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How to Improve Your Handwriting

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Hope this was helpful! I know a lot of people want cute handwriting rather than legible handwriting--if that's you, I recommend this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q4gAXq9Mm4I Supplies shown - HP Premium Choice Laserjet paper - http://amzn.to/2yJamx6 - Muji Gel Ink pen - http://amzn.to/2yb4T37 - PaperMate Profile ballpoint pen - http://amzn.to/2icJHyO - Staedtler Triplus Fineliner - http://bit.ly/2iEOddz - Pilot Metropolitan fountain pen - http://bit.ly/2yV528h Note: links to Amazon are affiliate links, meaning I get a small commission from any purchases you make. Don't worry, it doesn't affect my recommendations in any way! You can subscribe for new videos in your feed every Monday and Friday. Also, please comment or leave a rating so I get that sweet validation :') Tumblr - http://studyquill.tumblr.com Instagram - http://instagram.com/studyquill (@studyquill) FAQ → http://studyquill.tumblr.com/owlery Music - Memories by bensound.com The best way to contact me is through my Tumblr ask box! Business inquiries only — [email protected]
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Text Comments (204)
Vanessa Underwood (4 days ago)
in school i don't have a choice of cursive or print, i *have* to write in cursive ;-;
MyLifeAsMarco (4 days ago)
Anyone uncomfortable with the ink she’s using. ITS SEEMS LIKE ALOT.
h a n n a h (1 month ago)
Did anyone else have trouble writing neatly when first getting your muji pens? I got them a couple weeks ago and I'm still having trouble.
Black Angel (1 month ago)
YouTube over here throwing shade.
P O (2 months ago)
I use graph paper (idk why but it helps) and I use the muji gel ink pen in 0.38
Marsh Marble (3 months ago)
I read the minimum cursive as mimimimi
Adelle (4 months ago)
Your handwriting is readable
Abeer Siddiqi (4 months ago)
I did everything in the video and I improved my handwriting in under 30 minutes!! I didn’t even know that was possible!
Karla Holmes (4 months ago)
I get what you mean because my handwritting sucks really bad
Rachu (4 months ago)
Why was this in my recommended...? *YouTube knows my handwriting sucks 😂*
moon study (5 months ago)
My best best best best best friend is the wring type of handwriting but it looks MAGNIFICENT!
jiao jiao (5 months ago)
dog dog
abd halim hasan (5 months ago)
how did u hold the pen
PastelLover (5 months ago)
This really helped me with my handwriting do you mind if my handwriting kinda turned out as you'res?
celtic Wolf (5 months ago)
I can’t print very well, it looks like chicken scratch. But my cursive is pretty decent and quick. So if you write slow try to learn cursive it might help. You never know fam.
na jaemin loves you (5 months ago)
my handwriting is the same as my handwriting in 2nd grade and it doesn't help that I'm used to holding the pen incorrectly
The Mangekyō Sharingan (6 months ago)
I was hoping to see more content in your handwriting..so I could have copied widely and easily 😋
i luv serendipity (6 months ago)
its so easy watching this vid until i wrote a word itS SO MESSY AND LOOKS LIKE A SCRATCH
Molly Jackman (6 months ago)
Else-Maria Tennessen (6 months ago)
very nice video! I like how you focused on legibility!
Ilhan Abdi (6 months ago)
Thank you so much! This really helped me😃😃
Muhammad Khan (6 months ago)
I ❤️your video and I subscribe 💖😊:-)🇦🇨
afootineachworld (7 months ago)
Rollerball pens are soooo smooth omg but they bleed too much :(
moon study (8 months ago)
My handwriting sucks like WWHHAHAAATTT like the size and spacing are terrible!
Potato Face (8 months ago)
"Write in print instead of cursive" But I grew up writing in cursive and whenever I write in print i write in cursive unintentionally☹️
This is excellent! other videos review the same points, but you highlight very important points. Thank you!
Ashlyn Simmons (8 months ago)
She technically wrote ninimum in cursive because of the missing loop. But it's ok her hand writing is still goals💗💖. My handwriting is legible and that's it it's not pretty or cute, just like if a cartoon character were to write.
But our school requires cursive handwriting
Lexy Santos (8 months ago)
Meeen! I like writing writing in cursive with really small size. I like it better that way cause when im trying to write in print with big size, it makes my hand really tired.
Tay X-X (8 months ago)
I just subbed
Persephone Knight (9 months ago)
Ever since I was in kindergarten I would layer the paper when I wrote on it. Wether you put another price of paper on it, or a journal, I will always layer.
Karl Karstens (9 months ago)
This video gave me chills
Juliooo 0.2 (9 months ago)
Meghan Earle (9 months ago)
It would be great if you created a longer, and more detailed video like this one. I love the quality of your handwriting, and your techniques. That would be helpful, thanks!❤️
hobi’s supreme gun (9 months ago)
The thing about my handwriting is that it can be half cursive half print.
sanajjang (10 months ago)
I'm crying😢 I'm jealous😭
Karen Daniel (10 months ago)
I write in cursive because that's all I've ever known but it can be so illegible
BellaBunny101 (10 months ago)
Your handwriting is beautiful! :)
Rush Apolonio (10 months ago)
Aren’t these similar to the jetpens blog on how to improve handwriting
GimpU 48 (10 months ago)
thanks my handwriting doesn't suck anymore
GimpU 48 (10 months ago)
thanks it worked!
Rona (11 months ago)
Loved this! Great tips! However, I do think that cursive is fine—your sample was actually super neat, and minimum is a word that looks hard to read in cursive, but most other words don’t have such repetition in form! (Cursive is also going extinct, and it’s a skill that’s dying out! Try your hand at it! It’s a cool skill to have and so,e studies claim it helps with brain development/skills)
prado (16 hours ago)
it's good to know cursive because you never know when you'll have to write fast
Ethicia (9 months ago)
Ikr! I find the fact that fewer people are using cursive is kinda sad
ZM/Angelica (11 months ago)
Naomi Fung (1 year ago)
does anyone else write in a half cursive half print sort of way or is it just me
cloudy Poppin (1 month ago)
SheepishCloud (3 months ago)
Honestly, same
Mark Pritam (11 months ago)
oml istg same here bud, your not the only one
Jimin’s wife (1 year ago)
Thx this helps me a lot❤️
Kara S (1 year ago)
My handwritting *SOMETIMES* looks nice when i use a pencil. But when i use a pen it looks bad😂.
BangtanBlue (1 year ago)
I combined continued handwriting and normal handwriting Why am i even human.
niCOLE !! (1 year ago)
Reem Alj (1 year ago)
this is the most helpful handwriting video ive ever watched thank u for giving actual tips n not just saying “practice”
Nicole Biro (1 year ago)
This is not a good method
Studying TBH (1 year ago)
20% here because they wanna fix handwriting 20% here because they somehow ended up here 60% here because they love jasmine's vids
HogwArts and Crafts (1 year ago)
Exactly what i needed, not the usual useless "just practice" type of videos.
Autumn104 (1 year ago)
I think my Handwriting would be better if.....I wasn't Left handed.
pepperoni pizza (8 months ago)
Bruh no. My sister is left handed but her handwriting is similar to Jasmine's (studyquill's) so yea. :)
Pokemma Forever (9 months ago)
Ghostivityx left handed like me !!!
Shooketh Tracy Martel (1 year ago)
THANK YOU JASMINE ILYSMMMM my handwriting is good but IT GOT BETTERR:)))
eleftheria wap (1 year ago)
your handwriting is so perfect its scary
skye (1 year ago)
Why should you write in print instead of cursive?
Somil Bisht (1 year ago)
your cursive looks just awesome
Lara Léa (1 year ago)
I live in Brazil and I really want to have a letter like yours, but I'm afraid the tests will not be accepted because of the lyrics, since this type is not used very much here.
B ellavids (1 year ago)
This was the first video i saw from her... but now i watched every single video from her lol 😂💜
Sasha Wasabi (1 year ago)
I have those ball point gel pens and they suk ramen
diorgcf (1 year ago)
my handwriting constantly changes
Novaturient (1 year ago)
Hey this was awesome was the ‘grippy’ paper called Campus Shkari? Thanks!! +++ 👍
Ellie Rose (1 year ago)
I can only write in cursive and use loops but people say my handwriting is neat 😂 oh well
julia t. (1 year ago)
Can you do a video on how to improve your handwriting in cursive? My school only allows us to write in cursive😕
jeon mvknae (2 months ago)
I'm from the Philippines too, but the only subjects that force us to write in cursive is English and MAPEH :)
peachystudies (3 months ago)
julia t. im filipino too!!!
Lana Bella Borcherding (3 months ago)
gurl what kinda cray school are you in
sugar daddy (4 months ago)
I learned cursive in 3rd grade but was never forced to use it for things outside of the cursive books that we had. Nowadays the only thing I write in cursive is my name/signature when needed.
Maria Rybakov (5 months ago)
julia t. also for cursive try making the loops of your letters smaller
Brit Ling (1 year ago)
I like how all your tips are all very “practical” tips Very useful thank u so so so much
MicaMine (1 year ago)
My handwriting is a mess and my teachers told me a lot of times to improve it, I hope this will work :v
Lam Chan (1 year ago)
learnt so much. thanks a lot
Genesis Hernandez (1 year ago)
Nice video subscribe to me
Salma Belcourt (1 year ago)
Mahes Vasanthakumar (1 year ago)
Your handwriting is goals. Very inspiring
tired (1 year ago)
*hears "It's Quiet Uptown"* i came to not have trash handwriting, not soB UNCONTROLLABLY but great video anyways :O
christie almo (1 year ago)
Thank u 4 posting this vid. Hopfully, this will help me improve my handwriting!!
balqiisa feisal (1 year ago)
u sound like studyign
Phở Baby (1 year ago)
you need to make a video doing your longest "hi guuuuyysss~" ever
Miguel Angel (1 year ago)
This semester I decided to take notes on my iPad instead of a regular notebook and I swear that's made my handwriting so messy I hate it ☹️. Hopefully this will help!
jeongguks ; (1 year ago)
i write super small and its hard for me to convert to writing big lmao
ferberry (1 year ago)
i love how Hermione Granger is your pfp
Fawzia (1 year ago)
hi jasmine!! i love your uploads, but i have one question ;; for the zebra mildliners you use, which pack would you get? there are three that’s why aha :’)
Carol Martinho (1 year ago)
Is it just me or anyone else also think removing the loops makes it harder to read?? >.<
Lea Glasnović (1 year ago)
1.47 i actually like the one on the left way more
- * D E R P * - (1 year ago)
In our school we have to do these: 1) Cursive is a must in secondary school 2) Must use pencil unless we have a pen lincence 3) Our teacher wants us to make curls on g and y
Marina (1 year ago)
This is perfect with helpful tips (sorry I’m a bit bitter that there’s so many videos out there that spends ten minutes without giving any actual tips)
hayleystudy (1 year ago)
my handwriting varies between 1st grader and master calligrapher, there is no helping me.
spaceamy (1 year ago)
sending this vid to my friends that have illegible handwriting 😂
Tiffany Warner (1 year ago)
Serena (1 year ago)
"close the loops" whoops no wonder my o's look like u's
I write everything in cursive (bc it’s quick and writing in print now hurts my hand) and everyone tells me they love my handwriting (which is annoying) but Idk how to feel about the fact that I shouldn’t be writing in cursive apparently?
Pixel Outlinez (1 year ago)
This Actually Helped Me A lot I Have Improved I Actually Just Tested And I Love My New Handwriting Thanks,❤️
Purpleaxelate 17 (1 year ago)
I spent my whole summer improving my handwriting and now I feel bad because it looks like yours😖
tasin's rock (1 month ago)
+Aurionna Johnson Allah knows the best.😁
Aurionna Johnson (1 month ago)
tasin's rock I disagree. I don’t think she thought her handwriting was bad I think she tried to practice then she ended up feeling bad because she wanted to develop her own writing style
tasin's rock (1 month ago)
+Aurionna Johnson yes..I am also telling the same thing..that She thought that studyquill's handwriting is bad that's why she didn't copy it...
Aurionna Johnson (1 month ago)
tasin's rock I think she meant that she didn’t want to copy it exactly.
tasin's rock (1 month ago)
+AppleTree Dee she ment that studyquills handwriting is bad...
Shreya Sharma (1 year ago)
this is it, the video I've been scrounging YouTube for, this is the video that changed my life
Valentina Espitia (1 year ago)
This was really helpful! I really love how you explained this because I realized that I do have a problem withh the loops and how long my letters are and overlap to the next line :'( But I know that this will elp me to make it at least more neat
mag (1 year ago)
I know how to hold my pencil very properly (even though that position i use is only for the skilled lol), but the problem is my handwriting is big and obnoxious.
Student Boss (1 year ago)
Pen matters! Great video
27 Truong (1 year ago)
My handwriting changes a lot especially when I was in primary school ( I live in England) that mainly depended on teachers. I remember a teacher who put loops in her letters so I copied that and a teacher who told us to join letters. When I transitioned into Secondary school my handwriting changed a lot cause I saw my friend who had super neat handwriting and copied. Also, I change it up for fun I , for about 3 months ,wrote in cursive in 1 subject so the whole book was in cursive. Also when I learned brush lettering I added loops because when I learned it I was putting in loops.
ziane farah (1 year ago)
thank you for this video!!! it was actually very useful my writing is terrible!!
Fahima_ M (1 year ago)
Which uncivilised person disliked this video. Why, just why? This video has no flaws... Love you Jasmine xx ❤
Kennedy Jones (10 months ago)
Fahima_ M sometimes people accidentally dislike things and not realize it. That happens to me constantly
Fahima_ M (1 year ago)
I love this video!! It's just what I needed!! Jasmine,you always seem to upload right when we need you! Love you xx ❤❤
harshita (1 year ago)
you write beautifully ♥︎
Angel Starfire (1 year ago)
Thank you! I'm still told my handwriting isn't legible so I hope to practice (^~^)

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