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10 Disney Princess Fan Theories That Change Everything

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10 Disney Princess conspiracy theories. Subscribe to our channel: https://goo.gl/cv6b96 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It’s easy to get lost in the world of Disney. There are so many characters and storylines that it’s like its own little universe. But what if some of those stories were more connected than we ever thought? Here are 10 Disney Princess Fan Theories That Change Everything! For instance, did you ever think that Moana could be in the same universe as Lilo from “Lilo & Stitch?” We have strong reason to believe that Maui shapeshifts into a fish to watch over Lilo! If you go back and watch the movie, you will notice that Lilo brings gifts to a god that controls the weather. Doesn’t that sound like Maui? Insane, right? Whether it’s “Frozen,” “Tangled” or “The Little Mermaid,” so many Disney films are connected in ways that you never thought possible. Stay tuned to 10 Disney Princess Fan Theories That Change Everything to find out which Disney princess may have been a figment of someone’s imagination! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheThingscom/ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.thethings.com/
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Text Comments (1395)
Issy Issy (1 year ago)
I love it when you make videos like this like if agree
Jessica Heath (2 months ago)
i love them to
Marley Bob (3 months ago)
I think it is very likely that Anna, Elsa and Tarzan are related
Uni Cat (7 months ago)
Yea Issy Issy!! Me too!
marian costica (2 hours ago)
Samantha Mathews (16 hours ago)
The Things:* If you wanted Ariel and Hercules to be in a relationship, then we're sorry to burst your bubble* Me: Seriously!? I'm the last one to hear this?! How!? Why?! The Things:* Ariel and Hercules are related* Me: OMG!? WHY AM I THE LAST PERSON TO HEAR THIS!?!?😩😩😩😩😩😩😩
BollingerKat2025F (20 hours ago)
what if lilo is moana,s decendent
when you said aladdin was super hot i was thinking... HE IS JUST A DISNEY CHARACTOR!!!!!!!!
Tammy Olds (4 days ago)
The gods married their own siblings, so it still could happen.
Emiley Strong (4 days ago)
What if the boat crashed but they somehow survived and landed in the jungle
moriah petties (4 days ago)
when Repunzel shows up for Elsa's Coronation why is it that her and Flynn have not age and if Elsa and Anna's parents were in fact heading to Repunzel's wedding when they were lost at sea then shouldn't Repunzel be way older then Elsa and Anna seeing as it happened when Elsa and Anna were little because Elsa looks to be roughly 7 or 8 and Anna looked to be about 5 when they found out about the shipwreck so....how are they related
Annalisa Palmer (4 days ago)
disneys comeing out with frozen 2 2019
Zara Chapore (5 days ago)
What if Prince Hans is Mother Gothel's son?
Ambergilbey Justin77 (6 days ago)
I dislike the Tarzan theory.
Ambergilbey Justin77 (6 days ago)
Historically speaking... all royal families are related. Specailly through Germany and england Norway and the French among others.
Jaclyn Gallant (8 days ago)
Anna and Elsa parents were not killed in the ship reck they went on a island to rase TARZAN who we all now were killed by a lepord this theory was confirmed with one of the darectors of frozen
Lunarian Dolls (9 days ago)
"Which would make Hercules and Ariel second cousins. So that means the two of them would not be dating any time soon." Hmmmmmm.... (puts on glasses and reads about the Greek Gods again for the millionth time because Percy Jackson) Ah yes! Zeus is married to his sister, Hades is married to his niece Persephone and Zeus is the father and uncle of, gasp! Persephone herself! So unfortunately your argument is invalid XDDD (obviously kidding here guys, incest is not tolerable)
Rosemaree Coughlin (10 days ago)
Maby genie is a time traveler and he has been in the lamp for 10,000 years but travels from time to time when somebody needs him or when his lamp is in danger
Royal Cookie (13 days ago)
Crazy growing hair? I tought she has a magic, healing power hair
Sophia West (14 days ago)
But didn't the Mrs. Pot and Chip get turned back to humans. IT JUST DOESN'T"t MAKE SENSE
No i don't believe that Hercule's is Arielle 2 qazin
Ambergilbey Justin77 (6 days ago)
That's actually one of the most believable points. Mythically speaking.
Danielle Makepeace (16 days ago)
It’s been CONFIRMED that Tarzan is Elsa and Anna’s brother
Ariel Bunch (16 days ago)
elsa and punzie are cousins it was even confirmed by Disney 😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏
Gamer Sofia (18 days ago)
That's impossible!
Sean Anglin (20 days ago)
I like this theory: Ariel's mother was killed by a pirate ship so when Anna and Elsa's parents were traveling to Rapunzels' wedding King Triton out of rage created the storm that caused their ship to wreck leaving them to end up on the island where Tarzan was born. I also think that being that Triton is the son of Poseidon, that Zeus is Ariel's grandfather and Hercules her cousin. Jane is Belles Daughter because of the tea set we find at her camp. Now that Disney owns 20th century fox I think that Anastasia should become a Disney princess.
zoraida ruvalcaba (20 days ago)
Here is what happened Elsa ,and Anna, mom and dad ship crashed Wich is we're Arial came in and the mom and dad swam to a jungle to give brith to there new son 🙃
zoraida ruvalcaba (20 days ago)
So basically Arial knows what happened 😲
Ravenous Raven (22 days ago)
You are literally just using easter eggs to explain your points, no solid evidence can necessarily be drawn from that
Brylie Johnson (23 days ago)
So let me get this strait— Anna and Elsa’s Parents leave to go to Rupunzels wedding because they are possibly related because rupunzel showed up at Elsa’s coronation. Then while A + E parents are trying to get there they get shipwrecked and possibly survived. Might have washed up on the movie Tarzan and had another child leaving Elsa and Anna to have a baby brother. And they might not have died. Here is my theory. In frozen Elsa is going to go look for her parents cause obviously they got shipwrecked in the Atlantic Ocean 🌊 where Ariel found the ship that looked exactly like the one the king and queen got on not so long before. So now Elsa might be trying to find her parents in the waves. Or Anna might just be in trouble. 💗 I’ve been watching a lot of fan theory vids and this is how I pulled all the peices together (Edit) and YES I liked my own comment Thank you! Your welcome 😂😉
No One (23 days ago)
When Anna and Elsa's parents crashed, maybe Ariel saved them and washed them ashore the jungle, and then all that Tarzan stuff happened. That would make, Anna, Elsa, Ariel, and Tarzan have some connections. Right?
Grace Corona (23 days ago)
Actually Ariel's mom got killed by a boat that was heading there way that's also why her dad does not let her discover human things.
K Baker (24 days ago)
Creative girl (24 days ago)
Maybe frozen 2
Soda Pop (24 days ago)
I never that about that first one🐠🐠🐟🐟
Sarah Singson (25 days ago)
Ariel sister is belle because look the both movie gaston and the prince and belle dad and ariel dad small in big and evil oueen and Elsa
Louis S. (26 days ago)
You guys I just debunked the theory of Tarzan. After watching all the videos of theories relating to Frozen and this. I found the curve ball the producers at Disney threw at us. Anna and Elsa's parents did in fact survive and landed on an island, but it wasn't Tarzan's island because it takes place in Africa. The more probable theory is they got stranded either in Canada or Scotland which would tie in Merida's story into the official continuity or at least explain the Fall theme in Frozen 2, seeing as they were probably headed for a cure or the Rapunzel wedding. The cure being help from a witch renowned for making potions that solve people's problems, kinda grim but what if it was the Merida witch they were gonna seek help from. BOOM! Also I would pay to see Kristoff dressed up as Santa in a Frozen short, new fave theory out there. But yeah, I'm gonna keep researching and adding to this.
Helen Wlhelmus (26 days ago)
Did anyone else notice this? She said, “And thankfully the parents died” Doesn’t that just sound soooo wrong?
L Ravestein (26 days ago)
I guess that Scar from the Lion King is the same villian as Jafar from Alladin. They both are jealous that they not be the new king, that they will do everything to make sure that the person how would be the new ruler, is out of the way.
sandstonewater (27 days ago)
life of lukas (28 days ago)
The little mermaid and Hercules are definitely cousin's there's dad's are brothers
life of lukas (28 days ago)
Rapunzel wasn't born with her powers tho so i dont the theres enough evidence to say powers run in there family but i definitely believe shes related to elsa
Salty Cookie (1 month ago)
I heard Norway! I LIVE IN NORWAY EKKKK!!
Dani Davis (1 month ago)
You know there is a movie that explains how Ariel’s mom dies right????
Shimpster 123 (1 month ago)
3:32 *Queen
eva cameron (1 month ago)
Any transformers theories?
Anil Seetal (1 month ago)
What if lilo is Moana's great great grandchildren
Anil Seetal (1 month ago)
And mawe wanted to protect her children
Giogavy Vickers (1 month ago)
Jane is Bells greatdaughter
Amelia Davidson (2 months ago)
The last theory can’t be true because in the stage show of the little Mermaid (the little Mermaid jr by Disney) Ariel says ‘I shouldn’t be here you killed my mother’ and then at the end of the show Ursula says ‘it’s true I killed your mother’
Dolly Ann (2 months ago)
Lukanette4life (2 months ago)
I have a theory. Since Maui was thrown into the ocean BY HIS OWN PARENTS!!!! and found by the gods, maybe those gods were Neptune and Poseidon and Ariel’s Father.
Eslin Willis (2 months ago)
I doubt that Anna and Elsa's parents survived, because there is hardly a resemblance between them and Tarzan's parents
maya Anany (2 months ago)
I love those videos like me if you agree 👍
ariel films inc (2 months ago)
AND Belle's resemblance to Ariel????????????????????????? can you say Sherri Stoner? And the Sphinix Nose in Aladdin during the carpet ride? What I learned in High School Napolean's troops blew it of using it for Target Practice with there cannons
Jessica Heath (2 months ago)
i love your videos they make my daugther smile so thats why im going to make who ever makes these videos a movie drecter so they can make all the diseny carerecters a family thank you for who ever made this video i can't wait to meat you in preson i hope to see you real soon
Colette Cheng (2 months ago)
What about Prince Eric is a blood relative to Prince Philip or Princess Aurora?
Sharly Khan (2 months ago)
Arisa L (2 months ago)
Anna and Elsa's parents look nothing like Tarzan's parents..., and also There is a third movie for little mermaid! Watch it then you will see how Ariel's mom died.
Kathryn Mew (2 months ago)
The only theory I have a problem with is the one with Tarzan being an heir to the throne of Arendelle. You should’ve noticed that there is a difference in the sister’s parents’ hair colors and Tarzan’s. The queen has brown hair and the king has blonde. While it is possible the King could’ve been a platinum blonde (meaning that eventually his hair could potentially turn brown) I don’t think it’s possible for the queen’s brown hair to turn red like Tarzan’s mothers. In fact, red hair sometimes turns brown as one grows older.
Leo Baftirovski (2 months ago)
Wait so let me get this straight Anna, Elsa, Tarzan, and Rapunzel are all siblings..... that’s what’s up
thunder star (2 months ago)
I think that leo is a desandent o Mona.
9:37 seriously now, I'm the only who considers this theory pointless, yeah the parents look similar but not the same and there are coloring difference between them, also tarzan movie seems to have take place in a more 'modern' age than that elsa and anna's parents seem to appears to. Even the clothing style is quite different. So there is not enough evidence for this theory.
Mermaid Girl (2 months ago)
Almost every single princess is connected somehow even if its there cousin's cousin's husband or something If there was a Disney family reunion, there would be ALOT of people...
Fadhila Lucky (2 months ago)
Has the producer of Disney been the same all the way thru? Cuz if it has then that can explain the interrelations between the movies
Fadhila Lucky (2 months ago)
Yep I sure love good crossovers 👌👌👌
Lorely Medina (2 months ago)
Wait I think that arials dad saw Anna’s boat so he wanted to crash the boat to protect his daughters and have help from mowi the Demi god so mowi created a storm and arials dad made huge waves and made the boat sink
MegaReaver MickeyBot (3 months ago)
Aladin and Hercules both exist at the same time. confirmed in both the Hercules series and BOTH mOVIES. Scar was in Hercules. Hercules and Ariel are cousins, Ariel found Elsa and Anna's parent's ship despite her being around probably later after them which means Trident had his daughters later down the line perhaps. His Wife may have been taken to Neverland. Elsa and Anna's Parents somhow end up in Africa despite that being way down the line in the Victorian Erra which means they got tossed forward in time. Is it me or is there alot of time travle going on here? perhaps there's a way to tie sword and the stone? Also Mickey, Donald and Goofy were at Sebastions event in the beganing of the Little Mermaid which means anthropomorphic charecters are able to move around and defy logic, possibly crossing into other realities. Perhaps pulling a Pixar's Monster Inc? Is the Jungle in the Jungle book magical?
sandra (3 months ago)
Conclusion: Basically every movie is somehow related to Frozen!
MARCIE DEAN (3 months ago)
In Greek mythology the gods marries their sisters, brothers
Annie Ryan (3 months ago)
I recommend that you watch film theory’s video on the Elsa and rapunzel’s relation
Rockstar mk (3 months ago)
2:39 everybody who has see tangled and frozen saw raps and flynn
Rockstar mk (3 months ago)
1:33 I everbody who has see beauty and the beast and tarzan all ready had a theories that jane is related to belle
Dr. Cheesecake (3 months ago)
Actually there is a possibiltiy Ariel and Hercules can date in Percy Jackson (my fav ever book series) Percy and Annabeth both date and they are 2nd cousins, technically in Greek mythology unless u have the same parents u can date.
Skye Dragon6 (3 months ago)
And many of them did meet in Once Upon a Time on ABC, owned by Disney.
Skye Dragon6 (3 months ago)
Supposedly Gaston now shot Bambi's mother! Ariel's mother was in Peter Pan and didn't fear pirates because Hook was incompetent.
Mary Rose Rivera (3 months ago)
My theory Inside Out is Connected to Nintendo and Wreck it Ralph Riley's Friend Meg played Wreck it ralph and there is a theory that says Ralph is Mario So this is basically 2 theories in one First let's talk about the Ralph-Mario theory Ralph and Mario's Pipe/Stump getting down are similar and Have similar outfits If this theory is true it means Meg has been playing Nintendo this whole time
Germandutchboy (3 months ago)
yes because Ariel is from Denmark and that is also the northern sea, and a half way trip to Germany. and Trendelburg is where it is rumored to be where Rapunzel was held against her will.
Daniela Lopez (3 months ago)
Not posivol in b and the b and Tarzan the tie cup where them
Lillie and Me (3 months ago)
How did I not notice those
sequoia Dreams (3 months ago)
Her mom died of a ship theres a little mermaid. Ariel momshow trying to save a gift a locket i think
Angela Osaigbovo (3 months ago)
This means Belle is Anna and Elsa's great grandmother
Nunya Beeswax (3 months ago)
Captain Hook did not kill Ariel's mom. The Little Mermaid :Ariel's Beginning. It explains(if only partially) how Ariel's mom died.It was humans, so Captain Hook might have done it, but from the way it happened, it couldn't have been intentional.
Nunya Beeswax (3 months ago)
They made a movie of Ariel's childhood that explains how her mother died. It's called The Little Mermaid :Ariel's Beginning
MANNY DESSUS (3 months ago)
My theory is that Ciderellas fairy godmother is her mom.
Audrey Neil (3 months ago)
Athena is not a mermaid she's a goddess and zues's son
Happy Hippie (3 months ago)
There is a theory that Boo for “Monsters Inc” is the witch from “Brave” because there is a wooden carving of Sully on the table, same as the Pizza Planet truck that’s in sooo many Pixar movies. But they say that Boo is searching for Sully and that’s why the doors in Brave only works sometimes..
Roblox Gamer (3 months ago)
little mermaid and Aquaman is quite the same
Carol Bullard (4 months ago)
Whitney Wilkins (4 months ago)
Here is a theory... What if Gaston from Beauty and the Beast was the one who killed Bambi's mom since he was a major hunter
Yes I think Ariel and Hercules are related
tina staley (4 months ago)
I think Hercules is arial's uncle look at the facts
Olivia Magic (4 months ago)
I’m sorry not hate BUT WHAT IS WITH ELSA’s EYESHADOW was I the only person who saw/bothered by that. UNLESS I’m blind and Elsa for the entire frozen movie had tacky eyeshadow. Like if you agree ❤️❤️❤️ NO HATE PLEASE
Bella loves Gacha (4 months ago)
I think the frozen and tangeld theory is true but I dont think they died I think they are tarzan's parents
Cheryl Ralph (4 months ago)
Elsa and Tarzan are long lost bother and sister
Monique Johnson (4 months ago)
If Tarzan is Elsa and Anna's brother that mean bell is Tarzan grandma by Margie and rapunzel is there cousin and bell,Tarzan,Elsa and Anna, Jane,and rapunzel are. All related
Aubrii Miksa (4 months ago)
Nutaroo 22 (4 months ago)
The Things in April: Make a new movie! Me in November: Disney listened...... 😂 Halfway into the video in November: CAN'T STOP LAUGHING THIS IS SO IRONIC LOL
Girl on the Internet (4 months ago)
9:30--Think about it-- she would have wanted Rapunzel's powers to break the spell that turned her old the first time! I know it was her choice, but maybe she couldn't turn back. (Which would make the whole thing useless... but never mind.)
Melissa Taylor (4 months ago)
Sadly the true origins of Tarzan don’t match any of this theory... it states his parents names and it mentions why there ended up on the island
Jill And Emma Lunsford (4 months ago)
I'm going to ask about Anna Elsa and Rapunzel Theory so when Anna and Elsa's parents were going to Rapunzel's Wedding they got Shipwrecked and had Tarzan so that makes Anna and Elsa the older sisters to Tarzan and Anna Elsa and Tarzan are cousins to Rapunzel and when the boat sank a few years later Ariel found it so that means Frozen Tangled Tarzan and the Little Mermaid take place in the same universe
It’s Myah time (4 months ago)
Omg I literally got a headache just from listening 😂
AriAnastasia Grande (4 months ago)
Mind blown! I don't what to believe!
Matthew Tull (4 months ago)
Kimberly Saccary (4 months ago)
Iconic (4 months ago)
I don't believe the Disney witch one, because at the end of Snow White, the evil queen falls off a cliff and dies

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