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NEW from IFA 2013: Cyber-shot QX10, QX100 Lens-style Cameras for smartphone photographers

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For more info: http://bit.ly/14ovhww http://bit.ly/18q8hzG Bet you've never seen anything like this before! World, meet the Cyber-shot QX10 and QX100 Lens-style Cameras. These babies will easily link to your smartphone* (Android *and* iOS compatible!) and allow you to capture high-zoom, high quality photos which you can immediately share on Facebook, Instagram, and other social networks. Another cool feature: these lens-style cameras can act as a remote viewfinder, letting you capture unique photos from different angles and perspectives. Hit the play button to get the 411. *The camera acts as access point which can be discovered by other devices just like access points at home and office. It's Peer-to-Peer connection.
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Text Comments (156)
peter kabristante (1 year ago)
how to order sir? maam?
This Robinson (2 years ago)
oh snap
1koss2 (4 years ago)
ivan, ivan, come to me, look at this shit)ahahahahahassholes
Jim 1234678910 (4 years ago)
Can you use the camera on the phone will its still connected
Neil Furgusson (5 years ago)
I got Sony QX10 lens with Sony Xperia Z is awesome when 10x zoom in is more clear pictures than normal mobile camera is blurry zoom in. QX10 don't have flash camera just use apps off/on light led on mobile easy :)
陳彥芬 (5 years ago)
:b丨一戶十迪下一Yalta w
Alphonse Landry (5 years ago)
Swat32898 (5 years ago)
What if your phone has a case. Like everyone who does have a phone. Those holders don't seem to be so lenient towards cases
Kit Pogi (5 years ago)
She's hot 👍
Angel Garcia (5 years ago)
Screw this. It's 2014. Where's my fuckin' flying car, time travel, and teleportation??????
Anthony Sosa (5 years ago)
Bb bc Yuri
Dee Jay (5 years ago)
Please add infrared sighting and X-ray vision and a red dot sight.
Mayra Granado (5 years ago)
+Josiah Romano
Josiah Romano (5 years ago)
For that price, you might as well throw in an MP5! I just recently bought a fujifilm S8200 with 40x zoom for $200! It's a dslr that takes mind blowing pictures. Why would you buy a $250 lens just to take and upload pictures to Instagram? That's such a waste! Just get a dslr instead of this lens!
Osian Gruffydd (5 years ago)
How do u connect it to iphone? Bluetooth?
Josiah Romano (5 years ago)
They told you in the video. They said it uses wifi, so you'd need a wifi connection..
kappy , (5 years ago)
it's cool (ツ)
Abdul Aziz (5 years ago)
where can I buy I am a loyal sony users in Indonesia precisely in jogjakarta
HeavyMetalEvilien (5 years ago)
Give it a few years and cameras like this will replace everything.
akupehsluarketatAR (5 years ago)
+HeavyMetalEvilien how can a camera replace a bike
HeavyMetalEvilien (5 years ago)
+akupehsluarketatAR Bike? Ten years, tops.
akupehsluarketatAR (5 years ago)
it definitely cant replace my bike
Andy Cable (5 years ago)
Camera suffers from CMOS problems with colored vertical lines in many photos.  DO NOT BUY A SONY camera- They sold me a Protection Plus Warranty for this camera then when problem occurred and was sent to repair station they wanted to bill me $161.  They refused to honor the Warranty because I could no longer supply original sakes receipt even though they had sold a Extended Warranty for if showing the Serial Number.  They offered to refund the Warranty cost of $25 rather than perform their contractual obligation to fix it.  Poor design and worse Customer Service . Will NEVER purchase another Sony product! 
Mr Ridame Sari (5 years ago)
that what mm also thinking
Mr. Salem (5 years ago)
Still the flash is not good
Vitaliy Yusupov (5 years ago)
Soham..charge it !!!
Vitaliy Yusupov (5 years ago)
I can buy a sick camera for 500$ !!! Wtf
Gadgetbig (5 years ago)
No flash!!
Soham Puntambekar (5 years ago)
how can we take more pictures after it has taken 200 pictures
Perfect .Physique (5 years ago)
Im using this to spy on my girl friend
TheWarriorofsatan (5 years ago)
great idea for a lens/camera but they're very expensive for that price i might just be better off with a dslr camera or a expensive compact camera
eastfrog (5 years ago)
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DanielFriedman (5 years ago)
It may have been better If I prefaced it better. I actually meant if I had a case on, would it fit on my phone?
Hmster kyu (5 years ago)
os it work with android 2.3.4? or lower? and where can i buy this(imean is there any online shop or anything that i can trust?
DanielFriedman (5 years ago)
Question. Would this work if I had a case on my phone?
Daniel H (5 years ago)
The mans voice is really low lol
erkanerdin (5 years ago)
How wide does its aperture go up?
name001 (5 years ago)
I think I will ask one
samoxw (5 years ago)
Good price
D K (5 years ago)
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NismoFury (5 years ago)
Cool idea but this falls short. Firstly it costs too much. You can just go buy a high quality camera for less. The qx10 shoots 13mp at 16x9. My galaxy s4 does that so whats the point. You pretty much can only take photos during the day or in well lit areas because you have no flash capabilities. Remote camera viewfinder is not new. Nifty but not unique.
Krishna Murali (5 years ago)
Will it work on Sony Ericsson WT 19i Live with Walkman...?
Ade K (5 years ago)
i love you guys i need this so much thanks for sharing this vid xoxoxo
Mahdi BERKIA (5 years ago)
bryzon10000 (5 years ago)
Woahh that intro tho.video inside a video.inception
dannyo charty (5 years ago)
Great idea
AR 23 (5 years ago)
go pro without the waterproofing
Nippun Luthra (5 years ago)
Jimmy Hazemi (5 years ago)
Creating Paradise (5 years ago)
Hey great review. Asians are always great to be included in tech reviews. Love em!
John Hang (5 years ago)
correct me if i'm wrong. You need a router for this product to be connected to?
MultiUnown (5 years ago)
even HTC 1?
H2O_Arare' (5 years ago)
She is beautiful. เธอสวย ชอบอะ :)
mitsubishidiamante (5 years ago)
I'm afraid this is gonna be the end of the DSLR Camera. I hope I'm Wrong
johnny oliveira (5 years ago)
Estou enh duvida enh qual comprar iphone ou o xperia???
blacktippydog (5 years ago)
looks like crap
Rashed Ahmed (5 years ago)
I'm defiantly gonna buy it for my Xperia Z
Rashed Ahmed (5 years ago)
Yeaaaaa, I was looking for camera now Sony give us a camera that can be part of our phone
Chad Golden (5 years ago)
To Azad Va- you do not need a wifi network for this to work. The units pair to create their own adhoc network. They are wifi to each other- independent of whether you have wifi access where you are.
SPOOK (5 years ago)
zostawiłbym tą kamerę w przebieralni dziewczyn xD
Nyzma Kumala (5 years ago)
make to compatible with windows phone sony then i'll buy it
mikelo303 (5 years ago)
500! Hahahahaha! No!
Azad Va (5 years ago)
this look cool,but let say im in the park or some where that there is no wifi than this is pointless cuz usully im taking picture in outdoor where there is no wifi
koi fals (5 years ago)
Chabbychub (5 years ago)
This thing is good for spying :D
KleyJensen (5 years ago)
Doron Neuvenheim (5 years ago)
will it works on windows phones
Mj anders (5 years ago)
It doesnt have a flash and the price is not really too much.I rather just buy a camera and carry both phone and camera
Schlacter Danny (5 years ago)
Will it works on the Xperia SP?
sobrag1 (5 years ago)
Dear Sony Guys and Gals, Cute girl, techy looking guy, but is that what is going to sell this incredible lens/sensor product of the future? Tell us why we need this baby. Professional photographers drool over the apps that an iphone can use for capturing pictures as well as post production of shots. Its the apps of the iphone and android phones and the wifi immediacy and ubiquitousness of the pictures that make their cameras so magical. Its not the quality of the pictures. Now you can have both.
Jen Reyes (5 years ago)
i would love they just make a more powerfull zoom for me 10x zoom is not ennough for the price i think they can make it at least 20 something, preffer more 30x something will be amazing. 10x zoom i wouldnt even buy a point and shoot camera with that zoom.
What price?
wiston zelaya (5 years ago)
has it flash ???
Yuéish San (5 years ago)
Is it gonna be sell worldwide, including in Indonesia? and what about the price?
Tigre01 (5 years ago)
Does this fit onto the Note 2?
shiv agrawk (5 years ago)
Is the clip big enough to fit in xperia z ultra
shiv agrawk (5 years ago)
Is the clip big enough ti fit in xperia z ultra
shiv agrawk (5 years ago)
Can we attach it at back of xperia z ultra
veryannoyingname (5 years ago)
how can it be used as a stand alone camera? Does it have a viewfinder, i didnt see that in any video for these accessories. It cant be a stand alone camera if one cant see what one is shooting unless its paired with a smartphone.
veryannoyingname (5 years ago)
can you be a bit more specific please and clearly mention the max width the grips go to, please mention in centimeter and not be vague like most smartphones. One is not going to spend $500 without basic research on the width the grips go to. Thanks.
Kshitij Vadnerkar (5 years ago)
when will they be available in market....??
exwhyz33 (5 years ago)
Ok, with so much already built into these lenses, Sony should go to that next step: incorporate a flash atop the lens (reposition the NFC) + create a detachable grip incorporating an LCD screen and a shutter button. This will remove the reliance on a phone.
Obinna Okpokwasili (5 years ago)
What is the major difference between the QX10 and QX100?, I understand the 10 has a better zooming capability
Sony (5 years ago)
Hi Ralphaka, the plate will fit most smartphones. In the case that it does not, it can always be used as a remote viewfinder!
Sony (5 years ago)
Hi Tony! It's rounded to be shaped like a lens. You can easily set it down as you would a tumbler to prevent it from rolling off.
Sony (5 years ago)
Yup, it captures MP4s. And there is indeed a tripod mount.
Sony (5 years ago)
Hi, you cannot attach an EVF to the lens style camera, but your phone works as a remote viewfinder!
Sony (5 years ago)
Hey there! Yep, it will work with other Android phones as well. Also iOS compatible.
Sony (5 years ago)
Of course it will! It'll work with virtually any Android or iOS smartphone.
Sony (5 years ago)
Hi again! It is only connects via Wi-Fi or NFC.
Sony (5 years ago)
Hi Joshua, yes absolutely, it captures MP4 videos.
C. A. Lee (5 years ago)
forget say...is it waterproof?
C. A. Lee (5 years ago)
look nice~
Gandalf The White (5 years ago)
Enforcer (5 years ago)
I like the part " Profesional low light pictures" it just make me laugh.
Van studios: Animation (5 years ago)
@johnnyfocus they did.... Its called Xperia Z1... It was recently announce, it has like 21mpx camera btw i think.
Tony Trahn (5 years ago)
The same can be done with a Go pro or any device of same kind clip or even tripod mounted. It's just the connectivity.
TheWorldIsSoWrong (5 years ago)
i think i will stick with the Lumia 1020. no offence. that a brilliant idea, but i dont want to burn alot of my dad money
Andy Unertl (5 years ago)
Finally! I've been waiting years for something like this to come along
Gareth (5 years ago)
This is a strange idea. I like it, there's plenty of boring camera ideas but I like that Sony's looked at that and thought 'let's try something different', then they built it.
Joshua Seth (5 years ago)
Does 3G and/or LTE work with the connection of the lens and phone?
Joshua Seth (5 years ago)
can we take videos with this?
exwhyz33 (5 years ago)
This is 'thinking outside the box' - well done Sony. Will the smaller lens work with other Android phones too or just Sony ?
Borb_on_an_Orb (5 years ago)
That's amazing value! Woooooow

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