
FIFINE MICROPHONE (6 months ago)
If I'm honest, the Snowball sould sound a bit more detailed and warmer. And K669B does a better job for louder and clearer sound, but also becuase of the sensitivity, which may absorb more background sound. But when it comes to the price, you can buy almost two K669B with the budget for a Snowball. Perhaps you can use the extra money on a boom arm and a U shape pop filter, which will remarkably help the noise reduction and makes your studio looks better. Or you can use the same amount money for our desk mic K670 (http://bit.ly/fifinemicrophone-k670). We can be sure this one will outstripe Snowball and reach the level of Yeti (when it's at cardioid mode).
YrN Jmoney (6 months ago)
Drop a link for the stand please
Straight Rambo (6 months ago)
how can i remove background noise, or the static to sound like yours i have the same one
FIFINE MICROPHONE (6 months ago)
He use with a professional DAW. But if you want to remove noise, the principle is the same in every software. You get the piece of recording where there's only noise. Let the software extact the noise frequency, like getting the noise sample, then it knows what kind of sound frequency is regarded as noise. You apply the noise reduction feature of software to the whole recording track. The noise will be eliminated.
Beeflavrdchikn (7 months ago)
Do you have to get real close to the mic?
FIFINE MICROPHONE (6 months ago)
Around 3-5 inches. Though according to some buyers' response, 1-2 feet is fine for them as well. You can turn up volume a bit to get clear sound when you're further away from mic. But still it's better to use it within the best pickup distance.
Dread Meek (7 months ago)
MrDifferentTV - it is very noisy Me - *I dont hear a damn thing*
IITHUNDERII (9 days ago)
Why are you being so negative to him hes just saying that we can't hear anything but you can.
ripples L (2 months ago)
theres like kids in the background or something thats all I hear
Mikey (2 months ago)
I hear a cat meowing
prodbyvxid (2 months ago)
it is
Tyler Vaugh (3 months ago)
MrDifferentTV I don’t think he was trying to insult you
Tsumiツ (7 months ago)
I'm getting this one, buckos.
Muse (2 months ago)
Do you like it?
AkioXO Yes bucko!
FalseInfo (7 months ago)
Im new to this but may you explain how to add the gate to remove the background? Ordered this aswell , just wondering so i could have the atleast best setup.
FIFINE MICROPHONE (7 months ago)
You are most welcome! Hope the mic will do a good job for you.
FalseInfo (7 months ago)
Fifine Microphone Thanks so much.
FIFINE MICROPHONE (7 months ago)
Thanks for the purchase. And you can test the mic first to see if you can live with that noise floor. Cos that level should be fine for daily audio use. But if you think there's really a need for adding noise gate, or for better sound qualty, you can do just do so. The methods varies according to different software you use. There're tutorial videos out there on YouTube for your reference. And you can also go with the noise gateor app to see if that works.
Honorably (7 months ago)
Honorably (5 months ago)
Syundown (5 months ago)
Reminded me of "Feel Good Inc." by Gorillaz lmao.
Guactane (8 months ago)
... is it just me or does the fifine mic sound better than his 100 dollar one?
Isaac Frank (1 month ago)
Yeah I agree it sounds wayy better
Fifine Microphone 🎤 I
I agree sound nice 👍 I definitely will buy it and try see it
Antoni Gates (6 months ago)
Yep, thought so too. I’m only on iPhone but it sounded great.
MonEcctro (7 months ago)
OMG I’m with u on this
Franky Rodriguez (8 months ago)
very helpful thank you!
thatoneguy (8 months ago)
That is better than the one you were using at first in my opinion
YUNG GOOK (8 months ago)
Do i need a soundcard
FIFINE MICROPHONE (7 months ago)
It's really depend on your need. But the thread of the microphone mount is standard, you can install it on a boom arm with the 3/8" to 5/8" adapter (included in the boom arm).
Tripzy TV (7 months ago)
Fifine Microphone Can I use this microphone on a arm or do I have to use the tripod it comes with
FIFINE MICROPHONE (8 months ago)
No, it uses USB connector so just plug and play on Windows and Mac.
MrDifferentTV (8 months ago)
not with this mic its usb
Max Vacha (8 months ago)
Do you think this mic is good for gaming like CS:GO and rainbow
FIFINE MICROPHONE (8 months ago)
Yes, it's good choice for starter on gaming as well. You can also search some gaming video about this mic to see how it works out actually and then make the decision. Though two thing you may want to know, one is that you will not get rid of the keyboard striking sound and you may need to put it closer to your mouth around 5 inches to get the best result.
MrDifferentTV (8 months ago)
Yes it prefect for that.
Based DropTopBop (8 months ago)
do you use fl wv 9 bro? plz reply
Taco Sniper Z (8 months ago)
Tbh the mic actually sounds better than the one you where originally using. Mabey you should switch?
Vito (9 months ago)
This mic, or should I put in some extra cash and get a Snowball?
FIFINE MICROPHONE (8 months ago)
Never mind, it's alright. I just don't want to boast our own product while defaming others. They are really the good choices, though you just cannot call them well worth the price. And that why our budget USB mics come into the market. Anyway, we hope the K669 will not let you down if you decide to buy one.
Vito (8 months ago)
Oh $**t, I've mistaken you for the Youtuber who uploaded the video somehow. I was tired and it was late, my bad. Of course it's unreasonable to ask you such questions haha. I really like the Fifine mics line, and would definitely buy the K670 if I was able to for a reasonable price. I'd buy the K669 if I was more experienced with mics and knew how to lower noise myself, so I'd rather pay some extra for a higher tier mic. Thank you anyways for answering, you guys are doing a great job with your products. Although I mentioned the Yeti and NT, I doubt I'll shell out so much money for either of them, as they are both 110-120€ mics.
FIFINE MICROPHONE (8 months ago)
Haha, it seems not quite suitable for me to recommend any one of our competitors' products. But if I am honest, and in this moment when you need to pay more to get our K670, then both Yeti and NT are good items (though both charge a bit more for the price). I think the Rode NT is a better choice. The cost of Yeti is so high partly because of the three capsules, but in actual use and in your case, one mode have already done the job fine. So I don't think you need to spend money on the function you don't need.
Vito (8 months ago)
Thank you for answering and your suggestion. Sadly I can't find Fifine K670 available in Europe. It is possible to buy it on US Amazon, but then I'd pay like 80-90€ for it, which is too much, at that point I'd rather buy a Yeti or Rode NT. Of those two which would you recommend more? Though I don't think I should invest so much in a mic, since I don't have plans to use it for anything too professional. But I do want to record some acoustic guitar and maybe sounds for game effect sounds or something. Also, great video man, keep up the good work.
FIFINE MICROPHONE (8 months ago)
If we are honest, we would say this K669 may have slight more noise. To get rid of such little bit noise, I think there is no need to spend 20 bucks more. And if your budget is around 50 dollars, Fifine K670 will be a better choice than a 50-buck Snowball. For sure, the conclusion above is just based on our test, you can check out more videos to find your own conclusion to make the decision.
Charsept (9 months ago)
2:45 what is that tack-on pop filter thingy? looks useful.
Charsept (9 months ago)
8:00 oh, thanks.
eeeFloww (9 months ago)
why does mine have so much echo?
TooGoldGamer (8 months ago)
eeeFloww ye I’ll probably do the same but I’m gonna add a noise gate so when I’m not talking it should be loud. And I’ll add the other thing that reduces the background noide
eeeFloww (8 months ago)
TooGoldGamer it picks up background noise easily so you’re going to need to turn down the volume and either speak loudly so you don’t sound quiet or put the mic really close to your mouth. i bought a mic arm and pop filter to reduce background noise while also not sounding too quiet.
TooGoldGamer (8 months ago)
eeeFloww ohhh right ok thanks
eeeFloww (8 months ago)
TooGoldGamer theres a volume knob on thé mic and if u turn it all the way to the left, it mutes the mic
TooGoldGamer (8 months ago)
Fifine Microphone thankyou it probably will but I’ll try and see if I can ind something to mute it
Platwater (9 months ago)
Can u plug a headset in?
SquidNigz (8 months ago)
Platwater yeah just unplug or disable the microphone on the headset. Then it should use the microphone as the microphone and the headset as a audio receiver
Fue Moua (9 months ago)
what is the other mic filter you have?
Fue Moua (9 months ago)
thanks Mr. Different.
Yap Flip (10 months ago)
Bro is there any cheap mic for singing especially for someone who uses autotune btw nice video 👍
Taylor Brown (10 months ago)
The mic doesn’t sound bad tho
Somyibae (2 months ago)
+FIFINE MICROPHONE woahhhh ahahahahahaha
Goku KN (6 months ago)
+FIFINE MICROPHONE வாழ்த்துக்கள்..😊👍
FIFINE MICROPHONE (9 months ago)
Thank you.
☆$ADISFICTION☆ (10 months ago)
Xlr >
fanagor (11 months ago)
благодарю за обозрение
fanagor (11 months ago)
Для игровой связи пойдет?
Roman Semyonov (7 months ago)
лол, это английский канал. лучший микро, лучше чем бм 800 с фантомным питанием и норм звуковухой.
Nuk(Nzk the producer ) (11 months ago)
Budget USB microphone or budget condenser microphone with XLR out ? ($45)
☆$ADISFICTION☆ (10 months ago)
Nukswager1 xlr
FutureOfTheRetro (11 months ago)
Show how to do the settings you did on the mic visually. Like how do I add a gate correctly so i can cancel out all sounds when I’m not speaking
MikyleMakeMusic (11 months ago)
yo fam im recording with a samson g track, you think i should invest into something better when i get the chance or can i get some good quality audio with this in your opinion?
King Kazii (11 months ago)
i use a rode nt usb check out my freestyle you tell me if the quality is nice https://soundcloud.com/kingkazii/kazii-retro-freestyle
Jullian D Wimbush (10 months ago)
King Kazii yessir my dude smooth love beat
itsLean ★ (11 months ago)
better than blue yeti?
Cvidz (3 months ago)
+MrDifferentTV what about a snowball?
That K Dude (3 months ago)
Definitely not better mic quality. There is a small quality difference between two, but a huge price difference
MrDifferentTV (11 months ago)
Oh no lol
Trendy Reviewer (11 months ago)
It's hard to find many cheaper mics to have the quality I want. Good review.
Tierre Hammond (11 months ago)
Imagine my surprise getting back into making music, going through a ton of BusyWorksBeats tutorials and finding my cousin! Thanks for the information, bruh. Subscribed.
MrDifferentTV (11 months ago)
Oh snap you getting back into it you better let me know when you do so we can link up and work always here to help the fam.
Joe Joe (11 months ago)
Do you have bass traps( RW Or OC703) in your studio? If so how many do you have ?
MrDifferentTV (11 months ago)
Yes I have four at the moment i'm getting some more for my celling
Luke Kage (11 months ago)
I'm using a Sontronics STC-2. Quality wise it's a step up from the Rode NT1A in my opinion. As a portable USB mic that I take when I am traveling I use a Samson G Track. I have used it to voice artists abroad as well as other artists on location and it's got a very good sound. I would love to have a good tube mic so the SE Electronics Gemini 2 or the Sontronics Mercury are the ones I would love to have. Other than that the AKG C414XLS would be my other choice due to using older version from AKG a couple of decades ago and it had a great sound that I like.
Manuel Siks (11 months ago)
Uncle Dro (11 months ago)
Yo Mr different, which microphone is better, the one you are using or the Rode NT1A?
MrDifferentTV (11 months ago)
a ton There is no perfect mic everyone sounds different on a different person you have to just listen to sound test and look at want you can buy and go with that.
CJAllah7 (11 months ago)
Hey MrDifferentTV What is that around the mic you are using ?
MrDifferentTV (11 months ago)
CJAllah7 if you check my last video I did a full review it's the alctron pf8

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