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BEST Work Professional Fragrances for MEN 2018 (Designer)

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What's going on FragFam, so you have that job interview for that position you really want. You need to convey a very professional and well put together vibe about yourself and of course besides your outfit you'll need the ultimate final accessory - fragrance of course. Behold the TOP 10 best work professional scents for men DESIGNER edition! GET THEM and many other decant samples of your TOP favorite designer fragrances and over 700 plus fragrances to choose from: https://www.myfragrancesamples.com USE CODE: MAX15 for 15% OFF at checkout! ENTER TO WIN (1) $50.00 coupon code and other (2) $25.00 codes for 3 lucky winners - this is US and PR only! 1) Be a subscriber to the channel! 2) Like and Share this video (be sure to TAG) @maxforti when you share this video and #myfragrancesamples 3) Comment below - what are your TOP GO-TO fragrances that you like to wear for work. • JOIN THE EMPORIUM OF SCENTS Fragrance Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/89216... • FOLLOW MY INSTAGRAM for News and Savings: https://www.instagram.com/maxforti/ • LIKE US ON FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/maxfortifrag... • FIND GREAT FRAGRANCE DEALS AT: http://www.maxforti.com USE CODE: MAX5 for additional 5% OFF! #STAYFRAGRANT #KEEPONSPRAYING #MYFRAGRANCESAMPLES
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Text Comments (179)
Max Forti (5 months ago)
Congrats to Winners! Alonzo Hall - $50.00 Coupon Soo Sup Cha - $25.00 Coupon Scott Keyy - $25.00 Coupon Please contact me at: [email protected] to claim your prizes!
Marcelo Clemente (4 days ago)
Nice review, what do you suggest for military, I am sergeant major and I am looking for a nice fragrance to wear while I'm working. Thank you so much.
Max Forti (4 days ago)
Thanks, sure - go with a citrus, clean, sharp and well-put together vibe kinda scent. Something like Versace pour homme, Channel allure homme sport, Terre d'hermes eau tres fresh or Vince Camuto homme.
Tyran Lawson (10 days ago)
Issey Miyake Intense Tom Ford for Men Chrome United Aqua Amara Azzaro Solarissimo Levanzo
Edward Allan (28 days ago)
I buy 6 cologne just for ur review tanks
1 - Essencial tradicional (Natura) 2 - Essencial Intenso (Natura) 3 - Zaad Vision (O Boticário) - "the Brazilian M7 Oud Absolu" 4 - Azzaro Pour Homme 5 - Grand Noir (Hinode)
Brian Held (3 months ago)
Hey max. I'm sure your sponsor is not thrilled, it looks like their samples leaked all over your blazer. Maybe you should've reshot.
Max Forti (3 months ago)
what's up Brian, I've explained what happened in the pinned comment... Take care!
Carlton Mc Gee (4 months ago)
Rocking the Cremieux blazer......
Jalal Nosaif (4 months ago)
Efrain Perez Pinzon (4 months ago)
Excellent list
Max Forti (4 months ago)
Thanks Efrain!
Tyrone Leonard (4 months ago)
Savage, Pravda, channel blue, channel platinum, door, hermas
KC Loves Frags (5 months ago)
Killer list dear! Platinum Egoiste is one of my favorite professional scents also!
The King of Games (5 months ago)
i know it might be overkill but i love narsico roudriguez for him edt, have been wearing it a bunch, it just works for me, especially in the rain season right now
Moussa Dieng (5 months ago)
Hi Max. Nice video as usual. I'd love to see you do a "good, bad, ugly" for Valentino Uomo. What do you think?
Max Forti (5 months ago)
Hello Moussa, sure - sounds like a plan. I'll look into it! Thanks for the suggestion...
Jepara Rider (5 months ago)
I wear Creed Aventus and Dior Sauvage, nice video. greeting from indonesia max,
Fendy1 (5 months ago)
So, what's Prada L' Homme L' Eau like? I think it may be a better choice than all of them ...
Confidence Mαn (5 months ago)
Solid list, Max. Current work dumb reaches: YSL L’Homme, Egoiste Platinum, The One EDP, and GIT. They all seem to work whether I’m traveling, meeting with clients, or collaborating in the office with my team.
En Es (5 months ago)
Can you use prada lhomme in winter too ?
Rafael Sanchez (5 months ago)
Nice great video
Ru Re (5 months ago)
I thought the seagulls got you 💦
PM (5 months ago)
What a great list! My personal favorite office fragrance is Prada L'Homme L'Eau!
Josh Peters (5 months ago)
TF Grey vetiver perform well for you, decent projection etc?
Blind (5 months ago)
Givenchy Gentleman EDP is pretty good for work
Justice Odonnell (5 months ago)
Prada lhomme and ADG Profumo are my go to work scents!
Lee Style&Fragrance (5 months ago)
This List was fire I agree with every one cant wait to release my video
Arnold Arnoldsson (5 months ago)
What the hell happened to your suits lapel around 6:30?
T-no F-lo (5 months ago)
Max why do you think Tom Ford for Men is never mentioned in these type work related fragance videos by the FragCom? It is my #1 office work fragrance. It's "office setting perfection" in my humble opinion. What's your take on it?
Joshua Mumblo (5 months ago)
I shared on Facebook. I hope that still counts... But my go to is Versace pour homme. Major compliments. Versitile. Super work friendly!. My other is dolce and gabana light blue intense. Amazing during the summer at work. Trust me
MD Rich (5 months ago)
My top choices are very similar to your list. Dior homme eau (one of my biggest compliment getters), Grey vetiver, Prada amber pour homme, blue de chanel edp Aqua di gio profumo, prada l'homme.
myron askew (5 months ago)
Awesome list Max!! I have pick Prada L'homme
Gleph Abelard (5 months ago)
My top fragrance is profumo, terre d'hermes eau fraiche and Zion from Alexandria
laurice nelson (5 months ago)
My work scents dior homme cologne, blu de chane,l mancera cedrat boise, mugler cologne, tom Ford grey vetiver, ag profumo dior homme edt, chanel edition Blanche, git, mont blanc individual Great list bro
Michael Prince (5 months ago)
My top go to fragrance for work is ADG Profumo in the Spring, Bvlgari Aqua Amara in the Summer, Dior Sauvage EDT in the Fall, and Valentino Uomo Intense in the Winter.
Thomas Scott (5 months ago)
My top 10: TF Vetiver, YSLRive Gauche, Amouage Reflection, Creed Orig Vetiver, ADP Colonia, Creed GIT, Eau Savage, Guerlain Vetiver, TDH EDP, YSL M7 Abs Oud.
Jariel GT-R (5 months ago)
Max you forgot one of my favorites, Cartier Declaration EDP! Beautiful....😉 Anyway great video!
Ari Botta (5 months ago)
I like layering Grey Vetiver EDP with Atelier Cologne Cedre Atlas. Superb!
Randie Baird (5 months ago)
Chanel Platinum Egoiste
Neo Odin (5 months ago)
Great list! I use 4 that you mentioned for the office - BDC EDP, ADG Profumo, DH Eau, and Icon. I would throw Platinum Egoiste into the mix too 👍
Max Forti (5 months ago)
I agree!
Lcdo. Ricardo A. Alamo (5 months ago)
I'm using Prada L'Homme, Dior Intense, YSL Y, Valentino UOMO Noir and Lalique Encre Noire...really enjoying all this frags!!!
WhatHappendNext (5 months ago)
This is the one I’ve been waiting for! My go to is Terre D’Hermes and Adventus. Yes not very original but just works for me
Jim R (5 months ago)
Solid picks...but no Dolce & Gabanna Pour Homme (Italy version)? Cheers.
Max Forti (5 months ago)
You know that's always going to be a part of my fragrance wardrobe, goes without saying - I wear it all year round! ;)
Luis Miranda (5 months ago)
Tom Ford Grey Vetiver nice vídeo
Max Forti (5 months ago)
Thanks Luis
Rob Caros (5 months ago)
Top work fragrance is missoni parfum por homme
Max Forti (5 months ago)
Great scent!
zazenh (5 months ago)
Great list Max!
Edwin Felix (5 months ago)
Great list Max. Personally I feel a bit self-conscious wearing AdG Profumo to the office- a better evening scent imo. I hear you on TF Grey Vetiver! DSquared's Rocky Mountain Wood works particularly well in stuffy air-conditioned offices.
Bryan Edwards (5 months ago)
Chanel egoiste platinum
Max Forti (5 months ago)
Solid choice - thanks for sharing!
HIELO KING (5 months ago)
Let the Bois de Vetiver hype train start rollin' !!! woo wooo !!!
Bernie777 (5 months ago)
I bought Bois De Vetiver after you introduced it on your channel. It is very nice and clean. I wear that, Terre D'Hermes and Cedrat boise to work regularly. Prada L'Homme is one of my favorite Designers. Thanks Max!
Max Forti (5 months ago)
Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feedback Bernie!
Sabeeh Ahmad (5 months ago)
M7 fresh and Valentino uomo intense are my go to office frags
Vincent Redwolf (5 months ago)
Great list Max! My Go-To work fragrances are Prada L’Homme, Versace Pour Homme, D & G The One, Thierry Mugler cologne, and ADG Profumo. Stay blessed! https://twitter.com/vincentredwolf/status/1059438842510434304?s=21
Kris Balzer (5 months ago)
Hey Max, What's some advice for people that work in a scent free or scent sensitive environment. I'm a physiotherapist/massage therapist in Canada. I want to wear something because we are in close quarters and contact. For the same reason I cant have anything offensive. What are some suggestions on wearing something subtle.
Acey Man (5 months ago)
+1 for Mugler Cologne, adding Gendarme (original or any flanker) and also Prada Infusion d'Iris Cedre (basically a relaunched Infusion d' Homme when Prada realized women bought it, too).
Max Forti (5 months ago)
Hey Kris, sure - go with more sterile/linear scents (clean/citrus) variety - I'd say something like Mugler cologne, molecules 01 or Kenneth Cole's T-shirt would do great in that kind of environment...
Daniel San! (5 months ago)
Great picks, and great review. : )
Max Forti (5 months ago)
Thanks Daniel
Eric Loiselle (5 months ago)
Current 4 rotation: Dylan Blue, Acqua Di Gio Profumo, Bleu de Chanel EDP, & Pasha De Cartier Edition Noire. Can't do Prada L'HOMME. I smell like dryer sheets. I have a decant of grey vetiver I mix in too. Great list, Max!
Eric Loiselle (5 months ago)
+Josh Peters performance & sillage ranks lowest for Dylan Blue on me from my list, though I get decent longevity, and the per month cost is the cheapest. Also like having a rotation, as the greatness of a fragrance can be seen after wearing a solid performer. Skin, environment, and application are main factors in choice, and selection. This would speak to Max's motto of, "...how you play."
Dabaholic Gawd (5 months ago)
I enjoy the smell of dryer sheets. I might need to give Prada L’HOMMME a sniff
Josh Peters (5 months ago)
Dylan blue perform good for you? Goes quite unnoticed when I wear it, I go 6-8 sprays as well.
Max Forti (5 months ago)
Thanks Eric, I appreciate your choices all top notch!
John Wen (5 months ago)
John varvatos vintage ,pros and cons , old school scent ? ysl lhomme ultime ,pros and cons , redundant ? Karl Lagerfeld bois de vetiver full review tks maxforti
Max Forti (5 months ago)
I love JV vintage and the signature JV both are also great ones that I love to rock casually and professionally.
Gina Tabasso (5 months ago)
I wear everything that I own to work. Coworkers and customers seem to like rose and Guerlain LPRN best. My interview frag is always Penhaligon's Bluebell.
Max Forti (5 months ago)
Nice Gina, thank you for sharing!
Kyle Karnes (5 months ago)
Great video Max. A new go to work scent is English Laundry London. A great cheaper version of Aventus that has that awesome smokey pineapple smell.
Max Forti (5 months ago)
I heard about London by EL - I will try to grab a bottle and do a review on it... Thanks for your feedback!
pong narvaez (5 months ago)
Nice line up Max! Keep up the good work. Cheers from the 🇵🇭
Max Forti (5 months ago)
Thanks Pong!
david wilson (5 months ago)
Great list, looking forward to the Niche edition
Max Forti (5 months ago)
Hey David, I've done the Niche a couple weeks ago...
Phil Sylvester (5 months ago)
My top 10: Amouage Reflection Man, Creed GIT, YSL Rive Gauche, TF Grey Vetiver, Xerjoff Nio, Dunhill Icon, PdM Layton, Chanel AH Edition Blanche, Creed Viking, Mancera Cedrat Boise
Max Forti (5 months ago)
Great list Phil - thank you for posting!
darryll mouton (5 months ago)
Awesome video. Man your selections are on point, why don't you make a top 10 all season gentleman/elegant fragrances for 2018, cause your selections are always classy. Keep up the good work!!!!
Max Forti (5 months ago)
Thank you Darryll!
Tommelise (5 months ago)
like the way you talk. valentino is good
Max Forti (5 months ago)
Thanks Tommelise... ;)
Christopher Grotjahn (5 months ago)
How he tried to avoid the word lipstick when talking about dior homme eau.
iamthejad (5 months ago)
Great list Max. Here is what I wear for work in each season: Summer day, Terre d'heremes eau tres fraiche. Evening, Acqua di parma colonia essenza. Fall day, Acqua di parma ginepro di sardegna. Evening, Dior homme edt. Spring day, Dunhill icon. Evening, Davidoff cool water. Winter day, Bentley intense. Evening, Parfumes de marly godolphin.
iamthejad (5 months ago)
+Max Forti you are most welcome.
Max Forti (5 months ago)
Great choices - thank you for sharing!
Adimas Putra (5 months ago)
Make list for dating
Max Forti (5 months ago)
Great idea/suggestion Adimas... I will! ;)
Todd Karlson (5 months ago)
Awesome video Max!! Very useful and great suggestions. The only thing I don't agree with you is the ressemblance between Dunhill Icon and Lagarfeld Bois de vétiver : I have both and they are different. Icon is more on the Neroli side and also closer to Terre d'Hermès. Bois de Vétiver is quite unique and also has a wonderful grapefruit vibe plus the vétiver dominent note of course.
Gremlin (5 months ago)
Spilled your scotch
Vitalii Rybkin (5 months ago)
My top 5: 1. Acqua Di Gio Profumo. 2. Tom Ford For Men. 3. Dior Homme. 4. Dsquared Rocky Mountain Wood. 5. Chanel Egoiste Platinum. Maybe some of them not so clean, but these 5 makes me feel professional.
Max Forti (5 months ago)
Great choices Vitalii - thanks for posting!
Zlatan Ibra (5 months ago)
Blind bought Prada L’homme. Best decision I’ve ever made, perfect for the work environment! I’m beginning to think I like the iris scents, so I’m actually think about getting Dior Eau for men. My question is, would it be redundant to own it since they smell similar?
Acey Man (5 months ago)
I don't know how big your collection is but I'd say the Prada covers same territory as the Dior. If you have a smaller collection I'd branch out and circle back to the Dior Eau later. BTW, I love them both but only went FB for Prada L'Homme Intense, but I may pickup the Dior Eau sometime later.
Max Forti (5 months ago)
Not really Zlatan, you can rock both for sure - the Eau is a bit different with more citruses and added cedar that gives it a nice kick - you'll enjoy it as well if you're a fan of Prada L'homme!
Ritankar Sasmal (5 months ago)
Hey, nice list. The bottle u showed for GV is actually the edp n not edt. EDT is more shiny clear bottle n has edt written on the plaque i believe. It's one of my top favs from TF.
CJ G. (5 months ago)
Great video! I've been wearing Bois de Vétiver a lot lately, I went ahead and bought it after seeing your review along with Ash's. I just love it, nothing crazy but it just makes you feel clean with a touch of citrus and sweetness. P.S. Prada L'homme is my favorite when it comes to clean/soapy fragrances. Will forever keep a bottle
College Student (5 months ago)
Prada L'Homme really does fit the best work scent for me. I work in an engineering office and wear many scents even if they aren't always exactly work scents. Some that come to mind from a glance are Boss Bottled OUD, MFK Amyris Homme, Bvlgari Aqva Amara, Chanel Allure Homme, PDE Layton, Prada LR Black and many from DUA.
CC33777 (5 months ago)
Great video. My all-time favorite work professional fragrance is Chanel Pour Monsieur EdT.   Also excellent is AdG Profumo Special Blend.
Derek Greene (5 months ago)
Great video Max!! My list is Prada amber pour homme, Tom Ford oud wood, Giorgio Armani Emporio, Prada Luna rossa, and Vince camuto pour homme. Most of the time I wanted something nice yet didn’t push a big scent bubble. God bless you, Paula , and the family
Max Forti (5 months ago)
Thanks for posting your list - great choices Derek - God bless you and your loved ones!
sean b (5 months ago)
Work rotation Brut,Brut, and Brut.
Max Forti (5 months ago)
I love Brut and wear it as an after shave most all year round! ;)
I do random stuff (5 months ago)
I wanted this video from max in my life... Thanks a lot
TheHonestjbone (5 months ago)
LOVE the new intro man
Max Forti (5 months ago)
Thanks - I appreciate it!
David Reynolds (5 months ago)
Great suggestions Max.
Ar Seeus (5 months ago)
I have been really looking forward to this. Thanks, great list! Prada l’homme truly is the best
Max Forti (5 months ago)
Alonzo Hall (5 months ago)
Great video is always personally like to use Acqua di Gio perfume oh and also like to use English Laundry London keep up the good work hoping to win take care
Max Forti (5 months ago)
Congrats! Alonzo you've WON the $50.00 Gift Code to spend at www.myfragrancesamples.com - Please contact me at: [email protected] to claim your prize!
Edvan Cordova V (5 months ago)
Love to win the coupon of 50. I usually wear for work Cedrat Boise by Mancera, Dior Homme Cologne, Artisan Pure or Allure Home Edition Blanche. Amazing review as always.
William Rivera (5 months ago)
I use allure homme sport eau extreme declaration Parfum by Cartier. Also BDC, Prada L’homme, VUI, GIT, L’homme by YSL Grey Vetiver by Tom Ford.
Wastavo M (5 months ago)
Hey Max, I already ordered the Bois de vetiver, it was 22 bucks on Google Express, from fragrancenet and free shipping, I've been wanting to try that one for a while now. I don't have a to go scent to work, I usually just wear wherever I fell like lol But count me in for the giveaway 👍
Jason Pohleven (5 months ago)
I’ve always liked the BDC EDT the best - the others are great, but the EDT is just lighter and brighter for me, which is nicer to my nose. Thanks for another awesome review
Seems like myfragancesample doesn't ship to Puerto Rico :(
Mark Mobley (5 months ago)
Jonathan, please email me directly- [email protected] MyFragrance Samples is my site, and I will happily make those arrangements for you. Sorry for any inconvenoence.
Cesar Mieses (5 months ago)
The wet spots are a classic Max!
Kendale Wright (5 months ago)
I would say Blue De Chanel, Dior Parfum, and Aqua DI Gio Purfumo
Fragrance Journey (5 months ago)
I got Grey Vetiver at the start of my journey and I’ve never wore it.Collection is growing and I’m in a niche phase now.smh
adepthoffield (5 months ago)
I also prefer Grey Vetiver edt. Nice list Max.
show de vídeo :)
Max Forti (5 months ago)
Valeu - Obrigada!
Marvelous major (5 months ago)
I guess living in the south is a curse all the fragrances we know and love people here act like you stink such a horrible experience being here i will be moving soon. Can't wait to leave here!
Acey Man (5 months ago)
Hey Marvelous, as a native of the ATL I hate to hear that. The weather makes it tough, as well. I got into perfume right before I left GA for SoCal so maybe I missed the attitude you're getting. Anyway, good luck with the move if you do come to SoCal ... and prepare to be perpetually broke (but the weather *is* glorious). /Acey
Marvelous major (5 months ago)
Max Forti No, I think the west coast will be my next move can't beat that California weather
Max Forti (5 months ago)
Are you moving somewhere cooler?!
Undercover Fragrances (5 months ago)
Great video Max Forti and my work fragrances are your too Prada l homme and tom Ford grey Vetiver EDT too. I hope you have a great day
Max Forti (5 months ago)
You too Chris - thanks!
SCJ Drill Designs (5 months ago)
My go-to is also Grey Vetiver. Terre De Hermes is my other go-to. Bourbon by Bath and Body Works gets some wearing. Rive Gauche when I was in a tie, and had to be clean and well-presented. Sadly, I just ran out of my tin. Cedrat Boise was a recent purchase that will be used often.
Soo Sup Cha (5 months ago)
Ysl l’homme!!
Max Forti (5 months ago)
Congrats! Soo Sup Cha you've WON the $25.00 Gift Code to spend at www.myfragrancesamples.com - Please contact me at: [email protected] to claim your prize!
Giovanni Price Sr (5 months ago)
I’m gonna Rock Prada L’homme tomorrow!!!! Max Great Take 🎬
MistweaverJC (5 months ago)
great list, i was expecting Grey Vetiver for sure and Prada L'homme but you had some others on there that I really liked and tbh I'm actually going to blind buy Bois de Vetiver cause it's only 22 bucks! Now here's something that I've run into with Prada L'homme, I blind bought White Musk for Men and it smells really really really close to Prada L'homme and only costs 20 bucks so my question is why isn't anyone in the Fragrance community talking about that particular fragrance? I don't think it's trying to be a Clone but Prada is quickly rivaling Chanel for top Designer brand (imo anyways), I won't say White Musk is 100% exactly like L'homme because (White Musk) it doesn't list Iris as a Note and Prada is slightly sharper in a good way, White musk seems more dull but still nice. What do you think are some alternatives (Cheaper and also more Expensive) to some of these popular frags? Like if I thought Grey Vetiver was good you might recommend Bois de Vetiver as a cheaper alternative but would you recommend Chanel's Sycamore as a more expensive Vetiver scent? Just as a example, I used there because I have 2 of those 3, I would love to see something like a popular Frag and also their inexpensive counterpart BUT also their big brother aka their more expensive / more luxuries counterpart! I only have about 30-35 frags and I noticed i'm becoming way way more picky about what I'm putting into my collection now since i only wear maybe 10 of them consistently. I know youtubers need to get to the point fast but idk I like hearing in depth points of differences and when / why you would wear a scent especially if i may blind buy it (generally i only blind buy things that are very safe) TY for this list though, I love Work/Office Scents! You'd be surprised how few Fragrance Youtubers put these lists out, they put out top 10 bullshit all day but rarely are those really appropriate for work!
Max Forti (5 months ago)
Thank you for your feedback, I greatly appreciate it!
Grey Vetiver. Awesome!
نزار حمدان (5 months ago)
Scott Keyy (5 months ago)
Easy easy Profum ADG is a go to.
Max Forti (5 months ago)
Congrats! Scott you've WON the $25.00 Gift Code to spend at www.myfragrancesamples.com - Please contact me at: [email protected] to claim your prize!
Brandon Mattheu (5 months ago)
Great list Max , I get ALL of my samples from myfragrancesamples.com
Max Forti (5 months ago)
Thanks Brandon and I appreciate you sharing the experience with myfragrancesamples.com
Alex Reems (5 months ago)
Nice list! I only have a handful of fragrances at the moment so I don’t have much to compare to but easy to wear people pleasers are up my alley
recharg3 (5 months ago)
Great list. I just love Prada l’homme, definitely number 1 👍🏻

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