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Tease Hair for a Hairstyle with Mega Volume

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For more makeup tips and tutorials go to: http://www.totalbeauty.com/how-tos/make-up You'll want to copy this look for your next night out. Become the the biggest tease on the block with this hairstyle that will have all the boys calling. This style packs a punch of volume and is perfect for a sexy night out on the town. Check out this tutorial so you can learn the basics of big, beautiful hair. This stylist will break down what products and tools to use to achieve the most voluminous hair possible. Get more at: http://www.totalbeauty.com http://www.facebook.com/totalbeauty http://www.twitter.com/totalbeauty
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Text Comments (104)
Kee Jiles (6 years ago)
The model lookn lik wtf!!
ellen lankford (6 years ago)
those hair barrettes and clips can hurt!
Steph (6 years ago)
Looks like prom hair.
ilovequinn7 (6 years ago)
well dont you feel relaxed when people play with your hair? then again it didn't look like she was being gentle lol
Mariana Teixeira Silva (6 years ago)
what is the spray you used to smooth?
ellen lankford (7 years ago)
was the model bored, disgusted, or just need to pee?
Magda Vazquez (7 years ago)
Love it. I am going to try it. That is a beautiful hair style for a wedding or something formal.
REBECCA Eversole (7 years ago)
She hated being there
Stephi Leigh (7 years ago)
Decorative art??
ladysaraby (7 years ago)
Not to be disrespectful or anything but... am I missing something here? Where did the "Mega Volume" go? I'm just asking because I'm not seeing it.
steffers841 (7 years ago)
i can achieve that without teasing...
thtktgrl (8 years ago)
@SuperVida95 She's prob just one of those people that looks angry when her face is relaxed. It has to do with bone structure. People used to say that about me a lot. It's just because my brow bone protrudes farther than my cheek bones so it gives the appearance of looking grumpy even though I'm not
The RoseBri (8 years ago)
@sasybee lol XD
Alyssa Curtis (8 years ago)
i like hopw ppl sayy mean stuff but i bet theyy cant even do 1/2 as good as thatt oo an ppl thatt sayy that its ugly YOU FACE IS UGLY
love&makeup (8 years ago)
that hair is ugly and its barely volumed. she probably doesnt even work at a salon...great clips doesnt count hahahaha
mansi nagwekar (8 years ago)
the model is so dead....n thts not atall MEGA!!!
sasybee (8 years ago)
3:36 they can't be the same person, for God's sake!
wolfylu (8 years ago)
honestly i hate it worse when the models sit there with that big fake smile plastered on their gaping, soulless mouth. this girl looks realistic at least. this is how i look when i'm getting my hair done, not like a creepy mannequin. although to be fair this model just has kiiiind of a weird face.
andromedaone (8 years ago)
lmao.. that model needs to be fired.
Jillean K. (8 years ago)
Came out very cute! Although... the model does look pretty miserable!
Chloë Amber (8 years ago)
@ily12251 "Using just a little bit of teasing..." <--- that's why it isn't that teased -.-
ae .joana (8 years ago)
The hairstyle is actually quite nice (maybe she could have left a bit more hair at the bottom), but the model doesn't seem soooo bored.
LittleZenaKayee (8 years ago)
The model is like ಠ__ಠ
LittleZenaKayee (8 years ago)
Poor girl.):
Foolkat101 (8 years ago)
didn't really see that much of a difference, but okay lol
itshina (8 years ago)
i dont think the model was pissed, i think she was trying to smile with her eyes, but failed...
Silvia B (8 years ago)
Hey girl, smiles are free! Don't you know that?
Ally Watson (8 years ago)
its a snooki poof
Justin Salinas (8 years ago)
damn who cares about the model.
Elli Hurdle (8 years ago)
OMG, before picture looks like she's just pissed, after picture looks like she wants to make sure that hair stylist dies! lol, and I think the stylist stabbed her in the head with that last pin.
mimi brown (8 years ago)
the model looks like shes mad
Eva Calderon (9 years ago)
@Squishydoll it is the same in all these videos..the ideas are great, and I would go and buy some products now, but...they do not look happy!!
californiahippy (9 years ago)
that bitch looks like 'geez...when am i getting paid? I can't believe the crap I have to do to support my crack habit...'
Ana Diaz (9 years ago)
the model looked extra bored
[email protected] (9 years ago)
omh never use that model again....you did a good job on the hair tho
Ton D (9 years ago)
i see volume.. but no 'mega' part..
Coldfire (9 years ago)
And that was truely gross way to get your point across... on the rag??? Seriously. Disgusting imagery.
Sims (9 years ago)
I guess the model want paid well....look at her face, as if she is at a funeral......., but a nice work barring the model.....
Beenana9 (9 years ago)
very pretty
Dakota Felder (9 years ago)
thats really pretty!(:
Christina Kolios (9 years ago)
wow. really nice..the hairstyle. these perople should really have better models!! she should do my hair! i would appreciate it! :)
Amber Pet (9 years ago)
i like it
JadeGoodi (9 years ago)
LOOL would you smile if you looked like she did at 0:54
Amina Tran (9 years ago)
I don't really get the point of all of that teasing at the start. It's not even that much volume.
Silvia B (9 years ago)
Not so bad, but i think she should use more hairspray, doesn't she?
Yasemin K (9 years ago)
ohw this is soo pretty
Lauren Arsenault (9 years ago)
O my goodness I love it! Its so pretty! I just wish I could do it! Hahahaha
AmazingAmy (9 years ago)
This should be renamed "How to wreck your hair in under 4 minutes". Teasing pushes the scales on the hair shaft back against the natural way that they lay. Look it up sometime on the web. It's pretty creepy when seen close up.
6eloved (9 years ago)
I thought it looked cute. And personally I wouldn't want to sit there and fake smile for that long... but that's me.
6eloved (9 years ago)
Why do you say that?? I totally see volume lol
sydney singh (9 years ago)
and for a good reason...
Snoopy (9 years ago)
the model looks pissed
nayeli diaz (9 years ago)
ftw mean for the winer... so i guess she did mean ftw not wtf
E (9 years ago)
@PurpleRox13 FTW means for the win...
Michaela (9 years ago)
I think it's a cute little up-do.
HB HB (9 years ago)
the model looks so amused
Zoi Mel (9 years ago)
0:56 xD lmao
Erdbeerhasi (9 years ago)
she doesnt smile because she has a face like a horse,i suppose.^^
Beth Nicholson (9 years ago)
why is the model naked LOL
Megan (9 years ago)
whata bitter model!
aron smth (9 years ago)
Euh la version Before était mieux que celle d'après, ahurm.
R Zee (9 years ago)
omg...her looks gorgeous ii want =D hehe
sparklechicky (9 years ago)
Lovely hair style :) How would you do it yourself though, without the ability to look at the back of your head? And is the teasing easy enough to brush out?
wine712 (9 years ago)
really looks bitchy to me too hahah...great comment
Janey (9 years ago)
what's the model's problem?
Nicole Singh (9 years ago)
haha dat girl really does look bitchy
Ashreetha Murugesan (9 years ago)
she was mad!!!!!!! hehe i like it looks pretty
Ashraful Alam (9 years ago)
cute hair do but ugly gurl she looks like she ready to eat lmaoo
lovepink358 (9 years ago)
hahhaah fuck that blonde looks like shes gonna kill somebody
HeyKidd Yo (9 years ago)
Man, she looked PISSED. lol good job, cute hair
Chloe Stevenson (9 years ago)
lol it looked really good but i was kinda distracted at hhow much she blinked X_X
silversecret82 (9 years ago)
i'm always afraid to damage my (fine) hair while teasing it. but sometimes it's almost the only way to get real volume... pretty look!
Charlene Bryan (9 years ago)
hahahaha! that made me smile :p
absolutblue (9 years ago)
she looked like she didnt wanna be there, she looked very impatient lol. call another model next time :D
pottycot (9 years ago)
haha reading comments about the model makes me laugh!
Nikki Sicks (9 years ago)
How the fuck am I suppose to see the back of my head to do that shit. Lookin all fancy an stuff.
Azriella Moselle (10 years ago)
3:20 to 3:30 she looks very angry and she even rolled her eyes how funny!
Azriella Moselle (10 years ago)
i agree! hahaha
Sanne Lelie (10 years ago)
The models neck is long...
Julia Araya (10 years ago)
how does the model stay emotionless the whole time? i'd be laughing...i always laugh when someone is doing my hair or makeup :D
Raquel Elisa (10 years ago)
people..this IS teasing, but after she teased it she put it up!
Michelle van den Broek (10 years ago)
wow...that model is absolutely thrilled. lol
Zanib Zulfiqar (10 years ago)
A little teasing...b**ch
Sophanna Sieng (10 years ago)
where can you get that brush?
chargerrtdude (10 years ago)
Model looks like a bitch!
LucrativeDynasty (10 years ago)
yes it doess. ! [; i have reallyyyy long and thick hair but u need practice for it to come out gewd. && it depends on the hairspray since ur hair is thickk.
alegna688 (10 years ago)
Cool video! Haha the model looks like she is falling asleep at some points.
Water of Love (10 years ago)
nice question
Water of Love (10 years ago)
you're stupid
Water of Love (10 years ago)
looks soo nice
Vetty Dwyer (10 years ago)
looks great.
poin azdz (10 years ago)
this hairstyle wil not fit longer face shape
Alicia Khan (10 years ago)
so wtf you want me to do? everyone has different hair texture we don't all roll out of bed with volume in are hair u unappreciative byatch : (
xx0Chrissy (10 years ago)
that sucks for her, that look can totally b acieved without having 2 tease. I LOVE teasing my hair but theres no sense incaking yout haid with hairspary if you're only going 2 get a look like thta. Dissapointed, hardly any volume
xx0Chrissy (10 years ago)
lol, deff. they poked her ;)
afggal55 (10 years ago)
at the last two pics yay but she aint ugly.
ZaraStyles (10 years ago)
my hair only has highlights, so it isn't damaged enough to make it "big" withought using loads of hairspray, so for the people who have really thin and smooth hair, use a lot of hairspray. it feels nasty sometimes, but if you use something to make it shiny, that makes if feel softer when all of the hairspray is on it. :P
Ly Do (10 years ago)
i need a boar bristle brush ! x)
ashuleh1 (10 years ago)
she looks as if she hates it.
Emily Pocknee (10 years ago)
you use hair spray and a bigger comb dippy get it right

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