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Rihanna - Stay ft. Mikky Ekko

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Get Rihanna’s eighth studio album ANTI now: Download on TIDAL: http://smarturl.it/downloadANTI Stream on TIDAL: http://smarturl.it/streamANTIdlx Download on iTunes: http://smarturl.it/dlxANTI Download on Google Play: http://smarturl.it/ANTIdlxgp Download on Amazon: http://geni.us/amzANTI Download "Stay" from Unapologetic now: http://smarturl.it/UnapologeticDlx Music video by Rihanna performing Stay ft. Mikky Ekko. © 2013 The Island Def Jam Music Group http://www.vevo.com/watch/USUV71300019?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=description&utm_campaign=ytd
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Text Comments (145664)
Mahima Shetty (12 minutes ago)
Funny you're the broken one But i'm the only one who needed saving Cause when you never see the light It's hard to know which one of us is caving ........i literally rewind the whole song just to listen to these lines. It just squeezes my heart and i feel the song right then...
Chou Lin (51 minutes ago)
she's awesome
katrina White (1 hour ago)
Rihnna is one of my favourite singers 😜❤️
PEEJ (1 hour ago)
Victor Matos (1 hour ago)
Sherry Jessica (2 hours ago)
October 2018 anyone. .?
Marisa Vilella Surur (6 hours ago)
musica linda mais. ao mesmo tempo ,se tornar triste. Mais eu gostar. 😍❤❤❤❤❤
tansha jackson (13 hours ago)
cpnjr3 (14 hours ago)
you can tell how much pain she was in, i feel so much worry for her
Vlog girl Camara (14 hours ago)
when round and a round came up i said roun and round. and a round and a round i like this game
Florencia Nocentti (16 hours ago)
Más triste que yo Rihanna
Izansay Mbo (17 hours ago)
je t'aime
Bryant Price (18 hours ago)
00:13 is that her nipple,
taklit aitouaret (18 hours ago)
KAREN MASI (18 hours ago)
Love this song🎧
Alex-The godlynoob-Xd (19 hours ago)
I love this song❤🔊🔱💪
Nanang Muhran (20 hours ago)
Filipe Goncalves (22 hours ago)
Bitch imma be here every year even when I’m in heaven 😍🙌🏽
Thor Windelboe (23 hours ago)
Big 2018 Big 8 Again wee Will get to 2019 happy new year World
Aristotle Aycardo (1 day ago)
cant do this,we dont have bathtub
sample buffer (1 day ago)
Strolling down the road on a cold winter morning, and this song hits me
DjRgmixhaiti Best (1 day ago)
I need you Rihanna 😍😍😍Love you ❤
DjRgmixhaiti Best (1 day ago)
Octobre 2018 is My Favorite song
Thays Nunes (1 day ago)
Eu a amo ❤😩
Fami Ak (1 day ago)
thought this wouldve hit a billion by now :0
Megan Lindsey (1 day ago)
She is so OMG yes I wish I have her OMG Awwwwwwwwww I am sad because I don't have her😞😞😞😞😞😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Gili Atar (1 day ago)
This song helped me through all my hard times...
Tanane Fernandes (1 day ago)
2018? 🦄
tales freitas (1 day ago)
tales freitas (1 day ago)
anoniem 27 (1 day ago)
Mac ;(((
Zoe Longway (1 day ago)
So, this is the song from those annoying Music App adds?
joco joco (1 day ago)
Who is watching this 2019??😄 I live in the future 😂😄
Jeremiah Fuentes (1 day ago)
October 2o18?
inase Aya (1 day ago)
The name Rihanna means sweet basil
David Beavers (1 day ago)
Happy Thanksgiving with love from orlando Florida Home to Home
right and truth
fer2006mad (1 day ago)
This song os hipnotic me
Cris Nathália (1 day ago)
J Louison (1 day ago)
tu touches a ma vie ça va très très mal se passer
Terri Totten (1 day ago)
Never herd the words Untill it was so relivent ...n the whole time it was about you..💔💕T.T. K.C. My match
Szabolcs Geri (1 day ago)
2 S 0 T 1 A 8 Y ?
Heather Dauzat (1 day ago)
in this world these days all women should be like Rhianna. a real woman. go girl
kemigisha Priscillah (2 days ago)
Late 2018🤗🤗🤗 nways No1 cares
Asanda Mpisane (2 days ago)
the reason I hold on 😭
Rick Thomas (2 days ago)
My sexy song 🐦
PGG -Universe- (2 days ago)
1:08 when you squeeze in a fart
Jay Entheo (2 days ago)
Oh. So the male figure isnt shown naked in the bath. Why do women always have to expose themselves in some wat to be a part of something? Is my question this video is only one of thousands of examples for women who have to use their physical image as a way to gain interest of some sort.
Vakuma2point0 (2 days ago)
why are there 145 thousand dislikes? its FREE MUSIC!! Hello?
Vakuma2point0 (2 days ago)
Rihanna is beautiful, this song is beautiful. i cant stop listening too it. thanks to the uploader
Sasha Web (2 days ago)
2 0 1 8😍😘😚😙 o C T O B E R😍😍
Seamar Ní Ghloinn (2 days ago)
No makeup and she’s at her most beautiful here.
Arimyidole (13 hours ago)
Seamar Ní Ghloinn she does has makeup. a natural look and that’s the most beautiful on her
Silver Shadow (13 hours ago)
Seamar Ní Ghloinn she is wearing makeup
super star (2 days ago)
Best cover on georgian voice tamta xuxunashvili
Camillo (2 days ago)
zajebiscie rihanna
Cristel Rodriguez (2 days ago)
😍😍😢 sin palabras. 😑😗
thepeace inside me (2 days ago)
Hold on
Danny Rosa (2 days ago)
One of my favorites
Uber do Paulo (2 days ago)
ali sıkar (2 days ago)
Kaylee Winden (2 days ago)
Bye the cry we all feel like this...
lorenz itong (2 days ago)
This was made 5 years ago?😛
lorenz itong (2 days ago)
This was made 5 years ago?😛
Jack King (2 days ago)
Never take anything for granted. Once gone it's gone. She said "Please don't leave" but I did. I was angry, angry because she had silent problems, problems she couldn't talk to anyone about but I know now it was me. I'd be her release but I'd left.. She's passed away now. Took her own life and I'm left here alone. Her words are with me - please don't go - and haunt me. I miss her badly and it's the only stupid thing I did in life - I left. Please people - love those who love you back. Life is short and life is cruel but please make the most of whatever you can.
Zack Deku (3 days ago)
:’( im criyng
Flight Object (3 days ago)
В кадре бананов не хватает.
Bronwin Tracey (3 days ago)
Stay with meeeeee💫💔
Carl Angelo Yanga (3 days ago)
oml naked rihanna 😱
MBeauty Influence (3 days ago)
Our music #C i love you 💕❤️
Its Emma (3 days ago)
I tirwt slheard this song when I was 3 and haven't heard it since I was six now I am listening to it again
Guilherme willian (3 days ago)
Que música
Roshanne Niamir (3 days ago)
this whole entire time i thought nick jonas was singing with rihanna. My life is a fucking lie LOL
Aubrey Thibodeau (3 days ago)
This is my childhood. I can actually sing thanks to this song.
faten majead (3 days ago)
Any one listen to this in 2018 or just me lol
Ishaq Almohamdi (3 days ago)
Robertas Kocius (3 days ago)
Julio Gomes (3 days ago)
Elvia Maravilla (3 days ago)
I came here right after the Shane and Jake Paul video. I feel like this song.
Amy Neff (3 days ago)
dont know all the lyrics here... lol... (get it) ... its not just something you TAKE its GIVEN! -
2waringring,UKAIRISA (3 days ago)
That was DV.
Danae Contreras (3 days ago)
hermoso este duo me mata
Amere Sloan (3 days ago)
still a bop in 2018
miku panda (4 days ago)
WTF 730M??? 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
Peachy 23 (4 days ago)
You can really feel RiRi's pain, at 3:25... I swear this song can really hit you, DEEP! 😢😢💔
TheWalkingAddixon (4 days ago)
2:51 will always be the part I feel the most
Lupita Porras (4 days ago)
Kobile Manthofela (4 days ago)
this song it's so sweet
mmaupa mogofe (4 days ago)
10:56 2018/10/19
Just Maisie (4 days ago)
2:49 (bookmark for me)
Mafe Anaya (4 days ago)
Me gusta la forma en que te mueves. YM!
Karminha Castro (4 days ago)
Outubro 2018
Aaden Lutchmedial (4 days ago)
Wish I looked as glorious as that when I am in the bathtub
I look fat
challenge accepted (2 days ago)
I look like a ghost, cause of my pale skin and when my hair gets darker when I’m contact with 💦
M. Free (2 days ago)
Why you wish that?
Fenty (4 days ago)
730M ❤
Ewa Gramczynska (4 days ago)
Jedna z moich ulubionych
Yanni Sweet (4 days ago)
this song makes me cry 😢
Kerri Sentell (1 day ago)
Yanni Sweet p
Selos Melos (2 days ago)
Me toooo
Juan David Alvarez (4 days ago)
2018 4 ever
Cihan Yildiz (4 days ago)
2068 ?
omar seck (4 days ago)
these piano notes trigger raw emotions.

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