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[Eng Sub] BL Movie - A Round Trip To Love - Part 1

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Text Comments (1324)
nct for life (19 hours ago)
Wait......someone said that oh wow what a coincidence both of *HER SONS ARE GAY* ............are they brothers in LOVE DO THEY HAVE THE SAME D.N.A?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?? PLEASEEEEE SOMEONE TELL ME PLEASE I'M GETTING WORRIED.......please?
Akash Singha (1 day ago)
Is this the Actor Frm “YanDeixeije No.10” ..I’m Eager to know....
changuwu stan 1team (2 days ago)
the song is called degenerate. its so good
Wendy Tinaytinay (2 days ago)
So depressing😭😭😭😭
젊은희 (2 days ago)
Natasha Windmills (1 day ago)
Valerie Salmeron (4 days ago)
I’m confused. Are the events not in order or am I just stupid?
13din (4 days ago)
That subtitle linkin Park Lol 😂😂
Abantika Chakraborty (4 days ago)
Does this have a part 3?
ruby mae (6 days ago)
30 seconds in and I see someone shot. ok
Dennise Soriano (7 days ago)
Where is part 2
KpopTrash Queen (9 days ago)
Does anyone else notice “in the night garden” on the billboard at 14:40
Sweet Like Suga (9 days ago)
Why are all tops in BLs kind of assholes?
on A KPOP DiEt (5 days ago)
Ae is not. (in love by chance)
Viktoria V (9 days ago)
Can we all agree that 42:05 is the face of that ‘oh shit’ moment
chun_li fury (9 days ago)
Actors are beautiful
Carmen Usurelu (9 days ago)
56:10 can't we just appreciate that guy crying over there? xD
nash loci (10 days ago)
I died at the can ring part 😂
Jyoti Pandey (8 days ago)
And sign of pure love
Jyoti Pandey (8 days ago)
It seemed so innocent to me
Krown (10 days ago)
2 minutes in and he's talking to the nurse in chinese while she answers in korean, i am: *confused*
Maribel Sabuquel (10 days ago)
Ready 4 part 2..😂😂
Dockie8ph (10 days ago)
Lu Feng looks like Bae yong-joon!
Dockie8ph (10 days ago)
Hey people, he's gay, he's not someone who's sick & contagious!
HyunjinsLaugh_mp3 (11 days ago)
How. Did. I. Not. See. This. Before?
Gusikin x (11 days ago)
99% of ARMYS saw u bitches 💞❤💞
Littleida _ (12 days ago)
Im screaming again and again
Burnice Davies (12 days ago)
I feel bad for the other guy 😣😣😣
Bear Pop (12 days ago)
its been 2 years, wheres part 2 at
Azrielle Silvederio (14 days ago)
So the punishment part is at part 2?
ArmyxMonbebexBabyz (16 days ago)
I skip all the scenes with the parents 😂 Don't need to see anti homo people ... I am the only one? 🤭🤭🤭
Miss independent (16 days ago)
Watch this twice on 1st April Yeah just me
Moch Arifin (17 days ago)
it end up like that only??? ... ehmmm .... like something not right when just end like that
melikesltn ysl (18 days ago)
Very romantic
Unnatural Bts_fangirl (18 days ago)
What’s song in the end called cause I like it too not just the characters🤣😅❤️
Atsu Lims (20 days ago)
I really loved this Series,,😘😘😘
La .Raposa ᝰ (21 days ago)
Pq eles respiram tanto KKKKKKKKK agonia
Jervy Asuncion (23 days ago)
Damn!! This is so good! 😊
anime deaf music (24 days ago)
I'm sorry mmmm but all I've been focusing on is kissing someone with yogurt on your lips how does that even work
Jyoti Raj (24 days ago)
I am proud to be a gayGirl👧.....Ok how many gaygirls are here👩👩👩👧👧👧.........Tell me with the like
J R (25 days ago)
gAO tai yu the first time i saw you ive got a crush on you
lazygirl withbook (25 days ago)
Why lu feng is damn handsome😍😍😍
lazygirl withbook (25 days ago)
Rewatching and rereading comments lol
ehmrie kim (25 days ago)
I need a happy ending i love both of them ♥ xiao chen and lufeng pls more project
Bikash Kumar Das (26 days ago)
I don't know why I love feel
Angel Ammu (26 days ago)
we need season 3 with happy ending 😢
Mima Ben (27 days ago)
I can't find the 3rd part...plz somebody help me !!!must watch the end !!!!
Dinny Kim (28 days ago)
That yogurt reminded me of Jungkook's banana milk hahahahaha
Shemusa Uwingeneye (30 days ago)
Has someone watched part.2 of this movie or something, this is almost the saddest bl movie I have watched so long, I nearly got depression at the shooting scene, remembered the whole thing.
millie (1 month ago)
Man 1:04:18 was magical🤗💕
millie (29 days ago)
49:26 suck it suck it suckkkk ittttt😂😂🤤🤣🤣🤣🤣 Ps. If I ever attempted to do this I would probably choke to death😅😂😂😂yup that's my style
millie (1 month ago)
Ohhhh lawdddd he said "Then... we can taste it together." My eyes have seen the light!!!!!!🤤😭
millie (1 month ago)
Against the bookcase!😶🤗🤤🤤 Welp I thought it was just them in the room lol my smile went down so fast when I saw that they have more roommates😭😂😂🤣🤣🤣
MAYU (1 month ago)
where's the second part??
angie martinez (1 month ago)
the couple reminds me of chanbaek
Mary ann abejo (1 month ago)
They are so hot and beautiful 😍😍😍
KYyolo (1 month ago)
I’m rewatching this after reading a book. The story is actually quite different. I liked the fact that novel has an happy ending whereas the movie doesn’t due to Chinese government restrictions.
Minto (1 month ago)
Lu Feng reminds me of Yunho from TVXQ xP
Daniela Calviño (1 month ago)
Name of the boys actors principal,inglish please.
Feni Silvenir (1 month ago)
Ramen kiss will be legendary
Cassie Sheppard (1 month ago)
Toochi galaxy (1 month ago)
@ 6:10..thatmoment when he's such a cutie pie that u even wona eat or fuck at that moment..i don't blame Lufeng at all lol
love seventeen (1 month ago)
Who is here in 2019?😭
Min Soo (1 month ago)
Why did he let the balloons go?? It had Doraemon and Minions. Oh my!!
عوذا 😂😂منكم
YeonJun Oppa- (1 month ago)
Im still sad over herion its was the best bl series out there but this is one is good too
Multi stan Bitches (1 month ago)
The spaghetti scene has my parts tingling
Multi stan Bitches (1 month ago)
17:34 *Part comes where they actually speak in English..* Me: wow interesting *No matter poor or rich, sickness or health* Me: OK.. Boi bye
lazygirl withbook (1 month ago)
This is my first chinese movie where subtitles are this big. So happy 😀😀😀
Kay ùwú (1 month ago)
Hasina Akter (1 month ago)
Xiao chen reminds me of ren from nuest💞
the emily (1 month ago)
I'm a Fujoshi and a kpop fan fan so Lu Feng (Gao) is Kookie Xio Chen (I forgt his name) is V. Vkook ship is sailed by me.
FrazerFoong (1 month ago)
Xiao Chen looks abit like Zhu Yi Long lmao
Taekookielove (1 month ago)
This movie is so cute! I love their promise rings <3
Radin Ashylla (1 month ago)
Oh my gosh I cant imagine of them
Saianna Sweet (1 month ago)
... how ... can ... they ... be ... so ... handsome!
Cherrie Mae (1 month ago)
I regret watching season 2, i should've stop here, now i can't get over from the heartbreak, 😭
Llama Who Draws (1 month ago)
i never thought of a day when instead of stopping gays, theyd encourage them,,,, i mean,,, except from fujoshi girls lmaoooo
rhema-beth Boalch (1 month ago)
I...actually really like the song his brother sang for him <3
The Fuhq Yuh Looking At (2 months ago)
She’s homophobic and both her children are gay- life comes at you fast.
Henmü Lalen (2 months ago)
Still watching in 2019 😜thanks for the eng sub
Nana I want my cookies (2 months ago)
49:43 when they started getting closer I was like Me:You better kiss b****es or I’m gonna swim to Hong Kong and slap your asses
Jenifer (2 months ago)
So uh can anybody tell me what the name of that song at then end is?
Danielle Dixon (2 months ago)
Okay but Xiao Chen looks soo much like Hana (from Baozi and Hana makeup channel) is it just me?
Merari Cruz (2 months ago)
Okay but does anyone know the name of the song @ 35:40 ?
Virginia Ball (2 months ago)
The guy with the glasses is beautiful!!
Just Meg (2 months ago)
Why does the dude look like freaking Worldwide Handsome aka Kim Seokjin😂😂
Felicia Betsey (2 months ago)
I hate parents like that, people are judgemental and that stupid school.
Why is he looks like lee min ho 😂😂😂
Juanita Balanza (2 months ago)
Lol that kissing pose
Juanita Balanza (2 months ago)
His little subordinate’s voice 😂😂😂
Juanita Balanza (2 months ago)
Linked Park?!
Juanita Balanza (2 months ago)
Im sorry but i got second hand embarrassment from his screaming
Juanita Balanza (2 months ago)
The gong is too bland
Anna Hendricks (2 months ago)
The acting was phenomenal and the chemistry between Lu Feng and Xia Chen amazing, but I had a big problem with the storyline, and it concerns Xia Chen's mother, why is she totally fine with the homosexuality of his younger son but not with his elder son with Lu Feng? it doesn't make any sense at all, apart the aburdity of the mother's position about Xia Chen & Lu Feng realtionship the movie was so touching!
Sugakookies&Tae (2 months ago)
I just wanna find that piano and violin music... It's catchy af..
Aleysa (2 months ago)
40:52 yes dad
Ayla Kai (2 months ago)
I can’t tell when I’m smiling or when I’m cringing... it’s so cheesy but also cute.
Natasha Sen (2 months ago)
I cannot understand what happened in the end??
ngam yo (2 months ago)
Wow,,, I love it.....
Bro Ortega (2 months ago)
Is there season 2?
Cherry Blossom (2 months ago)
Whts the song, his brother sings at the club
on A KPOP DiEt (5 days ago)
That was a good song
jenny k. (2 months ago)
فاك ماكو ترجمه عربي😭😭💔
Angel Death (2 months ago)

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