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Rugby men showering

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Rugby men showering after the game. One guy dropped the soap. Who picks up the soap?
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David Bromley (6 years ago)
Ornamental (7 years ago)
why cant people just pick up soap?
Otimepilot (8 years ago)
This must be the land where you're not allowed to bend at the knees and kneel....
deepblueyedblonde (8 years ago)
Omg! That older gentlemens laugh is addicting!!
72ve17 (9 years ago)
ill bend down and say who wants to go first
bumbelion1977 (9 years ago)
isn't the real problem that they just couldn't remember who got to pick it up last game?
KVergara (9 years ago)
this always confused me, cause like... walk over and bend your knees?
nick whitney (10 years ago)
it is but its funnier with black ppl
nick whitney (10 years ago)
well think about how exposed ur ass is
Kiki Kohlbein (10 years ago)
think about the position, when you pic it up. =) Maby some will rape your a** when you are not on guard xD (some stereothype, sry 4 my english) xD
TP (10 years ago)
lol the old man is funny
vag3bont (10 years ago)
why do i feel like soap now?
Eddy D (10 years ago)
what and ingenious idea!
Mark Kim (11 years ago)
lol this was very funny. some very cute guys~
capmo (11 years ago)
I think they edited the video. Where are the dicks at 00:10?
guynaz928 (11 years ago)
lmao the old guy
Open letter 122012 (11 years ago)
rugbys got an reputation for being full of repressed gays
j42t51 (11 years ago)
funny...would of been better if they all jumped on the soap like it was a rugby ball. woof!
tall32guy (12 years ago)
Haha! How funny! :-)
Ein Rand (12 years ago)
A constant joke when I was in the Navy. Guys would say it all the time to gauge others reactions. No one ever dropped the soap, but a lot of eyes did.
Jaymie Murray (12 years ago)
that was good
MookzMunki (12 years ago)
that was a wicked video!

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