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Which Descendants 2 Character Are You QUIZ

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Find out if you are Mal, Evie, Carlos or Uma! Subscribe to our channel: https://goo.gl/cv6b96 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you’ve been following our channel, you know that “Descendants” is our favorite Disney franchise and we can’t just get enough of it. We love Mal, Evie, Carlos, Jay, Uma, Harry and plenty of other characters that are introduced in every new movie and we absolutely can’t wait for the third part of this adventure. But before “Descendants 3” comes out, we wanted to check which “Descendants” character you are, so we made a quiz! We only feature Mal, Jay, Evie, Carlos, Uma and Harry, but hopefully it should be enough characters to determine your personality. So come on, join us and take our quiz to find out which character you are! Do you love “Descendants”? Make sure you subscribe to TheThings to stay updated on everything about this amazing Disney franchise. But for now, take our which “Descendants” character are you quiz and let us know who you got in the comments! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheThingscom/ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.thethings.com/
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Text Comments (9932)
Maria Concepcion Gomez (3 hours ago)
Im uma
sere alvarez (6 hours ago)
❤💙I got Eve💙❤
Cece Mashpatato#2 (7 hours ago)
Ashleigh Mills (7 hours ago)
#Evie Team
Tanisha Taparia (7 hours ago)
i also got uma
Daniel Jaramillo (9 hours ago)
I'm glad I got Evie because she is a fashion designer like me.🍎👗👑
Nilima Sabat (10 hours ago)
We are evie doing team and eve 💟💙💙☝☝👆💅🍕🍝🍱
Nilima Sabat (10 hours ago)
jerryaepi (11 hours ago)
Where is my mal squad
Kylie Thompson (11 hours ago)
both of us is Evie
Ghada Elsayed (14 hours ago)
steve47418 (14 hours ago)
carlos team. I'm a girl!??????????
David Goodwin (16 hours ago)
D Herald (20 hours ago)
#team_uma i got 215 lik if u are also team uma🤗🤗 uma is also my fav character so glad i got her
Amelia Outen (21 hours ago)
i got Harry Hook
The Dancer (23 hours ago)
Muhammad Pasha (1 day ago)
I got Evie but I still like Mal
Ronald Truss (23 hours ago)
Happy new year. Winx inn. Happy Easter. ( Eviee. ) 1. Brown. 2. 20. 3. Ursula. 4. Ariel. 5. White. 6. Island. 7. The Little Mermaid. 8. Charm. 9. Math. 10. Gemini. ( Uma. )
Hugh Docherty (1 day ago)
I'm evie
angie lewis (1 day ago)
I'm Uma!!!!OMG she's my fav charter from descendants2!!!
miki boo (1 day ago)
I wanted mal but I got uma but she is ok in some ways but needs a little change in her evil life
I was Ooma too!!!
Sarah Bates (1 day ago)
Serena Ysabella (1 day ago)
Autumn McKenty (1 day ago)
I was Mal and my sister was uma
TJ Lynch (1 day ago)
Uma Team ?
sieo000 (1 day ago)
Team uma
Neil Towers (1 day ago)
Evie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sofia Wood (1 day ago)
I am Uma
Eezrh (1 day ago)
snow boy (1 day ago)
Pervez Soomro (1 day ago)
I want to be Mal
Pervez Soomro (1 day ago)
Ame 19 (1 day ago)
I'm uma 💧💦💎💙
Ommineka Pendleton (1 day ago)
I’m Evie
Sadia smiles nur (1 day ago)
Snow white brown eyes. Blue is my favirote color Castle. Snow white is my favorite movie .love
Mal Cazy (1 day ago)
Uma and Mal are my favorite but I got uma YASSSSS
Cutielove DogC (1 day ago)
Im mal my fave
Talarnie Garling (1 day ago)
Sawyer DeVries (1 day ago)
250 I’m.... UMA?
Roza Chowdhury (1 day ago)
I got harry even though I wanted evie or mal ( I'm a girl that's weird that I got a boy)
Peyton Haley (2 days ago)
I was uma😈😄
angel Cabrera (2 days ago)
I got 155 ho em I
Team email soo happy
Rizalyn David (2 days ago)
I am Evie!
gunjan desai (2 days ago)
Sabrina Rahn (2 days ago)
I can't believe I got UMA!!!
My big girl is Uma😜😎🎃 give a like if you are team Uma👇
Kristen Cambell (2 days ago)
I am mal
Cassandra Berry (2 days ago)
I am male And male is my favorite love your video yo yo Hey Siri
Cassandra Berry (2 days ago)
I am male And male is my favorite love your video yo yo
Trang Vuong (2 days ago)
Yohannes Tsigab (2 days ago)
I got Evie. Give 🤗me a thumbs up if you 👩🏻got EV to✌🏽
chantal masima (2 days ago)
im uma and i agree im very sneaky!!! ;)
i was uma
jeff Hubalde (2 days ago)
i got evie but i dont like chemistry
Thubelihle Dube (2 days ago)
I am Uma
Arshia Chalana (2 days ago)
I am like Uma
Kamlesh Jain (2 days ago)
Evie team
jyoti shukla (2 days ago)
I'm on team Evie..❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Evie describes my personality perfectly💙💙💙💙💙💙 like if you got Evie too..
jyoti shukla (2 days ago)
I'm Evie...I m so happy ❤❤❤❤ I love her🖤🖤🖤🖤
Rivaldo Villagomez (2 days ago)
Am mal and evie and jay and Carlos
Luhanna Rios (3 days ago)
Nangelis Delgado (3 days ago)
I’m mal!
Cartier Johnson (3 days ago)
Tweak u a ugh I want be evie
Timmy Are (3 days ago)
I am uma
Tamryn Ingram (3 days ago)
I got Uma nope
Nicole Larson (3 days ago)
evie pretty
Sarah Morgan (3 days ago)
I have grey eyes
Andrea zamudio (3 days ago)
I got 170 points so does that mean I'm Evie...
Jason Espute (3 days ago)
Jason Espute (3 days ago)
I'm mal but I don't know if I was going for mal.
Jason Espute (3 days ago)
20 5 20 10 10 40 1 4 4
Hayden Kales (3 days ago)
I wanted Evie but I got Carlos I totally agree that ‘cause I always follow all the rules
Bluewolf Games122 (3 days ago)
I am evie! Yay thats my fav caracter!
Derick maphosa (3 days ago)
I'm carlos
Izzy Unicorn (3 days ago)
I am so mad because I got Uma i wanted Evie
Chantelle Smith (3 days ago)
I'm evie
maria garcia (3 days ago)
brainyest facts (3 days ago)
Mal team 💖💗💙💚💛💜💙💙
Milly Xx (3 days ago)
Marion Totland rong (3 days ago)
Carlos team
Liselotte Ester (3 days ago)
i m evie
Fathima Zayna (3 days ago)
My favorite character is mal and Evie and l got mal I am sooo happy
Connor Bower (3 days ago)
Im evie
كيان سالم (3 days ago)
I’m between 60-95
Sofiya Vellaringattu (3 days ago)
Evie’s ten and I love Evie 🍎💙💔❤️
Kaia Dalphinis (3 days ago)
I am EVIE😊😉😉😉😃😍😂😚
Sienna Short (4 days ago)
I’m uma
Nony Mummy (4 days ago)
I'm mal
Victor Poteleanu (4 days ago)
I'm Mel
Zoe Rock (4 days ago)
Team Evie😃
lilian phambane (4 days ago)
Snow white
lilian phambane (4 days ago)
lilian phambane (4 days ago)
lilian phambane (4 days ago)
Cindy Morgan (4 days ago)
Pick like if you got evie
Cindy Morgan (4 days ago)
Evie is my favorite character and score my is 145
Cindy Morgan (4 days ago)
Evie is my character
Suzanne Wheeler (4 days ago)
Suzanne Wheeler (4 days ago)
Suzanne Wheeler (4 days ago)
Suzanne Wheeler (4 days ago)

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