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Roundtrip Flights to Space | Freethink's The New Space Race

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What if you could fly round trip to space, any day during the workweek? Jeff Greason and his company XCOR are working on a spacecraft prototype to do exactly that. Hunkered down in the Mojave Desert, XCOR’s team of aerospace engineers are striving to take more people to space in six months than NASA did in 30 years.
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GG Scoutland35 (8 months ago)
Do guys accept theories from subscribers??
Anonymous Awakened (2 years ago)
The only problem with this is, Jeff Greason stepped down as the CEO in late 2014 or early 2015, and left XCOR as an employee in the Fall of 2015. As a share-holder, in the Spring of 2016, he blocked future funding for the Lynx. In May of 2016, XCOR was forced (by Mr. Greason's actions) to let go of everyone involved with the Lynx program. XCOR's public stance is that the project is on-hold while they concentrate on projects for ULA. The truth is, ULA projects are all they have left and it would take nothing short of a miracle to get the Lynx project started again. As of April 2016, the management team in charge at the time, were looking to sell the company but have not been able to find a buyer willing to take the risk or their debt. The best bet is the Lynx will never fly. And most certainly will never make it to space. After approxamately 28 people were laid off in May of 2016, (a dozen or so more were let go prior to then) a large portion of the remaining employees left of their own free will. Things have gotten so bad at that little company that the COO and VP of Finance jumped ship months ago. The Sales group for XCOR are actively selling rides on the Lynx and were not included in any of the layoffs. That's because they have invested a lot of money in XCOR and are probably pumping money into it still. Bottom line is, XCOR had a great project that would have made space accessable to just about everyone in the long run. But that now falls in the lap of someone else to make happen.
crash2181 (9 days ago)
And now just a year after that they have filed for bankruptcy
Wizardly 9 (8 months ago)
Wow good info! Thanks.
J.R. Handley (1 year ago)
Wonder why'd they'd hype this then AFTER all of those events.
Patrice beauchemin (2 years ago)
Do it!
Achal H P (2 years ago)
We can colonize low-earth-orbit with winged space vehicles; but, we cannot go beyond low earth orbit with them. Propulsive landings and takeoff work everywhere in the solar system. Wings designed for earth are not useful in vacuum of space or the rarefied atmosphere of mars or the dense atmosphere of Venus or Titan. Wings become dead weight when we leave the low earth orbit.
buzzkillean (1 year ago)
The stairway to the heavens has many steps.
George Hartley (2 years ago)
as an orbital shuttle or whatever, this is an excellent vehicle. I am just disappointed that it is taking them and everyone else so long to pull out of the dark ages of space exploration.
Astrokeslo (2 years ago)
6:15 to 7:02 "The dark age... When you forgot that you could." Inspiring.
Gianfranco Palumbo (2 years ago)
Why would anybody want to go to space on that spaceship? I think the video forgot to mention it. Is it to send people to the International Space Station? Is it to travel from one side of the planet to the other much faster than current planes?
Musky Elon (2 years ago)
Gianfranco Palumbo It looks like a high altitude, low velocity flight with zero G. Good for tourists and small experiments.

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