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The Pogues - Down In The Ground Where The De

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Hello boys I've been away On a bit of a holiday To the land where the rivers freely flow And the cattle roam on the wild callagh Walking home three parts pissed I stumbled and fell in the morning mist I fell and rolled in the hungry grass That tells the tale of a terrible past I screamed and rolled and dreamt I fell Down in the depths of a freezing hell With a man coming up with the bugs inside Bouncing tooth in a skull that died We laughed to old times and the bad old days Gonna wrap me up and takin' me away Four million people starved to death Could smell the curse on their dying breath Where no one ever wants to go Down in the ground where the dead men go... To hell which is circular all around Down in the belly of the big cold ground The moving shadows were everywhere The very trees seemed to bend and stare I remembered the dunes on a Sligo shore Screamed and ran till I could run no more Over the fields and across the moor I ran in the house and slammed the door What the hell's that over there A putrefying corpse sitting in that chair Where no one ever wants to go Down in the ground where the dead men go... Been drunk as a skunk since I've been home From bar to bar like a ghost I roamed I can't forget those things I saw Been down with the devil in the Dalling Road One place I don't want to go Down in the ground where the dead men go.
Tim Maloney (6 years ago)
The only way Joe!!! Screaming...swearing..drinking and breaking shit!!!
porroh man (6 years ago)
down in the depths of a freezing hell
Joseph Foley (6 years ago)
My neighbors love this at full volume at around 3am! Bottles breaking, swearing and stamping included.
MasterMarf (7 years ago)
ad man go :)

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