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Why graphene hasn’t taken over the world...yet

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Graphene is a form of carbon that could bring us bulletproof armor and space elevators, improve medicine, and make the internet run faster — some day. For the past 15 years, consumers have been hearing about this wonder material and all the ways it could change everything. Is it really almost here, or is it another promise that is perpetually just one more breakthrough away? Subscribe: http://bit.ly/2FqJZMl Like Verge Science on Facebook: http://bit.ly/2hoSukO Follow on Twitter: http://bit.ly/2Kr29B9 Follow on Instagram: https://goo.gl/7ZeLvX Read More: http://www.theverge.com Community guidelines: http://bit.ly/2D0hlAv Subscribe to Verge on YouTube for explainers, product reviews, technology news, and more: http://goo.gl/G5RXGs
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Verge Science (10 months ago)
Which graphene-based technology are you most excited for?
Emre Ozdemir (26 days ago)
Inspect borophene, the miracle material.
TennesseeBoy13 (1 month ago)
Fucking invincibe iPhone chargers😂😂
Yassine Outoloub (1 month ago)
Graphic cards and cpus
seansurfn2 (1 month ago)
car batteries and cell phones
Aaron Peters (15 hours ago)
Structured in a Hexagon. Flower of life, not surprising.
Serena Gamble (16 hours ago)
I dont like dudes comment",we don't want them to care iif its maeof graphine or not ,only that its better and lasts longer than plastic" my problem is that plastic was as REVOLUTIONARLLY" marketing bombardment and everything that could have plastic in it dose....low n behold plasticputs out a invisible gas that is affecting our immune system, but only "some "are affected.so if graphine deals with electric conductivity or gravity what is the possible military application related to rdif chips and electromagnetic feild disruption manipulation to frequencies that might better attain a stronger influence on feilds of magnetism that are in human body and chips ( rdif) could' have on humans in their never ending pursuit of control over the population of the world and their obedience compliance and unknowingly subjugation to the testing of technologies thru innocent consumer products and the effectiveness of possible human reaction to electromagnetic energy transmission in the products made from graphine.and or any possible successes, or failures of frequencies that can be minipulatable in humans. Just thinkin out side the cage( what is a box, )
Impossible Gamer (18 hours ago)
its 2019
Do one (18 hours ago)
Wonder material - asbestos , that didn’t turn out well
Amit Rakshe (19 hours ago)
What u printed is it Graphene?
MudgateBronn (1 day ago)
in 2006 I bought a camero. The dealer told me that the steering wheel was rapped in graphene. Now I'm having doubts...
Jesse Bouma (1 day ago)
Where's my graphene phone case? Better yet were's my graphene phone?
Ikhsan Ks (1 day ago)
actually its too cheap and common so nobody wants to manufacture it.
RBSimulation Vids (1 day ago)
this is what nokia 3310s are made of
Eniel Gladiator (1 day ago)
It's 2019. Yet, hear no evil. I bet it's going to come in 2025.
kcelam K (1 day ago)
RFID tags 😱😱😱
Photo Finish (1 day ago)
Find their place in space ships. This is where I jump off. 👎🏻 Don’t care for liars
Daimon Dezert (2 days ago)
Have you done any thing g on aerilgel?
Ambient Soda (2 days ago)
how do can airing smart technology clothing companies take advantage of graphene?
Rockdawg (2 days ago)
1abomb1 (2 days ago)
Any chance of a graphene condom?
jmbbao (2 days ago)
Foldable screens are graphene, but best application of it is to filter water from the sea to pure water. Just fill a huge tank of sea water and on the bottom put a graphene glass and pure water comes out. So remember when the foldable phone breaks, you can create your own device to have pure water from any water. They will not give you these filters, they want us to suffer not to have health.
TELEVISIBLE (3 days ago)
flying car , graphene, time travel
cowboy6591 (3 days ago)
I'll bet it is super dangerous to inhale if the contents of that bag spilled out. Do I here BLACK LUNG for the workers?
Chickii Does Stuff (3 days ago)
They lied.
Leonel Guitian (3 days ago)
Can we measure the environmental impact of graphene? To avoid what just happened with plastics.
Bob Bobby (5 hours ago)
i believe graphene is biodegradeable
Chris Brall (3 days ago)
5g protection
ranch3w (3 days ago)
G-Rod fishing Rods. A real use of Graphene.
Drew Richardson (4 days ago)
I mean....plastic did turn out to be a wonder material....we use it in almost every aspect of our lives today.....so I’m pretty sure the hype was warranted....
David Thundercloud (5 days ago)
This is way cool !!
Das Boot (5 days ago)
Does it come in red.
Alfa Q (5 days ago)
Hassan Agha (5 days ago)
If it is not biodegradable, than It will be more dangerous than plastic.
Benedicta Valentina (5 days ago)
Not too sure about using it for certain items regarding going in to space. As even graphene has it's melting/break down point which might be bad on impact ⚠️🤷🏻‍♀️
Benedicta Valentina (5 days ago)
Not every single one! Good point though!
Cole Epstein (5 days ago)
so does every other material we bring into space
Order 2345 (5 days ago)
But can it recycle or just going to be ended up in the ocean.
Baz Pearce (5 days ago)
Orbital elevators. Won't need rockets as much then.
frank wilson (6 days ago)
It is definitely so thin it only has one side .
Ron Balch (6 days ago)
Will it Blend?
Le Lenny Face (6 days ago)
0:37 Boing,Boing,Boing
sibusiso jele (7 days ago)
It's already 2019 and we haven't seen those circuits.
nicksshitbro (1 day ago)
There is a strong possibility that we just aren't wealthy enough to see it - yet
Rebecca Johnson (7 days ago)
Awesome I want some of that material please!
neamh U-M (7 days ago)
Gcse chemistry anyone ?
Stabvest (6 days ago)
yup, sadly
Michael Lam (7 days ago)
Graphene Charging Pads [GCP] (with waterproof cover) in public areas. Grabbing a bit to eat in a fancy restaurant, but your phone is almost drained! You don't want to get up and plug in the charger at an outlet next to another customer's table... Conveniently, this restaurant has a GCP where you can easily place your phone on top to charge it. Saves your phone, public image, and promotes great table manners (no using phone during a meal)... MAKE IT HAPPEN!
Jimmy Johnson (7 days ago)
Is it carbon or a carbon base element. Everything on the planet has carbon or carbon based element, so what graphene has always been around and where is the most potent form of carbon found floating.
DRRIP (7 days ago)
We live in a future, stop waiting for it.
PlayBoyJaeden. TV (7 days ago)
Its so amazing how far science has come and yet we know only a small portion of our surroundings
Rida A (7 days ago)
Well it’s 2019
darsi ruysenaar (7 days ago)
How about for car tyres ?
john hagerman (8 days ago)
Mark NanoNebulas (8 days ago)
graphene can be dangerous for one the quantum capacitance can effect us biologically if used in electronics...
isiah s (8 days ago)
So is the tape bulletproof once I stick n peel
David Lau (8 days ago)
Where is my flexible computer?
Mahesh Sharma (8 days ago)
in shop
Sugarsail1 (8 days ago)
ah technophilic hype directed at scientifically illiterate people. Scientists have been using graphene in the lab since the 1960s this is not new. That anyone got a Nobel prize for this is the really amazing thing.
Ron Armstrong (8 days ago)
It has to go through years of suppression.
isiah s (8 days ago)
Lead is poisonous so how can we use it in food containers
Marilyn Flint (8 days ago)
I've heard hemp will make one of the strongest forms of graphene.
alex Cooper (8 days ago)
But do we have graphmemes
Ikmalreza 1998 (8 days ago)
It looks so simple. Yet so strong. The nature of new technologies coming out these days.
Chair // CHair (5 days ago)
Its not new
Jason (8 days ago)
We called it bio-metal
Jason (8 days ago)
We printed it on plant living plants
roberto de guzman (8 days ago)
Very informative video.
Sedonascape (9 days ago)
China is the leader in graphene technology.
Steven Pennington (9 days ago)
Invincible rubber. That’ll be great for the environment.
Rivergrrrl (9 days ago)
Graphene batteries? Graphene and solar collection? What happened to the application of graphene to glass buildings for solar energy collection? New subscriber here.
Kroob (9 days ago)
Is this vibranium?
Tensai Juusan (9 days ago)
Could we replace overhead power lines with graphene that would reduce costs?
nadjibe (10 days ago)
Nintendo gameboy is the strongest
Turtle 21 (10 days ago)
1:43 is an optical illusion
Marius Giurgi (10 days ago)
Great. We all know where we are today with “plastics”. We are killing the planet. I wonder what “graphene” would do in the long term.
Michael Pichahchy (10 days ago)
Pure carbon...here's to hoping its production and usage has the potential to be a *lot* more environmentally friendly...
simon gray (10 days ago)
Plastic is a wonder material.
Daehyun Park (10 days ago)
Cory Zapatka! Hi from RISD FAV. I took your dad's lighting class a couple of years ago. It's nice to bump into your video by YouTube's suggestion. All the best!
the Swedes (10 days ago)
The Swedes are built of grapeine
Bitch Lasagna (10 days ago)
Wassily Kandinsky (10 days ago)
Sometimes the „best“ traits - indestructible - are the worst: unremovable pollution problems.
salmaan ejaz (11 days ago)
Heard that newscaster saying an elevator to the moon? You do realize the Earth Rotates right? And the Moon revolves around the Earth. RIGHT?!
JkMusic (8 days ago)
+salmaan ejaz how is it unethical and stupid? i dont think you really know what it is, check it out please it is statistically a MUCH safer way than the old school fly up and out. it is something that 99% of scientists agree is the future of space travel
salmaan ejaz (9 days ago)
+JkMusic Even so, it's pretty unethical and stupid. Theres so much that could go wrong, you'd expect a toddler to come up with the idea.
JkMusic (9 days ago)
you do know they dont mean an elevator to the moon right? the big problem with space travel is fighting gravity... the elevator is supposed to take you up past earths atmosphere and then fly from there.
Bruce Moe (11 days ago)
interested in 3d printing with graphene/graphite
CookieBoy770 (11 days ago)
Spider-Man's webs seem like a good fit for graphene
john knifong (11 days ago)
The stuff batman beyond’s bat-suit is made of.
Daboss211 1 (11 days ago)
I’m buying the Graphene Book soon!!!!
unrepeatable raddish (11 days ago)
space elevator was an hilarious idea
Animalhouse TX (11 days ago)
I am interested in the wearable applications and 3D printable use.
Dechymmy Tv (11 days ago)
Who else is here looking for the next Bitcoin like success story ,hit the like button
Coinmarket SWOT (12 days ago)
May 2019 now, where can I buy my graphene T-shirt printer?
Otter Pop (12 days ago)
Lmfao like they dont know how to do the space station with an elivater or the bullet proof armor
varun NJR (13 days ago)
graphene is a disappointing news for all plastic,metal,etc...,.so it will take more than 14 years to get mixed in the reality.
yussan (13 days ago)
I'm using graphene tire crom Vitorria Corsa
Andrew Clastic (13 days ago)
Can one make a shield of this material? I'm thinking of something circular with perhaps a star in the middle?
Shiny Heart (13 days ago)
Ahh...Forget it!
Taka Yama (13 days ago)
I hate plastic. Imagine graphene floating all over the oceans.
SolarDamp (13 days ago)
So your telling me we have the material to make a Flying Saucer.
Soldiers: I have a graphene armor Terrorists: No problem we got graphene bullets.
Aleksandra Pawluczuk (14 days ago)
plastic is toxic graphene is not it is natural and less hostile it can filter the water partly and plastic is destroying the envioritment
David Kim (14 days ago)
linear carbon chains are stronger...
DsVibe (15 days ago)
It was a warm outro until the very last word, they should def be paying you well for presenting this well. If you're a part owner then, I can relate, somewhat, to the grind. As you know, it's worlds more about how you say it, not what.
First Takes (15 days ago)
theserbian1 (15 days ago)
Water filtration, and body armour, suit..😊
Mattias Gustafsson (15 days ago)
xKalphax (15 days ago)
The iron man suit is getting closer to reality
Brian (15 days ago)
Great informational and critical analysis.
TaxCollecter (16 days ago)
Fire fighter suits! Space suits! So many possibilities!! Iron man suit!!
Perhaps (15 days ago)
TaxCollecter Irom man suit is impossible to make :(
Stephane fyfe (16 days ago)
Comparing plastic and graphene is not a good perception to truly discover all the new propretyes of materials in nano size like graphene,cooper,iron and so on.the lest of new effect are limiteless and yes graphene and all nano materials are a revolution in disguise. Super conductivity and so much More!
stewart hayhurst (16 days ago)
I brought some carp fishing rods from a British company called Century they used a Carbon reinforced with Graphene the rods are nice and thin and light so a example off Graphene in use now
Christopher Williamson (17 days ago)
They should make clothes that allow you to feel your music while playing
nemo227 (17 days ago)
Good stuff, well presented.

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