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how to download any game from ocean of games and install it

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Dark3stLight4U (3 days ago)
You should have shown the tutorial for what you have to do when you have to Use ISO program Crack the game Apply a Crack Update Patch it Alot of these games from this site requires alot of that
Bimbahadur Adikari (5 days ago)
Same shit ...why dint u play that u installed game..
Gopi Sahi (8 days ago)
so 204k peoples also don't know how to download game from ocean of games
I'mFresh xD (13 days ago)
I'mFresh xD (13 days ago)
Pak Pak (17 days ago)
Is it work in mobile
Sanju Hazarikarockstar (18 days ago)
U are so slow 🖕
Henschel Tanks (1 month ago)
You Type soooooo slow!
Rolling Rocky360 (17 days ago)
he can actually use pre-written text instead of typing it. He did it only to get the 10 min mark
M Dk (1 month ago)
why the fuck cant any of you guys talk on these things. bunch of crap.
icethehedgehog 7 (1 month ago)
DocZero (1 month ago)
+icethehedgehog 7 Damn I downloaded PES 2016, fifa18 and thief simulator and nothing happened,at least I think
icethehedgehog 7 (1 month ago)
+DocZerotried to download sonic generations,my computer started running slower, it was fucked with ads, it downloaded and opened up programs i did not authorize, and eventually every time i started the computer up it crashed to bluescreen of death
DocZero (1 month ago)
Akash Neel Ushna (1 month ago)
Ami ocean of games theke bionic commando game ta download korte parchi na.
Mahmood Syed (2 months ago)
Thanks bro...i've followed all your instructions and it worked perfectly ! :),and btw...i am your 534th subscriber !wish you best of luck ! ;)
Double Y (2 months ago)
Without disk????
Audio Visual Proof (2 months ago)
Ocean of Games has now packaged a game as an .iso direct download. This time the game was not the usual .zip file! Here's what I did. 1. Extracted the contents of the .iso file using .7z file manager software and saw 3 different setup.exe files. First one was in the main folder, Second one was in the 32bit folder and the Third one was in the 64bit folder. 2. I examined each folder and was able to quickly determine which setup.exe file(s) was safe and unsafe... If you download this .iso package setup, delete the contents of the main directory folder and install the game, depending on your PC, from either the 32bit or 64bit folder which will have the proper installer and .bin game file(s) and you're done.
Audio Visual Proof (2 months ago)
+RIFAN Honestly, I don't give help to people individually. I posted my comments to help the general populous. If you're new to PC's, I suggest using Yahoo or Google to seek the information you need. This is how I learned. Or maybe you should consider enrolling yourself in computer classes. Good luck out there.
RIFAN (2 months ago)
Plz bro I know you help everyone but I can't see your previous replies
RIFAN (2 months ago)
I'm quit new to PC's and I can't understand what you are telling if you need any screen shots of the files or something please tell me I'll Provide you those And is there any other safe websites
Audio Visual Proof (2 months ago)
+RIFAN I don't know if Mafia 2 has a virus. I've never played the games. If you already downloaded the game, you have to recognize the proper install files from any suspicious additional files. Read all of my comments and replies and you will see the various packaged game setups that will inform you on what to keep and delete. Good luck.
RIFAN (2 months ago)
Please bro tell me
Franklyn Evans (3 months ago)
fucked up my pc.. downloaded here we go. full of virus!!!!
thanks bro this site is amazing =)
Aj Bucacao (3 months ago)
Mackjack C.R (3 months ago)
Devil may cry
Aniket Mandloi (3 months ago)
bro can you help me .. i have downloaded the game(ninja storm 4) it is 33.1 gb game and i also extracted it . but it is not showing setup in it sowhat should i do ..plz reply
Samar's Gadgets World (3 months ago)
Song name?
Donald Love (3 months ago)
Congrats, [email protected]$$. You just alerted your government! Now they'll shut down the site...(sight) f}ck!n n00b...
Apun Ka Games (4 months ago)
best website for free download games in my channel
Swarnendu Chakraborty (4 months ago)
When come call of duty black opp 4
DUXA GAMING (4 months ago)
you fucking idiot i got trojan horse
Gabrielstiffler Gabriel (4 months ago)
hello..why i get this http://solvetube.site/how-to-install-mafia-2-game-without-errors/ not same like u
Saad Ali (4 months ago)
Chuto daley
The Yourubez (4 months ago)
Wrong. The Games on Oceanofgames.com are bundled with bitcoin miners. this is to make money off of your PC Hardware. Don't Trust it. I've tested games for malware and 75% of them from oceanofgames.com are bitcoin miners and trojans. It's Best if you take this tutorial down. if you've downloaded these games yourself, you may want to reinstall your operating system or use malwarebytes. I Tested this with a Pentium 4 Machine to a Core i3 machine. after the game installs and it isn't even running at about 4:00AM My CPU Spikes to 100%. Malwarebytes picked it up as bitcoinminers. Which where disguised. it was oceanofgames because they where clean installs of Windows 10. The Mechines i tested it on where Custom Build: Core i3 4170 @ 3.7GHZ With a GTX 950 With 32GB Of Ram 2008 Budget build: Pentium 4 630 @ 3.0GHZ With a Nvidia 8400GS (256MB) 2GB DDR2 RAM.
siva ram (5 months ago)
Does it requires any licence key ???
Pronoti Acharjya (5 months ago)
I tried igi1 but error hota hai😥😥😥
Pronoti Acharjya (5 months ago)
I tried igi1 but error hota hai😥😥😥
Branson Lee (5 months ago)
Didn't show the gameplay?
rinku biswas (5 months ago)
please type faster
Asson (5 months ago)
go on cztorrent tracker best <3
Asson (5 months ago)
really!! the ocean of games is virus i run with virtual box and i got trojan horse!!!!!!!!!
Eggs (5 months ago)
its a false positive
thanks broo
Deception X (5 months ago)
U gotta turn off the anti virus or the whole file will be corrupt..
Nihal ahmed (5 months ago)
Video not clear
Ratul Nahim (5 months ago)
please not hooroor sound
phenomenal tv (6 months ago)
Talib Makrani (6 months ago)
Its show disable anti virus
Bryan LAM [07S1] (6 months ago)
ha yea right its fake duznt even work
Browntatoe (6 months ago)
Sorry to disturb you but I can't download can you do a tutorial of downloading planet coaster
Azmimiizudin Mahyeddin (6 months ago)
I think it fake😏
farr Q (7 months ago)
can you download cunt wars?
Chandranee Lobind (5 months ago)
Hindi movie
kimfailim lim (7 months ago)
i want watch the warriors orochi 4.
Yugo 65efi (7 months ago)
100% indian
Rolling Rocky360 (17 days ago)
Yugo 65efi (7 months ago)
Slo internet
Venice Caster (7 months ago)
thank you so much
someozn (7 months ago)
Fucking god my rat can use a computer faster than you
Kenny (8 months ago)
do u need to disable anti virus for the downloads and installs?
Michael Holm (8 months ago)
I love downloading from ocean of games usually there is no crack too install cause it dose it for you some you do put a crack in your self but downloading is safer than torrents cause torrent's usually 50% of them has a virus in them or the game wont run at all you have less than a 1% CHANCE A VIRUS IS IN A DOWNLOADED GAME. Oh one thing downloading is much faster than torrents and unlike torrent's you wont get your cable dsl satellite internet band with a DMC band downloading is 999% safer than torments.
Pema Sherpa (4 months ago)
can we download pubg also
unavailable (8 months ago)
you type u slower than i type you
Ranz Felices (15 days ago)
fuck that grammar
Edwin Edwin (8 months ago)
The waste web site in ocean of games
Fortnite Guy (8 months ago)
Thank you for your help bro
saidi dennis (8 months ago)
Fucking useless
Abdimalik 24 (8 months ago)
hi game arena HD I need to ask u some quiz about how to install any game from ocean of games
linda ali (8 months ago)
Each game I try to download has a size of 1 GB what does that supposed to mean ??
War Lock (1 month ago)
+Nalini Persaud MB : Mega Bite GB : Giga Bite
Gay AnimeShip (6 months ago)
GB is the amount of space it will take
Nalini Persaud (8 months ago)
It means it's a big game dumb dumb
Gray Filtered (8 months ago)
What a fucking waste of my time ,can't understand why they won't give you the setup untouched in a archive . what the fuck is this ? year 2000 ?
凯啊 (8 months ago)
How to download pubg
Midox 1506 (8 months ago)
thank u thats help
RAHUL KUMAR (9 months ago)
chutiya sala
Goddddd the slow typing
I'm not funny. (9 months ago)
You have to have winrar and you need Main.ultra ISO to mount files.
I'm not funny. (8 months ago)
That's it.
Ace San (8 months ago)
Tell me more please
Raj Malik (9 months ago)
pls show us how to download House of the dead 4
Tonatzi Moeller (10 months ago)
Oye escribes muy lento
RANI STOP X (10 months ago)
The song!
UltimateGamerYT (10 months ago)
you had to pick the creepyest music
Suyash Bajpai (10 months ago)
thank you very much....thanx thanx 1000 times thanx bro
fizan 95 (10 months ago)
stupid video
Indian TechHub (10 months ago)
song is amazing..... SCARY
delija 11 (10 months ago)
jebate nevaja
delija 11 (10 months ago)
abhishek aadhi (10 months ago)
bro in this web site kerala bus desing will come
Devanand Saurabh (10 months ago)
Donbradman cricket 17
The Dragon Lord (11 months ago)
dis is not pubg is stupid
#officialLUCKY RANA (11 months ago)
I download vice city games and then download key page shows up what will i do then
When I click the setup it says pre requisting is installing and then nothing happens??? Help me
The Rugarat (11 months ago)
You can afford Microsoft word but can't afford a fucking video game
Theodorus Mayor (11 months ago)
download koksusah baget carax...!
Rohit Farkade (11 months ago)
Please aage ka video batao. ..🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Ahmad Mubarik (11 months ago)
And then what???
llIusion (11 months ago)
every single file on ocean of games is infected by a Trojan named redeshaca
-Reckless- (11 months ago)
thats true, mine just got that warning. my antivirus removed it from my computer. Does the game still work afterwards?
Adam Phil (11 months ago)
When i click on setup it says setup unpacked. Help me please!!
azaanwaseem301 TV (8 months ago)
Adam Phil same here
chandlerbing (11 months ago)
and then WHAT?
priyanshu kumar (11 months ago)
Battlefield 2 bad company
Vd Hydra (11 months ago)
Useless shit
Favour Barry (11 months ago)
What web browser did you use?
DeiviD _ (6 months ago)
Favour Barry he said in the beginning lol (google chrome)
Ajitab Mayank Kujur (11 months ago)
kya hai ye?
Official ComedyLover (11 months ago)
My cod mw 2 is setup unpack
dejan knezevic (11 months ago)
and whattttt
Vipul Sonar (11 months ago)
Bhai setup kese install kre...?? Ets 2 ka setup vidio banao pls
One Click Game (11 months ago)
it works 10Q man
yuvraj singh (1 year ago)
it is not working
Imah Imah (1 year ago)
Bro i cant found the setup?where
Lami Tako (2 months ago)
Quick disclaimer Oceanofgames is not safe because all the setup s have a Bitcoin miner trojan which can slow down your PC over time how you can remove it is just to do a scan with malwarebytes here is a link to their page www.malwarebytes.org I think that's right anyway install it and then do a quick scan or just any scan at all
eduard fernandez (1 year ago)
=42 Download PC Games http://bit.ly/2J0pagk
tamizh iniyan (1 year ago)
hi me differently coming
Abdullah xD (1 year ago)
i need battle ground
Andre Williams (1 year ago)
Why do work so fucking slow
nice, thanks alot!!!, really helps
Amin Munna (1 year ago)
valo koira video banan.. kisoi bijajaina

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