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The Girls Next Door Season 1 Episode 1 : Meet the Girls

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Text Comments (1336)
J H (3 days ago)
Their hair styles were horrendous
Chey Chey (3 days ago)
Lol funny how she says she loves heff so much. (The one who plays the main gf not gretchen or kendra but the other. I forgot her name) but she came out with that book bashing heff. Saying how much she didn’t like him and etc,.. lol i think she wanted to marry him badly or have a kid and it didn’t happen to she is salty which isn’t right. And im glad heff saw she was fake. Also did anyone notice the subtle shade she keeps throwing at Kendra? Lol seems jealous! She was really trying to get rid of all the other girls soooo fake
Martin Nguyen (7 days ago)
R.I.P. Mr. Hefner. Too bad I never met you.
Gabie J. (8 days ago)
Holly - “after Hef and I’s first date I moved in 2 days later, I guess u can say we’re made for eachother”.... sad to know how it really went down after reading her book “Down The Rabbit Hole” book.
Carey Powell (10 days ago)
Kendra sees being a girlfriend as a job but yet she’s not a whore. Um, ok, keep telling yourself that.
Jazzy Jaz (13 days ago)
Kendra is a liar, she doesn't like dressing up.
Harley Quiinn (16 days ago)
Its crazy to think this was 14 years ago
Arial Tellez (18 days ago)
Love the jersey
Anton LaVey (22 days ago)
Is bleaching their hair a requirement?
alex sarno (1 month ago)
when girls looked naturally beautiful except for breast implants..now they just look deformed by plastic surgery
Joey.Belén (1 month ago)
@8:11-8:14 Nope.. Bye bitch 👋 Harlow had the right idea 😂😂😂
Caroline Chiasson (1 month ago)
Dirty, messy ass house.
Caroline Chiasson (1 month ago)
I feel uncomfortable watching this (even more than before) due to the stories that have now been released.
flojoe76 flo (1 month ago)
Kendra is total scum:
Jessie D (1 month ago)
Wow look at how small small Bridgette’s breasts where before her surgery. I honestly thought her big boobs where natural because they looked so real! She looks 100% better with her natural small breasts. The big ones made her look heavier with weight. I also had no idea she was so smart!!
Bouncecat (1 month ago)
Cannot believe this shit was airing when I was 15. Insane how normalized this behaviour was by the media, how it was fed to all of us - girls, boys.
Jay Cassi (1 month ago)
Holly's dog Harlow is like *Helllll nah, I'm outta here!*
Ashleigh Inez. (1 month ago)
Yesss gurl 👏🏽👏🏽 good for Bridget. She got a masters.!
Sydney Ellis (1 month ago)
I remember when Kendra passed away.. I watched the documentary when I was like 13.
Melissa Charles (1 month ago)
Kendra is still alive. Do you mean Hefner?
Sydney Ellis (1 month ago)
I remember when holly Madison had her show in Las Vegas while I was growing up there
Jimmy Shaker (1 month ago)
Kendra is a really bad liar! But her laugh is annoying yet hilarious! "Can we watch Napolean Dynamite!"lol She really was scared of Hef! 😀
Jimmy Shaker (1 month ago)
Love watching these old episodes! Holly will always be my favorite of Hefs girlfriends! RIP Hef! 😀
naturalpn7 (2 months ago)
What n the birds Nest is the stylist doing?
Beauty and The eats (2 months ago)
I guess hef lived just about every mans dream.always surrounded by beautiful women.and having his pick of just about any woman he wanted.
Pygmy Puff (2 months ago)
The jazz music threw me off. I thought this was a documentary/movie
theverticalgiraffe (2 months ago)
Today this show would be canceled in a heart beat
kim christensen (2 months ago)
I Love The Music N Sound Effects On This Reality TV Show! I Miss Them.
Jenn Dear (2 months ago)
So did Kendra ever mention being a massage therapist again???
Edith Baltazar (2 months ago)
Holly has that hatter look when kendra walks in jaja
Sean Gentile (2 months ago)
He always has the most gorgeous girls. He was very generous as well.
Julianne Hannes (2 months ago)
I take googleplay for granted, imagine having to physically look for a movie haha
i b (2 months ago)
The goddamn clutter is working right on my mariekondo nerve
Damien INSANE-O (2 months ago)
And now she's a dirty, filthy mudshark.
Julianne Hannes (2 months ago)
Read Holly's book then watch this, it's a great juicy read that is stranger than fiction.
Mandy Simmons (2 months ago)
Is this the PlayBoy building?  ( Lol ) ala Nick and Jessica.  Bridget is sweet.
Cassandra Westgate (2 months ago)
Holly really did a great job acting as if she loved her life but after reading her book I know now that wasn't the case.
hawkeyesrule1234 (2 months ago)
If this show would've aired in this day of age, it would not have lasted. "I just stand next to Heff and look pretty" I'm offended by the comment she made!
i.am.strangepeaches (2 months ago)
Any small youtubers? Lets subscribe to each other!
morgan (2 months ago)
when youre 4 looking at playboy...yikes af
morgan (2 months ago)
im so glad this guy died
Damien INSANE-O (2 months ago)
stainthegemini (2 months ago)
Tianna Lamando (2 months ago)
Did anyone watch this just to get it out of there recommended
Ariane Hannig (2 months ago)
Omg he is into girls that look like they could be his daughters
Jenn Dear (2 months ago)
Ariane Hannig great grand daughters even, lol Money 💰
Damien INSANE-O (2 months ago)
every guy is
Sana T (2 months ago)
When women turn into commodities, that's when you realize just how evil capitalism really is.
Damien INSANE-O (2 months ago)
capitalism isn't evil you've been brainwashed
K P (2 months ago)
Men still hold the majority of power (politically, economically, etc.). So the dynamics are in their favor. Men like Hugh exploit women sexually, and they use the unfair power dynamic to take advantage. So many women are taught to feel that catering to this sexual objectification is the only way to get ahead. Sexism is also internalized, so numerous women genuinely feel sex is all they are good for.
Damien INSANE-O (2 months ago)
the women are there on their own free will. You're incredibly, incredibly ignorant
S P P (2 months ago)
A four year old looking at soft porn and deciding thats for her? Arent they just live in hookers?
Latrice Shannel (2 months ago)
Were the black girls!!!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡
WB Sims (2 months ago)
His brother was known to have had black/dark skin gfs and many have been playmatesv
Scott Swift (2 months ago)
“Kendra just got lucky “?
Scott Swift (2 months ago)
I fucking love Kendra . May god be with you
Glynis Marthinussen (2 months ago)
Bridget didn’t have Wednesday yet 🥰 I love Wednesday.
Aussie Girl (2 months ago)
If she’s a Tom boy then I’m a man
Annie (2 months ago)
The mansion seems super outdated, even back then.
Hi4lili (2 months ago)
This was my favorite show has a kid...now can't even finish it. So perverted
Berline Dambreville (2 months ago)
Why you should you ask to do something? Smh
kemartini (2 months ago)
Kendra was always my favorite! For some reason I knew she would get with someone black lol
Ashlee Morgan (2 months ago)
I used to love this show!!
isabel steinborn (2 months ago)
i read izabella st.james`s book.very interesting cause she moved in About 1-2 years before holly did.she described that holly and bridget did bad mouth to hef About evry other bunnies.do you guys know(for example)that bridget was married when she moved to the Mansion!?sry my english is bad
Johnny Akwasi (1 month ago)
+Nahoma Sharrock none of Them(Seven official girlfriends)wanted to be in holly's shoes aS the Role of hefs no1- girlfriend.they Were just there to have fun
Nahoma Sharrock (1 month ago)
Bridget was legally married, however she was separated from her husband. Hef was legally married too. I’d take anything Izabella says with a pinch of salt. She wanted to sue Holly because their books were similar but also said Holly’s book was all full of lies (Izabella was basically calling herself a liar with that “logic”. She really didn’t think that through). She was salty she wasn’t on the show.
Sarah Murray (2 months ago)
So this is who Trisha Paytas wants to be like 🤔🤔🤔
magica oceania (2 months ago)
RIP Gizzy
Linda S (2 months ago)
Kendra my sister 🥰🥰🥰🥰Love Her!
Linda S (2 months ago)
Kendra...forgot about her🤦🏾‍♀️ I love her 😍 too
Linda S (2 months ago)
Queen Grace (2 months ago)
Omg #1 girlfriend umm ok 😂😂
Kimmy Queen (2 months ago)
This one episode confirms what Holly says now tbh...
Kimmy Queen (2 months ago)
This show is fascinating
Jaz Reece (2 months ago)
Spoiler, the last episode all the girls leave
Elena G (2 months ago)
The barking dogs are f'en annoying
Theresa Q (2 months ago)
I'm glad he's dead.
Rebecca Garcia (2 months ago)
Holly looks happy and doesn’t look drugged like she claims she was scared.
Kaila (2 months ago)
“He has 8 other girls on his arm so he can afford to have one weirdo”
Kaila (2 months ago)
Lazy Panda (3 months ago)
This is oddly entertaining
Woo Woo (3 months ago)
Kendra is lovable asf she’s goofy and cute
Woo Woo (3 months ago)
All my years I’ve never known Kendra was a playmate
wine kisses (3 months ago)
Hef was an amazing man. His passion for art and photography and movies was beautiful. Hef deserves a movie. He has thousands of scrap books and old videos of him that would make the movie feel like him. Someone make this movie.
Sweetpea 3399 (3 months ago)
Omg Harlow was too cute!
Courtney Hale (3 months ago)
Wow Bridget you achieved so much 🙂 (sarcasm)
Crystal Chi (3 months ago)
Hoarders: Buried Alive
Zeinab Ali (3 months ago)
They’re the same person x7
The Closet Ratchet ASMR (3 months ago)
The fact that Kendra was one of Hugh’s mains lol so epic, but kinda creepy lol
Ms fili (3 months ago)
i miss those britney type jeans and pants lol
Bunny Baby (3 months ago)
No ones going to talk about the orgies? 😂😂
Oma Rumunna (3 months ago)
My teen years.
keda (3 months ago)
keda (3 months ago)
i used to be 8 years old and sneak to watch this show with a bunch of naked women dating a 70 year old man. tf was wrong with me.
Adrianna Davis (3 months ago)
So did the old guy actually have sex sleep with the bunnies or women next door?
Adrianna Davis (1 month ago)
+Cassandra Westgate oh thanks.
Cassandra Westgate (2 months ago)
Yes. Read Holly's book "Down the Rabbit hole" she described a night of group sex after the club on her first night staying at the mansion... each of the girls would take turns having sex with Hef for only about two minutes or so. He relied heavily on Viagra.
Evelyn Dovale (3 months ago)
I don't see a lot of broke old guys dating 3 young blondes at the same time...soooo....let's exclude personality from this equation...
Angie Anne (3 months ago)
RIP hugh <3
Duaa star (3 months ago)
Bitches place full of sins
crissy4445 (3 months ago)
Yknow now that I wouldn’t have to have sex with a fucking 80 year old I might like to be a playboy bunny
trint k (3 months ago)
14:49 was my death and rebirth. So fucking funny
omega2k1969 (3 months ago)
What? She’s from Lodi California?! She sounds southern.
WeGotTurbo Gaming (3 months ago)
Ugh I loved this show!!!!!!
KT Glitter Time (3 months ago)
Sarah America (3 months ago)
Bridgette was smart about it. Rent free and bills free. Going to college.
Erika Miller (3 months ago)
Ugh with the bleach blonde hair. And those damn yapping dogs.
Rachel Hopkins (3 months ago)
Lmfaooo when I was a kid I wanted to be a playboy bunny so bad yeeesh
Anna Butler (3 months ago)
The song has a pedophile feel to it.
Alexis Armstead (3 months ago)
this house is uglyyy
teigh. (3 months ago)
The lighting in the house when holly did her makeup was frightening...maybe it’s way different irl tho
Eye LuvMunny (3 months ago)
Kendra rocking the Hank Baskett jersey in the first episode😂

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