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This trail guide remains incredibly calm and manages to halt a charging elephant in South Africa. The video was filmed at Kruger National park, and shows the elephant being stopped in its tracks. "The elephant encounter is an authentic example of how calm energy can influence the behaviour of wild animals," Alan McSmith told Newsflare. "Most trail guides who have seen the video admit that they may have shot the elephant in self-defence, it was that close." "The footage is a testament to elephant's intelligence and complex behavior and shows how humans and animals can connect on a meaningful level," he added. "Therefore, ultimately, the video is about the elephant and not me."
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Text Comments (4437)
Jhumar Cuzon (15 hours ago)
Whats brown and sticky? *A Stick*
Wynand Ernst (16 hours ago)
For those wondering, the elephant is the one wearing grey
nirbhay jadhav (1 day ago)
green screen
No Name (1 day ago)
Elephants was like "Shit he got a stick...Mission failed!! We’ll get em next time!!
Kale Mussel (1 day ago)
Balls of STEEL!!
The elephant stopped because he can feel compassion and not only aggresiveness, isn't it? More feelings affecting decitions equals to a complex behaviour, or, in this case,that you can communicate that you don't want to fight.I suppose.
Daddy Paddy (1 day ago)
He had a mouse in his shirt pocket :-)
LORD ALPHA (1 day ago)
It does matter who's got the big stick, but what matters most is who's swinging it.
Spìker (1 day ago)
Man's balls entered the chat Elephant left the chat ..............
dblvision (1 day ago)
And this my friends is how you deal with feminist land whales. (no disrespect meant to elephants, I love elephants)
borndead4420 (1 day ago)
Fuck that. I just seen a video where an elephant charged a guy and he tried to do the same thing, but got scared and backed up so the elephant kept charging and he got stomped out and killed. You gotta have balls of steel to do that, if you back up an inch you're dead.
Owen Drungle (1 day ago)
Clickbait Title: Can't see any man in the video, just an elephant charging at two massive balls.
NaDa4swf (2 days ago)
Guy had no other choice. His balls were too heavy to run
Dave Scopes (2 days ago)
Balls of steel !
James Valentine (2 days ago)
*is that Chuck Norris* ?
James Valentine (2 days ago)
*i think he farted silently*
mmartinisgreat (2 days ago)
Badass pacaderm.
Anonymous (3 days ago)
The guy be like...getting real tired of your shit dude
mavros (3 days ago)
bro elephant just wants to play
The Other Side (3 days ago)
*This is unfair on the part of the elephant. This is going to cause it some psychological damages. It's probably no longer sure if it's an elephant.*
karthik puvvula (3 days ago)
This my friends is real Unagi...
TheKaneECO (4 days ago)
Elephants usually pull there ears back when they charge right
Mauro Molinero (4 days ago)
fake. that man just wasn't able to move do to the sheer weight if his massive titanium balls.
Emanuel Mouratidis (4 days ago)
Balls of steel..
DefconOneFX (4 days ago)
Damn people are funny when it comes to stopping things bigger than us. What about each other? Soon as we fight over our cultural differences or color we become as primitive as them
BMW R1200GS Adventure (4 days ago)
Well that's some confidence in your shit that is...
J.M. Paez (4 days ago)
Why the fuck would this video get dislikes??? Cmon men
Furkan Korkmaz (4 days ago)
Rayleigh teaching Luffy Haoushoku Haki in real life.
716killakev (5 days ago)
His nuts hang low!
vresh sing (5 days ago)
Survival of the fittest and by fit I mean one with the big balls - Charles Darwin
Cell Jr (5 days ago)
msmissjordan1 (6 days ago)
All trumpet, no tusks.
Credit to the camera operator too. Jeez!
Prüf Commander (6 days ago)
Er muss wirklich die Ruhe weg haben , selbst Elefanten im Zirkus oder Zoo´s haben schon Menschen platt gemacht und die sind diese gewohnt . Gegen einen Wilden so ruhig zu bleiben erfordert schon einiges :)
Samuelson baker (6 days ago)
Thats bloody insane .
Fanghaorn (7 days ago)
See I’d believe the idea of stand your ground here but if I see a Kodiak bear or grizzly... I’m running 🏃
Dwayne Johnson (7 days ago)
Its called self confidence
Gallegos J (7 days ago)
Well I'll be damned 🤨
SilentSpeaker (7 days ago)
Ball level 1000000
Mitchell Bast (7 days ago)
Dudes got BALLS. If it had been Me, I would have shitty drawers
frank brennan (7 days ago)
This is real courage here, not going out and shooting animals they know have no defense against our technology.
Bad Wolf YT (7 days ago)
He ticc
I am guessing the elephant was charging expect him to run or to chase him. But Instead he stood still which confused the elephant.
Dingo Greet (7 days ago)
Thats a young teenage elephant. A fully grown male would had ripped him pieces. But that guy knows that..
Blindsyde (7 days ago)
RealRavenCorps (7 days ago)
No way I couldn't run. . . . .
LoqueMan (8 days ago)
The elephant open the ears to appear bigger cause it is not already xD
Ben Gazzara (8 days ago)
Mmm ... wonder what would happen if he tried this on a tiger or a lion
D M (8 days ago)
Elephant spots man from far away and rushes towards him "George, George!! George of the Jungle, it's me! Shep!!!" screeches to a halt...'Oh, sorry, thought you were someone else...my bad...'.
Hey Whatsup ?? (8 days ago)
Shame on u big guy....
When you suddenly realize your opponent’s power level is above 5,000
Joe Paul (8 days ago)
Balls bigger than elephant
TLOI Academy (8 days ago)
This comment is not about the guy's balls. Oh wait.
jaspjody (8 days ago)
I did that one time only with the mother inlaw, was the biggest mistake of my life .
Stop Think and Go
jojojoman78 (8 days ago)
Guy is just alive cause the Elefant was not in heat.
Luciana Ardillita (8 days ago)
I liked it until his smile at the end ... he should have shown respect instead of boasting. It was an epic interaction between two different animals and he won, so? always theres a winner and a defeated. Show respect for the elephant, please
Kelly Jackson (8 days ago)
You know I coulda crushed you....you know that right? walks off
Abdikhadar Hassan (8 days ago)
And then some people worship that *ELEPHANT* as a *GOD.*
gdynski (8 days ago)
Wow. That was awesome. This guy is BOSS.
Terrible ReactionsHQ (8 days ago)
that charge was a mock charge to test him
PsychoDieter91 (8 days ago)
An Indian elephant wouldn’t have pussied out.
YaBoyWilli A. (8 days ago)
Dude: Elephant: "THE FVCK DID YOU JUST SAY TO ME YOU LITTLE DIPSHIT???" Dude: Elephant: Dude: Elephant: "AY MAN... I SWEAR I'M GONNA-" Dude: Elephant: "Aight then. I'm out"
ryantres85 (8 days ago)
The elephant noticed the man wasn't a serious threat at all, but he still tried to scare him away. Since that didn't work, he was just like: "Meh, he's not a threat anyway... but his balls are bigger than mine" :v
Jordan Gray (8 days ago)
It's ok, dude, I shit my pants for you.
Marcos Bayaslian (9 days ago)
absolute unit
"The guy was that day high. We showed him this video the next day and he shit in his pants, while he screamed like a girl."
David Chomiak (9 days ago)
Fake...I can't see the charging indicator anywhere
Brazoncius Roxfort (9 days ago)
If a multi-ton animal was charging at me, my mind would be too busy flashing my whole life before my eyes for me to literally do anything about. I think I wouldn't even have the wherewithal to run.
Bondini Ravioli (9 days ago)
Freakin' Awesome
SickLid (9 days ago)
Elephant turned out to be a bitch.
Jaka Kraigher (9 days ago)
Bruh...why are elephants so fucking cute?
98five3 (9 days ago)
Nobody move a muscle ......
YuzukiEba (9 days ago)
Plot twist: the man just smelled like sewers, the elephant just couldn't handle it as it got close.
Vesselin Gueorguiev (9 days ago)
Brains, not balls.
How hugs (9 days ago)
i think the elephant is a total sweet heart.
RVM Lance (9 days ago)
It was all fine and dandy until he ran Larry the near sighted Elephant.
endofsociety (9 days ago)
That man has a set of titanium balls the size of watermelons.
john silva (9 days ago)
What Steve Irwin would do ..... probably try to ride the elephant .... haaa haaa
Interesting View (9 days ago)
Humans break the "rules" of the wild because we're capable of gaming the instincts of the other animals through our knowledge of them.
Work hustle kill (9 days ago)
Invisible electric fence..No doubt about it..!!!
mr. random guy (9 days ago)
Definition of alpha male right here
Michael Kaye (10 days ago)
Balls of steel
Jonathan Pochin (10 days ago)
Nerves of steel
TigerKurdish (10 days ago)
Now that's what I call balls of titanium!! So calm and collected while the elephant is 2 inches away from his face and about to turn him into some kind of paste. Elephant was shocked lol probably was thinking "WTF is wrong with this guy or is something wrong with me?" 😂😂
Your Dad (10 days ago)
1:26 NOICE
Tyler Farrell (10 days ago)
I couldn't see the elephant over this guy's huge balls
Bbii Bbii (10 days ago)
Compromised 😆😆😆😆
Oldschool Cyborg (10 days ago)
The mans balls created a giant invisible barrier that not even an elephant could penetrate.
T Rader (10 days ago)
It made me wonder if this guy had a plan B. I wonder if his magic stick will work on my wife
dilan chathuranga (10 days ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CT0eux5ocso /world best halts charging elephant
Ibrahim Elkhalil (10 days ago)
That one here reminds me of that russian guy that remain seated while there was a bear around, but this guy here has the ultimate confidence, congratulations for this bravery.
almost every species on Earth are now afraid of Humans
Twitch_Tifiq Games (10 days ago)
The elephant is a paid actor
Junior Raymond (10 days ago)
Not 1 drop of fear from the guy
Esquire (10 days ago)
Legend says this man has never done a pushup... because he pushes the world down.
D M (8 days ago)
No, that's chuck Norris...
Digither (10 days ago)
His balls are probably bigger than my future.😂🤦‍♂️
Mohamed Ali (10 days ago)
Give the elephant back his ball,not fair sir

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