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Walking Dead Attraction at Halloween Horror Nights 2016 Universal Studios Hollywood

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Walk-through of the Walking Dead Attraction on the opening night of Halloween Horror Nights 2016 at Universal Studios Hollywood. The Walking Dead Attraction is an all-new year-round attraction. Enter the post-apocalyptic world of AMC's "The Walking Dead". Prepare to fight for survival in a fully immersive journey as you navigate through a world overrun by hungry walkers. Follow in the footsteps of the human survivors as you battle your way through nightmarish iconic landscapes that bring the most popular cable TV show in history to life! Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sharpproductions/ Twitter: http://Twitter.com/SharpPro Facebook: http://Facebook.com/SharpProductions See more videos at: http://SharpProductions.tv
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Text Comments (203)
김미순 (9 days ago)
ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 0
Cool guy Boss (1 month ago)
I went to this maze I had to wait 1 hour and a half to get in
NATO D123 (1 month ago)
It's so funny the camera man never screams or jumps 😂😂😂😂
matthew medina (1 month ago)
I went in that maze and it scared the shot out of me
Anna Moomoo (1 month ago)
I went there just like months ago and I just remember parts of it because when I went there I just dashed with my head down and pushing my brother infront of me to go faster 😂 it ended atleast in 1 minute 😂
FrenchCatToast (11 days ago)
Anna Moomoo you would hate Halloweeen Horror Nights there is 8 mazes along with people chasing you with chainsaws.Walking Dead is also open during that too.
Lily Pad Lee (1 month ago)
This is good
Wendy Abasta (2 months ago)
I want in there and I'm 9 and my 13 year old brother didn't want to go on.
Michael Wapner (3 months ago)
Maze starts 1:19
Charlie Jimenez (3 months ago)
Was Anyone Was Scared Of The Walking Dead
Josh Maher (3 months ago)
They need to hire new special effects makeup artists
Emma J. (4 months ago)
are yall lesbians or n ot
Tanya Halleman (4 months ago)
The walkers scare you guys every time
Grace (4 months ago)
I know this maze inside and out, it’s so cool to see how much more they add for horror nights tho
Sop Ander (5 months ago)
Oh my God
Arnie Gaming (5 months ago)
Two biggest cry babies ever :)
Twigpalm - (6 months ago)
They wouldn't do well in an actual apocalypse lmao
Derpal HQ (6 months ago)
I was a pussy during this and we went during the daytime because me and my boyfriend went for my birthday and we went in daytime and I still held his hand and stayed no farther then a CENTIMETER then him..ahhh life is just great ;-;
Lil' Ms. PIXIELICIOUS (8 months ago)
I think the fact that the6 made the walkers roam free to get them killed the experience, because they would just go away after scaring them, they should do more of what they did in the first jump scare, or sth like that. It’s still overall a very good experience
Kanna Production (8 months ago)
1:02 everyone posing for video
Marshan Thomas (9 months ago)
i could not do i would hide behind the worker that was there
Alfie Taylor (9 months ago)
They missed the farm tho
Sam Ramirez (11 months ago)
If they got scared with the first walker then they will never survive
Blazers Destruction (1 year ago)
There called walkers not zombies😡
Mouk mouk Gaming (1 year ago)
Is nice
Mouk mouk Gaming (1 year ago)
165 comment
Mouk mouk Gaming (1 year ago)
LittleMissTFP (1 year ago)
This maze is what got me into the Walking Dead. 😅
Yattia Catron (1 year ago)
i love the walking dead n i also live all the scary movies n all the Halloween movies i jus love a bunch of movies is totally amazing that I love movies
Yattia Catron (1 year ago)
i love the walking dead n i also live all the scary movies n all the Halloween movies i jus love a bunch of movies is totally amazing that I love movies
trip Logan. (1 year ago)
The walking dead season 9. Episode 7 death of purple guy.
TwilightLink77 (1 year ago)
The final part with the walkers to grab you got me really good with fright.
patrick phan (1 year ago)
u girls got scare so easily haha
alli xxo (1 year ago)
4:15 "did y'all seriously not notice GREG NICOTERO standing behind you guys?" ... 4:18 "oh nvm"
dundrea bell (2 months ago)
I thought it was him too
jesters08joker (1 year ago)
Look at all the angry people they passed lmao
Mayeline Vargas (1 year ago)
Did anyone notice they said zombies ? Ummmmm.... they are called walkers they probably never watched the walking dead 🤦🏽‍♀️
Elbert (1 year ago)
This is not that scary at all.
disgust-d (1 year ago)
I went there with my two older brothers and one of the staff dressed as walkers broke character and just stared at me, when I made eye contact with him he was in awe lol wat da fook I'm an ugly potato
Brissa DLR (1 year ago)
My mom made me go into that maze but she was too much of a chicken to protect me from these flesh-eating zombies and I was too scared to open my eyes.
Tonii Flores (1 year ago)
So Glad This Is An Attraction That They'll Always Have! My All Time Favorite!
Princess Mystic (1 year ago)
At least now I know the jump scares
Ezra (1 year ago)
I'm only 10 and I went there
X D (1 year ago)
Were these zombies real
Nathaniel Yu (1 year ago)
Votes: 1: I learn it from season 1 since one of the characters Rick Grimes as a sheriff officer got shot and was in a hospital and the hospital was damaged and there was a door that said "Don't Open. Dead Inside." 2: The prison facility was in season 3. And 3: There was a copper but it was not on top of the construction like in the tv show.
TwilightLink77 (1 year ago)
Nathaniel Yu The burning house/cabin was in season 4.
Lamia Siddiqui (1 year ago)
What would happen if the actors touch you accidentally?
Jessica Sanchez (1 year ago)
I went last summer and one of them touched me, I think they're allowed to as long as they don't grab you or anything like that but touching is allowed from what I read on the ride disclaimer outside lol I was SO scared
Brooke Farrell (1 year ago)
3:20 when the guard just stands there while the others almost get slottered 😂
Aletta Myers (1 year ago)
this video is very amazing
Young googie Pascual (1 year ago)
akmb 👍 👊💖 I 💘 💑 💑 💗💕👄👍😎 fdggvgc
Pygmy Puff (1 year ago)
When i get old enough to make my own money and save up i am TOTALLY going to this!
I had to go through this
jakesplant6 (2 years ago)
They are way too exaggerated that is why the actors always chase them
Under Stars (2 years ago)
some of these people move way too fast for a zombie
I'd be dead 2 seconds in if there was a real apocalypse...And who else has a "Don't open DEAD inside" poster in their room? Just me...yup
Christian Villanoza (2 years ago)
I been there to unaversal and the walking dead scered me soo bad i had a hartatack
Flub (2 years ago)
jordan davidson (1 year ago)
Grantified Bud it's a permanent attraction not a HHN Maze so course it's still there
Clbolton17 8172345 (2 years ago)
my dad watches the show
Babak Davoudi (2 years ago)
I went to this , ride today , was good
Taylor Connard (2 years ago)
The camera man is so chill! I would scream just like the girls >.<
Ethan and Grayson Girl (2 years ago)
I love that song from the walking dead
millennial sleek (1 year ago)
Ethan and Grayson Girl Same 😍😀😂
steven giraldo (2 years ago)
fantástico saludos desde Colombia
Supermario TacoJoel (2 years ago)
john L (2 years ago)
Even when they knew it was all fake
john L (2 years ago)
The girls screamed their lungs off all the way to Minnesota
Sweet Violet2016 (2 years ago)
Not that scary geeze
Sofia Mansilla (2 years ago)
a do
Ispartans Death (2 years ago)
It was fun
Jaime Gonzalez (2 years ago)
ElectricCraving (2 years ago)
Jaime Gonzalez Me and my family did. Not trying to brag or anything but we went yesterday ^u^ Happy early Halloween
Karla Reyes (2 years ago)
i am 9 year old i was not scared
Jaguar Warrior (2 years ago)
That's because it's only meant to be scary if your age is an even number.
Tara The Walrus (2 years ago)
karla reyes it was pretty funny :3
Simply Trash (2 years ago)
My sister and her boyfriend also my dad when there
Improviser (2 years ago)
it was sooooooo intense and they had loud sounds. and the smell but the thing was I wanted to stay were the guy had the gun
Improviser (2 years ago)
oh my gosh dude I've been there I was sooooooo scared that I went to the door quickly and didn't finish it because I thought they had real zombies!
Jakers3131 (2 years ago)
I came here from a marching band snare drum battle and I end up here. How even
Gloria Dominguez (2 years ago)
I went in that to
Kenny Tran (2 years ago)
it looks like they have a system to let a small group go in one at a time? the lines must be crazy long then, im sure they let ppl in when the group in front is like half way right?
mimithatgirlx (1 year ago)
Kenny Tran well you can get vip passes and thats when you go in faster but if you dont have vip you just wait normally
Yader Ramirez (2 years ago)
i feel like the one in florida is better
Stephen Maciel (2 years ago)
Me and my friends went yesterday and we reacted the same as the girls
Leonardo Melgarejo (2 years ago)
hi my name is ashley barrera my cousin put leonardo Melgarejo but its my phone so I am 10 years old and I went to universal studios halloween horror nights I got really scared
Anacecilia Barajas (2 years ago)
That attraction takes the shit out of you I swear
diana contreras (2 years ago)
Cus The walking dead is life duh can't wait for season 7❤️❤️❤️
meachamz (2 years ago)
did anyone hear "i love your dress by the way" oml 😂
Shawn Pettingill (6 months ago)
meachamz p
DerpyMouse (1 year ago)
iamsodunwithlife P
Jay Harrold (2 years ago)
Jo Camps thanks 😊
Jo Camps (2 years ago)
Jay Jayz 1:15
Jay Harrold (2 years ago)
iamsodunwithlife when? :)
Khris/Flare Gamer (2 years ago)
I think who act zombies are throath hurting lol
Khris/Flare Gamer (2 years ago)
Like QUAAAOkmwkknenwnqqqnqkqjsmajwjkakkekwkdwkka lol
I love watching there videos!! They are so fun to watch! 😍
symy moldovan (2 years ago)
fox kid (2 years ago)
lol they were happy they got out alive
Primer comentario en Español :v
Ran Dom (2 years ago)
Ran Dom (2 years ago)
They would be dead in 3 seconds in a real zombie apocalypse
zara rozan (1 month ago)
Cheska K. (2 years ago)
They're not "zombies", they're WALKERS.
Bill Welcome (16 days ago)
+candice svaiter there walkers get your facts straight what the fuck dumb bitch
Crazy Gamer Dude (1 month ago)
Chris Cabrera it’s a show, not a movie. Maybe you should get YOUR facts straight idiot
Gaming with Chris (2 months ago)
candice svaiter in the movie they call them walkers so get ur facts straight u dumb bitch
Tonya Bynum (2 months ago)
Cheska K. )etrtf.
sOcK mOnKeEE (6 months ago)
Oh shoot the "Z" word 😯😯😯😯
dafne cardenas (2 years ago)
ryan Palmer (2 years ago)
hey guys my dad works at universal 😎😃😇💩
Julia Barrera (2 years ago)
+Queen Lame Diamond rip ypu
+Queen Lame Diamond They probably get discounts
MonbebeArmy (2 years ago)
Lucky! Do you guys get in for free or?
Oakxy (2 years ago)
Dang the girl in the pink dress is hot I want to fuck her so hard
Emily Allen (2 years ago)
I love the walking dead but I'm honestly kinda scared to go through it 😂😂 yet again I'm obsessed with TWD
cutie yoongi (1 year ago)
it's really not that scary when u go in! when i went, it was really, really fun. one thing i didn't like tho was the end with the strobe lights. all in all, it's super fun tho!
Donovan Ruezga (1 year ago)
Electric Samantha ' ' '
ElectricCraving (2 years ago)
Emily a Allem I was inside the maze and I didn't really scream tho but I did get scared on the purge and the Terror Tram T^T well kinda on the terror XD
That guy in the helmet is cool
karl Erik Tabora (2 years ago)
guys there just workers dressed up as zombies
H Blaster123 (1 year ago)
karl Erik Tabora there not real other wise they would be dead
victoria ortiz (2 years ago)
karl Erik Tabora yeah.. we know that
Blue and Dog (2 years ago)
I sincerely hope the staff at these haunted attractions has the option to wear earplugs. I can only imagine what a place like this can do to your hearing. Fun, though!
scoggins07 (2 years ago)
is it supposed to show seasons 1-6 cause I only saw 1-4
Ravenlux OfTheDead They have saviors here. You can hear their whistle and the guy at del arno foods warehouse is also a savior.
2spooky 4u (2 years ago)
scoggins07 It only covers seasons 1 through 5. There is nothing Saviors/Negan related in this attraction. It's really cool and so amazingly realistic, but needs to be more scary in my opinion :)
Alexis Guidry (2 years ago)
scoggins07 their doing all seasons I believe
SolarXclipse (2 years ago)
Orlando more lit
Fragile Zachy (2 years ago)
I wouldnt be able to keep a straight face if i was a actor
Xxjessica xX (2 years ago)
who else is only watching this to be prepared for it
TwilightLink77 (1 year ago)
Went to it yesterday was prepared got caught off guard in the warehouse part.
ElectricCraving (2 years ago)
Grace Alcover Have fun!!! I think I'm late to say good luck but happy early halloween :3
Grace Alcover (2 years ago)
Xxjessica xX me im 11 and my friend said to go with her do wish me luck
Alexis Guidry (2 years ago)
Xxjessica xX same this is my first year going 😂

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