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This trail guide remains incredibly calm and manages to halt a charging elephant in South Africa. The video was filmed at Kruger National park, and shows the elephant being stopped in its tracks. "The elephant encounter is an authentic example of how calm energy can influence the behaviour of wild animals," Alan McSmith told Newsflare. "Most trail guides who have seen the video admit that they may have shot the elephant in self-defence, it was that close." "The footage is a testament to elephant's intelligence and complex behavior and shows how humans and animals can connect on a meaningful level," he added. "Therefore, ultimately, the video is about the elephant and not me."
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Text Comments (6801)
MrGriff305 (21 hours ago)
Now THAT's a man. I got chased by a cat once. It had claws.
MrGriff305 (21 hours ago)
The elephant is like... If this dude don't flinch, he must have superpowers.
Waldemar Lapiński (2 days ago)
Słabo. Korwin by strzelał.
Planet A (2 days ago)
He got elephants balls
Q WWG1WGA (3 days ago)
Yeah mate wtf you da man aye
levan beriashvili (3 days ago)
This was not so effective, as it would be if he had made a short sprint and run into one of those tusks
alejofox10 (4 days ago)
There are people with balls and this motherfucker!... I want my wife to bear his child.
Clarence Gramula (4 days ago)
You guys are all praising the gut with the stick but the second prize goes to the camera man.🙄
The Metal (3 days ago)
Veggies for Thought (5 days ago)
This is why you're supposed to eat your Wheaties for breakfast. Gives you nerves of steel, kids!
trisa enterprise (5 days ago)
is this bug ???
HuHa Huha (5 days ago)
I'd have worn my dark brown pants! 💩
Roshan Tiwari (5 days ago)
100 tonne elephant with giant tusks Vs Crazy guy with a stick. Who would win?
Daniel G. (5 days ago)
This hombre has guevos!
Stuey Griffith (6 days ago)
wow.... he did that WITHOUT a mouse, too! 😯
Mad Titan (6 days ago)
He's got a pair, alright.
Robert222 Lewis (6 days ago)
the elephant wasn't scared of him, it realized he was just simply standing his ground and confident and no threat. So why would the elephant try to kill him with no reason
V42 (6 days ago)
Whoa, whoa, guys, he’s got a stick
Jon Humphreys (7 days ago)
Guy has balls of steel
Misses Witch (7 days ago)
who would win: Huge Elephant Aussie with Stick
The Thing Sinister (7 days ago)
нихуя не сообразил однако видео не плохое
Marco Donn Emrick (7 days ago)
I can see there’s a hole army behind the cameraman..
Terrell Cole (7 days ago)
That smirk at the end....
Dave C (7 days ago)
Nerves of steel.
WhatTheHawk38 (7 days ago)
Yeaaahhh, I'm not going to try this though because I'm never that lucky.
cowboy bebop (8 days ago)
Is that you santa? Nope...
tigershark203 (8 days ago)
You got Balls of STEEL!!!!
Nicolas Gil (8 days ago)
One word: Confidence
DarthSathion (8 days ago)
Elephant was just having a bad day and wanted to pick on someone smaller, but then he realized he couldn’t even scare the human. So he left reconsidering accepting his lord and savior Jesus into his heart.
Hank Bridges (8 days ago)
How do you stop an elephant from charging? You take away his Visa! LOL! 😂
45 Jugga (8 days ago)
Is she cute
Dael (8 days ago)
0:10 unsheathes katana
Benzo Effect (8 days ago)
Like a boss ...
zSatou VIII (8 days ago)
That was haki !
Tal Moore (8 days ago)
"If my invisible elephant mates weren't holding me back, I would've seriously fucked you up, bro."
SuperOmegax89 O (8 days ago)
He seen the size of the dudes balls and was like nope fuck this I'm going home
HEXAGON _ (8 days ago)
That's why I love Chuck Norris
RedPill Satanist (8 days ago)
That could have gone terribly bad for the guy but animals do respond to fear so if none is shown "certain" animals will become confused. Now what I wonder is what would have happened if he tried that with a carnivorous predator?
dean frankovis (8 days ago)
How did he hide them huge balls in them Shorrrt Shorts??!!
Michael Jordan (9 days ago)
This guy has brass balls, very impressive
Mark Lee (9 days ago)
Elephant knows he's got back up ,elephant sees he does. We can't see his who's all there with him?😎😎😎
Falcor's Adventure (9 days ago)
The man and the elephant have had encounters before. You can tell by the elephants reaction to him.
delon a (9 days ago)
Elephants remember!
Abe Krab (9 days ago)
Man didn't run bcs of his balls weight
helveticaification (9 days ago)
Don't try this at home, folks.
Stressed (9 days ago)
Damn! The man knows elephants. Didn't even flinch. Women should breed with him!
Wakipenda (9 days ago)
why wudnt an elephant be scared of a puny creature...when people are all the time scared of a spider or a cockroach or a bee?? Same principle here...
Moses Ghimiray (9 days ago)
overpowered stick,,,needs nerf
To ri (9 days ago)
show or badass
Yazz kros (9 days ago)
This mans balls are so heavy thats why he couldn't move when the elephant charged.
Rohit Niryal (9 days ago)
The video is nerve-racking but comments are fucking hillarious here.. 😁😁
Feinchan (9 days ago)
how did u even stand up with that giant balls
Cam N (9 days ago)
I've never heard an elephant stomping around. That's actually terrifying, lol.
Louie Louie (9 days ago)
It's just my pet elephant Babar.
Daniel Gómez (9 days ago)
It Is a studied behaiviour. Balls of steel my balls. What Will happened in the future Will be an unfortunable man dead.
Science and the brain (9 days ago)
I like the fact that the man is not even using a hostile or unfriendly voice and that they end up parting in a respectful way.
Toni Thaler (9 days ago)
The Elephant whisperer
Johnny G (9 days ago)
Just like a horse it's unsure of its relationship to you and one shown you are the boss it feels happier with the whole situation. Until this is worked out things can get a little messy.....for both sides. But it could also be this guys really big brass balls that is scaring it off.
Bruder Gustavo (9 days ago)
Man guys you're disappointing me! I expected more Juck Norris Jokes you God damn volks ^^
NorthTexasFarming (9 days ago)
Mind over matter. That’s not s knife...
stanley woodison (9 days ago)
The Elephant obviously doesn't understand the rules of the game, you could see he was a bit puzzled....
MrMichaelpaul45 (9 days ago)
I'm not sure I could have stayed there if that elephant came towards me I think I would of shit myself .
Bif McGuffin (9 days ago)
I wasn't aware they made pants large enough to fit balls of that magnitude
Demo Gog (9 days ago)
We only see him from the back
Randell Darcky (9 days ago)
I faced off with Brown Bear on Kodiak Island. I talked to them li was going to puke. Had a .44 mag in My hand and smoking Camels
Rakshith Shetty (9 days ago)
Elephant: Am i a joke to you *Insert the meme with Elephant's face*
Bernice Rogers (9 days ago)
It's his pet elephant. Although he looks like Chuck Norris from behind.
THE MESSENGER (9 days ago)
If you didn't have that massive stick, I bet you would have run like a pussy ! Brave with that big stick... aren't ya ? Poor little Elephant. You bully !
Christopher Phillips (9 days ago)
Was obvious this elephant had no interest in harming the guy. Just wanted him out of his space. If he had wanted to harm the guy then the guy would be dead in 1 second. Real question is why was the guy in his space. Can we not give animals their territory? Just leave them all alone. Go back to you house and tv and fridge. Stay out of their way
Around that part the elephants know humans can be a threat. In other places you will get trampled.
quest 77051 (9 days ago)
i bet you won't stand your ground at a charging elephant............HOLD MY BEER.
quest 77051 (9 days ago)
i'm a combat veteran. i don't scare easy. BUT i would have ran like a little girl creamin and just deny to my buddies that it ever happened.....that's a 2 TON WILD ANIMAL......smh.
Patick Gay (9 days ago)
Balls of steel, I reckon. Hell, I ran away from my phone.
quest 77051 (9 days ago)
ItchyPilauBoto808 (9 days ago)
1:00 Elephant: fuck this nigga already.. Make like one tree and flowah.
Melinda Sommer (9 days ago)
Well . . get the shovel out of the back of the Jeep and just lay me out here, I've died of fright
That 1 chick (9 days ago)
Do they have to use sticks? I hope they don't hurt the elephant😳
Grendel Grendelsen (9 days ago)
That 1 chick are you fucking serious? Firstly he spun the stick around and didn't even hit the elephant, secondly what good is a stick going to do against a multi ton animal that could crush this man and his stick with one smack? You are truly a fucking moron.
Pyramid1974 (9 days ago)
same thing with how elephants are freaked by rodents.. something that much smaller than you stands its ground it's confusing to them... it's natural and the man knows this.. not to mention the dude has some elephant of his own in him.. it's called elephantiasis in his balls...
ElfHighMage (9 days ago)
So, what was the key to this man's success? Most of us could stand still but still be trampled. Was it because he produced no fear and the elephant didn't smell that? Surely, there's more to it than that.
Bradley Erickson (9 days ago)
Wander who was holding that mans beer?
StupidityKiller - (10 days ago)
The natural effect of having a presence
Martin Päär (10 days ago)
Jonathan Halloran (10 days ago)
He's going to be a statistic one day if he keeps doing that.
James Simpson (10 days ago)
Did he take away its credit card?
Hadosh 98_10 (10 days ago)
I will even run faster than the faster man in the world🙂he is so brave 👏
Tigerex966 (10 days ago)
lucky unless he knows him
Ragingbull340 (10 days ago)
This is fake. Elephant is an actor.
Troodon formosus (10 days ago)
I am Nat (10 days ago)
balls bigger than the elephant
SAGE XX (10 days ago)
He didn’t Halt the elephant the elephant Chose to stop.
NoalFarstrider (10 days ago)
The elephant thinks the stick is a gun, he remembers.
Chet Simmons (10 days ago)
You got lucky brother a different elephant might not be so quick to pause. Then all the balls in the world isn't going to save you especially if he's in mating season.
NilsPro6 (10 days ago)
*do not try this at home*
Jimi Barker (10 days ago)
i bet its not the first time hes sucked an elephant cock
Gloria Garcia (10 days ago)
When are you people going to learn that these videos are staged.
Taz-on-the-loose Yusef (10 days ago)
only a trained zoo elephant can behave like that,
louis - (10 days ago)
Damn😳😳he has no bals of steel but he have meteorites bals.
Dog dog (10 days ago)
Trial guides stated that they would’ve shot the elephant in self defense. It’s like saying I come into your backyard and shoot you in self defense for you trying to tell me to back off
Maureen Santiago (10 days ago)
Guess the elephant only uses cash now.
Sherry Cottle (10 days ago)
This is amazing. Now I know what to do if an elephant charges at me.
FoxBlade Le Gosu (10 days ago)
That guide has balls of motherfucking steal, holy shit.
Ike Christian (10 days ago)
Chuck Norris
Cain妍 (10 days ago)
He used Haki

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