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Bare Fitness - New Series. This month on Playboy TV

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jr. (22 days ago)
looks like a pretty hot show. its a shame no one is not going to watch it
Bobby Jenkins (24 days ago)
Play morning show I wish you girl doing the jungle book wedgie for you next video ok
Sick Dave49ers (1 month ago)
Who's the blonde girl ?
Yorkie chronicles (13 days ago)
Sick Dave49ers Sarati
LazarusStirs (3 months ago)
This show could have been great, but was HORRIBLE. There are basically no crotch shots. Playboy original programming, even from the 90s would always pay some attention to the crotch area. This not only has zero open leg shots or modest bend over shots, there is almost no basic frontal nudity. I, liteally, saw more graphic MALE nudity on HBO prime time programming this evening, than there was female nudity in this show. But this is the problem with all the new original Playboy TV programming. It's all pretty worthless. Especially the Playmate videos which are now non nude and just garbage. This was almost a PG-13 show if you cut out 1 or 2 moments. Just AWFUL.
ilove you (6 months ago)
Heemo 4ever (11 months ago)
There is a girl called lina The man season 1 What is her full name?
郭仲哲 (1 year ago)
Арзу Гаджиев (8 months ago)
Xoş gəlmisiniz
郭仲哲 (1 year ago)
郭仲哲 (1 year ago)
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ElPolloDiablo100 (1 year ago)
Just watched the first episode: the cast, the outfits, the lighting, the concept is great, but you really need to provide raunchier camera angles. Just nipples&buttcrack is too tame nowadays even by playboy standards(and preferably by chicks who aren't full fledged pornstars). Also if the host chick doesn't get naked by the end of the season it would have been better if she wasn't even there to begin with rather than tease us with no payoff.
LazarusStirs (3 months ago)
Yep. This is the problem with all their new programming. It doesn't have to be porn level, but it needs to be raunchier. The Playmate videos are just worthless now, as they show ZERO frontal nudity, and even shows like this show almost no basic frontal nudity. And yeah, why have the host not be nude by the end of the show. What the hell is the point of he even being there. Should have been great and was just a worthless show.
Daniel Rogers (1 year ago)
abody nazem (1 year ago)
ماسوين بعد
Ivanhoe Sanchez (1 year ago)
Abdou Lhadj (1 year ago)

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