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Going beyond GDP

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http://www.beyond-gdp.eu/ Does money buy happiness? Can wellbeing be measured? Does growth equal progress? These may sound like esoteric questions, but they are at the heart of efforts to move beyond GDP to develop more accurate ways of measuring human development. Shot in Canada and Europe, this clip shows how rampant growth can lead to ruin, how disasters can be good for the economy and how rising GDP doesn't benefit everyone.
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Neo Anderson (6 years ago)
"disappeared overnight as a result of decades of fishing" Care to explain how decades past by overnight?
freis72 (9 years ago)
Most posts here missed the point of this video. This is about measuring wellbeing, not politics, and when it comes to measuring wellbeing there is no doubt that GDP is not enough.
archdeaconj (9 years ago)
It's true, GDP includes the value of work done cleaning up industrial pollution, manufacturing and distributing pharmaceuticals for goodness knows how many ailments and illnesses caused by polution, treatment for cancers caused by chemical additives, persticides, herbicides, growth hormones in lifestock etc. It includes the money spent on adverts persuading you to buy what you don't need, or hadn't wanted, on competitive sales techniques, armaments, propaganda, and on and on.
marcosabraam (11 years ago)
I quote 5 words: "There is no free lunch!"
Declan O'Gallagher (11 years ago)
Noam Chomsky once said "Australia was the only country in the world, consciously moving towards 3rd world status" as it digs everything out of the ground and sells it.
marco valente (11 years ago)
I agree whith what bgturk says about externalities. We've never calculated the externalities, nor the bad effects of economic development. When such GDP growth leads us to a non-sustainable exploitation of resources, how to take it into account? We are consuming all the petroleum, who is going to consider the loss of resources in the GDP calculation???
ponhand (11 years ago)
I am poor as hell, but do I care about the man's riches next door? sometimes yes but most of the time I live happily in my universe:) There were poor people all along the history for whatever reason my friends, and there were rich people too for the same reason. That's just life:)
P (11 years ago)
Shameful. Real people will not be jealous of others being wealthy as long as they themselves have a fair shot in the economy. In order for that to be possible, the free markets so criticized in this video (London example) are the precondition. The so-called "gap" between rich and "poor" (more often than not actually the middle class) is a myth, just a way for anxious EUrocrats and other agents of socialism to air propaganda and destroy economic liberty.
Deneva2000 (11 years ago)
Could it be more red... YES! it could be in russian.
Epihash (11 years ago)
Long Live the EU

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