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Fishing Barents Sea - Deep Sea Commercial Fishing Simulator! - Fishing Barents Sea Gameplay

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Today we're checking out a new fishing simulator, Fishing Barents Sea! Fishing Barents Sea is a commercial fishing simulator where you must captain a ship and successfully fish in the Barents Sea. I hope you enjoyed this first look for Fishing Barents Sea, let me know if you want to see more of it! More Fishing Barents Sea: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EyI6dNABgyA&list=PLEngsjAeWQXg8koyNGtVpzx0uR0W_YQ9V About Fishing Barents Sea: Take the helm of your very own fishing boat in Fishing: Barents Sea and explore the vastness of the Norwegian sea in search for the best fishing zones. Start with the little boat inherited from your grandfather, catch fish and earn money for upgrades as well as bigger and better boats. Enjoy the beautiful Barents Sea and make your fishing industry dreams come true. Learn how to catch different kinds of fish with various fishing equipment on several different boats. Every method is easy to learn, but hard to master – time to show what you are made of! Use officially licensed Scanmar equipment like door sensors and the TrawlEye to have complete control over your trawl. Upgrade it to make sure you get the biggest catch! But be sure to stay under your yearly fishing quotas, every step and every fishing run needs to be planned. 20 years of weather data recreate a realistic environment for the schools of fish in the Barents Sea, which move according to season and water temperature. It's up to you to keep track of everything. Visit the harbor pub to hire crew members or accept missions. At the port you are also able to repair or upgrade your ships, get a loan from the bank or buy supplies and bait at the shop. Freely explore an open world environment which recreates the stunning landscapes of northern Norway. Look for the best fishing zones with the help of your sonar, radar and GPS and catch yourself the biggest profit. Join Draegast Around The Internet: https://www.draegast.com/ Intro: Odd Chap: Jams https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TmIyl6v48kY Outro: JAWN https://soundcloud.com/jawnmusic/
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Text Comments (1107)
Magic Gaming (5 days ago)
Is this free
Yorkshire man (6 days ago)
Cool game
Kye Rafferty (6 days ago)
"Might not be the best line... no fish were CAUGHT!!!" Listened to this like ten times...
joshua cabus (9 days ago)
Link to download
mmozar (10 days ago)
jack black playing fishing games during free time 😄
Caleb Main (12 days ago)
I like boats because of the places they can go
Hill Robert (16 days ago)
This game looks dum
Richard C (19 days ago)
Could someone tell me what is required to gaff and pull in each fish? Keyboard or mouse? How does that mini-game work?
Peete native man (20 days ago)
Are you deaf or something ??
Peete native man (20 days ago)
stop screaming !!!!!
Michael Wesolowski (20 days ago)
A fleet of whales lol
Spinozin (21 days ago)
Why don't you let the whales eat first?
Michael Ryan (21 days ago)
Why do you yell all the time during the video
will hull (21 days ago)
What kind of boat is that. Does anyone know
BryanTheBear 9_11 (22 days ago)
Let me drive the boat😂
Grump 78 (24 days ago)
The yellow pipes in the back are to hold a little raft, look in the cabin you see it in the pic on the wall lol
boy teebah (25 days ago)
this game reminds me of my summer job many years ago... I worked in a fishing vessel as an apprentice baiter, helping in setting the fish bait and I became good at it... at the end of that summer, I got promoted to master baiter...
joshua manley (25 days ago)
p̾l̾z̾ k̾e̾e̾p̾ d̾o̾i̾n̾g̾ t̾h̾e̾s̾e̾ i̾ l̾o̾v̾e̾ i̾t̾ r̾ r̾e̾a̾d̾y̾ bro
BROOKSIE (26 days ago)
20:04 ignores fuel amount
Steve Dey (26 days ago)
I this pc
Brandaman00 (27 days ago)
Lmao that whales fin was taller than the damn boat
BAGofTALENT (27 days ago)
Obviously need to hire a deckhand that is struggling with a aggressive drug habit .
Andrew Tucker (25 days ago)
BAGofTALENT deadliest catch reference?
Beast hackz (1 month ago)
Bro you’re amazing anything I search up your always.... 1:the first I see and click 2:the best
Ryan Ragland (1 month ago)
Lol hilarious when he cuts the fish
GamerHD123 (1 month ago)
Fun fact, Orcas are actually dolphins!
MUHD IZZ MUQRI TITAN (1 month ago)
21:29 COCK!!!!
C G (1 month ago)
Where can I purchase this game
Soumyarshi Giri (2 months ago)
I really need to download this game could you send a link!!!
jeshua figge (2 months ago)
Fun fact The Reputation under The city Name Spelle "kinderfischer" or literally translated from German childrenfisher/Catcher monkaTOS
Martin Figueroa (2 months ago)
Can the next name be martin
Charming DM (2 months ago)
Over did it, on the pollution didn’t they? Brown ass water in the menu super realistic
Ashton Baker (2 months ago)
I love this please do more
random condom (2 months ago)
K G .... kilograms its killing me each time
Darthckrinckles (2 months ago)
Dano the fishermano
Daniël vy (2 months ago)
Pls go on with this game!!
jEmEr cHuA (3 months ago)
where i can dowload the game.??? is this a pc?
Ethan 427 (3 months ago)
A convoy of killer whales sounds cooler
Alden Friend (3 months ago)
Tyler Don Dada (3 months ago)
@0:00 *_¿¿¿¿¿RRRAAAAAAAAAGGGGYYYY?????_*
Bcfcmansell (3 months ago)
Why do you sound like Conan?
wzrd_will (3 months ago)
are u french canadian?
Marie Kvål (3 months ago)
Marie Kvål (3 months ago)
Did u know killer whales in Norway (where hammerfest is) is called «spekkhoggere»?
Nippo Hippo (3 months ago)
As a commercial fisherman I approve this game!
Swift-ツツ-Toxic (3 months ago)
That is not what a redfish looks like irl I wish these were more realistic
lachlan corben (4 months ago)
It’s not fucking shrimp it’s prawns u dick head
Brian Warner (4 months ago)
These fake simulator games which are actually just boring video games without a high score SUCK ASS!!!! And no a pack of carnivorous hunting animals even whales is not called a pod.
Mostwanted Sider (4 months ago)
Awesome funny video😂😂
b1te7 (4 months ago)
Omg this is a norwegian game sick and i know that cuz of hammer fest and kroner thats norwegian money btw so you know 7 kroner is one dollar
Conan O'Brien (4 months ago)
I really wanna see the interior of that boat and the basement of it
Bush Hippy (4 months ago)
Looks like a cool game. Nice video, But try decaf
b breed (4 months ago)
Would have been better muted.
Bas Finnis (4 months ago)
Does anyone know if there’s an aluminium ladder simulator out there? That would be pretty interesting I think!
Anthony Mirkovich (4 months ago)
There called skates not lines in longling.. strings for crab
TheStormtruper (4 months ago)
This is the pinacle of gaming industry everything else is just sheit.
Ricky Tomczyk (4 months ago)
973.633 views on a fishing game vid? I had to clik that!
Pubg without killing each other?
insert name (4 months ago)
When do u raid other players bases?? XD
mollski 1969 (4 months ago)
Is this on pc?
Epsilon Silver (5 months ago)
Gutting fish at sea is difficult. I suspect the bubbles are meant to simulate the rocking boat. Maybe you lost fish from the lines that were left out too long.
Epsilon Silver (5 months ago)
Boat. It's a boat. Not a ship, a boat. Bee oh ay tee. Boat. Got it Dre?
Ashton Goodwin (5 months ago)
Why are u posting these again?
Andrew LaSalle (5 months ago)
A group of whales is a pod
Random Guy (5 months ago)
Did anyone else get the steak on a pan ad?
Grimmrok (5 months ago)
A normal person would say "kilos", you say "kay-gees"
Lagnaf87 (5 months ago)
A group of whales is commonly called a pod, a school or a gam.
clifford squire (5 months ago)
Please make more
D Laws (5 months ago)
Do you ever use the Master Baits?
Enzo The Assassin (6 months ago)
drag did you know that kroner is danish money????
Mallory Lindsey (6 months ago)
Please play more!! This looks like fun!!
Muhammad Febrianto (6 months ago)
i love ur voice :)
White Knight (6 months ago)
I want more of these
Emil Glud (6 months ago)
What is up with the Danish names in the character select?
Zachary Folse (6 months ago)
Fleet, pack. Almost. Almossssst xD
Lucille Moyer (6 months ago)
“Yeah I know but the hammer head is way cooler bro” 😂💀
Optikification (6 months ago)
you dont drive boats you sail them and its a pod of whales
Charlie Shakur (6 months ago)
ur voice reminds me of jack black loved the vid subd also :)
Ron Gaming (6 months ago)
@broadbent bro try this game
Peete native man (6 months ago)
stop screaming !!!!!!!!!
combry (6 months ago)
haha this guys voice kept me watching
Brandon Azul (6 months ago)
A group of whales are called pods
holy shit im being talked to like im 4. I think I will leave
oliethemagicbum (6 months ago)
that stereotypical entrance is a good way to attract new viewers.
Rockmeo Trilis (6 months ago)
when you get bored and try new games.
Alex Hendel (7 months ago)
its called a pod of whales, not a pack. :) idk if anyone else has answered this but yeah, 'tis a pod o'whales my guy!! ;p
Carlo Dosol (7 months ago)
Can I see the engine on this game?
p k (7 months ago)
The reason there are less fish on the lines when you leave it in too long is because of predators eating your catch
Mason Christensen (7 months ago)
i am 8 a group of whales is called a pod!!!
lachazaroony (7 months ago)
Youre easily amused. This game is like a job. Dull as hell
Min Gaming (7 months ago)
Omg it's the swedish value
Elect 6339 (7 months ago)
Its pod of whales.
J Williams (7 months ago)
Great content 👍
Zach Schmoldt (7 months ago)
Play this more
Martin Rehnstrøm (7 months ago)
English: you are in Norway. Norsk: du er i norge.
Can i be a name too plz i subed and liked
PNW DIY (7 months ago)
A group of whales is called a pod
Amber Moran (7 months ago)
Can download on phone
Xinf4mous-Toxiic (7 months ago)
Is this on ps4
TheGamingIndian (8 months ago)
That handwritten journal/invoice is the best thing i have seen. I like how authentic it looks.
TGTSN (8 months ago)
Literally 2 seconds in and I fucking hate you

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