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Is Your Brand Story Set Up to Succeed?

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http://www.thereluctantspeakersclub.c... Are You Making These Mistakes With Your Brand Stories? As part of The Reluctant Speakers Club Expert Series, public speaking mentor Eamonn O'Brien speaks with brand expert Alec Drew, AKA The Straight Talker (http://www.straight-talker.com/) at a recent PSA Ireland (https://www.facebook.com/psaireland) event about what it takes to set partnerships with third party creative resources for success. How to Partner With Design Professional to Create Winning Brand Stories Listen in as we discuss: - The single biggest challenge you must address before you even begin to design your brand - Why too many businesses don’t get what they want when working with creative professionals to design brands, websites, and more - What you simply must know to achieve better results from your partnerships - The single most important question you should ask creative professionals when deciding who you should work with - What it really takes to create a winning brand - And more To Hone Your Speaking Skills, Make it Your business to Learn About Eamonn's New Book: How to Make Powerful Speeches Visit: http://www.thereluctantspeakersclub.c... or buy it at Amazon via: http://amzn.to/1mQYlu0 To connect with Eamonn, visit: https://twitter.com/TheReluctantSC https://www.linkedin.com/in/eamonnobr... https://plus.google.com/+EamonnOBrien..
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