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1 hour video of big ocean waves crashing into sea cliffs - HD 1080P

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Big ocean waves - some 20 to 30 feet (6 - 9 meters) high breaking and crashing into cliffs along South Africa's Western Cape coast (often referred to in history and on old seafarers charts as the Cape of Storms). The power of a rough and stormy sea is incredible to watch and listen to as massive waves crack like thunder, collapse and crash into the side of the mountains sending spray high above the cliff ridges. Further down the coast as well as behind where I was positioned, the mountainside was hammered as far as the eye could see, with white water exploding skywards and raining down over the vegetation. I had a bit of fun with the title in the video "Africa Under Siege" because at times it really seems like the sea is preparing to launch an invasion as it scales the fortress-like cliffs. :) Just a quick note on the color of the foam for those who are not familiar with different types of sea foam. This video was shot in a pristine marine nature reserve with excellent water quality. The type of foam produced by diatoms is usually cream to caramel in color and in this area is due to the up-welling of nutrients after prolonged windy conditions when their populations thrive. It's because of the up-welling of nutrients and resulting phytoplankton blooms that the sea is able to support so much life and is therefore a sign of a healthy and productive ocean. Foam is produced when the phytoplankton are torn apart by the crashing waves and their spilled cell contents acts like soap, trapping air as it's churned up in the surf. Hope you enjoy the video as much as I did filming it. Consider subscribing if you want to be notified when I upload new nature scenes. I also welcome comments and please do recommend my videos to your friends and family if you think they might like them too! :) Thanks so much for your support if you have already! If you would like to contribute financially to my project, you can do so by visiting Peaceful Scenes' Patreon page: http://patreon.com/peacefulscenes Alternatively, there is a Paypal donate button on my channel banner and about page. All contributions will be used for equipment upgrades and travel/filming expenses. Thanks for your support, in whatever form it may be. Jonathan :) © Copyright - All rights reserved.
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Text Comments (44)
Just saying (3 months ago)
sudsy - love it
SALTAS (6 months ago)
Nice wonder Nice danks gods creasin beauté 🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷❣️
little miss monkey life (6 months ago)
Did you film this yourself
little miss monkey life (6 months ago)
Peaceful Scenes wow cool
Peaceful Scenes (6 months ago)
Hi. Yes. :)
Teme Uzumaki XD sasunaru (11 months ago)
It's so nice to brood to this
sfbluestar (1 year ago)
Uh... This is not peaceful scene. This is pretty scary ocean condition.
Jenna L. (1 year ago)
I use sound methods to fall asleep and I love the ocean and the sound of waves crashing it's really nice. I use meditation music as well but rn I've been really interested in the sea and haven't felt the ocean since 2015 sadly
Emma Bidwell (1 year ago)
Big bouncy waves, I feel the waves energy within me, thank you for inner peace
Casey Tyson (2 years ago)
Where exactly was this filmed?? Great video!!
Peaceful Scenes (2 years ago)
Hi Casey. Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve, South Africa. Thanks so much, glad you like it. :)
HearThis (2 years ago)
love it
Green (2 years ago)
Am i the only one who watches it not for the sound, because i just love the ocean.
Jenna L. (1 year ago)
LieutenantJohn I do it because they calm me down because while I'm sleeping and and help me sleep sounder but I love the ocean
코크성덕김태태 (2 years ago)
Wow so awesome!!!!! thank you(^o^)b
Peaceful Scenes (2 years ago)
Thanks so much! So glad you enjoyed it.
anne hampton (2 years ago)
Beautiful, awesome, love this so much, Thank you x
Peaceful Scenes (2 years ago)
Thanks Anne. I'm so glad you enjoyed my video and thanks for letting me know. I really appreciate it! :)
airsoftgamer12 (2 years ago)
I Really needed this
Peaceful Scenes (2 years ago)
+airsoftgamer12 I'm so glad you enjoyed my video! Thanks for letting me know. :)
Abdulaziz Alqulaysh (2 years ago)
Really nice
Peaceful Scenes (2 years ago)
+Abdulaziz Alqulaysh Thanks! :)
Abdulaziz Alqulaysh (2 years ago)
Thank you
Peaceful Scenes (2 years ago)
+Abdulaziz Alqulaysh glad you enjoyed it! :)
Rebecca Chinnis (3 years ago)
this is so beautiful and relaxing,. thank you for providing this, love,love,love it
Peaceful Scenes (3 years ago)
+Rebecca Chinnis thanks so much for your kind comment. It is a lovely place with the mountains dropping so steeply down to the sea... very dramatic landscape. Bit of a struggle getting down to this spot but well worth it on a day like that. Jon
Caitlin Johnson (3 years ago)
This one is awesome!
Peaceful Scenes (3 years ago)
Thanks Caitlin! It was a very special experience for me the day I filmed this... I will definitely be filming again in the area again when swell is looking good.
Brandon Lum (3 years ago)
Would you be open to me using the video in a music video of sorts? Will credit!
Misty DeLaine (3 years ago)
Thank you so much for sharing these videos which express the majesty and beauty of God, and that bring relaxation to the spirit, mind, and body!
Peaceful Scenes (3 years ago)
+Misty DeLaine Its an absolute pleasure to share my passion with like minded people! So glad you're enjoying my videos. :)
Book Of Nature (3 years ago)
Samadhijunkie (3 years ago)
Please keep schooting and i'll keep watching!!!
Peaceful Scenes (3 years ago)
+Samadhijunkie :) Will do. I'm really enjoying this project. Thanks for your support.
Samadhijunkie (3 years ago)
Still cannot get it how so much water came on this globe...massive!
Peaceful Scenes (3 years ago)
+Samadhijunkie It's incredible I agree!  It's a mystery as water seems to be so scarce in our solar system. We are so blessed. This world has so much beauty and diversity. Just hope we find a way to conserve what we still have.
Pipstar (3 years ago)
You deserve more subscribers. These sounds of nature are just beautiful
Peaceful Scenes (3 years ago)
+Pipstar Thanks so much for your kind compliments on this and the other video you commented on! :) Comments like yours make it an absolute pleasure to share my videos. As for the subscribers... the tally is climbing slowly but steadily I'm thrilled to say. Jon
8 Hours of (3 years ago)
This is awesome! good job, subscribed.
Peaceful Scenes (3 years ago)
+8 Hours of Yes, I think I would enjoy the snow/wind storm sounds as well.  Cheers for now.
8 Hours of (3 years ago)
Thanks for the kind words! Yeah, unusual sounds can be soothing, it's quite interesting. My personal favorites are different fans, machines and snow/wind storms. Thanks for the sub! :)
Peaceful Scenes (3 years ago)
+8 Hours of Thanks!   You have some nice sound tracks on your channel.  It's really interesting to see what sounds some people find relaxing... I never thought about it before but something like the sound of a washing machine is actually quite soothing.  Maybe it takes people back to those lazy Saturday mornings from childhood perhaps with Mom going about her chores while they sleep late.  :)  Will look through your sound vids a bit more.  I personally like the rain and ocean sounds the most.   Thanks for subscribing.  Will do the same.
Antoinette Lake (3 years ago)
Thanks so much for sharing!  This is awesome!!!  Such drama, and so much going on.
Peaceful Scenes (3 years ago)
+Antoinette Lake Thanks, glad you like it!   Yes, there really is a lot to watch in this one.  One of the things that fascinates me is how the energy of some of the bigger waves return back out to see after crashing into the cliffs and forms a swell that ramps over the next incoming wave.  Some even cause huge plumes of spray to shoot up as the outgoing wave flips over.

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