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The Girls Next Door Season 1 Episode 1 : Meet the Girls

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Text Comments (1263)
i.am.strangepeaches (1 hour ago)
Any small youtubers? Lets subscribe to each other!
andy (1 day ago)
when youre 4 looking at playboy...yikes af
andy (1 day ago)
im so glad this guy died
stainthegemini (2 days ago)
Tianna Lamando (2 days ago)
Did anyone watch this just to get it out of there recommended
Ariane Hannig (2 days ago)
Omg he is into girls that look like they could be his daughters
Sana T (4 days ago)
When women turn into commodities, that's when you realize just how evil capitalism really is.
K P (4 days ago)
Men still hold the majority of power (politically, economically, etc.). So the dynamics are in their favor. Men like Hugh exploit women sexually, and they use the unfair power dynamic to take advantage. So many women are taught to feel that catering to this sexual objectification is the only way to get ahead. Sexism is also internalized, so numerous women genuinely feel sex is all they are good for.
S P P (4 days ago)
A four year old looking at soft porn and deciding thats for her? Arent they just live in hookers?
Latrice Shannel (5 days ago)
Were the black girls!!!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡
Scott Swift (6 days ago)
“Kendra just got lucky “?
Scott Swift (6 days ago)
I fucking love Kendra . May god be with you
Glynis Marthinussen (6 days ago)
Bridget didn’t have Wednesday yet 🥰 I love Wednesday.
Aussie Girl (6 days ago)
If she’s a Tom boy then I’m a man
Annie (7 days ago)
The mansion seems super outdated, even back then.
Hi4lili (1 day ago)
This was my favorite show has a kid...now can't even finish it. So perverted
Berline Dambreville (7 days ago)
Why you should you ask to do something? Smh
kemartini (8 days ago)
Kendra was always my favorite! For some reason I knew she would get with someone black lol
Ashlee Morgan (8 days ago)
I used to love this show!!
isabel steinborn (10 days ago)
i read izabella st.james`s book.very interesting cause she moved in About 1-2 years before holly did.she described that holly and bridget did bad mouth to hef About evry other bunnies.do you guys know(for example)that bridget was married when she moved to the Mansion!?sry my english is bad
Sarah Murray (12 days ago)
So this is who Trisha Paytas wants to be like 🤔🤔🤔
magica oceania (12 days ago)
RIP Gizzy
Linda S (12 days ago)
Kendra my sister 🥰🥰🥰🥰Love Her!
Linda S (12 days ago)
Kendra...forgot about her🤦🏾‍♀️ I love her 😍 too
Linda S (12 days ago)
Queen Grace (13 days ago)
Omg #1 girlfriend umm ok 😂😂
Kimmy Queen (18 days ago)
This one episode confirms what Holly says now tbh...
Kimmy Queen (18 days ago)
This show is fascinating
Jaz Tv (18 days ago)
Spoiler, the last episode all the girls leave
Elena G (19 days ago)
The barking dogs are f'en annoying
Theresa Q (20 days ago)
I'm glad he's dead.
Rebecca Garcia (20 days ago)
Holly looks happy and doesn’t look drugged like she claims she was scared.
Kaila (21 days ago)
“He has 8 other girls on his arm so he can afford to have one weirdo”
Kaila (21 days ago)
Lazy Panda (23 days ago)
This is oddly entertaining
Woo Woo (23 days ago)
Kendra is lovable asf she’s goofy and cute
Woo Woo (23 days ago)
All my years I’ve never known Kendra was a playmate
wine kisses (24 days ago)
Hef was an amazing man. His passion for art and photography and movies was beautiful. Hef deserves a movie. He has thousands of scrap books and old videos of him that would make the movie feel like him. Someone make this movie.
Sweetpea 3399 (25 days ago)
Omg Harlow was too cute!
Courtney Hale (26 days ago)
Wow Bridget you achieved so much 🙂 (sarcasm)
Crystal Chi (26 days ago)
Hoarders: Buried Alive
Zeinab Ali (26 days ago)
They’re the same person x7
The fact that Kendra was one of Hugh’s mains lol so epic, but kinda creepy lol
Ms fili (27 days ago)
i miss those britney type jeans and pants lol
Bunny Baby (27 days ago)
No ones going to talk about the orgies? 😂😂
Oma Rumunna (28 days ago)
My teen years.
keda (28 days ago)
keda (28 days ago)
i used to be 8 years old and sneak to watch this show with a bunch of naked women dating a 70 year old man. tf was wrong with me.
Adrianna Davis (29 days ago)
So did the old guy actually have sex sleep with the bunnies or women next door?
Evelyn Dovale (29 days ago)
I don't see a lot of broke old guys dating 3 young blondes at the same time...soooo....let's exclude personality from this equation...
Angie Anne (1 month ago)
RIP hugh <3
Duaa star (1 month ago)
Bitches place full of sins
crissy4445 (1 month ago)
Yknow now that I wouldn’t have to have sex with a fucking 80 year old I might like to be a playboy bunny
trint k (1 month ago)
14:49 was my death and rebirth. So fucking funny
omega2k1969 (1 month ago)
What? She’s from Lodi California?! She sounds southern.
WeGotTurbo Gaming (1 month ago)
Ugh I loved this show!!!!!!
KT Glitter Time (1 month ago)
Sarah America (1 month ago)
Bridgette was smart about it. Rent free and bills free. Going to college.
Erika Miller (1 month ago)
Ugh with the bleach blonde hair. And those damn yapping dogs.
Rachel Hopkins (1 month ago)
Lmfaooo when I was a kid I wanted to be a playboy bunny so bad yeeesh
Anna Butler (1 month ago)
The song has a pedophile feel to it.
Alexis Armstead (1 month ago)
this house is uglyyy
teigh. (1 month ago)
The lighting in the house when holly did her makeup was frightening...maybe it’s way different irl tho
Eye LuvMunny (1 month ago)
Kendra rocking the Hank Baskett jersey in the first episode😂
Sarah Terry (1 month ago)
Anyone watching this in 2018?
ABIGIRRRLL (1 month ago)
Kendras poor hair ://
Grilled 2 Perfection (1 month ago)
Her price tag is still on
Grilled 2 Perfection (1 month ago)
The hairdresser is creepy
Crystal ordaz (1 month ago)
I love Kendra lmao she seems so fun
juni (1 month ago)
she touched the dog...
Pergola Perogies (1 month ago)
I can’t tell if Kendra is serious or not
Hannah and paris show (1 month ago)
You can tell holly isn't happy
Hailey Bug (1 month ago)
there is not one thing about this that isn’t disgusting and horrible.
K1MB3RL3Y88 (1 month ago)
No amount of money in the world would be payment enough for having to kiss some gross old dude or sleep with him.
Meow Meow (1 month ago)
Omg these comments. You guys do realise these women CHOSE to live their ?! He didn’t force them, he isn’t a piece of shit man. He’ was literally living the life he wanted and not harming anyone and if a women decides she wants to live like this then good for her. Her body, her life, her choice. Y’all are negative for no damn reason ✌🏻✌🏻🙄
ChuckHitler (1 month ago)
Kendra seems like a fun bitch i wanna be her friend lmao
Adryanna Arriaga (1 month ago)
Kendra is soooooo rude
Blue Fox (1 month ago)
If I were a guy this would be my life
Maggie Miller (1 month ago)
The good old 2000's were a time of their own. Forgot shows used to be like this haha.
ObservetteMARCH (1 month ago)
Wtf...? I’m watching Halsey perform “Without Me” at Victoria’s Secret 2018 and I nudge my iPad with my elbow and then BAM! (actually more like a D’oh?) and here’s a typical latin-american-maid-lady putting, ALBEIT NOT ONLY ZERO ENTHUSIASM BUT ALSO COMPLETE OBVIOUS CONTEMPT just plop a 70’s era tray of breakfast 🥞 in bed 🛌 with extra lazy. Oh AND THE SIDE-EYE? I WANT *THAT* LADY TO BE THE FOCUS OF THE SHOW AND NOT THESE HOES! 🤣. Fuck off Kendra...."AHA HA HA HAHAA" (Wtf is that laugh?) WHAT? I'm still writing this comment and it's ALREADY FINISHED? 5 min show? WHAAAAAAAA NOW DRAKE ON MAH SCREEN? Time to go back to doz otha haux. No,not Heffs gals, the VIC SECRET CHICKS...is that Pinkett poppin and lockin next to Drake? well this was an experience. Did Kylie Jenner man's just use SHOOK in his raps? K, byeeeeeeeee💨
Layla526 (1 month ago)
Holly “They said I can’t get him neutered until his balls drop” 🤣🤣🤣
with Abby Ericka (1 month ago)
the third one loos lie b arbie
TaD D (1 month ago)
What a different story she tells now.
m bolt (1 month ago)
-(chef 1)sometimes they even eatt better than we do -(chef 2) yeah they do and that’s ok Lol trying not to lose his job
Kimberly Gonzalez (1 month ago)
I’m so confused by the #1 girlfriend and more than 1 girlfriend thing. So he was non monogamous?
lost.gemstone (1 month ago)
8:20 is she stupid?
Brittany Ann Bennis (1 month ago)
I watched every episode in middle school 😍 the nostalgia is real
Angel W Wild (1 month ago)
It’s like he has eight other girls in his arm so it’s like I think he can afford to have one weirdo 😂😂❤️holly
Angel W Wild (1 month ago)
Who knew Kendra would be the one that turned into the wife. That ONLY has sex with her husband once a year. Doesn’t kiss open mouth because it’s “gross” for her. Only wears cotton underwear has her psychiatrist on speed dial. And a restraining order on her mother. Bitter on the couch skipped a two showers so she has an excuse. My pussy stinks don’t fuck me. She turned into.... American call the manager mom wife.
LuLu Lu (1 month ago)
They work nothing..so spoiled
Karie Judd (1 month ago)
A house full of bleached hair, fake tits, and pancakes ass
C B (1 month ago)
Dirty, old, and ugly house.
Lissette Langdon (1 month ago)
So much cringe
ashlee hardaway (1 month ago)
i wonder if he was good in bed
Gracie Elizabeth (1 month ago)
Kendra's coked tf out 😂
Gracie Elizabeth (1 month ago)
So basically he's a pimp no? Or like the older white version of R. Kelly?
Mellissa Cross (1 month ago)
The movie thing is so creepy. Why was Holly so freaked that you have to ASK to watch a movie? If it was like walking on eggshells all the way back then, she should have recognized that and left. But Kendra crossing that boundary obviously wasn't an issue for either her or Hef.
Whitewave gsd (1 month ago)
Kendra is so annoying! And ewww did you see her floor🤢
Whitewave gsd (1 month ago)
Do those ankle bitters ever stop barking?!🙄
kedd (1 month ago)
I'm so glad we're done with those terrible, pencil thin eyebrows.
Kate Alexandra (1 month ago)
These women are damn good actresses

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