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How To Shoot Product Shots: 3 Cheap And Easy Setups | Cinematography Techniques

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https://shutr.bz/2lq7E88 - Follow along on the blog for more information about how to shoot product shots and other cinematography techniques. MUSIC: "New Frontier" by Flashing Lights - https://bit.ly/2K7Vej2 "Molecules" by Chill Study - https://bit.ly/2JXF7VZ "Be Gentle" by Ben Beiny - https://bit.ly/2yvAVYo "Easy Roller" by Chill Study - https://bit.ly/2K0qj4W "Countersteer" by Tonemassif - https://bit.ly/2JVjVA8 "Darkbeatz" by Tonemassif - https://bit.ly/2tcdHS6 "Driving Toward The Sun" By Mattijs Muller - https://bit.ly/2tfpbUH FOLLOW SHUTTERSTOCK: Facebook - http://bit.ly/2ByYRXv Twitter - http://bit.ly/2ByYRXv Instagram - http://bit.ly/2AvBUoG Shutterstock Blog - https://shutr.bz/2A3hMgL FOLLOW TODD: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/toddblankenshipdp/
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Text Comments (61)
Avhishek V (1 day ago)
Thank you for a lovely video. Your video helped me understand a lot. It worked wonders for me.
Utsab Rocks (1 day ago)
you just nailed it... want more such video
Alexander William (2 days ago)
may i know the camera or camcorder you are using?
White Lily Films (8 days ago)
Dope, I do a lot of product photography like this, but love spinning table ideas. I'll go back and look, but did you link your choice spinning platform somewhere?
sheedah's vlog (10 days ago)
I'm about to watch this one million times. Very helpful and creative. God bless you for sharing
Raychristofer (12 days ago)
Outstanding tutorial bro. Huge respect
Agustin AR (13 days ago)
Buenisimo !
Tracy Pham (13 days ago)
You did amazing jobs. Thank you so much for shareing. I have so much products that need help withmaking products videos. Could you please Kindly work with me? Thank you Tracy
Atomsk (15 days ago)
700 Dollar lens - "Budget friendly" Great content though
Anna Encheva (18 days ago)
What is the rotating table that you use? I am in the process of looking to get one and would love to know some recommendations.
Shutterstock Tutorials (18 days ago)
https://amzn.to/2KaLLHO - This is the one I have I think. Honestly, it's a bit expensive, and there might be others out there. That one can handle a whole bunch of weight though. - Todd
John Gatapia (24 days ago)
What is that turn-table thing that you're using? Thank you!
Joey Pilaro (24 days ago)
Charly Maldonado (26 days ago)
if i use a 16 mm sigma, would i get the same results?
Dorel Oloier (1 month ago)
Good Tutorial Thanks a loot
Joelster G4K (1 month ago)
This is one of the best tutorials on youtube, thank you so much..!!
All-round Studio (1 month ago)
what lens are you using in this?
All-round Studio (1 month ago)
thats dope, thank you ~
Shutterstock Tutorials (1 month ago)
For the most part, a sigma 18-35, but I also have some zeiss contax primes that I used from time to time. the 18-35 is dope for product shots because it has a really close minimum focus. - Todd
Mint Media Productions (2 months ago)
Not to be too dramatic, but this literally changed my life. Thank you!
Kevin PM (2 months ago)
awesome tuts!!
Amazing work sir.. I am your big fan sir...
Andy Tran (2 months ago)
Great stuff man. Wow. I'm trying to better at these types of things and this showed me a lot!
Nikolai Skiba (3 months ago)
What camera did you use , Red?
Engrid Media (2 months ago)
Blackmagic ursa mini
Warda Aftab (3 months ago)
Thank you very much! Very very helpful 👍👍👍
蒋某人 (3 months ago)
Can I use single lens reflex camera to shoot?
Shutterstock Tutorials (3 months ago)
Yeah, of course! Any camera can shoot product shots. It's all the stuff around it that matters.
Tj Baysinger (3 months ago)
Great video! Very informative!
Adam Garfio (3 months ago)
pretty good video. packed with info and to the point.
Tony Glaser (3 months ago)
Great tutorial. I'm in the process of turning my garage into a studio so this will be helpful with product shots. I also have an URSA mini so it was great to see a tutorial shot on that. One question I do have is, what is the name of that stick light he was using for the background that could change color?
Tony Glaser (3 months ago)
Yeah, it's a great camera. People give it so much flak. Thank you for sending a link! I appreciate it!
Shutterstock Tutorials (3 months ago)
Awesome! Love my Ursa mini, also love using my garage as a studio, haha. That light is the Yongnuo YN360 - https://amzn.to/2w4O8CM - its a seriously great little light... and extremely affordable. - Todd
Nerd-Busters (4 months ago)
What light is that, the longer light where you could change the color through the app?
Eric's Rare Guitars (4 months ago)
That's just what I was looking for! Thank you! =)
Chadwin Smith (4 months ago)
LOVE LOVE LOVED this! Great content. Actually learned some stuff. Who’s this guy and where’s his channel? Reflections-boom! Prism-boom! Rotating thing-boom! Plastic/glass sheet-boom! Good stuff.
Shutterstock Tutorials (4 months ago)
Thanks for the kind words Chadwin! So glad to hear you learned a few things from this. - Todd
Rostislav Alexandrovich (4 months ago)
sickhcivc (4 months ago)
Can you tell me what slider you used??
Candy Love (4 months ago)
Great video!
Jesse Alvarado (5 months ago)
Good stuff!! Thanks for the video!
AdamUPNow (5 months ago)
This was SUPER helpful! What's the motorized 360 thing called?
Shutterstock Tutorials (5 months ago)
Awesome, so glad to hear it! The one I have is called an arqspin - I think (search it on amazon and you’ll find it). To be honest this one is a bit more expensive than it’s worth, but it can handle a lot of weight which is helpful.
Glenn Lock (5 months ago)
Great work - this one goes into the "watch again and again" file. Cheers and thank you.
leotownsend (5 months ago)
very cool
Spenelo (5 months ago)
This is a really good tutorial. I love Shutterstock's tutorials and I'm so glad I found the video tutorials too! SUBSCRIBE!
YUNSUP (5 months ago)
This is so helpful! very nice Thank you
Peter Peng (5 months ago)
Does anyone know the model of the LED he's using?
Shutterstock Tutorials (5 months ago)
Hey! The lights I'm using are aputure 120d, Came-TV boltzen fresnels, and a Yongnuo YN360 (the color changing stick light). Hope this helps! - Todd
Brandon Buchanan (5 months ago)
This was so helpful!
Incredible tutorial guys! I hope you get a million views on it. It's so well produced and explained! Bravo!
Thanks Todd! - Dale
Shutterstock Tutorials (5 months ago)
Wow! Thanks for the kind words! I've watched your channel many many times. Thanks for watching! - Todd
El Jefe (5 months ago)
4:17 string inkydessant lights hahaha
Milan Ditch (5 months ago)
Now I want to try product video, it looks awesome, but I would need to get a whole new set of gear (lighting, ...)
Misha Sapryhin (5 months ago)
Where to get a rotating table?
Shutterstock Tutorials (5 months ago)
Yeah I think that's the only reason why the one I have is so expensive, it can handle a good bit of weight.
Misha Sapryhin (5 months ago)
Thank you very much! I have a table on solar panels, but it can not smoothly turn when the object is a bit heavier.
Shutterstock Tutorials (5 months ago)
https://amzn.to/2KaLLHO - I'm pretty sure this is the one I got. But honestly, there are WAY cheaper ones out there that do just about the same thing. Just search for "rotating product turntable" and see what you find. - Todd
Jesús Gutiérrez (5 months ago)
Nice! Very helpful!
Sharp Design (5 months ago)
This is a Flashlight. Yep, this is accurate. This video helps me But seriously love the tip about lighting for reflections

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