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The Girls Next Door Season 1 Episode 1 : Meet the Girls

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Violette Wellington (2 days ago)
Look at them now all losers divorced ! One cheated with a tranny omg
cammy bear (2 days ago)
Violette Wellington who
cammy bear (2 days ago)
i lowkey love kendra’s laugh
November Rain (2 days ago)
I can only imagine that house wreaked of cat and dog piss and shit!!!! That cracked up parking pad for those rented vehicles lmao!!!That mansion outdated furniture old t.v.s dingy carpet dingy walls!!!ugh Depressing!!!!!!!
Nora M (2 days ago)
17:34!!! Did she say where's the black girls?
Kitty Hall (4 days ago)
It's orange because of the show not what it actually looks like......
bluebearmuffin cakes (4 days ago)
Holly was a dumb bitch
cammy bear (2 days ago)
bluebearmuffin cakes lowkey
Ayda Longlænd (4 days ago)
Gizmo 🖤💯
mendez5525 (4 days ago)
I always liked Bridgette, I feel she never claimed to be "in love" with Hef, she made it clear she wanted to be a playmate and to have fun while she was still young, she was honest about her intentions. I think she had affection for Hef but she never claimed she wanted to be married to him.
Rocka (5 days ago)
11:30 "beaucoup de cheveux, por favor". the french guy just died inside.
nova_ray (5 days ago)
Kendra = fave
rebekah kraft (5 days ago)
People always forget that Bridget is super smart
violetdafinesser (6 days ago)
why was this recommended
Claire Scott (6 days ago)
You know, I was just a kid when this show came out and I can remember not really being able to tell them (the 3 this is about) apart from one another very well. And here I am a grown adult and I still can't really tell them apart! When it got to the part where they talk about how hef saw Kendra and just knew he had to talk to her...her and every other women who was body painted looked exactly alike. Fake blonde hair, fake tan, fake boobs, fake face...how exactly is one different than the others?
Madeleine Johnson (6 days ago)
I died when the grandma touched the dogs balls 💀💀💀
Courtney Layton (6 days ago)
Nov 2018
Woo&Chunk (6 days ago)
I died when Kendra said "we're the black girls" 😭😭
yellowmystic (6 days ago)
Who can believe that this old man can really have sex and even more satisfy all this yong women. No way. Humiliating.... No words.
Kitty Crazy (6 days ago)
Oh heff is a disgusting pig and those hoes are all air head bimbos that should of done something with their life rather then spreading their legs for an 80year old pig. Calling him their boyfriend like come on. You know you’re just there for fame and money. If he was an 80 year old man with $50 bucks to his name would all these bitches be living with him???? But no they ain’t gold diggers. Give me a fucking break.
bryonnajones (6 days ago)
She wanted to be that at four? Geez in My opinion...
Wendy Alien (6 days ago)
did these girls actually have sex w him
Sary Farrell (6 days ago)
Kendra Wilkinson is so irritating.
Jin J (6 days ago)
I remember watching this as a kid. I thought it was soooo glamorous. Lol!
Alissa Michelle (7 days ago)
Damn. She earned the will.
Mary-Jane Adventures (7 days ago)
gross hippy chick here 😂
Sarah McKinney (7 days ago)
Sigh. Cats don’t need baths or a “deep condition” 🙄 Unless the cat gets caked in a mud bath, a “crap bath”, or something toxic gets on its fur, don’t bathe your cats. If you attempt it, you’ll most likely regret it. Dogs? Yes, they need baths. They’re different. That cat is beautiful and just needed a good brushing!! (Sorry, cat lover here) 😻😽 lol :)
Tracy Barrett (7 days ago)
Kendra is young and she dosent care
Chris Tina (7 days ago)
Holly was just trying to stick it out till he crocked..she had to know it couldn't be much longer.
Jane Evans (7 days ago)
Theres to much b*ches running around...
Dabney Edwards (7 days ago)
What is this show
emil3947r8y70 (7 days ago)
he makes my skin crawl. gross
tt tai (7 days ago)
They had to dress the way he liked, dress slutty the way he liked, they had to ask permission to do certain things and he got mad if they talked to any man for too long...this wasn't a girlfriend/boyfriend relationship; it was a pimp/hoe relationship.
Nikki D (8 days ago)
Those wide leg pants! Lol
Cherish Faleono (8 days ago)
I loved Kendra and Bridget 🤗
kaczynski’s wife (8 days ago)
men are subhuman. i would love to keep a group of sexually attractive men in my house that cater to my every whim, but alas i'm not a man with millions of dollars
Coletha Albert (8 days ago)
This is it for me. This is where I am. This is where I am going to stay. Famous last words of Holly. Weird
Julie Anne Ryan (9 days ago)
The house is gross. Just a big grose house.
Carol Berwind (9 days ago)
Kendra looks beautiful
Carol Berwind (9 days ago)
I think Holly was too calculating n scared Heff!!! The girl he did marry was so much more innocent seemingly anyway..
Who lives there now that he has passed away?
CandiceCoated Unicorn (10 days ago)
Their dresses always looked like cheap ass prom dresses 🤦‍♀️ but I loved them anyway ❤️
psicofukapus (10 days ago)
Shit stains on the floor. Cum stains on the wall. Piss stains on the ceiling.. Welcome to the Playboy Mansion!
Barbara Ransom (10 days ago)
Huge Heffner was nothing more than a Pimp! Since he was also Extremely Wealthy he was allowed to Sexually Exploit these Young Ladies! He should have been Criminally Charged but at least now he most likely is Roasting In Hell because somehow I don't think that God is Cool with His Actions.
MB (11 days ago)
Just a reminder they were all banging a 78-year old, and their date nights were gross. And then they got an allowance every Friday, so basically being a Playboy girlfriend was just prostitution? Because nobody believes they would be having sex with an old man without money being exchanged. 🤮
Taee B (11 days ago)
Hugh Hefner nasty bitch ass 😐💀
lisa j (11 days ago)
Hef, was more into dudes than gals
JigglyJessica (13 days ago)
Holy resented Kendra and Heff. Holy was supposed to be his right hand. It was her responsibility to keep Kendra on check ✔ for these functions to keep heff happy. They should have taught kendra better manners. Holy was definitely envious. She should have left if she was so "unhappy".
Original Gems (13 days ago)
You couldn't pay me billions to do it.
Original Gems (13 days ago)
You can tell they are faking it. Looks like hell.
D D (13 days ago)
does he only like white blondes? lol
Wendy Alejandra (13 days ago)
The most shocking thing that they’ve been with him for years 🙄🤢
cat (15 days ago)
jaja me encanta!
Sean Gentile (16 days ago)
Cute as hell!!! Stunning.
Coletha Albert (17 days ago)
Considering Holly's book, this episode is RICH
Jaslyn Kingston (17 days ago)
She looks like my sister she seemed classy for her placement
T Ghost (18 days ago)
This show should be called, "Prostitutes Next Door"
Yasi Mancher (18 days ago)
What’s the difference between this and polygamy? They just aren’t married by law...
F Off Plz (18 days ago)
The first time holly said I want to marry you he should've been honest with her, straight forward
Tygafttf (22 days ago)
THE SO CALLED 'HARLO' RAT DOG RUNNING AWAY AND LOOKING BACK, almost as if he was trying to escape :') 8.10
ASHA OMEGA (23 days ago)
I used to watch this show when I was SUPER young and I’m in school for massage... I totally forgot that Kendra was a therapist too 😭
Rachel Johnson (23 days ago)
Holly says she didnt want this but she looks pretty happy and into it to me its stupid to regret something u once wanted so much
Ronnie Roo (26 days ago)
Never seen this as in UK, but who in their right mind would move into a house with a man old enough to be their grandfather and his ho girlfriends. Yuk!!!! Get a job and some respect for yourself.
Tina Davies (1 month ago)
Oh no Kendra! Your poor poor eye brows 😬☹️
Tina Davies (1 month ago)
After Holly’s book I can never watch this show in the same way ever again ☹️💔
fatima ghori (1 month ago)
9:45 *adjectives*
mama 79 (1 month ago)
I remember watching this show. Kendra was always my favorite 💖 Our personalities are very similar.
Karina Michelle (1 month ago)
This is very culty... 2005 really was a much simpler time. I loved the show back then! Re-watching as an adult raises so many red flags.
Lio Lio (1 month ago)
Bridgette is so cute
bon bon (1 month ago)
Lol this is low key so sad for all parties involved.
tightlipped01 (1 month ago)
I read somewhere that the mansion was extremely dirty and that the carpets were literally ruined from all the dogs that lived there. I also read that the girls often felt like prisoners and needed Heffs permission to leave or to really do anything. So to watch them say how much they love it is crazy to me lol.
Irene (1 month ago)
This was quite fascinating in a really weird way: mutually beneficial in that the old rich guy gets to ignore the grim reaper while having sex with younger women and they get to enjoy lots of his money and some fame. Rod Stewart is another aging saddo who parts with cash to trade in wives for younger ones. My good man joked a while back about having a threesome, I said yeah sure, is it ok if I pick the other guy for that? The subject has never been raised since.
Kim Ventura (1 month ago)
I don't care how lavish the surroundings are you couldn't pay me to lay there and have that ole relic pawing on me. So gross.
bunni babie (1 month ago)
I miss the cute way girls used to dress back then, with like the juicy tracksuit and the cute little dresses, kind of like how Paris Hilton used to dress
Lizzie O (1 month ago)
Bridget was my favorite, naturally beautiful inside and out!
A M (1 month ago)
Bunch of money hungry whores - and he's disgusting!
addydab7 (1 month ago)
she was four and looking at playboy??? ok then....
Amber Mullenax (1 month ago)
Kendra!!! My FAVVVVVVVVV!!!!!
Tshepiso Bogatsu (1 month ago)
I used to love love this show
American Made (1 month ago)
Holly said he can afford to have one weirdo😂😂😂
American Made (1 month ago)
The feminists are running rampant in the comment section.
Joanna Ali (1 month ago)
lol here job is being gf
Kelsey Lynn (1 month ago)
Why does my house look nicer inside than the playboy bunny mansion wtf
kat devona (1 month ago)
Kendra is sooo stunning she’s like a supermodel / barbie doll
Helia lamster (1 month ago)
What are these girls thinking ? Guess nothing cause they dont have no brain
Heather Thomson (1 month ago)
Bridget is smart as hell,.bachelor's, And a Masters damn sweets. Good for you! Totally busts the stereotypical dumb bimbo blonde etc etc..🖕💋 Hollys a snake n the grass aye 😒💩Turd Kendra..well she's Kendra lol😎😲 Hugh ..Won the game of LIFE😉💋💗👞💊👓🏩🏆💰💲🤓👴👯👙👔🍹🍻🏌🎬📸📚🚻💎☠😇🖕👑 Pretty much yeah.. G.O.A.T 💯✔✅✔✅❗ An a Shit load of emojis ,.just got em had to try em out 😁😉🖕👯
S W (1 month ago)
Bridget was Jeffs ugliest girlfriend ever...gross
American Made (1 month ago)
Who the hell is Jeff?
daisy duke (1 month ago)
👍👌 SWEET!! ⭐⭐
Heidi E (1 month ago)
This was the only episode they focused on the staff to make fun of the people living there
peach teax (1 month ago)
This is disgusting, and 4 years old you want to be like these h0es?
tbaby731 (1 month ago)
LMAO it is SO obvious that Holly feels some type of way about Kendra!!
Aliyah Love (1 month ago)
“Mr. Hefner was very interested in the girl” 💀
Ace Of Moms Yea (1 month ago)
Why they all look so much older then they are??
Brittany May (1 month ago)
Awe Kendra said she doesn't feel as pretty as the other celebs!!!! Girl....u are fucking awesome!!!! I love you and your personality is amazing!!!! Everything you have been thru in the past how many years and you have slayed!!!!
A L (1 month ago)
Can anyone explain how this is not glorified prostitution..? In exchange for the lavish lifestyle they slept with Hef.. I'm not trying to put blame on anyonr, but I just don't see how this isn't prostitution? I guess it is possible, but I just find it really unlikely that a girl so young moves in with a man 40-50 years older who is dating 6 other women 2 days after meeting him
American Made (1 month ago)
Oh it's definitely a form of prostitution, they just found a way to do it legally. He pays for their lifestyles and they return the favor with sex.
emily salce (1 month ago)
This is so disgusting lmao
Tracy KaPoni (1 month ago)
They're hair was a mess tho....ijs
Tracy KaPoni (1 month ago)
Nicki LovesDogs (1 month ago)
8:00 That guy is super cute and sexy. I would love to date him.
Kelly Marie (1 month ago)
I was in my early to mid-20s when this show aired. Like an idiot, I bleached the life out of my hair every month because I wanted to look like Holly😣
Aut M (1 month ago)
That place looks like it smells like wet dog and dust. YUCK!

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