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24-70MM Lens Outdoor Natural Light Fashion Photoshoot

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In todays video Eliza and I do a fashion photoshoot in the city of Boston, MA. Gear I used: Canon 5D Mark IV 24-70mm 2.8 Canon Lens Music by Pyrosion CHECK HIM OUT https://soundcloud.com/pyrosion https://www.safehavenrecord.com/pyrosion
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Text Comments (32)
Fashandtalks (21 days ago)
Great video 😍🙌🏾 why are you wearing shorts? I see snow on the road 🥶 love your work
goumi larcen (2 months ago)
One question plz this lens 24-70 is image stabilization!??
Jham's Productions (6 months ago)
is the lens mark 1 or mark 2
Jesús Zapatero (6 months ago)
Version II
jaspal singh (7 months ago)
Amazing photographer
Thiago Cordeiro (8 months ago)
´Come to Brazil! hehehe
Ezequiel McFarlan (9 months ago)
She seems so mad lol
dacastardust (10 months ago)
Great shoot! It gave me strong Jessica Kobeissi vibes! :-)
Marc Klaus (10 months ago)
Thank you! Love Jessica's work
Julia Trotti (10 months ago)
This was such an awesome behind the scenes! I loved the outfit, the model and the location - it all worked so well together. And your photos turned out amazing!
Marc Klaus (10 months ago)
Thank you so much Julia! Love your channel :)
Akshay Shah (11 months ago)
Hey! Thanks for sharing. Along with the aperture/shutter/ISO settings, it would also help if you can share the focal length for various shots.
Marc Klaus (11 months ago)
Yes! I will next time, thank you for reminding me
Eliza Friedman (11 months ago)
Always love shooting with you ❤️ I can’t wait to travel and model w u more & more !!
Marc Klaus (11 months ago)
We gonna be in Cali soon enough 🌅
Owais (11 months ago)
quick question - since your aperture is lowest at 2.8 how is the background not blurred and so sharp? I assume you were shooting at 24mm as most of the background is in the frame
jl sc (8 months ago)
Three things determine the dof, lens length, aperature and distance to subject. It's nearly impossible to blur the background with a wide angle unless you are right in their face which then loses the background. If I were going to use a wide angle, I would use a light to seperate the model from the background.
Adley Haywood (11 months ago)
To achieve that look, the model would have to be closer to the lens so the background would be more out of focus. Also, he could of sharpened in post to make the background sharper.
DIANE C ENAID (11 months ago)
Please answer this, I have the same problem too; otherwise, awesome work once again Marc!
Ena Me (1 year ago)
Good job, I like it))
Saeid Eidiyan (1 year ago)
Hi Dear i have seen mostly your great videos .can you tell me when the model is moving which shooting Mode your using pls & if possible enplane to me. REgards/Saeide
M. A. (1 year ago)
Can you do a video on how to edit these photos? I really want to learn how to get those goldenish/brown tones for travel pictures... love your work!!!!
Nina Radulović (1 year ago)
Beautifuuuul, they are super trendy! Do you like fashion photography or was it just a try out? 😄
Marc Klaus (1 year ago)
Yes! @marcklaus_
Nina Radulović (1 year ago)
Marc Klaus For real? It's dope! Do you have IG? ^_^
Marc Klaus (1 year ago)
Ohhh girl I LOVE me some fashion. This is what I normally do.
Alex Iby (1 year ago)
Super fun video Marc! I enjoyed it a lot! The outfit was on point and I loved the pic of her walking, the movement added the perfect balance to the photo.
Marc Klaus (1 year ago)
Thank you Alex! I think the outfit fit very well on her as well.
Anisa Mkwanazi (1 year ago)
Great video ! I enjoy watching your videos . I hope tonget a H backpack I love the Hub
Marc Klaus (1 year ago)
The H backpacks are SO nice. Like the quality is so good.
B. Christine (1 year ago)
Hey Marc👋🏾👋🏾👋🏾👋🏾
Marc Klaus (1 year ago)

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