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CNET Top 5 - Compact cameras for advanced shooters

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http://cnet.co/12cKPRY The best five cameras that hit the sweet spot between dSLR style control and a compact size.
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Bhabani Sankar Mishra (1 month ago)
no view finder, not a camera
John Cantrell (10 months ago)
Even though it is a few years old now, I still like my pentax mx-1. Really good performance for the money.
Deckard Shaw (1 year ago)
Silly review. All are extr. Expensive and no real alternative for a phonecam. Which are getting better by the day. 60x90 enlargements no problem on my oneplus 3t.
Ed Leonard (1 year ago)
senthil arumugam (1 year ago)
Sony sucks, though it has the best specs, the battery is crap. My RX100 discharges without been used. and there is no solution. I would never ever buy another sony.
Aeneas (2 years ago)
You can't pick holes in that review, it did exactly what it said on the tin!
locator 422 (2 years ago)
erm is that a wig
Deckard Shaw (1 year ago)
locator 422 it is, as is the tongue and jaw.
dcdcdcdcdcd (2 years ago)
Nice to see the Canon G15 on this list. I just got the G16 and am having a lot of fun with it. The WI-FI is nice too.
verfed (2 years ago)
Nice to see the Canon G15 on this list. I just got the G16 and am having a lot of fun with it. The WI-FI is nice too.
e. det (3 years ago)
wht a good cheap compact camera for casual shooting
no name (3 years ago)
Absolutely no mention of the Olympus Pen products? Arguably one of the smallest, yet very advanced, high-image-quality, yet most reasonably priced offerings is/was the Olympus E-pm1 (Pen Mini). I traded in a $1500 DSLR and bought the Pen Mini for about $500 and couldn't be happier. I realize this is now a few years later but the Olympus Pen series is still running STRONG and still has some of the best bang-for-the-buck advanced camera offerings on the market.
Aeneas (2 years ago)
True, you're no "Dunce", the X-100s as with all Fuji X cameras is Mirrorless! Only SLR's and Large format have a mirror which sits in front of blocks the sensor, to direct light from the lens to the viewfinder, requiring it to flip out of the way when the shutter is released.
Aeneas (2 years ago)
The X-100 is a mirrorless fixed lens camera. Where do you think the mirror is? There's no mirror between the lens and the sensor! The Optical viewfinder is a Rangefinder type parallel optic. The EVF is off the sensor with a prism/ Half mirror to project the EVF overlay onto the OVF for hybrid Optical with shooting information Overlay! Who's the "Dunce" now?
no name (3 years ago)
+ExtinctWaffle So pointless semantics aside, this video does not state that the camera has to be mirrorless or not mirrorless or with fixed lens or with interchangeable lenses. The point of the video is to highlight cameras that fall between DSLR and Point n Shoot. So again, my initial suggestion of the Pen series is still quite valid. The X100s is a mirrorless camera with a fixed lens, the Pen cameras I am suggesting are mirrorless cameras with interchangeable lenses... that can be had, including the lens, for the same price, if not cheaper, than the X100s. Your dipshit attempt to nullify my suggestion is entirely without grounds. Dunce.
Decapeptyl (3 years ago)
+no name When people say mirrorless they mean mirrorless with interchangeable lens, and since the x100s doesn't have interchangeable lens, it doesn't count. And when buying mirrorless cameras you also have to factor in the price for the lens you're buying it with.
no name (3 years ago)
+ExtinctWaffle as a matter of natural fact, the Fujifilm X100s IS a mirrorless camera. That is simply a fact. FUrthermore, the video does not state that it excludes mirrorless options anyway. They are talking about compact camera options for advanced shooters, which, as i stated, many in the Olympus Pen line are perfect for... regardless if they are mirrorless or not.
Pepe Le Pew (4 years ago)
Went from a d3200 kit and a amateur strobist kit to an eos m, haven't regret even a bit
ibanezrg470 (4 years ago)
Tramp stamps don't count lol.
MrVoayer (4 years ago)
Good compilation and an amusing presenter! Well done!!!
Prism Teachings (4 years ago)
Canon G16 gets very high reviews with a super fast lens! http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00EFILHB4/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=B00EFILHB4&linkCode=as2&tag=amznelite-20
darwiniandude (4 years ago)
Love my Fuji X100
x7stringinJSCx (4 years ago)
Leica M3. 
exwhyz33 (4 years ago)
$600 is definitely NOT 'affordable' !!
Cade Johnson (9 months ago)
That’s less than a damn cell phone
Jade Scarlette Madison (4 years ago)
It is for a compact system camera with dslr features.
Thomas Moran (4 years ago)
Yeh it is
BeCreative (4 years ago)
right but I got a lot of problems with rx100!!!!!!!!! 
St. Francis Cainta (4 years ago)
RX100 also has very good video that runs around the video quality of all the cameras on the list. 
Jennifer P. (4 years ago)
he rated the rx100 as the number 1 on his list ... guess why
Cliff for #1 (5 years ago)
No way is a camera with a x3.6 zoom the best camera.
Jonathan Glauert (1 year ago)
I have this camera, the photo quality is the best of any small camera
Henry Perry-Friedman (4 years ago)
you obviously have no idea what you are talking about
Thomas Moran (4 years ago)
Zoom with your feet
Grant Brown (5 years ago)
great review donald.  and, nice comic timing!
RufusLeakin (5 years ago)
DSC RX-1 is $2,669? I'd rather go with the new Sony A7 with a full frame sensor for $1,699 then add my own lens. Better deal!
espacho (5 years ago)
@ adrian balint, because it does actually have a full frame sensor. Hence the high price.
Enrico Forlini (5 years ago)
No Ricoh GR?
adrian balint (5 years ago)
why does he say full frame profesional senzor, he's going to confuse people that they have a full frame senzor.. stupid marketing
Jonatan Carrique (5 years ago)
no leica?
james borden (5 years ago)
no mx-1?
Hector Niebla (5 years ago)
Archetype00 (5 years ago)
2.7k for a compact camera? Hell no you fucking insane? You could nearly get a 5D Mark III for that. Point of getting a compact camera is for it to be an effective high quality shooter for a low price.
Naeemah Sabree (5 years ago)
Graduate from instagram lol
Choco Thunder (5 years ago)
Suggestion you should include the info of the cropped factor inherent to different camera.
ryan hennessy (5 years ago)
I love my x10
Viorel Holhos (5 years ago)
I was shure that the rx100 will be first its awesome guys what do you want more... hey wait can you give one away
Paul Goodyear (5 years ago)
Magnus Thor (5 years ago)
What about Samsung nx 300?
Varun Narain (5 years ago)
cannon IS crap, RPGs are far superior.
frogbuddy01 (5 years ago)
If it were that easy, everyone would make their own. Companies get peices to make the cameras from manufactures, and make it cheaper, you would probably pay $3,500 to make it your own, with TERRIBLE photos
Colman Zambrana (5 years ago)
ivankuga (5 years ago)
next top 5 DSLR
Synicade (5 years ago)
Go ahead, I dare you! Obviously you're just shit talking, but if it was easy to do everyone would do it. But seriously, go ahead.
Alford Lau (5 years ago)
I would add Panasonic LX-7 for image quality and same brand FZ200 for flexibility
JDeeptheeGreat (5 years ago)
sir nube negra (5 years ago)
Vetericus N (5 years ago)
Great review
Bakir Rasheed (5 years ago)
What about Samsung NX Camera series?!?
marxvlog (5 years ago)
0:24 That's not a DLSR in the background :/ How can I trust your review if you can't get that right?
marxvlog (5 years ago)
Canon aren't "crap". The Canon 5D series is the #1 professional DLSR. In fact head on over to your local photography society and you'll enter a room filled with Canon cameras. They also make some of the best pro and semi pro video cameras.
MangaMean (5 years ago)
haha for 2600 i'll make one
2LIT4U Gamer (5 years ago)
sony kills it!!!!!
ShermanMR2 (5 years ago)
Umm, what about the Panasonic LX7?!? That camera is unbelievably good. It's got a 1.4 lens for gods sake!!! I could officially say that I can't trust cnet's recommendations anymore when it comes to cameras.
Synicade (5 years ago)
He said it was Cannon, so I just assumed he spelled it right.
khunopie (5 years ago)
It's Canon, not Cannon
Synicade (5 years ago)
"Cannon is crap" Really? That's really ignorant. If you remove your biases you would realize that Cannon is a pretty good camera company, their Mark II and Mark III are legendary, and that's coming from a Sony fanboy.
Synicade (5 years ago)
Try finding a cheaper compact camera with a full frame sensor, I dare you.
Peter Kim (5 years ago)
small enough to loose lol
george aronis (5 years ago)
Panasonic lx7 blows away the 2 cannons . And Fuji x20 is another good choice. Cannon is crap.
MangaMean (5 years ago)
$2,600 somebody done fucked up at Sony
LegoTrainAddict (5 years ago)
Micro 4:3 is way better with a massive range. It's not full on type but its affordable.
Taylor B (5 years ago)
Pentax Q is amazing! I love mine and everyone who sees it does to!
GOBbluthagain (5 years ago)
shouldve put in the Fuji X20 ...
Ernest Kwok (5 years ago)
Till Ricoh gr hits the market!
John F (5 years ago)
where the hack is Ricoh?
mattdotgreenlake (5 years ago)
Is he affecting a 'Brian Cooley' style? I swear the gestures, vocal inflections, body swagger and facial ticks are all Cooley. I've been watching these guys for years and the Don has definitely changed something. Odd thing though, he does Cooley way better than Cooley does... A welcome departure from standard CNet hosts who are either too cardboard, sweaty palms, or quirky as hell. Go Donald :)
Freddi Muliantono (5 years ago)
New Ricoh GR will kill no.1
killdemraas (5 years ago)
Haha i disliked this
BlindSpaceChimp (5 years ago)
First Comment!
killdemraas (5 years ago)

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