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NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM 3 Trailer (Ben Stiller - 2014)

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★ Watch 10 Minutes of the movie Here ► http://bit.ly/Night-Museum-3 ✓ Sub NOW ➨ http://bit.ly/Movietrailers ★ Best COMEDIES are HERE ➨ http://bit.ly/Best-Comedies Their Biggest Adventure Begins ! Night at the Museum 3 Trailer Get ready for the wildest and most adventure-filled Night at the Museum ever as Larry (Ben Stiller) spans the globe, uniting favorite and new characters while embarking on an epic quest to save the magic before it is gone forever. NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM 3 Trailer A Movie directed by Shawn Levy Cast : Ben Stiller, Robin Williams, Owen Wilson, Steve Coogan, Ricky Gervais, Dan Stevens, Rebel Wilson, Ben Kingsley Release Date : In Theaters December 19th, 2014 NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM 3 "Secret of the Tomb" Trailer © 2014 - 20th Century Fox ✓ Subscribe now 2 catch the best trailers and the latest HD official movie trailer, film clip, scene and video !
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Text Comments (2124)
wheelmanstan (1 month ago)
I just watched all these and this third one was way better than the second one. Felt like a good send off for Robin as well.
Vita Violetta P (1 month ago)
I always like Night at the museum movies, the wax statues in the museum that come alive. The story of life of Larry and his son, who eventually  making Larry as a museum keeper. I also really like Larry and his son. In this movie, Night at the museum 3 : Secret of tomb, the tablet become damaged, make all the living statues damaged little by little. And the tablet belongs to Ahkmenrah, and the one who knows about the tablet is the father of Akhmenrah. Told the origin history of the tablet and how to fix it. In order for the tablet to come back well and run well for all living wax sculptures, the tablet must be bathed in a ray of moonlight.
Vita Violetta P (1 month ago)
I always like Night at the museum movies, the wax statues in the museum that come alive. The story of life of Larry and his son, who eventually  making Larry as a museum keeper. I also really like Larry and his son. In this movie, Night at the museum 3 : Secret of tomb, the tablet become damaged, make all the living statues damaged little by little. And the tablet belongs to Ahkmenrah, and the one who knows about the tablet is the father of Akhmenrah. Told the origin history of the tablet and how to fix it. In order for the tablet to come back well and run well for all living wax sculptures, the tablet must be bathed in a ray of moonlight.
Freddy Fazbear Plays (1 month ago)
this is funny
Edits MSP (1 month ago)
rami malek yes
Kayla Montanez (2 months ago)
From the first Night at the Museum movie to the third, they're all pretty stupid to me!!!!!!!!!!!
Ben Gaming Studio (2 months ago)
This is 2
Kevin Castaneda (4 months ago)
Why am I hearing about this movie 4 years after it came out
pansexual! at the disco (4 months ago)
Melissa Huang (4 months ago)
That Pompeii part is funny to the hell lol
Operation FUBAR (5 months ago)
I loved the first two movies but I somehow didn’t know there was a third one until just recently. I don’t remember seeing an ad for it or anything. 😕
Eric Falconer (6 months ago)
Y24b (7 months ago)
OH RAMI! 😍😍😍😍
sweetshell 02 (7 months ago)
I saw rami malek, i click xD
PeachHazel7 (9 months ago)
Why tf did I forget there was a Night at the museum 3 wtf I am shook
Flash Time (9 months ago)
Christine Grube (9 months ago)
Wow wow wow!! What an Incredible!! Movie and Overwhelming references in every line and just the Whole production and the total love, dedication, appreciation and honor for Mickey Rooney and Dear Robin Williams. I bow down to you all in appreciation.
jellyjay (11 months ago)
an egyptian playing an egyptian lol nice
Baby Bowie (1 year ago)
Only watched it for rami. But it's still a great movie
Peaceful Pines (1 year ago)
I had a random dream once that the Teddy Rossevelt character played by Robin Williams here wanted a burger from McDonald's, so I got him a Big Mac before the sun rose. But it looked sunny everywhere, so how didn't he melt if he's wax? Dreams aren't logical anyway.
Sarah Rose van Corven (1 year ago)
It's the 4th of april 2018 and I literally just found out they had a third movie... Why did I never know this?? Probably because I live in the Netherlands and it's an American movie, but still, the first 2 movies were very popular here, so I don't get it.. Definitely gonna watch it now tho! PS: Seeing Robin Williams here in his last movie that was published after his death makes me sad.. :( RIP
Anakin Skywalker (1 year ago)
Best one. I actually got a community on G+. 😊
Guardian15 (1 year ago)
what i wanna know is who tf cleans up all the mess after they've done their thing
TheLadySilverMoon (1 year ago)
I might give this one a watch, just to see Dan Stevens as Lancelot ^__^
Lillian Schuler (1 year ago)
I think this is the second one
Caitlin Brewer (1 year ago)
I love how DONE Stiller plays this role
Jeffrey Murrish (1 year ago)
my favet move
Aoibhe Emilia (1 year ago)
Is this real?
Lena B (1 year ago)
Really sad that there's no 4th movie
tŘB SmookeR (1 year ago)
I hate this movie coz i can't open ..bull shit
Camilla E (1 year ago)
What's with this film trilogy being bad?
tonisha beck (1 year ago)
Is a great hilarious movie
CARTABLE KING (2 years ago)
i love dexter
jojo siwa (2 years ago)
Μα ποτέ δεν θα δω την αναμπερ
aleksandar milovanovic (2 years ago)
Urge (2 years ago)
nice work!
Angelia Cairo (2 years ago)
take a pic, it'll last longer. i also love the last part and: with your ninja swords woosh woosh
Gaming Legend (2 years ago)
Is Shawn Michaels in this
Jez Bell (2 years ago)
David Mu (2 years ago)
Why are today's western films like this? Comparing with their 2000s films?
i can’t believe (2 years ago)
1:18 that part i'm dying
J K. (2 years ago)
Raising awareness for lewy body disease.
Adam Akmal (2 years ago)
best movie ever
Brandon Haygood (2 years ago)
I just watched the ending to this. I have never seen a worse piece of garbage in my life. Every single second was cringeworthy. Such a shame that this is one of Robin Williams last roles.
chicken soup (2 years ago)
Brandon Haygood hey. Out of all the movies i liked this one the least but it wasnt that garbage
Lovely Girl (2 years ago)
Really funny😂😂😂😜
bathtabcaptain (3 years ago)
This movie is fine i would rated it between 32 and 34 out of 100, what do you think?
Unknown Person (3 years ago)
Five night at the museum
Angela Chan (3 years ago)
Is the other guy josh from until dawn?
ardimous 620 (2 years ago)
Angela Chan Rami Malek
Angela Chan (3 years ago)
+GiannaUniversal thanks😀
itsksAnna (3 years ago)
yes XD
molgimmy 02 (3 years ago)
continueited saga for briths museum
Caroline Rossing (3 years ago)
Was the moment with Larry and the gang on the bus in the movie?
Matthew Grafton (3 years ago)
Nit to the mosey
지영그리고해찬 (3 years ago)
Yo, Josh Washington
Ekko XII (3 years ago)
1:57 Same though- except I'd crop everyone but Ahkmenrah out
Heather Patrignani (3 years ago)
I. Love. That. Movie
Nowmi (3 years ago)
I SO wanna watch this movie!!!
Jessica Buehne (3 years ago)
Another Obsessive One (3 months ago)
Same, girl, same.
Anna Mercedes (7 months ago)
Fang Pearl (3 years ago)
Jason Button (3 years ago)
Watched this last week, they go completely over the top with the English stereotypes but the end made me cry...
alexa (3 years ago)
+Jason Button What happened?..
Kasya K (3 years ago)
I dislike the Teen Nicky. He's quite annoying and that style of his doesn't fit the character. However, the past's past. Couldn't do anything bout it, but just commenting. Hope for them to notice the advice to choose their actor wisely and make sure it fits the character. However, the movie is so great and awesome! #RestInPieceRW
Jack Raincloud (3 years ago)
LOL white ancient Egyptians????? That is absolutely hilarious!  So I'm guessing the young Egyptian guy is supposed to be the equivalent of King Tut, and Ben Kingsley his father Akhenaten, who were both BLACK!!! Ancient Egypt was and still is in AFRICA, and there are white people portraying their royalty??? WOW!!!
Jack Raincloud (3 years ago)
+29bastet Is the actor Rami Malek in a movie representing modern day Egypt or ancient Egypt? Because if your answer is modern day Egypt, then you are absolutely correct, that's what an Egyptian would look like. But he is in a movie depicting Egyptians well over 2000 years ago, and that's not what they looked like! He is falsely representing King Tut, and its well documented that King Tut was black and had well known black parents and grandparents. Am I wrong asking for historic accuracy? I'm fully aware that modern day Egyptians are not black. They just like taking credit for black African accomplishments. De-Nile isn't just a river in Egypt.
Mia Rasmussen (3 years ago)
@29bastet We've already had that discussion, look at the other comments above :)
29bastet (3 years ago)
Might I mention that the actor, Rami Malek, who played the Egyptian pharaoh in the movie is actually Egyptian. Look him up, if you don't believe me. Does he look black?! I am not talking about African black. I am talking about /Egyptian/ people. However, you can believe whatever you wish to believe. History and it's current people show the truth.
Jack Raincloud (3 years ago)
+29bastet I would like to note that, I not only study the history of ancient Kemet (Egypt), but all of Africa. Respectfully, I can already tell by your comments that you have very little knowledge of African people or their history. To answer your first sentence, ancient Egypt was called Kemet before the Greeks changed its name to Egypt. Kemet is translated to, "Land of Blacks". Europeans and Arabs like to try to disprove this clear fact by saying its referring to the soil, not the people, but evidence proves otherwise. Your statement regarding the skin tone of black people is based on pure ignorance, as African people are the most diverse looking people on this planet! We come in every skin color, facial feature, hair texture, etc. without any mix of foreign ethnicity. What you are trying to allude to by saying that ancient Egyptian's skin tones don't look black is that it doesn't look like ONE of the phenotypes of blacks, the dark skin, wide nose, thick lips, etc. Modern day Egyptians have absolutely nothing to do with Ancient Egyptians or any of the current Pyramids or ancient monuments and artifacts. They are the descendants of Arab conquerors who invaded Egypt in 638 AD! So I say to you, Please check YOUR facts! I know mine!
29bastet (3 years ago)
+Jack Raincloud I would like to note, as someone who studies Ancient Egyptian history and culture, that the Ancient Egyptians were not classified as "black". Their skin tone was most certainly not as dark as would be considered black. They had a golden hue to a tan. Their features, if you have looked at /any/ Ancient Egyptian images, did not follow along the lines of being classified as African. If you wish to argue about a discussion, please check your facts. So many consider that the Ancient Egyptians were black just because they were on the continent of Africa. You should look at local modern day Egyptians and ask them if they consider themselves black.
Xtremy'S Gaming (3 years ago)
plz tel me man
Xtremy'S Gaming (3 years ago)
I'm huge Fan of night at the museum series and i want to watch this film can anybody have night at the museum 3 in hindi 1080p if anybody know where i can get this movie in hindi 1080p so plz plz plz tel me
I just marathoned all 3 films, loved them all, made me laugh a lot :).
SingMeProMaster 2 4 9 (4 years ago)
I watched this in my school I'm a 3rd grader my school is epic!
bich dung nguyen (4 years ago)
Lizzy O'Connell (4 years ago)
This movie was not that good, but it was funny
HRHBoof (4 years ago)
Hilarious!!!  I can't wait to see it!!!  Hope it's not the last either!!!  I SOOO love this franchise!  Hope we get to see Brundon. :D I LOVE Brundon!!!
hermani day (4 years ago)
so amazing !! i love the film too ! i want number 4 know!!!!!
+Emperor Kylo Ren that's sad
B R (4 years ago)
@hermani day wont happen,this is the last NATM film
TeaThot (4 years ago)
The ending made me cry ;-; Great movie though! I'll miss all of them :(
J o n a t h a n (4 years ago)
Robin Williams wasn't himself in this film. You could see he had problems.
Gracelyn Mae (4 years ago)
rest in peace Robin Williams.
Night at the museum is back a all new movie! coming to you:)
Ashton Lim (4 years ago)
so sad night at the museam 4 will never happen
atomac23 (4 years ago)
movie shows in the very beginning character of western scientists. one word THIEVES
What's with all the gay references through out this movie?
Shiroo (4 years ago)
The pharaoh. Damn i want more of him in the movies. Something about seeing people who lived ages ago alive today in 21st century. He is an actual walking corpse unlike the wax and plastic ones in the museum.
Mythlover B (4 years ago)
People say this movie sucked. I didn't think it was THAT bad. It had some pretty good parts, like when Lancelot's nose begins to melt because he's made of wax and Owen Wilson is like, "It's really hard not to look at his nose...."
Marik911Fox (4 years ago)
if any one still has not seen this movie watch it . I give you my word . its good .
Mysterious World (4 years ago)
i saw the night at the museum 1 & 2 again to recall what sotry was about and now i remember all the last 2 parts and noowww im wating for paaarrrttt 3 !!!   i cant wait to see it , do you understaaannndd ??? i loovvvee this movie 
jager652 (4 years ago)
Martell Elliott (4 years ago)
Hey check out my audition videos on my channel!(:
Lucio Ferox88 (4 years ago)
i think i know what ship that is at 0:42
TheColombianSpartan (4 years ago)
So funny
l337pwnage (4 years ago)
John Candy did pretty good in this movie.
philip yacoub (4 years ago)
Jaeger Bombs (4 years ago)
Come on. Was this necessary? I mean, there was no point in a second one!
Jelly Butter Toast (4 years ago)
I loved the movie👌👌👌
The Loop Productions (4 years ago)
Rest in Peace Robin Williams
shade ilimobade (4 years ago)
Jesse Reiter (4 years ago)
We must never speak of what has happed here today.
Jesse Reiter (4 years ago)
After the first two Eye thought I was being pissed on why do they allways see how far the can make the idea for a good movie go, like they are doing to Lord of the rings at some point you know they are just trying to mae money not quality movies. but whats the use saying anything.
MattPlays (4 years ago)
What is the song used in the apartment party dj scene?
Chris Leathley (4 years ago)
Nigh at the museum is really good i love to have a lot of fun to watch this movie and I don't know if I had the best thing ever is the best film
Chris Leathley (4 years ago)
I love you because of the
Lutfi Ardi (4 years ago)
Subscribe me please I will back subscribe
Alan Garcia (4 years ago)
Shit, I missed the release date and discovered today it had already been released. :@Freakin pissed. That sucks, I love that movie !!
Lord Prasiesho (4 years ago)
that ending thought :D
Iris Kennedy (4 years ago)
Am I the only one who finds Ahmen Ra super attractive? XD
Purple Paris (2 days ago)
DJ Draws uh yeaaahhh
DJ Draws (29 days ago)
Uh, no
Ona Halili (3 months ago)
I do! hahahahaha
Not at all Not at all
LivanaFaolan (7 months ago)
Oh, Ahkmenrah is definitely super attractive.
Kirsten (4 years ago)
They shot parts of this at ubc!
Bakti Dwikathoo (4 years ago)
Nkululeko Sifunda (4 years ago)
lol a white pharaoh,who said Egyptian are white this is a joke 
Nkululeko Sifunda (3 years ago)
+Rene Fourie it seem u always on my post
Rene Fourie (3 years ago)
Idiot. Read his biography: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1785339/bio?ref_=nm_ov_bio_sm Rami Malek is of Egyptian descent. Stop being a racist. 

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