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New VIP World BIGGEST SEA Dragon HAINOSAURUS - Jurassic World™: The Game

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All New VIP Dinosaurs COLOSSAL UPDATE - Jurassic World™: The Game Jurassic World™ New Hybrid LABYRINTHOSAURAUS ALANGASAURUS PARASAURA AND METRIALONG New VIP Events Jurassic World The Game ►http://bit.ly/JurrassicWorld ***GET READY FOR THE MOST COLOSSAL UPDATE YET!*** What's New in Version 1.9.13 - World Events: Unite the global COMMUNITY to defeat challenging foes as a single force! - Become a VIP member: Get access to EXCLUSIVE events and special cards packs. - 15 NEW DINOSAURS: 4 new HYBRIDS, 6 never-before-seen on LAND and 5 new AQUATIC creatures. - Test your wits in ALL-NEW Arena Challenges! - Reach level 75 and enjoy 5 new story episodes. - Various bug fixes and improvements. Please Subscribe! ►http://bit.ly/toonfirst VISIT US: http://www.ToonFirst.com FOLLOW US: https://twitter.com/toonfirstgames LIKE US: https://www.facebook.com/Toonfirst WATCH US: http://bit.ly/Toonfirst Google Plus http://bit.ly/1RBwYnP ********************************************************************************
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Text Comments (62)
i git haino from a pack with loyalty points
iman tiger (2 years ago)
wtf pro plss more video
spirow jr (2 years ago)
I really want that new VIP dinosaur they came out dinosaur aquatic
Gud Humor (2 years ago)
roshan andleeb (2 years ago)
хорошая труд
Andy Ostrowski (2 years ago)
roshan andleeb and
Jinky Ablaza (2 years ago)
roshan andlee
Nate's World (2 years ago)
Nice RveI'm btfy vghuhgvbu
+Rayson Gt do u play GrowTopia ?
Didi Khairimulyadi (2 years ago)
Muhammad Dendy darmawan
Pigo Ni (2 years ago)
Your really awesome!I love you!
what is the game name ?
Jurassic World: The Game
Rayson Gt (2 years ago)
Gachitopro YT (2 years ago)
PokéRanger boy 16353 (2 years ago)
dragon 😁😁😁
zac cade (2 years ago)
tlynasour is a dragon
Admiral Cat (3 years ago)
Toonfirst vs Playcow! who is better? both hackers right?
Karl123 The Dark Player (8 months ago)
Admiral Cat TheGamingBeaver.
SkylinePrime YT (3 years ago)
can you send JazzPrimer78 200,000 DNA
Edgar Damian (3 years ago)
Amberline Donat (3 years ago)
Bb n
Juliana Vilar (3 years ago)
1234791589 872625027665432109
Vy Nguyen (3 years ago)
Ria Aprilia (3 years ago)
hangosaurus is the great dinosaur ever boo ya kaza
Karl123 The Dark Player (8 months ago)
Ria Aprilia The Megalodon Is The King Ludia Just Make Megalodon Weak.
Ria Aprilia (3 years ago)
did you just feeding
Cross Bone (3 years ago)
real money
Cross Bone (3 years ago)
Man Cho (3 years ago)
anh thu con moi nhan đi
KINGG BILLY (3 years ago)
Does he have jailbroken
JB Bros (2 years ago)
How do you get Jailbroken?
Zeyad Mahmoud (2 years ago)
Ostepop Gutten (3 years ago)
Hey cool shark
차민준 (3 years ago)
그 게임 이름이 뭐에요?
{NTF}사령관 (3 years ago)
Ervin John Andal (3 years ago)
it looks like a spiked dragon with no wings
Inquisineitor343 (3 years ago)
alguien me puede decir como se consigue el Edestus
Irmãos Uchiha (3 years ago)
algum Brasileiro ver esse canal foda ?
Irmãos Uchiha (3 years ago)
muito show né mds
Megalodon 6985 (3 years ago)
e eu
Margarida Amarela (3 years ago)
jeremy kristoffersen (3 years ago)
Life Of Daren (3 years ago)
Nice Videos Keep It Up !!!
D E F A U L T (3 years ago)
Haajuagyavtvatgtabqvqvvqtbbaybybaybaba I'm not early but there is no comments!
en el minuto 3:46 pongan cámara lenta aparece algo raro que es?
Cows are Cows (3 years ago)
Vip ahahahah😎cool
GÀ PUBG TV (3 years ago)
how to get 500000 bone vip in one day
SinCara Z (3 years ago)
I have all vip they are very op
Mc _Gamer01 (2 years ago)
SrGod Of lord The Hainosaurus looks very OP
Zeyad Mahmoud (2 years ago)
+Cross Bone actually if he used hacks he cannot be killed by changing the level of any dino to 9999 with 24152756 health and attack
Cross Bone (3 years ago)
and survive for a while
Cross Bone (3 years ago)
yeah so you can attack omega o9
Anthony Sabatino (3 years ago)
what's she eating no one knows
Clemont TFINTTS (3 years ago)
Precise B-List (3 years ago)
There's only 7 comments chill
Clemont TFINTTS (3 years ago)
4th OMFG
Pedro Cesario (3 years ago)
King Comment (3 years ago)
ayeteeboi (3 years ago)
to get nothing

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