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HIIT the Ground Running - 33 Min High Intensity Interval Training for Endurance & Total Body Toning

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Full routine info for this Fitness Blender HIIT Workout @ http://bit.ly/UYOjXj Lose 16-24 lbs in 8 weeks with our 8 Week Fat Loss Programs - find out how @ http://bit.ly/13EdZgX Follow Fitness Blender on Facebook @ http://on.fb.me/zDxh3R We just joined Instagram @ http://bit.ly/Rhulcj Note: All information provided by Fitness Blender is of a general nature and is furnished only for educational/entertainment purposes only. No information is to be taken as medical or other health advice pertaining to any individual specific health or medical condition. You agree that use of this information is at your own risk and hold Fitness Blender harmless from any and all losses, liabilities, injuries or damages resulting from any and all claims.
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Sara Merrifield (4 days ago)
I first set I was like, "Ladder format, okay, I can do this." Then you hit us with the second set and I was like, "Well crap....." Made it through but definitely a tough workout. It's a great one though!
Rushan Saiyed (7 days ago)
How did he do it?
Ismail Noor (18 days ago)
akash550055 (28 days ago)
It should be done before or afteer running
Jorge O (30 days ago)
Man that was rough...
Nyaki Halimana (1 month ago)
there are no words for this workout lol! just crushed it though, feeling amazing and energised. i'll definitely incorporate this into my routine! thanks daniel and kelly <3
Florian Amstutz (2 months ago)
Amazing one! Thanks !
Itati Villanueva (2 months ago)
I wasn't a fan of the increasing and decreasing times of each exercise. I prefer switching the exercises up every 30 seconds to a minute or going in an ab ab format rather than going from 10-50 or 40-10. Also if you start with a warm up why not end the video with a cool down? Balance.
Emma Emma (2 months ago)
Jenny A (2 months ago)
This workout is hard and I find that when I feel tempted to stop I just move right into jumping jacks so I don’t stop moving. It’s worth it though.
Akasha Javed (2 months ago)
honestly a killer workout never disappoints for challenge, done this so many times and still has me dripping with sweat by the end
Robert Gray (3 months ago)
I think I finally reached the top of the mountain after doing all those mountain climbers LOL oh man are my abs killing me
Adrian Cottle (3 months ago)
Kicks my butt everytime I do it! Great routine!
Adrian Cottle (3 months ago)
Haven't done this workout in 2 years (Maybe longer) & It STILL kicks my butt! Awesome content! Please keep it going
OpTiC_TRONIIX A-STAR (3 months ago)
2019 anyone?
Dennis2601 (3 months ago)
Is this workout good for the condition of a Soccer Player?
Denise Gatewood (3 months ago)
I feel good after this workout with the sweat dripping down my back! Remembering all the pain and torture I've committed to will make eating better more easier for me. I'm not doing this hard work for nothing!!
kasturi sai (4 months ago)
I paused the video so that he could have some break during the exercise 🤕🤕👍
George Georgia (4 months ago)
You should know: Your channel is the best! ✌
Ifzal Mohammed (4 months ago)
Amazing work out do this 3 times a week you don't need a diet I like the balance of excersise some easy ones in between hard ones to give you a little respite lol thanks fitness blender
Pablo Higueras (4 months ago)
This was a brutal workout, good job!
Akasha Javed (4 months ago)
still an amazing hitt workout love the challenge
Leah Wood Aston (4 months ago)
Phew! Nice!
yaneth rendon (4 months ago)
Andrea Radi (5 months ago)
This was pretty good
David Ames (5 months ago)
I did twice in a row
Naveen Kumar Sharma (5 months ago)
Guys Let me know the truth Ultimate work out session I have surprisingly result I started in November starting And now after two month I noticed that I m in very good shape. Cause it covers all body part lower, arms and abs Try it for yourself only Stay fit stay healthy Thumbs up 👍 to the maker
Dennis2601 (5 months ago)
Is this Workout good for the endurance of soccer players?
calCR09 (6 months ago)
ok... I'm dead now.. haha
Lisa C. (6 months ago)
Did this last night! It was alright, not super hard. But my hands hurt like hell after those five rounds of mountain climbers....lol
thien incess (6 months ago)
I like this exercise n i do in everyday.thx for u...
Saad Yousuf (6 months ago)
Will this routine get me shredded?
Beenish Bilal (6 months ago)
Attempted this workout first time with my friend.. And I must say we were drained in sweat..But fortunately we completed it.. 😍😍💪💪💪
Marisa A (7 months ago)
Been doing your workouts for over a year, by far the hardest one but perfect for Thanksgiving morning...bring on the food 😄😆
GM Prakash (7 months ago)
The comment section is all about how they all dying 😂
Megan Basinger (7 months ago)
Probably one of the hardest FB workouts I've done. That was wicked throwing in thigh slaps as the FINAL exercise! I admit -- I cheated on the pyramid. Couldn't do the longest set on either exercise.
chilka boyz (7 months ago)
pal pico
Coffeehan (7 months ago)
Holy mother of god it felt like my soul has left my body!
Lynn Scrutton (7 months ago)
Oh, yeah, I think the super-exercise-guy nearly died....as he said. lol! keep workin' it!
Lynn Scrutton (7 months ago)
Well....hmmm.....did my best at age 61.....which was my best amazing!! yep!
emily w (7 months ago)
Oh my this is a killer!👍
ButoBoi (8 months ago)
AsianKid69 was here!
Pikminization (8 months ago)
This was Brutal!!! That’s all I had to say
sofia 28 (9 months ago)
Whenever I felt I'm dying I start saying "Harry Edward styles , Niall James Horan , Liam James Payne , zayn javadd Malik , Louis William Tomlinson " and it really works!!!! THANKS LADS
Jamie Newbegin (9 months ago)
YouTube decided to stick a beer commercial into one of the breaks. F... you, YouTube.
Noldy (9 months ago)
Whooooooahh!! Modified a few exercise but got it done. Workout complete 6.09.2018 - 5.40 AM
Asier González (9 months ago)
OOOOHHH GOOOOD The last one ALMOST killed me! :O Great workout by the way, that last one leftover ;P
Claudia Córdova (10 months ago)
RichyOgy (10 months ago)
Thanks in doing this everyday and i appricate what um doing 10/10 good ground running fittness
meliissaax0x (11 months ago)
great HIIT workout that works arms, abs and legs!
Florence I (11 months ago)
The pyramid part 😰😬😵🤪🤪🤪 But I did kind of enjoyed the rest of it 😆 120718
Rajveer Dubey (1 year ago)
Tried this workout today...almost dead but completed at first attempt 😃😃
Akasha Javed (1 year ago)
amazing absolutely killer !!
Onandi Flores (1 year ago)
#fbbrutal #fitnessblenderbrutal I missed doing these brutal workouts! #workoutconplete happy 5mil
HIU TUNG SO (1 year ago)
every time l do this it becomes low intensity intermittent workout rather than REAL HIIT . I doubt if l can get the result >.<
Wits' End (1 year ago)
Still coming back to this one every so often... though not too often! Always a very challenging workout.
Silo21 (1 year ago)
I think I'm going to have nightmares with pyramid rounds from now on. Jesus I am soaked in sweat.
Omkar Karve (1 year ago)
Does one reach the Zombie (not Zen) stage 60% of the way through this routine? .. just asking.. cause I dont really remember the remaining 40%... except for my lungs trying to suck all the air out of the room.
Reza Huseini (1 year ago)
Did it the second time in this week thank u daniel
bar xtra (1 year ago)
Damn it.I thought the warm ups were the freaking High Intensity Interval Training LOL
red strormer (1 year ago)
I have ptsd from this workout
Make Way (1 year ago)
Haven't been exercising for a while because of exams. I'm 6ft and around 130kg. I just did this as my first workout in a week and a half. I'm dead tired but have some energy left over. Obviously I couldn't do the whole thing without taking a break, but I got to the end of the video.
birdseyeviewonU (1 year ago)
HIIT the Ground Running - 33 Min High Intensity Interval Training for Endurance & Total Body Toning More of this please
rachel alphonse (1 year ago)
OMG , you are awesome daniel!!! what a burn out , who needs a fire on in ones house when u can do this , thought i was going to die , but made it thru ... phew !
Stephan S. (1 year ago)
You do the burpees wrong!there is no pushup in!
Akasha Javed (1 year ago)
may be 30 mins but this is brutal love the pain though :) but those mountain climbers were not fun
tamanna sharma (1 year ago)
killer workout..enjoyed a lot. sweating like hell. some jumping exercises i coudn't do because of shin splint. could you please suggest the alternate of that exercises. Regards
Nilachal Majhi (1 year ago)
I just noticed that the resting clock ticks faster than the workout clock.:-) :-) .PHEEEWWWW...Awesome workout, Thanks a ton Daniel.
Wits' End (1 year ago)
Just did this at 5am. Tough as ever.
Alvaro Castello (1 year ago)
Emily Pearson (1 year ago)
BRUUUUUTAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! holy im sweatin bullets over here!! but its good!!!!!!!!!!
Myself0412 (1 year ago)
Wow really hard!
Amy DeBruyn (1 year ago)
1.17.18 Workout complete.
karenno (1 year ago)
Leaving those "knee slap jumps" for last is cruel.
Binh Duong Nguyen (1 year ago)
Now I can reach 100% this workout. But I still feel good even sweat out all my body. I'm trying to burn 1000 calorie a day now.
Andy Li (1 year ago)
Two years ago, when I first heard of HIIT and tried this exercise, I was out of breath, nausea all the time, and paused the video at every break and was almost dead at the end. Now, after following Daniel and Kellie for two year, I am able to finish this routine without pausing, and doing every movement without difficulty, and feel refreshing at the end of the routine. Thank you Daniel and Kellie for the wonderful program, and how two years of persistence can do for you.
Alan Greene (1 year ago)
ylilfun (1 year ago)
I keep thinking this is the workout WITHOUT the knee slap jumps at the end because the exercise isn't written in the full routine on the website. It's the best surprise :(
Ghanshyam Kolriya (1 year ago)
Hello sir I'm a great fan of these exercises i do it everyday and I am a cricketer I am 14 yrs is it okay to do it everyday or 3-4 days in a week and I have a problem in doing push ups as I get horrible pain in shoulders can u pls help me to overcome with this shoulder pain.
Laura Pedroni (1 year ago)
The most difficult workout on my FB list. I have it at the top so I can get it over and done with.
after one of this i ve slept all day. this is for spiderman batman or superman
Mr Cracker (1 year ago)
How much did Elijah Wood charge to do the video?
Nin Kan (1 year ago)
Still one of the Best Routines to get startet - ty guys
vairam earthmovers (1 year ago)
நன்றி சார்
Surendar Ashwin (1 year ago)
Vegana RichARD? (1 year ago)
Sweating buckets rn :(
Doj Kim (1 year ago)
most of the fitnessblenders content just renders my thighs dead and cant continue lmao
Lorena Ramos (1 year ago)
If you would've asked me what the hardest exercise is before this workout... I would've said burpees. I honestly thought I was gonna die out the first round. Ask me the hardest exercise after this workout... definitely mountain climbers!!! Who would've known they would be this killer!!!! 2nd round was definitely a challenge! Thank you fitness blender for all you do!! Workout complete 💪😌
DaNk MemEs (1 year ago)
My teacher made me do this and I didn't even have a drink
Hoods A (1 year ago)
I have never hated someone this much. This was a torture T_T I had to pause multiple times + had to just stand there and watch you suffer cuz I was about to die. MY BODY IS SHAKING BUT IT FEELS GREAT.
agooddoctor (1 year ago)
I just done this video for my first time after I've tried this so hard, finally!!!!
ItzBrysonYT (1 year ago)
We did it at my school for a gym class and i was hard but we got through it!!
Kevin De Vos (1 year ago)
Di Giglio (1 year ago)
Wish I could like this 1000 times.
The Mother Vlog (1 year ago)
That was absolutely brutal, but I finished. Don't ask me how, I don't remember half of this workout lol.
Vasko Popcevaliev (1 year ago)
Honestly one of the hardest things I've ever tried. Props to this guy he is a true beast! Today was my first time trying this and it fully killed me. I reccomend it tho! And I'm definitely doing this again!
Li Si (1 year ago)
I think i have completed every single HIIT workout from your channel but this was defenitely the hardest! Im sweating like mad but feelin great! Trank you Kelly and Daniel
Sister Suzie (1 year ago)
woooooooo that's my new favourite!!!!
anthony elvis (1 year ago)
How can anyone survive this?
Fábio Amaro (1 year ago)
esse treino é massa🙌

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