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Top 10 Overpriced Products That Are Really Cheap To Make

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Most of the products we purchase are made at ridiculously low prices, resulting in huge markups and profits for multinational companies. I'll be talking a lot about markups going forward. Subscribe for more! ► http://bit.ly/BeAmazedSubscribe ◄ Stay updated ► http://bit.ly/BeAmazedFacebook https://instagram.com/BeAmazedVideos ◄ For copyright queries or general inquiries please get in touch: [email protected] Be Amazed at The Real Cost Of Things You Buy! Mattresses - Within the furniture industry, the mattress sector is far and beyond the most lucrative, with markup prices veering from the expensive to the extreme. Popcorn - Popcorn and movies have always gone hand in hand, but the price of popcorn at movie theaters has undergone massive price hikes over the years as cinemas search out new revenue streams as studios take more percentage points on each new release. Test Messages - Remember the days when text messages were free? Printer Cartridges - Being able to print documents from the privacy of your own home is a convenience we all want, but it also comes with an added expense. Textbooks - It costs about $11 to print a new addition to a standard algebra textbook, though college students often end up paying a retail price of over $200, a markup more than 20 times manufacturing fees. Electronics - Electronics are now essential parts of our everyday lives, from remote control devices to cables, calculators, and more. Shoes & Clothing - The price we pay for clothes can vary dramatically from brand to brand, but one component that remains the same is the mark-up of items purchased. Seasonal Gifts - A cheap card typically costs one or two dollars and premium cards can go for upwards of eight dollars. Drinks - We're all serial drinkers, from breakfast through dinner, from filtered waters, coffees and smoothies, beer, wine and beyond. Apple iPhones - Most of us can't live without our smartphone and Apple leads the market in this realm. Though Apple never releases actual production costs - according to analysis by research firm IHS Markit , the base model of the Phone X with 64 gigabytes of storage costs approximately $370.25 in raw parts.
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BE AMAZED (9 months ago)
Obviously we're analyzing the cost of production throughout the whole video, but remember companies have lots of additional costs and overheads which we didn't account for. Either way, I hope you found some of these as interesting as I did! Which one surprised you the most?
Oneness100 (1 month ago)
A picture? NO. I just checked the Solidworks Visualize and Visualize Boost minimum requirements and your M1710 was WAY below those specs. here's the specs of what Solidworks recommends. 8GB of RAM, 16GB recommended. Your M1710 only has 4GB MAX. Well below the recommended amount of RAM. 2GB of GPU RAM. 4GB recommended. Your M1710 only has 512MB. HUGE discrepancy. Did you pay $2600 to $4200 for the Dell back in 2013? Running and running well are two different things. Why would run a high end app that isn't performing well? That's kind of silly, don't you think? Now, please explain iOS on a Mac? Wrong OS. macOS runs on a Mac and iOS runs on an iPhone/IPad, neither of which are a laptop.
The Dollar Guy (2 months ago)
If I send a picture of it running solidworks 2016 would you be happy? If I send a picture of it running solidworks 2016 as my wife and I hold the M1710 we met on in 2005 (2006).... Would that make you even more happy? solidworks 2016 will run on intel integrated graphics even. Poor performing, but runs nonetheless.
The Dollar Guy (2 months ago)
You may very well be correct on the date, but for some reason late 2005 sticks into my memory. I also met my then future wife on it. Perhaps my memory is indeed turning to crap, but late 2005 is when we met (or was it 2006.?.. Dont tell her I may have forgotten). When I get back to the states from Europe, will check the date code as I am now curious. So make it a 12 year old going on 13 if I am displaced by a year. Regardless, it has been a very durable machine. It's my CAD workstation... "Portable" workstation. Probably had a trouble free GPU as it was not primarily for gaming. I never had overheating issues, but again, I wasn't gaming too much. I used it for OrCAD and Pro-E. Now it has solidworks and KiCAD.
Oneness100 (2 months ago)
Solidworks? I just checked and Solidworks requires a lot more in terms of specs than the 13 year old Dell even has. So, either you are making this up, or you are using a VERY old version of Solidworks that's out of date.
Ramy (2 days ago)
Having kids 🤣
M LeskoYeah (6 days ago)
My religious studies class forced me to buy the revised edition of the Bible...
troubleman730 (6 days ago)
Too many hidden commercials in the video, stopped watching after the first!
Neels van Rensburg (6 days ago)
Why is medical procedures so expensive. (Especially operations) ???
TheGrays (7 days ago)
take a cheap pair of shoes and put some stupid black mans name on it and stupid nigga will go out in crowds to buy it!
TheGrays (7 days ago)
Iphone users pay that much for the phones because they are complete idiots!
Omar Selim (8 days ago)
You don't account for the cost of research and development which in some cases justifies high mark ups
Mr. Derpy Face (10 days ago)
For medical products they would sometimes mark up prices really high, since they know that you would pay their price or suffer from your condition.
Modestas Sparvelis (10 days ago)
One question. Why always when someone mentions android or ios or both, people always starts fighting in comments section?
W Lee Moore (12 days ago)
Salon/Professional Hair Care Products are marked up 100-250% Generally. Everything is marked up, But ANYTHING Attached To a "Special Day" Like a Wedding, Funeral, etc is HIGHLY Marked Up! The Flower markups shown in the video are conservative LOL
Joe Shedler (16 days ago)
Ummm is the average wage ins the US $20/hr? That seems kinda high to me.
Deanna Hnatiw (19 days ago)
Jewelry...especially engagement rings.
Øystein (19 days ago)
Huh? You don't got free sms in the US?🤔 I do not belive that.. I know you have simular deals as we got.. In Norway we pay for an amount of data and get "unlimited" (10-20.000 depending on the company) call minutes, sms and mms included. But data prices could be lower though🤔
oriza ferish (21 days ago)
After Steve Jobs die, Apple is getting worse
FROMENXD (24 days ago)
2:31 digital blackface
Emil Árnason (1 month ago)
0:22 gooder service?
Black Swan (1 month ago)
1:00 I bought my mattress online and paid much less than listed price. The manufacturer still made a nice profit by not paying the retailer In addition, the mattress was shipped in a sturdy woven HDPE plastic shipping bag which is really handy
Black Swan (1 month ago)
4:40 Nowadays, you can take the risk of adding (separately bought) continuous ink supply tanks to your print head instead of buying their ridiculously high priced bottles. If you print a large no of copies, it really works out cheap Of course, Epson have bowed to the inevitable and intro (costlier) models with OEM continuous ink supply!
GlobalRA (1 month ago)
The answer to all these prices......go straight to the manufacture, only pay wholesale. Wtf is this free text thing? Here in NZ its never been free. So stop complaining.
David Carson (1 month ago)
Frames for glasses when you purchases new prescription glasses
mattchoo (1 month ago)
Bruh I paid for a floor in my house, so I'm gonna sleep on that
Lee OfBacup (1 month ago)
No diamonds in the list? Price of diamonds keeps rising even though the availability goes up and price of manufacture goes down.. All because of a cornered market.
Adri Leemput (1 month ago)
You do realize that the finished product needs to get to the retail stores, and that there are sales taxes.
A42yearoldARAB (1 month ago)
🤣🤣🤣🤣 of course isheep are number one
Mao Leng Hong (1 month ago)
Hey be amazed! You are using a wrong map in this video. Where did you get that Vietnam country sharp? Please check again.
veg4life (1 month ago)
this video is probably a basic top 10 list now in 2018 publicly available information anyone can find with a quick google search but think back in history can you believe not long ago maybe even as recent as now there was a time when these company names the prices numbers specifically back then was probably a highly classified big time top secret hidden information from spies , all this use to be top secret highly classified information where people lost lives killed murdered tortured by opposition companies & opposition countries sadly because different countries would catch so called spies trying to leak trade secrets caught in the act maybe they escaped jail god knows the maybe lived to tell the story or even died with hidden secrets either way their sacrifices eventually leading more or less our freedom today all for which we take granted today , which is all free information that's widely available now in the present & future most likely but in the past where everyone seems to forget the people who sacrificed all deserve utmost sincere gratitude respect they deserve all the credit & hopefully should be remembered as
nick gambatese (1 month ago)
pop sockets cost less than 10 cents to make and cost 14.99 at the store.
K31R616 (1 month ago)
Hemp needs to replace wood based papers a.s.a.p.
Richard Lemieux (1 month ago)
Mark-up is actually = Sale price - (manufacturing cost + management cost + legal cost + soft cost) So the better the salesforce the better the mark-up! Of course when you talk about corporations like nike and apple ... the manufacturing cost is close to inexistent due to their disgusting business ethics!...so mark up is drastically huge!
Jerome Shelton (1 month ago)
Ha ha the thumbnail had me rolling
Lucion P (1 month ago)
Morons pay for I phones plus only idiots use I phones because their so easy to use Samsung man hell yeah.
The Uber Successful (1 month ago)
WHOOOO!!!! I recently bought my Samsung Galaxy S8+ for $330 on craigslist and it's legit and works like a charm. It still RETAILS for $700+. I paid for what it's worth. So glad I'm frugal as fuck!
Askejm (1 month ago)
Why mattresses are so expensive and so cheap to manufacture is because a lot of money goes into research, innovation, and testing to ensure you that your mattress is comfy and the right method and materials are used. That can get a bit pricey and when people only buy a mattress every 5-10 years they need that money.
Gary Z (1 month ago)
I don't know any wireless company that doesn't include free unlimited texts for any reasonable plan. not sure what you're talking about with the pay per text in this day and age.
franl155 (1 month ago)
lol slightly misleading title: I took it to mean "expensive things to buy that are cheap *when you make them yourself*"! But interesting anyway. What about the markup on branded medical drugs? branded ££, unbranded £
Fireball (1 month ago)
medicines should have been in this list bro
vintgswag vincent (1 month ago)
its called profit u idiot
sobhan acharya (1 month ago)
You missed the food and hotel industry
Carl L (1 month ago)
This is shit, in several ways.
MaskedDemon (1 month ago)
Bye bye Matress Firm. Filed Bankruptcy.
Valper Nabanalan (1 month ago)
who even txt in the year 2018?
ITX Official (1 month ago)
Watching this video and INSTANTLY knowing it's gonna be GOOD!! I never understood why Mattresses are so expensive. The strange part is, everyone I told about it always tries to defend the mattress industry. Like, "You keep your mattress for many years, so if you don't want to ruin your back, you really have to pay a lot of money to get the best possible quality". As this video clearly points out, the markup is way beyond ridiculous.
Abhilekha Mohanty (1 month ago)
leader in smartphone market? When was apple the leader? it may have the highest revenue per model. This hyped brand only has hypes and a face in the name of entrepreneurship with worst monopoly practices even surpassing Microsoft.
Nick Hutchins (1 month ago)
Nick Hutchins (1 month ago)
eigth thousandsths cents? lol what?
banana rama (1 month ago)
it seems like a lot of this info is 10+ years old
Patrick Brookings (2 months ago)
Haha, iPhones are easy to use? Come on!! Android is so much more user friendly. Apple can afford to keep prices high because their products give some kind of wealth status for the snobs, and all those wannabe models who conveniently takes selfies in mirrors while showing off they have an iPhone, LOL!
KEX CZ (2 months ago)
I dont like apple bcs the fking company things its better than Android mobiles, but its the SAME! Just about preference... But there will be still some people like hitler.... Yes, thats the same case....
Haywire gaming (2 months ago)
Apple's always been a ripoff I just didn't rallies how much
MrBegliocchi (2 months ago)
Apple uses cheap phone parts to cut production costs too so ur phones are more likely to break so that u have to bring them in for repairs
SciFiArtMan (2 months ago)
Mattress sales in the western world have been a MAJOR scam for decades!!! I bought a Samsung Hi-Fi VCR many years ago (I'm ancient!) for $29, at WallyWorld. I took it apart just to see how well made it was. or wasn't. It was as well-made as any I've had, and I've had scores. A few weeks later I had to buy my son a new mattress, and the cheapest we could find was close to $600!? So a nice Hi-Fi VCR (and remote!) with hundreds of parts, design and manufacturing processes costs $30, and a mattress with about $30 worth of materials and minimal amount of assembly cost 200 times more!? What crap!!! And that VCR still works today (sad that I still use these, but...). There ought to be a law against such thievery! Ever notice how many new mattress brands have popped up over the past few years, such as; Sapira, Helix. Leesa, Tuft & Needle, Nest, Casper, Bear, Eve, 4Sleep, Lull, Keetsa, Hyphen, Purple, etc.. I wonder why, hmmm!?!?!
Kevin (2 months ago)
Huge markups only bother me it I'm paying for a lot in the first place
Tour Dojo (2 months ago)
Did you seriously flash the Circuit City logo? lol
13thmistral (2 months ago)
fuck iphone...it was good a few years ago, but these days it is garbage.
13thmistral (2 months ago)
last time i bought popcorn it jusst was to get the fallen kingdom cup
Jarrod Lamp (2 months ago)
Apple junk tech + dumb American young People = $$$$$ for apple. I'm gald that I don't use cell phones.
Tucked Up Facts! (2 months ago)
What alternate reality are you living in where iOS devices have majority market share in the phone/tablet market? As of October 2018 Apple only has an 11.9% market share while Android's market share is over 80%.
The Green Ruby (2 months ago)
it is amazing there are so many people willingly throwing away their money on this useless garbage.
jayden scales (2 months ago)
I bought 10 foot hdmi for 3 dollars on amazon
Adam Armstrong (2 months ago)
Hi! I am a donut. (2 months ago)
The other part of the iphones goes to research marketingpaying the people that make it,and yeah profits.
jcweb (2 months ago)
You are way off when it comes to phones. The cost of a phones parts are more like $20 and $50 to produce advertise and ship one.
derflop (2 months ago)
13:29 thank me later
punker4Real (2 months ago)
I refill my own toner I have a older printer from 2008 that has no chip (A piece of electrical tape does the job to fool the printer into thinking its full cartridge...
punker4Real (2 months ago)
99 cent store has HDMI cables for 2$ or 1$
punker4Real (2 months ago)
That TI-83+ only cost 5 $ to make You know they refined the process of making them since the 80s
Tim S (2 months ago)
Iphones are trash
Tim S (2 months ago)
Essential oils!!!
MegasXLR (2 months ago)
I'm surprised how many idiots actually buy iPhones. Get a Note9 for 600$ less and get many many more useful things with it.
prismstudios001 (2 months ago)
I worked designing, and wholesale marketing product (holiday decor) for 15 years. What most people don`t realize is that the AVERAGE cost of any item once it hits retail is approx 6 times the cost the company pays the factory that makes it. EVERYTHING you buy, even if it was a buck, was about 1/6 of that price initially. There are taxes, and tarrifs, and shipping to factor in, plus items are first sold wholesale to retailers, who then must mark up the cost again to turn a profit, and stay in business.It`s not always pure greed that fuels high mark-ups. Certain countries highly tax certain classes of merchandise, or components thereof. For example, Snowmen were a hot holiday theme a few years back. US customs jumped on this and any bill of lading that had the word snowman in the product description was taxed out the ass! So that`s why some Christmas stuff used odd descriptions of "snow man" on the packaging...It wasn`t just Chinglish!
pr0xZen (2 months ago)
Yeah so research, development and building commercial infrastructire can run up bills into millions, billions and some times even trillions. But nah, companies shouldn't seek to recuperate those expenses throug the sales of goods and services. The money that paid for everything leading up to you getting that product or service, just wasn't real. And there is definitely no huge industry with tons of employees behind the production of a product. Oh no.Only cost is raw materials, distribution and marketing. But thats ok. Why don't you gather your $2.50 for raw materials and go make me a top shelf Intel or AMD desktop processor. Or make it so that I can write a message here, and have someone on the other side of the planet be able to read it, in less than a second, for 1/7000ths of a cent. Or take your 20 cents and "make" me an effective HPV vaccine. Good luck.
Craig Reel (2 months ago)
Iphone is crap
Hellcat M (2 months ago)
Home internet and cable TV is overpriced too which wasn't mentioned. This is because in a lot of areas there really isn't any competition. Sure you can go with satellite but not if you live in most apartments, so these people only have one option usually. Now providers can give us pay for the channels you watch, but then they'll make less money because most people only watch a handfull of channels so a lot of people pay for over 100 channels we don't watch. With internet most people have one option good option. Where I live I have Spectrum. I can go with Verizon DSL but I'll be overpaying for 7MB/s at (last I checked $40/mo). These companies may say its because of R&D, marketing and shit like that but that's bull. This administration isn't halping either taking away our net neutrality.
First Nation (2 months ago)
should have mentioned dre beats
mark richardson (2 months ago)
makes total sense
Fire Phoenix (2 months ago)
what about glasses?
Mr MEMé (2 months ago)
at 08:08 = The FATTEST CANKLES I've Ever Scene ¡¡¡
Ken Wheeler (2 months ago)
This is why I despise Capitalism. If people would actually band together and defy their corporate overlords and refuse to pay these exorbitant rates these scamming practices would cease. Instead the majority have been brainwashed to defend the entire practice, to their own determent, to the point of heaping scorn upon anyone who would question the status quo.
Srjan Shetty (2 months ago)
I knew Apple would be on top of all in this list
Marc Field (2 months ago)
Simple. iPhones are so expensive because the isheep are stupid enough to pay it.
Killshot SRB (2 months ago)
06:51 We meet again in one day. If I see this girl again, I must take her out for a drink!
Sue McQueen (2 months ago)
since when was apple ever easier to use? the one mouse button days.. "who needs three buttons when we can get by with just one.." well, it required more effort to do the simple tasks accomplished by simply pressing your right button.. so.. fuck apple and their simpleton followers..
Pilafut (2 months ago)
In Romania we can buy an hdmi cable 1.4 standard 3 meters for 6 euros. It depends. Not every product is overpriced everywhere if it's overpriced in America.
Kirby (2 months ago)
You are way oversimplifying and downplaying the costs of research and development and the cost of employing production and transportation. Yeah, he mentioned it, but then sweeps it aside as "not a good reason" every time.
Kirby (2 months ago)
OVERSIMPLIFIED!!!! These products are not "overpriced". You cannot just compare the price of production to the price sold! That is the worst economics possible. Research and development, advertising, marketing all these things cost a helluva lot of money to run and employ people. It costs to build factories. It costs time to write books. Yes, some of these are a little over the top, like the printer cartridges and I think it is quite ridiculously the contracts textbooks have with professors, however this is another way for teachers to earn a little more to survive. There is always an explanation for why these products are more expensive than simply "Cost of production v. cost sold".
ofahia (2 months ago)
YouTube better start paying me to watch their videos or I will find a company that will value my time accurately.
O.G. R/\H (2 months ago)
I love how fandroids always have something to say while iKnowbetters relax. Keep justifying your broke ass purchase!
Jonas Burns (2 months ago)
Thanx for the knowledge...but i had already know that most items we purchase on the day to day are more expensive for the consumer than for the company. For instance if we buy a 50 ft ethernet cable for $60.00 the company didnt spend 60 bucks making it or else they wouldnt see a profit.
Samer Alkhayat (2 months ago)
What abou cigarette ?
Deanna August (2 months ago)
razor blades?
Johnny Martin Johansen (2 months ago)
You forgot razor blades. It's one of the most overpriced products on the entire planet.
heywood jablome (2 months ago)
and que the mattress commercial twice in this video
ServantOfNone (2 months ago)
razor blades 5000% mark up
Jim E (2 months ago)
bang the desk.... the hole country is under water
Jessy Walz (2 months ago)
I disagree that college students pay $655 a year in books. This semester I paid $1200 just for one book. Plus another $100+ for my other 4 books. A total of more than $2300 just for one semester.
Stretch the Mechanic (2 months ago)
Automotive parts are another one. I work in a parts store and you wouldn’t believe the markup on parts. And it’s only because they know people need them.
Mister De Porter (2 months ago)
People don't pay anywhere near enough for clothing... its a relatively new thing. In the history of mankind only for the past 60-70 years has the general population been able to afford a "wardrobe" It used to be that you had 3 outfits in rotation if you were lucky and if something broke or tore you'd fix it... If it wasn't for cheap and inhumane labour in Asia, a men's suit would 1) look like a potato sack and 2) never be under 1000$ for something simple... women would never get married in a princess dress unless they had 15000$ to blow on it and shoes would be repaired over and over until they fell apart and cost upwards of 1000$ a pair... the reason clothes are so cheap these days is that we enslave workers to make them for us and they are meant to be disposable.
Just clicked to dislike (2 months ago)
Pussy will always be the most expensive.
Eliana Macaraig (2 months ago)
Do you realise they have to profit?
Khiro The Pyro (2 months ago)
Them Jordans like 5 dollars to make so the get 110 dollars a shoe

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