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TOP 10 Most Anticipated Games [2019-2020] Cinematic Trailers

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Top 10 Most Anticipated Games of 2019 - 2020 Cinematic Trailers: Skull and Bones, The Devision 2, Death Stranding, Cyberpunk 2077, Anthem, Beyond Good and Evil 2, Total War: Three Kingdoms, Ghost of Tsushima ============================================== TOP 10 AMAZING Upcoming Games of [2019 & 2020] Cinematic Trailers: https://youtu.be/FBFEksuk5gQ ============================================== List of Games: 0:00 Skull and Bones 2:22 Total War: Three Kingdoms 4:16 The Devision 2 7:37 The Last of Us 2 12:20 Cyberpunk 2077 13:50 Death Stranding 18:17 Halo: Infinite 20:14 Anthem 21:55 Beyond Good and Evil 2 25:24 Ghost of Tsushima
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GAMEOST (7 months ago)
TOP 10 AMAZING Upcoming Games of [2019 & 2020] Cinematic Trailers: https://youtu.be/FBFEksuk5gQ
Shane Ford (1 month ago)
Shane Ford (1 month ago)
Jerome Joseph (3 months ago)
@Tyan drocher Fuck you racist piece of shit.
uche eke (4 months ago)
@Tyan drocher how can you be this stupid. fucking imbecile
GAMEOST (4 months ago)
@Jamie Mcronald maybe that's because soundtrack :)
Deathnote2539 (1 day ago)
Fuck they just let halo die they seriously ruined it
Deathnote2539 (1 day ago)
18:20 looks especially retarted
Deathnote2539 (1 day ago)
I love how the trailers show nothing but fancy cgi bullshit no thanks I'll find games that don't rely on hype to sell
Deathnote2539 (1 day ago)
Meh lackluster at best hardly can say I'd be anticipating any of these.
kiero1236 (6 days ago)
Remember when we were super excited to see how great Anthem was going to be? Good times...
A M (8 days ago)
So excited for all these new Surprise Mechanics/Loot Boxes of 2019.
Anil Gopnarayan (13 days ago)
Just waiting for 3 Cyberpunk 2077 TLoU 2 Death Stranding.
Ray Rivera (14 days ago)
so...new graphics card then.
Joseph. (15 days ago)
about the first trailer and its song : to anyone who didn't yet, I advise you to watch the film : King Arthur : The legend of the sword, it came out relatively recently, and it's a great film (especially for its music !) imo =)
Rizahri (15 days ago)
skull and bones could be hella great, but it's ubisoft....
X152535 (16 days ago)
Each an opportunity to live a nightmare. Each more depressing than the last.
Alf DarkDeadly (16 days ago)
Don’t see anything from nintendo here. Haha 😂
luis casillas (18 days ago)
Anthem was hyped the hek out of it. At release and even now like almost ine year later the gane still feels incomplete and littered with bugs. Shame i bought it.
lore master (23 days ago)
these games are getting too dark for me. its at the point ill have nightmare flashbacks waking up in cold sweat from a video game. some people enjoy the dark nature of mankind instead of bottling it up. who are these games for? are they marketing to psychopaths now?
Skull and bones look awesome
TheFaithfulDragon (1 month ago)
its like women everywhere in everygame listed, most companies today have turned SJW, this is blatant, that why i almost play only niched games (three kingdoms only of the list)
Zul Fazli (1 month ago)
that flame reminds me of something.. HH
Dushyant Chogle (1 month ago)
That soundtrack at the first minute mark. That's so close to the one in King Arthur. Maybe Daniel Pemberton did both
MushrooM (1 month ago)
James Miller (1 month ago)
I grew up playing pacman and defender. Games today are only a few years away from having graphics that can't be discerned from reality. They are close now, the graphics in these games is phenomenal. And it is becoming the norm. If they ever make good on the promise of quantum computers any time soon games and the real world will meld. So cool to see this happening.
Walex (1 month ago)
Another years with nothing to play...
RebelForce8 (1 month ago)
You people will be so disappointed if you get these based on hype.
Varun Singh (1 month ago)
whats the music in the end of the video...????
Bideshi Carvings (1 month ago)
Varun Singh almost sounds like something out of Firefly soundtrack . I doubt it is though
Catlluminati (1 month ago)
I was browsing the warframe wiki in the morning before class, and my friend came up and asked me what it was, I told him warframe was jumping into a robot and killing stuff. He replies with "Oh so a ripoff of anthem." Anthem release: 2019 warframe release: 2013 :|
NEW ARCHIVES (1 month ago)
NEW ARCHIVES (1 month ago)
Bob Wasthere (1 month ago)
We now can add BG3 ! Hype !
Ashley Visser (1 month ago)
the first trailer.... narrated by.... Jon Snow..?
Captain Planet (1 month ago)
it's 2019. why is this not 4k?
Phantom Thieves Joker (1 month ago)
First one has king arthur vibes
huang Howard (1 month ago)
18:17 god damn this is what i want waiting for years...
brian L (1 month ago)
who cares about cinematic trai;lers... we care about actual game play
waslos man (1 month ago)
trailers so fake, fuck diss bisness model
CONAN CHICK (1 month ago)
I don’t get death stranding 🙁
TimeForAReview (1 month ago)
Gotta say. Not anticipating a single one of these. They all look garbage.
Taevon King (1 month ago)
Chilling Feeling (2 months ago)
lol anthem trailer is so damn hype-bulder ....reality ...the game is such a mess
Colino Deani (2 months ago)
omg.. total war 3 kingdoms
Nukent Nguyen (2 months ago)
đồ họa như thật .
Xavier Ju (2 months ago)
Total War... I can't wait MY man Guan Yu and Zhang Fei fight Lu Bu pffff easy.
LordGrim (2 months ago)
Long live piracy well long live pirated games
Pablo Dupertuis (2 months ago)
17:30 ese tipo Hizo los indestructibles no sé el nombre
rhi shi chi (2 months ago)
what name music sountrek the devision?
Rutvik Dhiman (2 months ago)
Dying Light 2?
Ronald Orrego (2 months ago)
5:35 Don't forget the SJW Agenda ....
Rocky Balboa (2 months ago)
Need a fuking new pc
Farid MK (2 months ago)
Where is dying light 2? I am looking forward to it more than any other game out there.
Ediga kill (2 months ago)
Porra só lixo
Glen Housel (2 months ago)
Anthem!!!! No thanks.
17:20 Kaecilius!
Houssam Artissta (2 months ago)
Beyond Good and Evil 2
Pwntz (2 months ago)
Mads Mikkelsen lol
IngolfurArnar (2 months ago)
I don't care about trailers. I want to see the game play!!!
BlackYall (2 months ago)
All lies. Every single one of them.
Shaun Phoenix (2 months ago)
Jon snow speaking over on skull and bones?😂
nice guy (2 months ago)
the dude (2 months ago)
all the same apocalypse shit
Sapientia Siqhoza (2 months ago)
games are too much
T Wik (2 months ago)
Halo is gay
Scarecrow (3 months ago)
*sees ubisoft opening first game* *skips to second game* lol
Nasengold (3 months ago)
Thekillerotaku (3 months ago)
Where’s ready or not
Anthony Grasso (3 months ago)
All these games are online ive spent over 20,000$ in games over 8 years of my life well i dont have online all the time so i will not be buying these brand of games sheyt does anyone know of games like warframe and destiny that dont require online at all times
Rohan raj modanwal (3 months ago)
Cyberpunk ♡
TMT Montana (3 months ago)
Lj Anonymous (3 months ago)
"In a dog eat dog world, we were wolves." Best part of the video so far.
Rachel Ramirez (3 months ago)
Ghost of Tsushima and Cyberpunk 2077 is definitely on my list! 😆💯
Marc Duchamp (3 months ago)
Tired of pirate theme. Why not just plain naval battles with the Spanish and English armada? Always needing to add the secret society sheite like the symbol of owl, all seeing eyes or death cult society like Skull & Bones or Bohemian Grove into games on purpose? Tsk tsk such a great shame.......
Teampo Life Mastery (3 months ago)
thank you for sharing this keep going on that
Brian Qiu (3 months ago)
Half of the game in this trailer I can’t even get it because I don’t own a PlayStation
Alex Hand (3 months ago)
The Last of Us looks like a game for sociopaths that have always wanted a VR simulation of torturing unarmed women. Death Stranding looks pretty good. Good ol Hideo.
Notch Music (3 months ago)
Any gamers want check my instrumentals out
Heber Gutierrez (3 months ago)
Anthem....they didn't even try....awful.
Jason Morgan (3 months ago)
Glad i'm not the only three kingdoms fan here lol
roman hall (3 months ago)
0:00 Boobiesoft GUYS WE NEED AN IDEA! Um we can just copy one of the pirates of the caribbean movies?
Hakuna matata (3 months ago)
why should they made another three kingdoms game? just play dynasty warriors
Corbin Landrum (3 months ago)
0:35 LONG LIVE KING ARTHUR!!! Run londinum
Braden Means (3 months ago)
Three kingdoms & ghost of tsushima. Been waiting about 2 years for that game.
Madara Uchiha (3 months ago)
Yes I've been waiting for total war
Pepe Román (3 months ago)
Beyond Good and Evil 2 trailer is better than many films
301AG (3 months ago)
I wouldn’t even consider myself a gamer. More like a rockstar gamer. But rdr2 inspired me to pick the controller back up and branch out
Rising Phoenix (3 months ago)
Skull and Bones music is from King arthur movie
Snowboyx93 (3 months ago)
18:08 Mads Mikkelsen??
mr hobbit (3 months ago)
ghost of tsushima looks promising🤔
muddy hendrix (3 months ago)
Wow games are getting more and more realistic in the near future gaming will give people ptsd disorder😂
sum-ting -wong (3 months ago)
We gunna act like days gone isnt worthy? Hm ok
William Thaddius (3 months ago)
I clicked this link hoping to see Lu Bu. I was not disappointed.
Shark 0808 (4 months ago)
And my for honor 2
Rasul Avtorhanov (4 months ago)
Anthem.. Loooooooooool 😆
John Saylor (4 months ago)
ZIm world dee (4 months ago)
I really always love the games ubisoft sells with violent and action.when im getting a violent ubisoft game,i always have a great time on my xbox x .its ubisoft that create great games avain and again.The most skilled guys in the game industry is ubisoft crew.
Keyrell Chattergoon (4 months ago)
I'm really interesting in Ghost of Tsushima, Anthem and The Last Of Us 2 that's all
Claudiu Birlodeanu (3 months ago)
Anthem is fucking briliant like idea and the world. Until level 30( max level now) it s amazing. After you finish the story, it s a fucking piece of shit . Bad loot, no content , and bonuses are broken. I left anthem , i will come back , after may, when they promisese huge update and fixed loot.
SKY Walker (4 months ago)
2:24 shadow fight 2!?
Koppány Gáspár (4 months ago)
I love how in the halo trailer, just like irl, mankind starts to destroy the ecosystem even before they set foot on the lands
its just my gaming chair (4 months ago)
Halo again will be a failure. I miss you bungee..
EMC G.F.L MOB (4 months ago)
Omg a new halo yo im not a xbox fan but im a big sony fan but when it comes to halo that is the only game i will play n get is halo n gears of war hands down those games but the rest xbox can hang the systems down
Anteros Auditore (4 months ago)
FAKE. HALO, TLOU2, Ghost, Death stranding, cyberpunk🤦🏻‍♂️ are not 2019 games
Andrew Ra (4 months ago)
негр-капитан)))тупые мрази
Diogo Portela (4 months ago)

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