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How To: Style Flats and Look Put Together | Brittni Pope

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Never sacrifice style for comfort again! In this video, I show you several ways to style flats/sandals so that you still look "put together" when you aren't in the mood to wear heels! The idea for this video was inspired by one of my lovely subscribers, "BeautyPsycho", who shared how she felt like she didn't feel as put together in flats as she did in heels. Thanks for being awesome, BeautyPsycho! I hope you found this helpful! Thank you so much for watching!! With Love, Brittni Pope
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Text Comments (22)
Winston Lorde (2 months ago)
You are class and elegance personified.
Rosa (1 year ago)
I love your energy, you style and your blazers.. thank you so much I am working on this helpful tips...thank you...new subscriber....
Dr Sarah Nicholls (1 year ago)
Great video! I work in a hospital and have to wear flats. These are some great alternatives to boring black flat pumps xx
Brittni Pope (1 year ago)
Hi Sarah! So glad you found this helpful!!! Thank you for so much for taking the time to watch and comment!! Truly means the world to me! <3
maria i arroyo (2 years ago)
👍👌nice👡great work on 👆
keiyasa (2 years ago)
OMG, thanks so much. I really needed this video!!💟
Brittni Pope (2 years ago)
Hi Keiyasa, so glad you found it helpful! Thanks for watching! <3
amber C (2 years ago)
Great job! You never disappoint.
Brittni Pope (2 years ago)
Thank you, Amber! :) <3
A Clutter-Free Life (3 years ago)
awesome video <3 new subscriber <3
Brittni Pope (2 years ago)
Hi!! Thank you so much for watching and subscribing! <3 :)
TwinBoyzRock (3 years ago)
Seriously one of the best videos I e seen in a long time. I'm tall at 5'7 and I really want to start wearing more flats so this was do informative, thank you!
Brittni Pope (2 years ago)
Thank you soooo much, I'm so happy to know that you found it helpful! I'm 5'7' too and I love being able to comfortably and stylishly alternate between heels and flats! <3
Venus G. (3 years ago)
Thanks for the tips! All of your flats are cute! I love the flats you had in your video! I also loved your outfits!
Siren dep (3 years ago)
Those are  really beautiful shoes! Argh why can't I find such nice flats? I want a pair with ankle straps, but they always seem to cut into my ankle, while the rest of my foot fits loosely in the shoe. Flats with no straps come out of my feet when I walk. And when I wear closed ballet flats without nylon socks, my feet get irritated
Brittni Pope (3 years ago)
+Siren dep I totally understand how tough it can be to find nice flats that are both stylish and comfortable! One of my favorite sites for amazing flats is Zara.com!!!! Thank you for watching and taking the time to comment!!! You're AMAZING <3
Berry Beautiful (4 years ago)
I love the red ankle strap flats and the t strap flats!
Brittni Pope (4 years ago)
+Berry Beautiful Me too!!! Thank you for taking the time to watch and comment!!! <3
marie claire (4 years ago)
I absolutely love you videos! The narration is perfect, not to much talking, but just enough to get your point across. Everything is  clear and concise.  I love the high quality and you have great taste, a good mix a trendy but not to over the top. Your a breath of fresh air.
Brittni Pope (4 years ago)
+nina simone Oh Nina! Thank you SOOOO much for this sweet and thoughtful comment!!! You're a breath of fresh air and I genuinely appreciate you taking the time to watch my videos and comment. It literally means the world to me! Sending you so much love and light!! <3
thankstofashion (4 years ago)
Excellent taste. Love all your combinations <3 Brittni, would you be interested in doing a tag video? I am thinking of "confessions of a youtuber". ..It would be great if you could add one question to the list: Do you write down what you are going to say prior to filming?  In some of your videos like e.g. in this one you don't have any hums and aaaas when you speak. I love your wording and the way you talk. XXX Mahshid مهشید
Brittni Pope (4 years ago)
+thankstofashion Hi Mahshid! Yes, I'd love to do a tag video! Do you have the questions? LOL, yes, I wrote a script for this voice over. I can be such a rambler and when I have a shorter video, I like to make sure I stay on topic. When would you like to do the tag video?

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