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★JACKPOT HANDPAY!!★ MISTRESS OF MAGIC @SAN MANUEL CASINO! BIG WIN! Slot Machine Bonus (Aristocrat). I visited San Manuel Casino in California for my first time this past Memorial Day holiday (home to many YouTube slot channel greats) and hit an AMAZING jackpot handpay on the third machine that I played there (you'll see the first two). This is now my 2nd Aristocrat Gimmie Games jackpot win ever...woohoo! THANK YOU San Manuel Casino (us YouTubers appreciate you allowing us to record our slots!!) and THANK YOU all for watching! 😎 💰💰 ★★★★JACKPOT PARTY CASINO★★★★ Experience Vegas at its best as you play authentic video casino slots - anytime, anywhere! Take a spin on all your favorite casino slot machines like Fu Dao Le, ZEUS™ II and Jungle Wild® for free! At Jackpot Party Casino, you can play real life casino slots games just like the ones found in the best casinos in Vegas and around the world! Play now on your mobile device and on Facebook! ▶️Play Jackpot Party Casino! http://bit.ly/2sa7O8D
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Text Comments (313)
THAIGERs (2 months ago)
San Manuel don't pay shit anymore
South Cowgirl 504 (3 months ago)
Congratulations!!! That was amazing I don’t blame you for leaving! I would have ate lunch and kicked rocks!!😂
Hahaha! I had to go! We were late for dinner. This was at San Manuel and we had relatives in Los Angeles waiting for us so it was perfect timing to leave ahead...way ahead! 😋
sweet hand pay... thank God for moms and their phone calls...
I told my mom that! Completely threw off my timing and that RNG :)
Cjl Lopez (6 months ago)
Welcome to San manuel casino lol
Thank you Cjl Lopez!! Had a great time there!! Appreciate you watching! 😃
Razia Moses (6 months ago)
Congtrats on your big win . I go to the casino and never ever win anything.
You are due Razia!! Thank you for watching! 💸
hockeycub19 (7 months ago)
Let me know next time you come to San Manuel I live by there :)
Oh yeah! didn't know you were a local there!!! Loved my brief visit there! Next time!!
JSPADED 81 (7 months ago)
Albert my channel crashed and I lost all my subscribers so please subscribe back if you can.
You got it! Subbed! :)
John (8 months ago)
that win that screen was beautiful ha ha nice hit
Thank you John!! Appreciate you watching! 😃
Zelma R. Gutierrez (8 months ago)
Wow! That was awesome! Congratulations!!!
Thank you Zelma!! Appreciate you watching! 😃
Slots-A-Lots (8 months ago)
Wow! That was just spectacular. It looks like Gimme Games is just right up your alley along with Ainsworth games. Congrats! I gotta get me to San Manuel. Is it true that they allow filming of games for slot channels?
Thank you Slots-A-Lots!! And YES San Manuel is hugely supportive of YouTube slot channels. Many have gone live there. Good luck your first time there! 😃
R G Slot Wins (8 months ago)
Amazing win
Thank you R G Slot Wins!! Appreciate you watching! 😃
Slot Bonus Babe (8 months ago)
Amazing Albert! Now you know since it’s all about timing, and mom interrupted you...I think she gets a cut of that handpay! 😂🤣😂
YES!! I thought same and told her she helped me win just by throwing off my timing! Of course she didn't understand what I was talking about but she didn't mind a share of my wins :) Thanks SBB!
Windy City Frenzy (8 months ago)
The video is fine 👍🏽. We played this slot, the music makes you think you are going to hit something like a tease. Congratulations 🍾 awesome win! 😎👍🏽🎸💰💰💰
Thanks Windy City!! Beginner's luck!!! 😀😀😀
Nice handpay Albert. Well done
Thank you soSAMuk!! Appreciate you watching! 😃
TheMaster Zman11 (8 months ago)
Wilds for Days Yaaaaassss!!! That's the idea get in and get out quickly while your up. Congrats on another nice handpay!
Thank you Zman!! Appreciate it. Would love a Gimmie Games jackpot #3...hasn't happened yet 😆Good luck to you!!
James Warrior (8 months ago)
I never win at a casino. Fuck my life. Never got a hand pay either. Cheers to u.
OH NO!!! LOL. Don't give up James! It may happen when you least expect it!! 😀
ItsThiefy (8 months ago)
lol don't worry Albert. I forget I'm playing on 2c all the time :P
Hahahhahahaha!!! It's a funny realization though and very welcomed :) Thanks Thiefy for watching!
Jackpots After Dark (8 months ago)
Amazing Albert' s slot channel does it again. I hope your good fortune continues
Thank you Jackpots After Dark!! Same to you!!! 😃
Happiness and Sweet Tea (8 months ago)
WOOOO!!!! 👏👏
Thank you Happiness and Sweet Tea!! Appreciate you watching! 😃
llekel M (8 months ago)
San Manuel was the only must visit casino on my list when I was traveling through Cali this summer. Beautiful place. Good free play incentive AND a food voucher. My dad ended up with $50 freeplay. We left even! We visited a few other casinos on the trip, but this was my favorite!
Thank you llekel for watching! Sounds like we both had a great experience at San Manuel! Appreciate you watching! 😃
Claire Pierson (8 months ago)
im glad they had a good time hownice yur stay was compliments of yur jackpot and for being there for the first time was awsome
Thank you Claire!! Now I just love visiting new casinos for the very first time 😉
Will090681 (8 months ago)
Nice win Al!
Thank you Will090681!! Appreciate you watching! 😃
Roldy Jenkins (8 months ago)
wasn't it actually $120 per line? lol I love slot videos where people dont realize they won more than they did, that ''wait, what'' always gets me, especially when someone thinks they won 100 dollars on a nickel machine, its a nice surprise.
You are correct Roldy! I got flustered with doing math on the 2c denom and then on top, the 2x multiplier hahaha!! Thank you for watching my video and your comment! :)
Khoon Lee Tan (8 months ago)
Well done
Thank you Khoon!! Appreciate you watching! 😃
Crispy Linetta (8 months ago)
Awesome...all the better when you realize it's the 2c machine!
Oh yes! That was a nice realization! Thanks for watching! 😍
Coco 777 (8 months ago)
Yay Albert! Congrats. Too bad you didn't come to San Diego, we have lots of casinos and I'm sure lots of your fans down here would've loved to have met you. Maybe next time. 😉😁Long time sub and always love your videos!! Thank you.
Coco 777 (8 months ago)
Albert's Slot Channel - Slot Machine Videos Oh ueah, I remember seeing vids in thise casinos. Awww, maybe you can do a meet and greet next time 😀😉
Thank you Coco!! Would love to come back and visit San Diego. Had so much fun last year at Barona and Harrahs. Appreciate you watching! 😃
Alonna Brannam (8 months ago)
Wow, that was a pretty handpay, do you see another trip to San Manual in the future .
Thank you Alonna!! I go to Vegas several times a year to visit my family and nephews. I'm sure a Disney trip is on order a few years from now so I may be back next time! I don't know if this luck can strike twice, but I'm hopeful! Appreciate you watching! 😃
Susan Fawcett (8 months ago)
That was amazing.
Thank you Susan!! Appreciate you watching! 😃
And nice surprise, too! :)
Good choice on the free games! FANTASTIC, I love it! :)
Thank you BigPayback! I just go on auto-pilot most times and just pick the most volatile on games like these! Glad it paid off!! 😄😄😄
SunFlower Slots (8 months ago)
Wow.....Awesome bonus hit Albert. Congratulation!!
Thank you SunFlower Slots!! Appreciate you watching! 😃
McBonus Slot Channel (8 months ago)
Awesome win!!
Thank you McBonus Slot Channel!! Appreciate you watching! 😃
Donna G (8 months ago)
Beautiful ‼️ Congrats Albert
Thank you Donna!! Appreciate you watching! 😃
Victoria Munoz (8 months ago)
Nice win! San Manuel is my favorite California casino!
Thank you Victoria!! I love them so far myself!! 😃
pinoypapapizza (8 months ago)
I still remember when you posted this on FB! You mentioned that it was a losing session up until that point. Happy you got $$$ back and then some. ☺ I'm sure dinner at Rowland Heights was great! Good food and extra cash in your pocket usually does the trick! 😉 Entertaining video as usual Albert!
Hah! You remember well!!! We had a nice dinner at a Chinese restaurant in Rowland Heights. Had dim sum the next day, did some shopping and back to Vegas. The whole CA trip was pretty much paid for by Sam Manuel Casino 😄So glad we stopped in to check it out! Thanks pinoypapapizza for watching my video 🤗
Slots Planet (8 months ago)
Awesome win gongrats 😬😬😬😬🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺
Thank you Slots Planet!! Appreciate you watching and for the beers!! 😃
Ellie Wheatley (8 months ago)
that's amazing. i wish that happened on my birthday (memorial day this year). forgot you were playing 2 cents? beautiful screen.
Birthday & Holiday combo nice!!! Wish you also topped it off w a hand pay at the casino! And yes, fun realization when you realize the credits are on a higher denom heheh. Thanks Ellie! 😄
eagleflight (8 months ago)
congrats that was awesome
Thank you eagleflight!! Appreciate you watching! 😃
Ann B. Slot Videos (8 months ago)
Lol, Albert congrats on your jackpot! Never played that game --I will have to look for it!
Thank you Ann!! It was my first time playing Mistress of Magic! Hopefully you have beginner's luck on it too! Appreciate you watching! 😃
Erin B. (8 months ago)
That was amazing to see🤗🤗. I'm so glad San Manuel allow vids. They are awesome, and ur channel is great. Keep it going!!
Thank you Erin! San Manuel rocks!! Wish I didn't live on the opposite side of the country and lived closer 😆
Melvina Stewart (8 months ago)
Great win what did your Mom say when you met her for dinner? I like when you said give me 15 mins? What a fun trip. 🎰
Hahah my poor mom was sitting outside on a bench waiting for me to finish and waiting for my dad to finish at the blackjack tables. I texted her that I won a jackpot, but she didn't receive it. Eventually, she walked in looking for us and spotted me waiting for my hand pay and that's how she found out. Mom definitely got a cut of this win for waiting! Thanks Melvina for watching! 😄
EZ LIFE SLOT JACKPOTS (8 months ago)
I love it !!!! making gimme games look easy!
Thank you EZ LIFE SLOT JACKPOTS!! Let's see you do it too! 😃
GoodLife0401 (8 months ago)
Wow! I never play Gimme games but I just might have to! Great win & I'm thinking that dinner was on you that night , right?😘 Big congrats on an awesome win!🎉🎉🎉
Thank you GoodLife0401!! Indeed! In fact, pretty much the entire CA holiday trip was paid for with this jackpot win 😄 My mom and dad also got their share of it, but I wouldn't have it any other way!! 😃
Miss Liz- The One & Only (8 months ago)
Haha you're always getting surprised by your own wins 😂😂😂 Very nice HP! 🤗💙💙💙😊🍀 Beautiful win. ❤
Totally! I have a few more jackpot videos on the way and pretty much on each one I am dumbfounded or can't do math Liz!! LOL 😄😄😄
CASINO WINS by Blueheart (8 months ago)
That was awesome jackpot and wins Albert. Glad CA treated you nicely on your first day. You were 1 hr away from me. You should wave 👋. Congrats.
Thank you Blueheart!! WOW! That close! Next time for sure! 😃
Bonsai Yama Review (8 months ago)
What a great first time to San Manuel! Congratulations!!! Great video, glad you enjoyed it amazing job on this!
Thank you Bonsai!! It's always fun to play at new casinos...especially recording friendly ones! Really like San Manuel and wish I lived closer! Appreciate you watching! 😃
Leigh Ellington (8 months ago)
WOW! Your win was bigger than the progressive jackpot! Beautiful win Albert!! Woo!!!
Thank you Leigh!! Total surprise! Appreciate you watching! 😃
Arthur Daniel (8 months ago)
It’s great Albert that you were able to go with your parents....and have big win..and shout dinner.These are special times😀
Thank you RTD Danny!! Indeed! In fact, pretty much the entire CA holiday trip was paid for with this jackpot win 😄My mom and dad also got their share of it, but I wouldn't have it any other way!! 😃
Jaybirds super Channel (8 months ago)
Where is shinoby
Jaybirds super Channel (8 months ago)
If you see him tell him his fans are missing his videos and his brothers
Hi Jay! I was hoping to see Shinobi there but our schedules unfortunately didn't work out this time.
JeffRey D (8 months ago)
I loved this Video Albert. This is like a fairy tale Casino Holiday visit. I hope this made your vacation even better with your family. So happy for you. Love seeing you win! Cheers.
Thanks JeffRey! You are too nice! If you're ever in the MD area, holler! 😀
JeffRey D (8 months ago)
Albert's Slot Channel - Slot Machine Videos of course because you are a wonderful person and it shows through your personality in your videos. I look forward to meeting you one day :)
Thank you so much JeffRey!! Pretty much the entire CA holiday trip was paid for with this jackpot win 😄My mom and dad also got their share of it, but I wouldn't have it any other way!! 😃
Dejavu Slots (8 months ago)
Really nice, Congratulations on the jackpot. I am glad San Manuel treated you good.
Thank you Dejavu Slots!! Wished I lived closer!! Appreciate you watching! 😃
onejazzimom (8 months ago)
No problem viewing this. Beautiful win, hope you bought mom's dinner ;-)
Thank you onejazzimom!! Indeed! In fact, pretty much the entire CA holiday trip was paid for with this jackpot win 😄My mom and dad also got their share of it, but I wouldn't have it any other way!! 😃
Adam's Slot Channel (8 months ago)
Yay!! Congratulations Albert! Glad San Manuel treated you good! Were you able to meet anyone else while you were up there?
Thanks Adam! It was really unannounced as I didn't even know exactly when I would be visiting and I didn't want to keep people waiting for me to show up. It was a quick hit and run I suppose :)
Valarie F Randall (8 months ago)
Great win Albert! A great hand pay while making your poor Momma wait for dinner! I will put in a good word for you for say $200.....hahahah...you always crack me up when you don't realize how much you won......You just get too excited.....that is a very colorful game......thanks for sharing!
Hah! Thanks Valerie. My poor mom (she doesn’t gamble) was sitting outside on a bench waiting for me to finish and waiting for my dad to finish at the blackjack tables. I texted her that I won a jackpot, but she didn't receive it. Eventually, she walked in looking for us and spotted me waiting for my hand pay and that's how she found out. Pretty much the entire CA holiday trip was paid for with this jackpot win 😄My mom and dad also got their share of it, but I wouldn't have it any other way!! 😃
Carol Gadles (8 months ago)
Congrats Albert !!!!!!!
Thank you Carol!! Appreciate you watching! 😃
Lynne Clayton (8 months ago)
Watched on my IPad. No problem.
Thank you Lynne!! The video got corrected somehow and I'm relieved!! 😃
Lynne Clayton (8 months ago)
Incredible. Bet you bought your mom dinner.
Oh yes! Pretty much the entire CA holiday trip was paid for with this jackpot win 😄My mom and dad also got their share of it, but I wouldn't have it any other way!! 😃
Ellie Stewart (8 months ago)
Way to go Albert! :) Ive always enjoyed watching your channel, with the clean language and all. I'm happy for you and your wins and this was a nice one!
Thank you Ellie!! I try, but i'm sometimes in my head i'm cursing at the machine LOL. I appreciate you watching! 😃
Catherine Linder (8 months ago)
Fantastic jackpot! The video is great and Congrats!
Thank you Catherine!! Appreciate you watching! 😃
Cathy Greenwood (8 months ago)
Looked good to me and wow Albert what a wonderful win! Timing....thanks Mom for the call right!!!! Great video...and u were on your second to last spin!!!!! Cha Cha!!
Thanks Cathy! My mom's phonecall totally changed the outcome of my session and that random number generator on the slot. I don't think it would have jackpot if my timing was different 😅
Ava Lynn (8 months ago)
Albert so happy for u!!! awesome handpay...
Thank you Ava!! Appreciate you watching! 😃
Love this!!! SO good, this is why I love Gimmie Games! Congrats, Albert! 💰🎰💰😃🤑
Thank you CT Slotters!! You guys are due for one! Appreciate you watching! 😃
Marc F (8 months ago)
Nice HP! 1st time @ SM, and only 3 Machines and BAM $2400! I literally just came back from there and have been going there for years and the most I’ve ever won was 3K once, no HP though! Teach us your waaaays!!!
Thank you Marc!! Hah! I have beginner's luck...that's all! That was pretty insane to jackpot on the 3rd of 3 machines I played at SM. I hope you get your jackpot handpay one of these days soon....or a big prize like the RV they were giving away heheh. Appreciate you watching! 😃
Andy Groth (8 months ago)
Uber..uber...fabulous win! GongXi Albert ...LOL! You have Gold Fingers for this Slot machine!
Thank you Andy!!! So nice of you. I Appreciate you watching! 😃
gerard devost (8 months ago)
wow nice
Thank you Gerard !! Appreciate you watching! 😃
Ellen Hinrichs (8 months ago)
This was AWESOME♡
Thank you Ellen!! Appreciate you watching! 😃
PandaJock Slots (8 months ago)
Hi Albert! Welcome to my local! Congrats on the amazing hand pay! 🐼👏🏻
Thank you PandaJock Slots!! I only wished I lived closer! Appreciate you watching! 😃
Gladys Fenick (8 months ago)
How sweet it is ...very very nice win ,,happy it worked out for you ..congratulations .
Thank you Gladys!! Appreciate you watching! 😃
3 spins of nothing on the bonus then BAM a huge 4th spin. Over 2 grand! Wow huge win! You almost sounded like you were expecting the bonus to pay so much but I'm sure you were shocked by what it paid. Good job you stayed before you met your mom.😎
Thank you David!! The odds were totally against me to jackpot on my 3rd machine at this new casino and on my very first bonus on this game I'd say! Total sursprise...but aren't they always heheh. Appreciate you watching! 😃
Date night Slots (8 months ago)
Wow!! Awesome win buddy
Thank you Renee!! Appreciate you watching! 😃
The Slot Cats (8 months ago)
Nice ! That’s our local, happy to see San Manuel treated you well! 😻😻
Thank you Slot Cats!! Wish I lived closer! Appreciate you watching! 😃
Vic T Slots (8 months ago)
Great luck on your 1st time there. I hope I have that luck when I go there for my 1st time. Free spins handpay that's more than the grand!!!!
Thank you Vic T Slots!! Yeah! Bigger than the top progressive I noticed too while I was waiting for the hand pay to arrive. You better get yourself down to San Manuel and see how it treats you!! I just wish I had more time to play there! 😃
wlwal1 (8 months ago)
Albert, So AWESOME !!! San Manuel treated you so Well$$ Glad you had a great time here in California!! Would be nice to have Kuri, Akafuji, and other great you tubers, come to San Manuel for Big Slot Meet-up! I'm sure San Manuel would welcome this great event!!
Thank you wlwal1!! Appreciate you watching! We gotta do one next time i'm in San Diego or L.A. Have you heard from Jennifer Goodwin? I haven't heard from her in ages. Hope she's doing alright. 😃
mzrnda (8 months ago)
That was a great win Albert. Congrats
Thank you mzrnda!! Appreciate you watching! 😃
Ray Baker (8 months ago)
Congrats on the awesome win! You are 🍀
Thank you Ray!! Appreciate you watching! 😃
San Manuel Casino (8 months ago)
Welcome to San Manuel! Glad you enjoyed!
Thank you San Manuel Casino!! You guys rock and I definitely appreciate your casino supporting all the YouTube slot channels! Thanks for the hand pay!!!! 😃
Vulture Slots (8 months ago)
Congrats Albert! I would love to gamble a little with you next time you're here. 😊 P.s. San Manuel is awesome! Lol
Thank you Vulture Slots!! I really wanted to set up a time to meet with you all, but not knowing my schedule with my parents and our lunch/dinner plans w family that live in L.A., I didn't feel comfortable committing to meeting anyone and then having to cancel or show up late due to holiday traffic. I hope next time in CA or Las Vegas!! Thank you!! :)
San Manuel Casino (8 months ago)
We love you too!
Crestita Baldomar (8 months ago)
Wow nice win
Hope you had a wonderful birthday Crestita!! Philippines!!! Love hearing from my viewers abroad!
Crestita Baldomar (8 months ago)
Albert's Slot Channel - Slot Machine Videos welcome I wish you good luck always shout out for my birthday today here in Philippines.. Thanks
Thank you Crestita!! Appreciate you watching! 😃
AKAFUJI SLOT (8 months ago)
Wow Awesome‼ Big congrats Albert🍻Huge Jackpot@San Manuel🍻🍻😊Thank you Albert! thank you San manuel!
Thank you AKAFUJI!! I want to meet you and KURI next time and Shinobi! Next time in CA. Appreciate you watching! 😃
Billy Wilson (8 months ago)
very nice sesh man
Thank you Billy!! Appreciate you watching! 😃
Kman L (8 months ago)
Maybe I should start recording my slot sessions. In 10 years of gambling I still have not hit a handpay! :( I think they like to pay more when they know they are on camera, lol. Also, congrats!
Hahah! Too funny Kman! Maybe :) Sometimes I shut off the camera and that's when they hit and then I get angry with myself for not recording live 😀 You are due for that handpay soon!!
Deshannon Ellison (8 months ago)
Very nice session... ✌✌✌
Thank you Deshannon!! Appreciate you watching! 😃
Diana Prince (8 months ago)
Maybe I just have it stuck in my head but I could have sworn I heard Wonder Woman in the background right after mom called😂😂😂 Congrats Albert great win!!!
Hahahah I re-played the video and couldn't hear it!! Too funny. Thank you for watching Diana Prince!! 🤗🤗🤗
Dylan Walker (8 months ago)
Well, we know who paid for dinner.
LOL It had to be me!!! 😃
KCSlotChannel (8 months ago)
Wow, what a beautiful screen of wilds.... Amazing you caught it live! Congratz!!!!! Thanks for sharing. :D
Thank you KCSlotChannel!! Appreciate you watching! 😃
Steve Richloff (8 months ago)
I was waiting for you to remember it was 2 cent machine. NICE HIT!!!!
LOL Steve! It finally hit me at the end :)) Thank you!~!
RandomSlots (8 months ago)
The Goose Approves!!!
Thank you Random $ Slots!! I've re-watched this bonus and I'm still in shock that jackpot happened on that day LOL 😃
Denise Torres (8 months ago)
Wow congratulations 😮
Thank you Denise!! Appreciate you watching! 😃
SHAWANA LEE (8 months ago)
Thank you Shawna! I've re-watched this bonus and I'm still in shock that jackpot happened on that day LOL 😃
Star Ships (8 months ago)
Congrats on the Jackpot Albert 🍾 ! But why does it seem most times when we’re at a new casino, we win 🤔... Did you play with a players card?
Thank you Star Ships!! YES, I used my new players card! I always like playing at new casinos as my experience is like yours as I seem to do well first time there. Appreciate you watching! 😃
Robert Catron (8 months ago)
nice ! BUT how is it every vid you post is a win. do you only show the wins?
Ahh Robert I'd say about 75% of what I record is deleted because off my iphone as they are losing videos or have no action worth watching. They are just not fun to watch so I try to minimize showing those to my viewers. Thank you for watching and asking! 😀
Claire Pierson (8 months ago)
wow good thing yu wemt to that casino grats did yur parents gamble too
Thank you Claire!! My poor mom (she doesn’t gamble) was sitting outside on a bench waiting for me to finish and waiting for my dad to finish at the blackjack tables. I texted her that I won a jackpot, but she didn't receive it. Eventually, she walked in looking for us and spotted me waiting for my hand pay and that's how she found out. Pretty much the entire CA holiday trip was paid for with this jackpot win 😄My mom and dad also got their share of it, but I wouldn't have it any other way!! 😃
OKslots of_fun (8 months ago)
Holy cow! That was fantastic, congrats!! I've played that game and never won much of anything lol. I guess I will try it again now! :)
Thank you OKslots!! And it was my first time playing that game too! Beginner's luck at the casino I say LOL! Appreciate you watching! 😃
Sanders Slots (8 months ago)
Congrats!! Super sweet win. And yes YT is having known issues with playback right now
Thank you Sanders!! And oddly, my video self corrected itself. Hope it stays that way LOL. I appreciate you watching! 😃
Jeep girl (8 months ago)
Albert's in my backyard, so cal. Congrats on that great win 😀
Thank you Jeep girl!! I only wish I lived closer but I live across the country!! Appreciate you watching! 😃
San Manuel Casino (8 months ago)
Degenerate Gambler's (8 months ago)
AWESOME BONUS!!! San Manuel is NOT nice to me!!!! Takes all my money!! Anyways, congrats and welcome for visiting California! We were just up there in Vegas for the 4th for a couple of days!!! I'm gonna look for this machine!! Thanks for sharing🤑
DG you are due for a BIG WIN!! Good luck and let me know how your luck goes!!
San Manuel Casino (8 months ago)
Better luck next time friend!
Cassanova Slots (8 months ago)
Unbelievable!! Way to go Albert!!!
Thank you Cassanova Slots!! Appreciate you watching! 😃
genevieve Andrews (8 months ago)
It's not working at all
Awesome!! Have a nice weekend!
genevieve Andrews (8 months ago)
Albert's Slot Channel - Slot Machine Videos yeah I got it to work the other day after n hour congrats Albert
Hi Genevieve!! It should be playable now in case you haven't tried again. Dunno what happened but it self corrected itself I guess. Appreciate you watching! 😃
Sota Slots (8 months ago)
You are so adorable. Lol
Thank you Sota Slots!! You're very nice! I appreciate you watching! 😃
Carol Hairston (8 months ago)
Congrats on your handpay. Now you can pay for dinner for your parents!
Thank you Carol!! Indeed! Pretty much the entire CA holiday trip was paid for with this jackpot win 😄My mom and dad also got their share of it, but I wouldn't have it any other way!! 😃
San Manuel Casino (8 months ago)
DYK we average a handpay every 2-3 minutes...every day!

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