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Rolex Mens Presidental Day Date 18k Factory Diamond Dial

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Give Us a call or email Sorry The Video Says Yachtmaster, Our Mistake But this video shows the Presidental.
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Ahmad Waleed Dogar (21 days ago)
I already have one exactly this model
IamLEGENDkb24 (3 years ago)
I want one like this.. just with diamond bezels!!! 40mm+...
takutatanga (4 years ago)
Many argue that gold watches have lost their allure and that the 'in-crowd' gravitate more toward rose gold timepieces. When you view a large number of videos though, it's still clear to see that yellow gold maintains a broad appeal. I love it.  
bargain hopping (5 years ago)
How much if were to buy this exact watch brand new ?
MikeTalksAbout (5 years ago)
Could be polished down , as well as the older fluted bezels were not as tall.
DaBank (6 years ago)
exactly. used
Five Subby! (6 years ago)
I will have one some day. I promise.
MikeTalksAbout (6 years ago)
I belive that one sold a while ago. We have a couple mens presidents that would be in your budget Give bob a call at the shop 239-649-7447
EDIshames (6 years ago)
I prefer the regular inlays over the diamonds as far as aesthetics go.
Nprince (6 years ago)
me 2 plz
Grant Hall (7 years ago)
@vouyroy iv seen these for $8-10,000
vouyroy (7 years ago)
early 2000's watch ... beautiful !!!! I'm guessing 18k ? msrp is around 35k
Orlando Torres (7 years ago)
CUZ JORDAN (7 years ago)
@guns248 shit, if you win the lotto get me one too
Slickstar GB (7 years ago)
so nice i will get it if i win the lottery
Jimmy Belle (7 years ago)
i hav a beautiful day date on my channel!!!! $30,000!!!! check it out!!!
Charles ThanhPhong (7 years ago)
does anyone know how to wind and set date for this particular watch? please post if you do.
moldowan (7 years ago)
clean it up you fool!
XeEnjoi (7 years ago)
i just cummed in my pants
Andrew Flood (8 years ago)
that look so nice !!!

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