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I have been traveling the world for the past 3 years, so I've learned how to travel the world on a budget today in 2018! Here are some tips you NEED to know! Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/exploringwithcody My Photo and Video Presets! https://www.codybuffinton.com/presets The Music I use: https://goo.gl/qFjSVE GREAT for Youtubers Follow Me: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/exploringwithcody/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ExploringWithCody/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/CodyBuffinton Snapchat: https://www.snapchat.com/add/CodyBuffinton ___ My Equipment: Shop all Gear: https://www.amazon.com/shop/exploringwithcody Canon 1DX Mk2 (Main Cinematic Camera) : http://amzn.to/2mws5jx Canon 16-35 (Main Lens) :http://amzn.to/2ngSktU Tamron 24-70 (Second Lens) : http://amzn.to/2nqLod5 Canon M5 (Vlog Camera): http://amzn.to/2lOgPBS Canon 11-22 (Vlog lens): http://amzn.to/2nr9cgZ Dji Phantom 4 (Drone): https://goo.gl/fwHzEv GoPro Hero 4 Black: http://amzn.to/2nh8AeE Drone Backpack : http://amzn.to/2nr9ynK Exploring Bag(Backpack): https://goo.gl/Kx8j0Y Rode Videomic Pro (Microphone): https://goo.gl/6POq8I Manfrotto Compact Tripod (Tripod/Selfie stick): https://goo.gl/ViiYSQ Joby GorillaPod (Small tripod) : http://amzn.to/2mxIjdw Neewer LED panel (light): https://goo.gl/1Dt3B1 Respirator (Face Mask): https://goo.gl/HtlYZs Omnicharge (Big Portable charger): http://amzn.to/2nqRU3A Anker (Small charger) : http://amzn.to/2mxQdnm For Business: [email protected] ___ About Me: I'm a 23 year old traveler who loves exploring the world and creating beautiful cinematic content! I love going places few have been and doing things no one does.
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Text Comments (111)
SomeGuyOnYouTube (9 months ago)
Where'd you get da moneyyyy
Stevie D (9 months ago)
Good for you Cody, Life's not easy and paying bills just soaks up the money so you never get anywhere. I haven't been abroad in years. Steve in Scotland.
Jenny Cook (9 months ago)
It's no different then working at a factory and the factory shuts down, what do you do? With Cody's experiences opportunities will show up!
Leslie (9 months ago)
Exploring With Cody it's good to know you have a variety of experiences. You're young so you're free to do odd jobs here and there. But what happens when you settle down, get married and have kids? Will you still be a youtuber? Have you thought that far ahead? Just wondering how your career will change.
Exploring With Cody (9 months ago)
I'll be talking about that in my video next week but it isn't as simple as most people think. I haven't traveled much in the past 3 months because Youtube ad rev has been super low, so I'm home right now doing odd jobs like construction, freelance video and drone work, and a wedding here and there. Before I got into youtube I was a full time wedding videographer and I worked at a gas station during the week.
Amy Warfield (9 months ago)
He worked for a photographer (among other odd jobs), before getting big into YouTube.
Craig McCullough (10 days ago)
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Lana Chiang (6 months ago)
Love this! My family is currently traveling the world and capturing what we do by vlogging! I post every Sunday if you want to check it out!
Janice Breault (6 months ago)
Very interesting Josh.You also a very good planner Thanks for all the good advice.
Rollo Alquiros (7 months ago)
Great tips from a world traveler!
Richard Robin (7 months ago)
The Hidden Airline Loophole That Lets You Book $1,000 Flights for $20 or Less ~ It Works on 63 of the World's Largest Airlines ~ https://bit.ly/2HPQ8DB
I was curious, which is cheaper Hotel or AirBNB
This is my plan for travel the United States by car or build my own tiny home to travel.
adi whiting (8 months ago)
I'm hopping to go to Paris again as its the last place I went on a family holiday when I was younger so I want to experience what it's like now that I am almost 30 years old.. Thanks for all your tips Cody keep posting your vlogs I enjoy your stuff and the images you catch. Will you ever meet back up with the exploring crew with Josh and Steve? If you don't I understand people need a new start and try new things. Take care of yourself and good luck with whatever the future brings to you (hopefully all good things). Love from Adrian (Adi) Boston, England all the best bro.
travelbby (8 months ago)
I am traveling through the U.S. first. Roadtrip to Seattle this summer :)
Manny Garcia (8 months ago)
Tom Morris (8 months ago)
Hey Cody fantastic video, I am trying to encourage my friends to travel more so even though I knew some of these already, I will for sure share the video. One thing my friends ask me a lot is how do I travel alone? Is it scary? They say they don't think they could go anywhere alone. So a video about that would be cool too. I'd like to hear what other World travellers do and how they think about it.
GetDatPromo (8 months ago)
I would never stay in a hostel, I'd rather save for a long time and enjoy my holiday without the need to share a toilet and shower with complete strangers.
Sinematic Seth (8 months ago)
I'm definitely going to Thailand! Thanks for the tips, Cody. Wicked helpful!
Linda Royal (9 months ago)
Wow, what a great informative video with tons of tips, good job. Outside of the U.S. I would like to visit Wales, Ireland & England...
marilyn esperanza (9 months ago)
I know you didn’t mention this, but fundraising was the main way I helped pay for a $1200 trip to Guatemala (including airfare, hotel stay, and food). I only ended up paying $100 out of pocket for the trip!
TetriLys (9 months ago)
I couldn't thank you enough Cody. I'm actually planning a trip to see my friend on the opposite side of my country, and this really helped! I'll be referring back to this video plenty for sure! Can't wait to see what the exploring crew does next!
Cameron Kaiser (9 months ago)
I use hopper for flights, works super good and really good deals!
Kristen Crable (9 months ago)
Great tips Cody!!
Laura Piedra Cordero (9 months ago)
Great tips, I will definitely take them into consideration.
TANDY GRESHAM (9 months ago)
You make me feel like I can do this to.I just discovered you and Josh & Steve & John this last summer . I have got my notifications on for all you guys so I don't miss a thing. I always feel like I have had a little adventure after I watch you. Thanks for the fun
Jared Lee (9 months ago)
*takes notes until #5* ... What are.. "friends?"
Sabii Hull (9 months ago)
Jared Lee me asf
Mary Kay Lyons-McDonnell (9 months ago)
I love this information great video.
TaigaSibirskaya (9 months ago)
Scandinavia is expensive, European countries probably like tips, Austrians are Nazi lovers, Swiss are strange, Denmark is the happiest country in Europe, Dutch are Marijuana smokers, French roads are great, Catalans and Spaniards don't like each other, Basques are isolated. Portugal is poor. Albania=mafia, Southern Italy=Mafia, Balkan nations don't like each other. Hungary=beautiful women, Romania=Poor, Ukraine=war torn. Russia=don't drink vodka, Turkey=liberal muslims. India=overpopulated, China=don't mention communism. Africa=military rule in almost every country.
Anne B. (9 months ago)
The difference between a one-way ticket and a roundtrip has nothing to do with terrorism or any type of airport or airline security... Roundtrip excursion fares have always been more cost effective than a one-way full coach fare. Whether you're travelling Internationally or Domestically. These lower cost RT excursion fares are cheaper depending on when you travel and what day of the week. This is largely due to airlines needing to fill their seats on days less travelled by the public such as on a Wednesday...even better when it's a Wednesday to Wednesday roundtrip flight. The most popular days of the week are of course weekend days from Friday through Sunday. Monday travellers are typically business travel...Tuesdays, Wednesday and Thursday's are usually the slower travel days with fewer people flying. This is why Airline's discount those days and offer better deals to consumers willing to change their travel dates. It is good to advise to purchase these tickets if you are flying internationally as international travel is more expensive... but a rule of thumb just to be courteous...contact the airline once you get home and cancel your return flight...the return portion of your ticket will still be good for flying another time should you ever go back. You just have to pay the change fees and any fare increases that may have occurred since buying the ticket.
Exploring With Cody (9 months ago)
Thanks for the advice Anne, I didn't know that
GT Lees (9 months ago)
Great tips Cody! Good idea too.
Kelly Morgan (9 months ago)
incredible footage! I cant wait to do the same thing myself
Exploring With Cody (9 months ago)
Soon enough =)
Tommy (9 months ago)
Gratualation on 300k subscribers
Exploring With Cody (9 months ago)
thanks Tommy!
April Lam (9 months ago)
My main problem is trying to convince my parents to let me travel.
crazy chick (9 months ago)
All great tips! We travel a lot! We have 6-8 trips a year... In '17 we did 13... Since we have 4 kids and travel with 7 kids 4 adults we use Groupon the most! We also buy season passes to a amusement park/water park every year in a state a couple states away so that we always have something to stop and do on our way somewhere else....! Thanks for the tips! I think we will try Airbnb next
CHRIS ROACH (9 months ago)
I’m a travel blogger also
Laura Sheldon (9 months ago)
US road trip in my RV summer, hope to run in to you and Jax Austin. Dinners on my husband and I, husband is retired executive chef. Thanks for all you tips!
I live in Wisconsin been up here for two years should go to surrounding states first today I went to mall of America which is about an hour drive from me so saved tons of money on airfare and hotel haven’t been in ten years
M M (9 months ago)
I try not to spend money eating at school! A meal at school is about $7 or $8 so I can save $49 - $56 a week! When you think about it, it’s so crazy how we spend so much money on the little stuff!
ZMAN 420 (9 months ago)
Laura O' Toole (9 months ago)
loved this, some great tips! Thanks for sharing 😊 I’m gonna keep these in mind they’ll be helpful when it comes to my Thailand trip next year, I’ve got the travel bug soooo bad ✈️🌍
DjTechnoid (9 months ago)
Great comprehensive advice Cody!
Paul S (9 months ago)
Great ideas! I really enjoy your videos.
Harmin Vlogs (9 months ago)
Are you going to upload any more abandoned places or are you done filming that?
Susan Sack (9 months ago)
Excellent tips Cody! Thanks so much for sharing them!
Wrench245 (9 months ago)
You'll have to forgive me for a laugh on scheduling things ahead. My father had itineraries that might as well have been carved in stone. The funny thing he found was that it was often cheaper to take a flight with a connection in the place you wanted to go and forget to go to the destination of your ticket; Los Angeles to Houston, connecting at D/FW, you get off the plane at D/FW and don't get on the connecting flight and you've saved yourself $200. One of his reps had the stones to sell the connecting ticket, but that was before the TSA went berserk. Keep exploring.
Lurlyn Sagandilan (9 months ago)
Thank you for informative tips Cody!
Mike Sylvester (9 months ago)
Homeaway is great app for a place to stay also
Trevor Costelloe (9 months ago)
Thanks man! Definitely going to try to plan a trip to thailand now hahaha seems awesome
Leslie (9 months ago)
I'm just planning my trip this year so this video is so helpful. A huge congrats on reaching 300k! You deserve it!😄👍
Exploring With Cody (9 months ago)
thanks Leslie! glad to help
Justin Shillington (9 months ago)
How do you pay for all your travels?
Exploring With Cody (9 months ago)
I copied this from another comment I answered but to notify you and help out "I'll be talking about that in my video next week but it isn't as simple as most people think. I haven't traveled much in the past 3 months because Youtube ad rev has been super low, so I'm home right now doing odd jobs like construction, freelance video and drone work, and a wedding here and there. Before I got into youtube I was a full time wedding videographer and I worked at a gas station during the week."
Wesley Pires (9 months ago)
Por que o titulo ta em portugues
Doris Rosa (9 months ago)
Those are very helpful advices..
Exploring With Cody (9 months ago)
Dark Exploration Films (9 months ago)
Very informative video Cody!
Exploring With Cody (9 months ago)
Glad to help a little =)
Explore with Rick (9 months ago)
Congrats on 300k🐶
Exploring With Cody (9 months ago)
Thank you Rick!
Wow Cody thanks for the information. This was great
Exploring With Cody (9 months ago)
Thanks Kateri!
Ike Harootunian (9 months ago)
XD 25th comment so good i like the number 25 lol
Kieran McLaren (9 months ago)
Great video Cody, like the tip about putting money money away from non daily essentials
Exploring With Cody (9 months ago)
that was always super important for me so I'm glad it helped
Stephanie Ghys (9 months ago)
My first trip outside of Europe was to Sri Lanka with uni this year (as I am a tourism student) and I really recommend going there as it is really cheap and has such beautiful culture and nature! I have now fallen in love with south Asia and I can't wait to explore more countries over there!
Exploring With Cody (9 months ago)
I'll definitely check out Sri Lanka!
Mike Sylvester (9 months ago)
Stephanie Ghys i lived there for 7 years i love love the country
Molly Quinn (9 months ago)
Any safety tips? Like avoiding bed bug problems or what human behaviors indicate trouble. Etc.
Molly Quinn (9 months ago)
Exploring With Cody Thanks love your videos.
Exploring With Cody (9 months ago)
Bed bugs are tough, usually you can gauge by a hotel/hostel entrance if it's "dirty" but I always check before settling down in the room. Human behaviors also changes depending on the country, but any time I feel sketched out in a situtation I just leave. But I will try to come up with some better ones for future videos.
Slashplite (9 months ago)
6:40 Just a quick tip. Europe is not a single place with same prices. For example Norway may be four times as expensive as US but Republic of Moldova is super cheap.
Exploring With Cody (9 months ago)
Agreed, that was a generalization. But overall south east asia is cheaper in more places that you visit
Nick Vs. The World (9 months ago)
Doooood. Stop telling me subscribe lol. I have already hahahaha
Nick Vs. The World (9 months ago)
Exploring With Cody just pulling your chain hahah
Exploring With Cody (9 months ago)
haha sorry Nick, but many people who search these types of videos are just seeing me for the first time, so that's why
Britney G (9 months ago)
I was hoping you'd do a video like this soon. I've got the travel bug for sure. Love your videos!! I live vicariously through them religiously haha. Lots of love from Indiana (:
Exploring With Cody (9 months ago)
thanks Britney from Indiana!
itheoscar (9 months ago)
Exploring With Cody (9 months ago)
Johnstoyota87 (9 months ago)
Good information to know Cody!
Jalynette (9 months ago)
My personal finance teacher likes to show us videos like this, and this is actually really cool. Thanks!
Exploring With Cody (9 months ago)
sweet thank you!
Aim Noder (9 months ago)
nice video cody...i wish i can travel the world soon...
etg1966 (9 months ago)
Love the video! Thank you for great tips. My dream is to see the Northern Lights in Iceland. 😻🗺🌌#exploringcrew #Explorers4life
LosAnggraito (9 months ago)
Super useful tips Cody! Btw it's crazy that it's already been 3 yrs since ur Thailand trip! That's when I started watching u n the crew
Exploring With Cody (9 months ago)
Time flies!! Thanks for the support!
Lynne Pawlak (9 months ago)
Thanks Cody!
Hasib Raz (9 months ago)
10th comment
Pati Giddens (9 months ago)
Good info. Thanks Cody!!!!!!
Jonas Eland (9 months ago)
Helped a lot, thanks!
LETZUPLOADIT (9 months ago)
notifications squad great content cody
Exploring With Cody (9 months ago)
Thanks =)
Girl Lost (9 months ago)
Nice tips! Love the cinematics at the start!
Exploring With Cody (9 months ago)
appreciate it
Hypnotic Butterfly (9 months ago)
Thank you so much for the tips. The road trip my family wants to go on is New Mexico.
Exploring With Cody (9 months ago)
No problem! New mexico is a great place to go
Martin Mena (9 months ago)
Cody yayy!!!
Exploring With Cody (9 months ago)
hey Martin!
Ashlee Dillion (9 months ago)
great tips
Arif (9 months ago)
Joyce Gonz (9 months ago)

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