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Overpriced Products That Are Really Cheap To Make

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Most of the products we purchase are made at ridiculously low prices, resulting in huge markups and profits for multinational companies. I'll be talking a lot about markups going forward. Subscribe for more! ► http://bit.ly/BeAmazedSubscribe ◄ Stay updated ► http://bit.ly/BeAmazedFacebook https://instagram.com/BeAmazedVideos ◄ For copyright queries or general inquiries please get in touch: [email protected]
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BE AMAZED (1 year ago)
Obviously we're analyzing the cost of production throughout the whole video, but remember companies have lots of additional costs and overheads which we didn't account for. Either way, I hope you found some of these as interesting as I did! Which one surprised you the most?
Craig R (1 month ago)
Weird comment to put for those who read it but not disclose at the start of a ridiculous video.
Anish Hegde (6 months ago)
What about employee salary, office electricity and shipping cost
Oneness100 (9 months ago)
A picture? NO. I just checked the Solidworks Visualize and Visualize Boost minimum requirements and your M1710 was WAY below those specs. here's the specs of what Solidworks recommends. 8GB of RAM, 16GB recommended. Your M1710 only has 4GB MAX. Well below the recommended amount of RAM. 2GB of GPU RAM. 4GB recommended. Your M1710 only has 512MB. HUGE discrepancy. Did you pay $2600 to $4200 for the Dell back in 2013? Running and running well are two different things. Why would run a high end app that isn't performing well? That's kind of silly, don't you think? Now, please explain iOS on a Mac? Wrong OS. macOS runs on a Mac and iOS runs on an iPhone/IPad, neither of which are a laptop.
The Dollar Guy (9 months ago)
If I send a picture of it running solidworks 2016 would you be happy? If I send a picture of it running solidworks 2016 as my wife and I hold the M1710 we met on in 2005 (2006).... Would that make you even more happy? solidworks 2016 will run on intel integrated graphics even. Poor performing, but runs nonetheless.
Filip ;; (1 day ago)
Dont like this guys voice
Antonio Right (17 days ago)
The price of anything is the highest amount people are willing to pay.
Thomas Bostick (23 days ago)
In other words the manufacturers are greedy but they're coming out with good products and they know we want the products but they are still greedy in the end
The video game stores
Suzette Zamora (1 month ago)
7:39 why did you include laos 🇱🇦 and cambodia 🇰🇭 into vietnam? 🇻🇳
Pave Stiletto (1 month ago)
The bizarre choice of video clips is off-putting.
Pave Stiletto (1 month ago)
Depending on the cost of your printer, it might make more sense to buy a new one when it runs out of ink!
Craig R (1 month ago)
You lost me from the start. Ive served over 10 years and learning the ins and outs do you know how much, for example, a $15 Flat Iron steak at TGiF costs them? $2.16 when i worked there. Do you understand what else they pay? Employees, electric, rent, maintenance, waste, light bulbs to soap, glass and plates that get broken.. among a million other things. Things arent as cut and dry as "it costs this to make".
Mikedoespapercraft YT (1 month ago)
*sees cheap product without markup Me: probably a ripoff
EVILGAMER3678 btw (1 month ago)
calculators cost 4 to 10 dollars max in india china pakistan bangladesh and hdmi cost 4 to 5 dollars max and you cant find a shirt jacket and jeans dont cost more than 30 dollars
EVILGAMER3678 btw (1 month ago)
in asia mattres sells for 150 to 300 dollars
Telanthric (1 month ago)
iphones break way easier and their more expensive and they slow down their old phones :P
Anthony Babb (1 month ago)
Telanthric ya if said battery in old iPhone is bad than ya it gets slowed down but if your battery isn’t bad then no they don’t get slowed down and if you take care of your phone it shouldn’t break Samsung phones break just as easy but many Samsung owners have cases cause they don’t want to spend more money on it iPhone users don’t care and go with out a case and that is there own dumb ass fault
Telanthric (1 month ago)
11 * 20 is 220 and you said over 20 times oof
Paul MacDonald (1 month ago)
Take it from someone who has been in a telephone call center that Apple iPhone cause more problems then Android phones
BridgeT667 Gaming (1 month ago)
A alien ware Area 51 gaming computer
Keinia Sharp-Bucknor (1 month ago)
Lets not forget....you can keep and use an iPhone for YEEEEAAAYAHS! I had my iPhone 6 for 4 years and would still be using it if we hadn’t switched from AT&T to Verizon. I will have my unlocked iPhone XS Max until at least the iPhone 15. Android? They catch on fire or get so hot they might as well ignite. After about 2 years they’re so slow they’re literally garbage...or a paperweight.
Sputnik (1 month ago)
I worked at the Poster Pedic owners Connecticut house. The cost of his home in 1990ish? 6 BILLION Dollars! Mattress store in town even in todays world. Still open and been open over 50+ years! Bedding Barn.
Scratch Dog 22 (2 months ago)
Cassandra Craig (2 months ago)
I remember the comedian Rita Rudner back in the day making fun of the cost of popcorn at the movies. And that was the 80's, WAY worse now. She said 'popcorn costs 13 cents a silo...' Tee hee
Pinkpearldisneywishes (2 months ago)
Or ,do as we do, and go to a local place that refills ink cartridges up to three times before they recommend you buying a new one. It may save a few dollars but...eh
Ol12 Gaming (2 months ago)
Iphone is not reilable everyone go use androids
Jay Bayona (3 months ago)
We got our stuffs from China.
dragomir dimitrov (3 months ago)
1BillionMarbles (3 months ago)
What about apple airpods
SK_Airfish (3 months ago)
Xbox and Nintendo know about ink cartridges??????????????????????????
Terry H (3 months ago)
20 cents for a text msg?? where the hell do you live?? texting is unlimited nowdays and even in 2018 when this was made..
DASH! Reddit (3 months ago)
Delaney Charlie (3 months ago)
anyone else annoyed by his voice for some reason
Ventzislav Vitkin (3 months ago)
50 cent coke cans? What deli have you been to in NYC xD.
Ventzislav Vitkin (3 months ago)
Ohhhh, so this explains why no one wants to buy my hubbies 750$ Prada sneakers. xD
Robert Andrews (3 months ago)
What’s the profit margin for products at Disney? I I remember right, one bottle of Aquafina water is 4$ and coke and other soda is 6$ but could be 7 or 8. I was pleasantly surprised that Starbucks charged the normal amount inside Disney, I have more respect for them after that.
Grumpy Cat (3 months ago)
The average hourly rate in the US is $20 an hour? When did this happen?
Jeep (3 months ago)
if I feel stupid I can just think about the people who buy apple products
Raw one (3 months ago)
You should have mentioned gillette replacement blades for your razor. 1000% mark up. Check it out
Max Tugumeso (3 months ago)
Please what app or software do u use to edit your videos. I love it
It is simply ludicrous to compare the at cost, cost to what we pay as then there would be no profit margin, no market, and no supply and demand. Therefore it is an oxymoron. Stress on the "moron" part! DO you see what I mean?!
Andrew Batts (4 months ago)
I don't know any companies that charge for texts, it's all unlimited now
Jack Mack (4 months ago)
4 commercials in a 15 minute video? Seriously?
Gray hat Trailers (4 months ago)
In India text 100 message per day are free
S.T. (5 months ago)
blaine pond (5 months ago)
Also with the printer cartridges they've even gotten to the point where you can't self refill the cartridges once it's empty they reject it
blaine pond (5 months ago)
You know when you buy corn for animal feed it's like 25 lb for $8 so maybe the theaters could purchase animal feed and Pop that
blaine pond (5 months ago)
you are able to get say your iPhone for free by signing a two-year contract though but of course the contract prices inflated reflect the cost of the phone and nowadays it seems that most cellular phones that have a contract actually offer you less service than a prepaid cellular phone service where you actually have to purchase your phone. when you purchase your phone and have a prepaid cellular service you do not get throttled internet it's unlimited your texts or unlimited calls unlimited roaming free but you obviously have to buy your phone but instead of paying $80 to $100 a month for your cell service you pay 30 to 50
donkique956 (5 months ago)
Folks in border towns attending college buy the new textbook, take it across the border to get copied for $10-25 dollars. Then they return the textbook back to the bookstore and get their money back.
Holeshot Hunter (5 months ago)
Eat the Rich
Juan Yepez (5 months ago)
who pays just for text messages?
mohd rasidi che mat (5 months ago)
i guess only americans use text messages. ever heard of whatsapp, viber, etc?
פבלו רותם (5 months ago)
cars, laptops and - anything being sold lol
Gabriel Savian Kenway (5 months ago)
An HDMI cable costs $20. I thought that these things were supposed to be cheap in the US. Tv's are bloody cheap and easy to produce but they are expensive as fuck in the stores I can't understand this. and plus (The US don't produce TV's, Otherwise the american TV's would be expensive as a car) The only way to change this is competition, but in the majority of the cases the government hold competition back. The perfect example is in the processors market monopolised by Intel and AMD.
Carskinify (5 months ago)
Kind of interesting but kind of irrelevant. I'm older and I cannot understand the obsession with stupid phones. Should people go the phone addiction treatment?
galih pambudi (5 months ago)
look at that... overpriced stuff everywhere!!
Evan Hall (5 months ago)
I have never paid for a text
Kevin Ryan (5 months ago)
Who the hell pays for texting these days?
sil (5 months ago)
that's how mafia works
BombDefuser6710 Kraken (5 months ago)
One of my teacher's relatives is married to the owner of Texas Instruments
Mike M (5 months ago)
What is funny about how expensive ink cartridges are. That it's cheaper to buy the printer that includes a ink cartridge than ever buying a replacement ink cartridge.
Hulphaids Stik'ieds (5 months ago)
Yes buy flowers on January 15th so you can give her dead flowers on Valentines day and she will leave your dumb, cheap ass forever.
Wtraveler Passed By (5 months ago)
For the guy to produce this 0.
nightbladegaming lol (5 months ago)
btw the reason apples iphone x was so much is beacuase newer phones cost more cuase it wouldnt make sence if the iphone 7 was 200 dollars and the iphone 8 was 100
Nate Hahn (5 months ago)
You can get a better mattress for way cheaper at original mattress factory
Keith Yinger (5 months ago)
I worked at a concession stand in my teens and was amazed at cotton candy when i started making it back then. One big bag we sold for $2 only took a tablespoon of sugar to make! You could get hundreds of $2 bags of cotton candy from a $2 bag of sugar. Was awesome for profits since sugar was so cheap and cotton candy is always popular so we usually sold a lot of the fluffy stuff.
Ted Zhang (5 months ago)
That's misleading about text messages. Granted the per text cost NOW is low, but it cost companies like Verizon and AT&T tens of billions of dollars to build up and maintain their networks and buy spectrum, and they need to make that money back somehow. Wireless carriers also spend tens of billions of dollars on advertising every year. So if you take all of those things into account, it's actually not that outrageous.
Laura Stewart (5 months ago)
Some of this information I knew but holy cow!!!
Dragon Man Inc (5 months ago)
Shit I saw a hdmi cable that cost $60 but a tech channel on YouTube years ago said that a cheap hdmi cable put out the same quality as the expensive ones.
Daniel Aguilera Irala (5 months ago)
just looking for the android hate on apple
Facebook is an addiction (5 months ago)
The more a brand is advertised on television, the more profit that it makes from stupid people. Because consumer products manufacturers know that most stupid people, spend the most time in front of TVs.
Santos Railey (5 months ago)
how about oil? i heard you could build a country from the profits of its huge mark ups. also they can change prices and shove it to people eventough the production cost did not change a thing. btw i think ur biased against apple, just because its popular your diggin into it. u forgot raybans (designer sunglasses), medicine.
Keith McFarland (5 months ago)
Anybody who spends $335 for a pair of jeans is an idiot.
Czar Zenana (5 months ago)
What about razor blades (Gillette) ?
C CM (5 months ago)
You can avoid paying high prices for ink by buying 3rd party ink *without* the head on the cartridge. Additionally, shop for the ink first (eg. on Amazon) *then* purchase the printer based on the ink. Also, buy a black and white laser printer. Laser printer toner, again 3rd party, is cheaper than ink. Laser printers are also faster than inkjet printers.
Yagavitch (5 months ago)
uhhh who the hell still pays for texts??? i thought that was a thing in the paaaaaasst
RZ (6 months ago)
amazed: apple is more reliable than android *apple fanboys intensifies
drmadjdsadjadi (6 months ago)
Yet, in most cases, manufacturing companies make around 12 cents profit on each retail dollar of sales....
anita dervishi (6 months ago)
i phones cost way too much... and in india the import taxes are 20% so i phones take 20% back by making the prices go higher. they can go up to 1700$... Android phones such as Samsung are far superior than Apples in most categories. Only advantage of an Iphone is its single core processor which is faster than its android rivals, not by a big margin. But Apples multi-core processors are much slower and can't handle multi-tasking background apps. In Screen resolution Samsungs had reached its 4K, Gorilla Glass technology over 4 years ago. But Iphones are still using lcds. In fact iPhone screens are made by Samsung and some other parts. No headphone jack is another big issue. If you like iphones simple theme, you have options on Androids to set IPhone theme or any other, which you have no option on iphones. Android has freedom to download apps outside its store and most apps are free of charge. Apples have no SD cards, expandable storage. Apples phone design is as smart as Samsung's which are equally as good. If I compare a top range Iphone vs Samsung its like comparing an overpriced mid range, iphone against a Premium Samsung phone, due to its missing features, 4k gorilla glass, headphone jack, etc...
Bicep Fishing (6 months ago)
Any Boating item especially outboards!!!
Orgil Battulga (6 months ago)
Anyone find the woman pretending to be watching TV attractive? Or is it just me?
Milan Pantic (6 months ago)
Loot of left-handed people in video :-D
Ernie2004 (6 months ago)
How about prescription glasses ? I just paid over $300 for one pair of them. It shouldn’t cost too much to polish 2 little pieces of glass. I think they are over priced.
Nathan Watts (6 months ago)
who the hell pays 5000 dollars for a mattress ? what the actual Fuck
akuma 710 (6 months ago)
7:24 santa cruz
Plamen Vasilev (6 months ago)
Sooo the iPhone is 370$ to make, but you do not include the Software part. Have you ever heart that the software is not cheap to make?
Kisal Hirusha (6 months ago)
Well we get free text books here in Sri Lanka 😀😀
William Glaser (6 months ago)
No one pays for text messages anymore, We have 3 cellphone with unlimited text, phone calls, and data nationwide. We pay about 150 total for all 3 phones.
Mirko B (6 months ago)
Tcgs not mentioned. Unsatisfied.
EmperorJ Gaming (6 months ago)
It's a good thing i buy more stock shares than this shits😂😃
David Rostami (6 months ago)
Can you talk about women,why they charge so much for their services
Arga Business (6 months ago)
Great video, very engaging
sisa ziza (7 months ago)
Mind your map guys! Vietnam country as you show in the video is also include Cambodia. I suggest you to delete the video or remake it. Thanks.
Leonardo Arbeláez (7 months ago)
10:26 Is ColOmbia not ColUmbia.
Tiflow (7 months ago)
Apple does not lead the smartphone industry anymore, its actually 3rd atm below Samsung and Huawei, do your job better
Kyle Jones (7 months ago)
It’s the leading in the US. But in other places you are correct about them being 3rd
Ramy (7 months ago)
Having kids 🤣
M LeskoYeah (7 months ago)
My religious studies class forced me to buy the revised edition of the Bible...
troubleman730 (7 months ago)
Too many hidden commercials in the video, stopped watching after the first!
Neels van Rensburg (7 months ago)
Why is medical procedures so expensive. (Especially operations) ???
TheGrays (7 months ago)
take a cheap pair of shoes and put some stupid black mans name on it and stupid nigga will go out in crowds to buy it!
TheGrays (7 months ago)
Iphone users pay that much for the phones because they are complete idiots!
Omar Selim (7 months ago)
You don't account for the cost of research and development which in some cases justifies high mark ups
Mr. Derpy Face (7 months ago)
For medical products they would sometimes mark up prices really high, since they know that you would pay their price or suffer from your condition.
Modestas Sparvelis (7 months ago)
One question. Why always when someone mentions android or ios or both, people always starts fighting in comments section?

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