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INVASION OF THE CRIMEA 44' Battle for the High Ground | Men of War: Assault Squad 2 Gameplay

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Text Comments (19)
big boi (27 days ago)
Let's get this video to 500 likes! :)
gheddi (1 month ago)
I have this game since it came out but I never really played it much, it was just a bit too much micromanaging and I got frustrated... is there some beginner friendly way to go into the game? It looks much fun, but I don't really know how to build up a bit of skill and tactics without getting super frustrated because I cant get shit done lol
Sean Powers (1 month ago)
Great video. Which mod or map is this?
Scott Cooley (1 month ago)
They usually say yes general
Matsimus (1 month ago)
Epic video as always brother ❤️👍
ozyryx lp (1 month ago)
i can say it to you i am German
Wui Ting Woon (1 month ago)
Or coh ,wait why u stop playing coh
Wui Ting Woon (1 month ago)
Can we have mowas2 mission or campaign and no multiplayer for a while
Paul Miklasinski (1 month ago)
How old is Pinto ;-)?
Paul Miklasinski (1 month ago)
+Jim lastname That was strictly rhetorical question ;-).
Jim lastname (1 month ago)
Paul Miklasinski - Not very old at all, I imagine !! I've been watching him play MoW with Raptor now for quite some time, I remember he's has mentioned his age a number of times, though I don't recall, now, exactly what that is. They were talking just a little while back, about him being in high school, if that helps!! But, if I had to guess, I'd say he's about 15-16 yrs old, but remember, that's only a guess.....a good one, I think !!
Cam Brungart (1 month ago)
Raptor I think pinto is trying to say bereit für meine Einsatz I think it means ready for my orders 1:47
Severe Storm Chasing (1 month ago)
Great job R MAN
Rikke (1 month ago)
Good stuff as always 07
thetiffkhajitTR2 2 (1 month ago)
Ben bunu bir yerden hatırlıyorum...... Hmmmm
Kenneth Kirchstein (1 month ago)
Jim lastname (1 month ago)
Kenneth Kirchstein - .......Said the overly enthusiastic (drunk?) German General at the "Battle of Seelow Heights" ....
Filip Mare (1 month ago)
Good work man.Keep going!
Cyka U (1 month ago)

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